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Xbox is the most popular multiplayer gaming platform in the world. Its subscription of Xbox Live Gold comes with exclusive benefits value addition such as multiplayer, free games every month, discounts, and more. When users subscribe to Xbox One, they are required to provide their payment details for renewing Xbox subscription. But you may realize that you are not as actively using Xbox and your subscription has started to add up. Whether you want to take a break, or simply want to save some money, here’s all you need to know about how to cancel Xbox live subscription and cancel the recurring charges.

How To Cancel Xbox Live Gold Subscription On Your Xbox One Console?

  • Turn on the Xbox One console >> Log-in to your Xbox account
  • Press the Homebutton >> Choose Settings >> Scroll down to Accounts >> Select Subscriptions
  • Select the subscription you want to cancel >> Move to View and Manage Subscription on the next page
  • Click on Manage >> Selectthe subscription and choose Cancel

Cancellation Process Xbox Subscription

  1. Login to your Xbox account
  2. In order to end your Subscription with Xbox you will have either contact the support team or go to this URL using your microsoft login credentials
  3. Once you are Logged in to your account look for “Myaccount” section.
  4. There in Billings you will see an option of “Cancel Auto payment”

Cancelling Xbox Live Subscription On Your Computer?

The easiest way to cancel Xbox live is to do it on the Xbox website as this will confirm your Xbox cancellation immediately and in case you are eligible for a refund you can apply for it too.

  • Visit xbox com >> Click on your profile picture & the 3 dots next to it
  • Select Microsoft Settings from the drop-down menu
  • You will see the Xbox Settingsoptions on your left-hand side from the dropdown
  • Select the Xbox Subscription you want to cancel from Subscriptions option >> Click Manage >> Cancel
  • You would need to search a bit by scrolling down if there are multiple services that you’ve taken from Microsoft

How to Cancel Xbox Live Over the Phone (+18004699269)?

Before requesting for a cancellation keep this information handy:

  • Your account’s email and associated phone number
  • Gamer tag
  • Then you can call Xbox support in the USA and Canada on their toll-free number (800) 469-9269 or directly at (425) 635-7102 for Xbox Live cancellation. The lines are open from 9 a.m. and 1 a.m. EST, 7 days a week.
  • Press 1 for English >> Then press 2 for account/billing >> Speak to the advisor
  • Note that requesting a cancellation over the phone will end your Xbox subscription immediately without waiting for the subscription to expire when you specifically request for it.

How To Cancel Xbox Live On A Live Chat?

You can also choose to cancel your Xbox subscription by chatting with a Microsoft support representative or by requesting a call back from the support team by choosing “Request a Call from Support” option in the Contact Us page by leaving your phone number to initiate cancellation. Once you are engaged in the live chat, make the cancellation request and provide the representative with the necessary details.

How to Turn-Off Xbox Auto Renewal?

Turning off Xbox Live auto-renewal works quite similar to canceling the service itself. During the cancellation, users also have an option to simply cancel future payments.

  • Visit >> Log in to your account >> Click on My Accounts >> Locate Xbox Live >> Select Cancel Auto Payment
  • Once you opt for canceling the auto-payments, your subscription is going to last till the prepaid term. However, if you want to cancel your subscription and ask for a refund, then you need to contact Xbox Live customer service on their phone no. (800) 469-9269.

How to Stop Xbox Live auto-renewal?

  • Sign in to Xboxwith your Microsoft account >> Locate the Xbox service you want to stop the auto-renewal for >> Click on “Turn off auto-renew >> Click Confirm.

What Happens After Cancelling an Xbox Live Subscription?

One of these things can happen:

  • By canceling Xbox Live recurring payment or turning off automatic renewal, you will still be able to use the services till the end of the current subscription period and retain access to all Xbox Live features.
  • If you cancel your subscription and request a refund, then you’ll immediately lose access to all Xbox Live Gold features such as online play, Games with Gold, and voice chat.

Canceling Xbox Live subscription will not cancel your Xbox Live account. Users will retain the Gamertag, achievements, saved game files, and other downloadable contents purchased through the service.

Xbox Live subscribers with Xbox 360 consoles can retain and play they got with Games With Gold program even if their Xbox Live subscription isn’t active.

Xbox One games provided through the Games With Gold, however, is only available as long as the Xbox Live subscription is active.

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