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List of Transactions Export & Import Software For QuickBooks

Best QuickBooks Transactions Importer & Exporter Utility Tools

QuickBooks, an accounting software developed for small to medium-sized business sectors, is an error-free and user-centric application. It proffers cloud-based accounting and on-premise accounting to make business payments, manage and pay bills, and payroll functions more comfortable. It has actually become the go-to product for professionals and small-time entrepreneurs while managing their financial activities with ease.

Work is delegated to more users who can only see what they need. If you’re outgrowing the skills of your current accounting solution, QuickBooks Online may be best for your business.

The database behind QuickBooks is pretty competent in handling business pressure and growing demands. You can automate your accounts receivables across multiple, diverse online systems by integrating them with one of the payment gateways.

Having issues with QB data base or backup, then QuickBooks Tool Hub makes your task easy to fix any bug in your data or backup file, just download and starts to use.

Manual batch exporting and importing is not only a burn. It is time-consuming, essentially when most modern enterprises rely on multiple online sales sources.

Business Importer

Business Importer Business Importer is an on-premise and cloud-based solution designed to help businesses handle processes related to transactions export, import, information update, and more across several accounting applications. It lets managers create custom fields to manage credit memos, purchase and sales orders, receipts, and invoices.

You can get Business Importer on Intuit AppStore. Then, you can register and connect your company(ies) from QuickBooks Online to Business Importer.

It also includes customizable workflows, which enable users to create data validation rules for credit card charges and cash expenses. The system helps organizations capture payroll information, such as wage items, work hours, and employee earnings, to aid payment disbursement processes.

It supports integration with several third-party applications, such as QuickBooks, Xero, Sage, PayPal, etc.

Just connect and initially set-up the app and start your imports and exports as it is ready-to-go.


  • Instead of typing the information for hours, you can import it directly into your QuickBooks system.
  • Business Importer has an intuitive design. Inside the app, a simple How-to guide will help you import Excel into QuickBooks.
  • It lets you create Reusable import mappings. You can Map columns from your file to QuickBooks fields and save your mapping – you can re-use it for any other company.
  • The built-in expense management functionality enables enterprises to streamline operations for bill payments, vendor credit processing, credit card statement verifications, and much more.
  • Export any lists or objects from your accounting software into an Excel file and migrate company files at ease.

LeftBrainLogic JE

LeftBrainLogic It lets you Import Journal Entries into QuickBooks Desktop directly from your Excel. You can simply create your Journal Entries in Excel using formulas or copy and paste from another device and when you are ready, just click “Post Journal Entry.” Within instants, your Journal Entry will be posted to QuickBooks.

​It posts one Journal Entry at a time to QuickBooks from Excel. If you are interested in posting multiple Journal Entries simultaneously, you can go for JE Import Pro.

​It lets you import your Credit Card transactions into QuickBooks Desktop directly from Excel.


  • You can copy and Paste from other systems such as email, spreadsheets, etc.
  • You can create Journal Entries using Excel formulas.
  • You can save Journal Entry Spreadsheets to be reused as required.
  • Post extensive Journal Entries to QuickBooks in flashes with the click of a button.

eZ Account

eZ AccounteZ Account Import is a fully-featured Accounting Software intended to serve Enterprises, SMEs. It provides end-to-end solutions for Web App. This online Accounting system offers Invoicing & Billing in one place.


  • It enables you to import your online banking data into QuickBooks quickly.
  • eZ Account Import is more than just a file converter. It’s an integrated application with QuickBooks.
  • You can quickly add transactions directly into QuickBooks with each transaction import’s status. It enables you to import a transaction as a check, deposit, the payment received, or bill payment into QuickBooks.
  • It is best suitable for Accounting software for small businesses.

VISCO Software

VISCO VISCO software specializes in management for import enterprises in several industries. The software integrates with Quickbooks for accounting, but because it is designed specifically for Global Trade, the inventory forecasting and distribution tools provide an import and distribution business everything it needs to operate efficiently.

By integrating with QuickBooks, VISCO can provide an ERP system with an emphasis on importing compliance.

The document management module pulls data straight from the database and uses Microsoft Office integration to develop all necessary import and export documents.

VISCO can integrate with third-party business applications and share data with Microsoft Great Plains with minimal internal development.

It is best suitable for small to mid-sized import/export and distribution companies.

SaasAnt Transactions

SaasAnt SaasAnt Transactions Online is an effective, time-saving tool for Accountants and Small Business owners using QuickBooks Online.

It lets you Import and Export your transactions from XLS/XLSX/CSV files into your QuickBooks Online. You can further monitor the import progress and have complete control of the import with a host of features using the SaasAnt Transactions (Online) Application.


  • It eliminates manual data entry of CSV, XLS, XLSX file transactions and QBO transactions.
  • It efficiently manages all bulk QBO actions, thereby reducing any manual bulk job. You can select to Update/ Overwrite/ Duplicate existing QuickBooks transactions with file data.
  • You can upload files, Map your file, and import transactions into your QuickBooks from excel.
  • Supports all types of QuickBooks Transactions & Lists.
  • Ability to un-do import changes.

Dancing Numbers

DancingNumbers The Dancing Numbers software has many exceptional features and benefits. These features and services include Accuracy, Time-saver, Free updates of software, Premium support, Apply filter options for import and export.

Dancing Numbers helps you import and Export Data in Flashes to keep QuickBooks up to date, Save Time and Money.

It is the best platform to quickly import and export your business data/transactions/reports/estimates.

Import Estimates over the Supported File Formats straightforwardly into QuickBooks Desktop using Dancing Numbers.


  • It lets you easily import bulk data with an automated mode, which is specially built for QuickBooks.
  • In the export process, you have to choose the type you want to export, like lists, transactions, etc. After that, you can apply the filters, choose the fields, and then do the export.
  • Dancing Numbers enables you to Import Excel Into QuickBooks .
  • Key strengths of the Export Process are Powerful Filter options, Column selection, Settings persistence, Column Order selection, high performance, highly intuitive workflows, and many more. These features help you export all your Lists/Transactions Data accurately and quickly from QuickBooks Desktop to Excel file format.

Now Commerce

NowCommerce WooCommerce lets you import and export hundreds or thousands of products in your WooCommerce store with a single CSV. It supports all product types, including variations.

First-time store owners can get started more easily by exporting and importing products during set-up. Plus, existing store owners can update hundreds of products with new info or place them on sale or sync various storefronts.


  • It offers multiple FTP Profiles or Scheduling options and dedicated FTP profile settings to handle and manage quickly scheduled import/export.
  • You can export/import products, including images, custom metadata, categories, etc., from one website to another with a CSV or XML file.
  • You can easily import/export additional product details such as Variations, Tags, Prices, Descriptions, Images, Attributes, Categories, Custom Metadata, Taxonomies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add custom export columns in my WooCommerce ?

Yes. You can visit the WooCommerce repo at GitHub to check the custom code at Adding Custom Export Columns.

Is it possible to export QuickBooks to CSV in Dancing Numbers ?

First of all, open the run-down menu and then pick the “thing list” from the available preferences. Then, select the Excel drop-down and then proceed forward with Export all items. You have to create a comma- isolated worth ( .CSV ) document in the Export window.

Do I have to stay online until an import is completed ?

Business Importer can process all of your imports even if you are offline after beginning an import, thus saving your time for things that matter.

Can I upload as many Journal Entries at the same time ?

The JE Entry Tool is designed to upload a single journal entry at a time, which is perfect for most uses; but, if you need a tool that can upload multiple journal entries in a single push, you can go for the “Pro” version of the tool.

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