How to Print Multiple Reports [Batch Report Processing ] in SAGE

Exhaustive accounting association is significant for the proceeding with the achievement of your business. To accomplish the best norms in accounting methods, you’ll have to use the best devices in the field, for example, Sage Accounting Software.

Affordable, Easy-to-Use Software

Regardless of whether you’re a new company, sole dealer or a small business venture, Sage Accounting Software is the ideal solution for the majority of your accounting concerns. It is an affordable, simple to-utilize interface that enables you to concentrate all your business’ accounting information and data, including invoicing, managing expenses and banking. With a scope of software alternatives available, there’ll be a program and plan to suit all your accounting needs.

The main features of Sage Accounting Software, however, are vast, and the following are just some of the features you can expect:

The fundamental highlights of Sage Accounting Software are mentioned below.

  • Both desktop as well as cloud-based options
  • The ability to oversee both incomes and expenses
  • Comprehensive association of banking details and accounts with bank reconciliation
  • Support as standard
  • The ability to automatic calculation and submit VAT returns
  • The ability to invoice clients by utilizing bespoke as well as professional invoices

Setting up your printer and print options in Sage

It is very important that you setup your printers and your print options appropriately. Naturally, most if not all printer drivers are setup to utilize letter sized paper. Using Canadian version of SAGE software than check with SAGE Support Canada for the for the option . This can create a problem when printing invoices and statements from Sage accounting software.

Step 1: Choosing your Layout
Sage accounting software enables you to print your reports as well as statements in the following Formats:

Plain This prints the report on plain paper. The system prints lines and boxes to clean the appearance.
Pre-printed You can buy pre-printed stationery with lines and boxes imprinted on the paper. The paper measure gives you a chance to create the page once and the address shows in most standard window envelopes.
Header Pre-printed You can arrange to have your organization logo and other data imprinted on the pre-printed paper.

Next, you would need to choose which type of paper you require.

Multiple Paper The printers that use multiple papers feed the reams into the printer through sprockets. The benefit of these printers is that you can print numerous duplicates by means of carbonized paper.
Single sheet The printers that use single sheets print superb archives onto one page at any given moment. They can print illustrations and content, and you can utilize a wide range of text styles.

Step 2: Setup your printer as per your choice of paper type
•Open your Control Panel
•Choose the option to view by large or small icons

For SINGLE sheet
•Right click on the printer you are utilizing to print in Sage accounting software.
•Choose the option “Printing Preferences”.

The mentioned steps may differ based on the type of printer you are using

•Select the Advance Button if available
•On the next screen select A4 by Paper size
•Click OK

In case, there is no advanced button go through every tab and search for the paper size

•You must have an option Original Size or Paper size
•You have to change both to show A4
•Check each tab carefully as the paper size might be located on more than one tab

Please note the name of the tabs will rely upon the make and model of the printer you are utilizing. When you have set A4 paper size for all tabs, click Apply and OK

For Multiple Printing

While printing from Sage it is conceivable to change the number of copies you print multiple copies.
In some cases, your printer driver may not automatically save these settings.
In this case, you will have to edit the report > Go to the File option> Page setup > Printer> Then select properties.
You will then be able to choose the number of copies and can save the report.
Work Around
In case the report or layout will not save the copies you have selected. This is because of the printer driver you are using. Sage itself does not spare the printer options this is finished by the printer driver. In the event that the printer driver won’t spare the options, it isn’t conceivable to compel the report or format to do as such.
As a workaround, you can install a duplicate copy of your printer driver and within the settings change the default options to the number of copies you need. When you want to print the report or layout select the duplicate printer in the list of printers.

You may likewise go over this after you have updated your printer driver or operating system. To get assistance from experts call SAGE Support Phone Number anytime and ask for help dial 📞 1-800-574-6305

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