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No human interaction or no need to call customer service again and again ,IsOpenToday gives the complete details how you can cancel Ubisoft  or Ubisoft Plus via your PC or mobile . Cancelling Ubisoft+ is very easy, users can easily find the option of “My Subscription ” in the login user dashboard , in this navigation user can get the cancellation link . If you link your credit or debit card with Ubisoft support account and are still charged for membership plan then what you have to do stop future payments . Moreover you like to play  Ubisoft games and most often face issues and error hence you subscribed for  Ubisoft technical support but you find that you are not actually getting solution of issues and problem or you are smart enough to get resolved issues via support resources available on community . Need to know Ubisoft Cancel Subscription 404  if you are getting that cancellation page not available or 503 error occurred then what you can do . Users have to know that if you are cancelled by Ubisoft today then it will work till your current month, hence you can still apply to use the support service Ubisoft  .

About Ubisoft Subscription, Free Trial Cost

The Ubisoft Club is allowed to join a dependability rewards program that offers “additional game content, restricted version treats, and limits in the shop” to an individual member. It’s not satisfactory now whether the Ubisoft Club will be an expansion of Uplay, Ubisoft’s current online store or if it will replace it altogether. Everybody can gain admittance to the selective advantages of the Club, and it’s free! You simply need a Ubisoft account. The main current commitments are making your account and consenting to the terms and conditions for the utilization of Ubisoft’s amazing services. Recall you should be 13 years or elder has permitted to join. For $14.99/month, the Ubisoft subscription service offers players admittance to a monstrous back inventory of games alongside premium versions of new editions.

Reason For Cancellation Ubisoft Support  Service Account / Subscription

Your account may get suspended if you are unable to handle the installment or could be any reason. check this article to get the information on “How to cancel your subscription” The Closing pop-up showing that you will lose access to all games and amazing services.

How To Cancel Ubisoft Support Subscription Online Via PC, Desktop, Laptop   

If you choose to cancel your subscription, it will tune with active service until the absolute a day ago of the current month you paid for and you won’t be charged for the next month. You can cancel whenever, with no requirement for notice. After this day, the subscription will be canceled and won’t able to renew itself.

You can cancel your subscription with these following steps:

  • First of all, visit the Ubisoft Store
  • Then open the “My Subscription Page”
  • Hit the next click on Cancel Membership
  • Now, you have to redirected to go another page where you need to lo locate the confirmation button from the bottom of the page
  • After that, enter the next clicking on Yes button,
  • Then, Cancel my Subscription will permit you to get the cancellation process

Once you are done with the cancellation process, the user needs to hit the click on the “Cancel Membership on My Subscription” will be switched with the button Re-Activate Ubisoft. The subscription status still remains as Active until the end of your subscription time period.

How To Cancel Ubisoft Support  Subscription Via Phone [Iphone Or Android ]

You can cancel your subscription immediately, dial a toll-free customer Support phone number Ubisoft at 📞 919-460-9778. Tell them to cancel the subscription and enter the address issues like missing items, game, charge disputes, account recovery and server problems, appealing a ban, giving feedback, and many more. In very little time, they cancel your subscription or gives you cancel it by yourself.

Live chat is just accessible at a specific time. If live chat support is at the full limit, you won’t have the option to discover the Chat button. All things considered, revive the page every now and then to check whether it opens up.

Ubisoft offers a customer support page on Facebook that shows similar posts as its Twitter account. Users have the option can remark on the posts and request help. You get all answers to your queries in a minimum time frame. You can also send them a private message regarding your issue. Ubisoft additionally has an Instagram account where you can follow them to be refreshed on their most recent updates. Their Youtube channel offers live streams and game trailers. They post declarations and mysteries on the main Facebook account.

You can also dial Ubisoft’s San Francisco office helpline number 415-547-4000 or visit Ubisoft’s headquarters in San Francisco (625 3rd Street San Francisco, CA 94107, United States).

How To Get Refund Ubisoft Support Company

You can request a refund for a computerized request within 14 days of your buy, as long as the item has not been dispatched. Buys for downloadable substance, in-game cash, consumables, or buys from our in-game stores are conclusive and not qualified for refunds.

FAQ – Ubisoft Refund, Auto Payment Cancel, Service Stop Temporally

How would I able to stop auto-renewal on my credit card?

To do this, you have to Stop the automatic recurring billing first then open the subscription management. Then locate the subscription and choose the edit option. From the drop-down menu, click on the “Settings” enter the next click on the “Stop Automatic Billing” Now you have to enter the total number of billing cycles and then proceed towards to cancel the subscription. The next thing is to enable the Cancel subscription while automatic billing stops option and click on the “Apply” button.

What happens after closing the Ubisoft account?

When you close your Ubisoft account, any keys for PC games previously actuated to the account will be forever unable. Then closing your Ubisoft account will likewise bring about loss of admittance to all services, accomplishments, discussions, and customer support under the account.

How do I disable Ubisoft?

You can easily disable the Ubisoft Connect in-game overlay. Then, you have to click on the three-dots menu which is located at the top left corner of the open screen. Hit next click on the “Settings”. Then, go to the General tab, then click on the “uncheck enable in-game overlay” for all supported games.

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