Sage FAS Invalid Printer Specified Error

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Invalid Printer Specified Error SAGE FAS

Sage Fixed Assets Error “Invalid Printer Specified”

Fixed Asset reports help in evaluating depreciations with a clear asset appearance. However, in Sage FAS, when users try to access the fixed asset reports to view the asset or check the financial status, the error message comes up on the screen. The interruption of the report with the error status such as Memory full, Invalid Printer 199a Report fails to execute the report. The below article contains the troubleshooting guide to resolve Sage FAS[Fixed Asset]” Invalid Printer Specified” Error, its causes, and solutions. Moreover you can quick connect to Sage Support Phone Number to dial toll free toll free number ✆ 1-800-574-6305 to get instant help .

Causes Behind “Invalid Printer Specified” Error SAGE FAS

Invalid Printer Error Sage FASWhy Fixed Asset Invalid Printer specified Error happening?

  • The major cause behind fixed Asset report printing failure is incorrect or invalid Printer information. XML file
  • Wrong product-specific configuration
  • Incorrect Printer setup

How To Fix Sage Fixed Assets Printer Error Warning

How to resolve the Fixed Asset Invalid Printer specified error in Sage FAS

Method 1- Choose the Right Printer:

Here are the steps:

  • Locate the file option
  • Hit Print Setup, choose an alternate printer
  • Give a click on the OK button
  • Pick File option, hit Print Setup, and choose Original Printer
  • Hit OK

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Solve Sage FAS Printer Error While Generating Report

Try running report if the Error still persists, then follow the below steps

Method 2- Locate Device and Printers to reset default printer:

  • First of all, exit the Sage fixed assets
  • Hit Start, click on the Device and Printers button
  • Give a right-click on the other Printer
  • Select Set as Default Printer
  • Give a right-click on Original Printer
  • Choose Set as Default Printer
  • Now close the window named Devices and Printer
  • You need to log into the Sage Fixed Assets
  • Hit File, click Print Setup, and choose the alternate Printer
  • Select OK
  • Choose File button, hit Print Setup
  • Now select the actual Printer
  • Hit OK

Method 3- Start deleting the product-based configuration .XML file-FASSTEP-XML, ASSTACCT.XML or FASACCT.XML file:

  • Initially close the Sage Fixed Asset Depreciation
  • Open the Windows Explorer
  • Locate C:\Program Files(X86)\SageFAS
  • Give a right-click on FASACCT.XML, FASSTEP.XML, or ASSTACCT.XML
  • Choose Delete button
  • Hit Yes option
  • Locate Start, Click on Control Panel, Device & Printers, and check the default printer; it must be set to Printer with a PCL5 print driver.
  • Now open the Sage Fixed Assets
  • Start running a report

Method 4- Uninstall the Sage Fixed Assets:

  • First of all uninstall If there any Sage Fixed Assets clients available on the system which faces errors
  • Follow the link C:\Program Files\(x86)
  • Click on Rename or Delete SAP BusinessObjects Folder
  • Now install the Sage Fixed Assets Depreciation.

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Fix Citrix Error “Invalid Printer Specified”

Fixing Error: “Invalid Printer Specified” on accessing fixed asset reports on Citrix:

The fixed asset report error in Terminal Server is due to the user settings option in the asstacct.xml, and fasacct.xml is set as False. Here are the fixing steps:

  • First of all, Open the Terminal Server with Sage Fixed assets client
  • Now follow the C:\Program Files\Sage Fixed Assets\Premier Depreciation or Depreciation Network\ASSTACCT.xml or FASACCT.xml a
  • Write the <UserSettings>true</UserSettings>inside the Defaults tags
  • After setting the user settings tag as true, the next step is to launch the Sage Fixed program
  • Locate file button, click Print Setup and then choose the right Printer
  • It is a one-time setting you need to configure in the Printer settings before opening a company in Sage
  • After this, choose the File button, hit the Open Company option to run a report.

Technical Support Sage FAS Printing Errors , Issues

That’s all for today! I hope that the information is simple and easy to understand so that you confidently start the troubleshooting phase. In case of any other query, get in contact with Sage 50 professional toll free number ✆ 1-800-574-6305. The experienced team is there to assist you if you are unable to sort out the errors or need any other advice even you can get help for Sage 100 Contractor Bank Reconciliation.

FAQs: SAGE FAS Error Invalid Printer Driver , Unable To Change Printer

What are the Prerequisites for Sage Fixed Assets ?

  • You need to install the .NET 4.5.2 updates; In case the installation find the NET 4.5.2 Framework is inactive, then install it
  • After installation reboot is necessary
  • 1 GHz Processor
  • 5 GB disk space to use Sage Fixed Assets Report
  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

What are the impacts of Sage FAS [Fixed Asset] Error?

  • Sage closes when trying to run a report
  • Fail saving preferences
  • Unable to print detail of the Assets
  • Freeze the Print Window

What is ConfigSetting.XML File ?

It is a file storing storage setting for customization. This file acts as a shared resource to the users. If you set the ConfigSettingsEnabled log to false, it will not save the modification on the user interface.

Name the clients in Sage Fixed assets ?

  • All Sage Fixed Assets Clients
  • All FAS clients
  • SAP Crystal Reports 2011
  • Crystal Reports X1 release 2

How to fix the Invalid Printer 199a report in Sage50 ?

Make Set Printer Driver as Microsoft XPS document writer.

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