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Facing Issue, does not allow me to email from Sage 50

Running a business is not everyone’s cup of tea, despite the sudden surge of new and innovative ventures that have come up today. One of the prominent difficulties that the entrepreneurs face today is handling of finances. Since accounting can get all the more cumbersome and chaos as the businesses grows, one has to resort to the new age technology tools to get back to the business, literally!

Sage 50 is accounting software that helps small and large scale businesses to handle their accounts with expertise, and eases their way into the complicated world of finance. While this new and innovative software can handle most any complicated financial transactions, there are some hick-ups that need to be addressed, and email errors are one of them.Just after installing update if unable to email invoice to customer call SAGE Support Phone Number for help .

Let us look at some of these errors, and also the type of error messages that one might get, and how to resolve the issue.

One of the common problems that a Sage 50 user might encounter is ‘Email error’, wherein when they try to send an official mail and encounter an error message:

“Sage Generic Com Error or Failed to Output” or “Sage cannot communicate with your email program” or an “Email MAPI error”.

Sage 50 is an excellent book-keeping device and used by large number of clients far and wide the globe. Hence, it becomes all the more frustrating, if your personal bookkeeper and accountant fail to deliver a mail that is extremely important and urgent. Learning to fix it immediately can help in getting the chaos in order. Here is how one can fix such errors for a problem free working.

While setting up Sage 50 software, it will ask for a default email setting to configure the software. In case you have a multiple outlook versions and have given it as a ‘default email’ setting, you might receive an error message.  Similarly, an improper email setting can also be the reason for receiving an error message.

Other reasons include virus in the system, a conflict in ‘administrator’ settings between Sage 50 and other applications and multiple software installations or simply improper shutting down of the system.

The below mentioned steps can help resolve this software generated ‘Email Error’.

  • Check the email settings:
  • GO to the initial steps where you set the ‘default email’ and check if the ‘Email customer’ is set as default. For example, if you are using Yahoo mail or Gmail or outlook, ensure that it is set as a ‘Default mail’ in the Sage set-up.
  • To do this, login as an administrator, click – START < CONTROL PANEL < DEFAULT PROGRAMS and SET YOUR DEFAULT PROGRAM.
  • Now, select an appropriate ‘EMAIL CUSTOMER (Gmail, outlook, yahoo, etc).
  • Check the defaults under the Email customer (There should be a tick under the MAPI or Sage 50 )
  • Once done, restart both SAGE 50 and Email and check if the issue is resolved.

In case if the error is still not resolved, one can try to reinstall both Email and Sage 50 applications and do the steps to pick the appropriate Email customer. Alternatively, running Sage 50 as an administrator can also resolve the issue. Also check the account setting of the outlook email to detect any issues.

If, despite all the efforts, the Sage 50 is not able to send out the email, and an error message flashes, contact technical support. The SAGE 50 technical support or the Sage 50 LIVE CHAT window can get you connected to the support team. They are available 24*7, and can determine the root cause of the problem before fixing it.

Sage 50, as a bookkeeper and account software, and also for its bespoke qualities has made a great impact on several small and large businesses. While the software has worked as an excellent administrator, minor problems such as email not working have cropped up now and again.  However, with the backup of an excellent technical support all through the day, these smaller issues have been resolved to help customers reap maximum benefits out of the software.
If using Canadian SAGE software than call SAGE Canada Tech Support Number for Email setup , dial toll free number 📞 1-800-574-6305

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