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How To Fix If Printing Reports At Sage 50 Accounting Software Fails

In this article, I will discuss the ways that you can adopt if reports are not getting printed with the ‘SAGE 50 Accounting Software’.

As you all know that SAGE 50 Accounting Software is an accounting software which provides an easy mechanism to manage the business effectively by simplifying the everyday tasks of managing finances, paying bills , managing inventory and invoice customers and this is the reason of its increased popularity in the US market.

This software is based on cloud hosting service which is its biggest advantage as users can access their data from anywhere and at any device with the feature of cloud hosting.

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Sage 50 Crashed While Print Reports

Next, you will understand one of the important features of this software i.e. printing of reports so as to understand the issues that can occur while printing of reports and hence, the measures/ steps that can be taken to fix them. Also get in touch with SAGE Technical Support Number for checking printer compatibility issue with Sage software .

Printing reports in SAGE 50 Accounting Software

:SAGE 50 supports printing different type of reports including printing of forms, packing slips, etc.

To print any particular type of report, some simple steps can be performed which are mentioned as follows:

❏ Firstly, you have to navigate to ‘Reports & Forms’ menu.
❏ Select particular form or report that needs to be printed.
❏ Then, click on ‘Preview & Print’ button which is present below of the reports & forms menu.
❏ Make margin, layout and other settings as per requirements.
❏ Finally, click the Print button to start the printing process.
❏ If you want to change the default printer, use the drop-down menu to select an appropriate printer.

So, in this way, printing of reports can be done but sometimes due to some errors/issues, the printing process gets hampered and printing of reports are not completed successfully.

Let’s see the type of issues that restrict the printing process.

Issues/Errors while Printing reports in SAGE 50 Accounting Software :

There can be various types of errors that can occur while printing a report in SAGE 50 Accounting Software. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

One of the main problems with this software is that this can be used only on the Windows platform and if anyone in the US wants to use this on some other platform like Mac then you cannot use it directly and this can be an issue in the case of printing also.

Fix Sage Stopped Respond During Report Printing

This, in turn, can be considered as a blocking stone in the case of printing reports also.

Now, let’s see some other important issues as follows:

Locating file Issue: One of the problems that occur during printing a report is locating the report or a form or any other kind of file by SAGE 50 in the settings of the printer.
This can happen due to the permission issues as may be system has not been allotted permissions to locate a particular report or maybe a particular report has not been allotted sharing permissions.

Software Crash : This is a very normal scenario as application software can crash sometimes and so if SAGE 50 software crashes during printing of reports then that can also be a reason which makes you unable to print reports.

Failure in the printer : There can also be a printer failure due to any major issues in its settings or inside the printer which cancels the printing of the reports or other documents. This can be due to any wrong inputs also.

So, these are some of the issues.

Next, let’s move to the resolutions for fixing these printing issues which is the ultimate agenda of this article.
Measures to resolve printing issues in SAGE 50 Accounting Software:

Let’s see the resolutions that can be considered to fix the printing issues. Following are the measures to do so:
Moving files to an appropriate location : The first problem was due to locating of files in a printer which can be solved by moving the files to a location where the windows can have access to read/write.
Permission issues can be solved by contacting the network administrator or by making reports in shareable mode if sharing rights are causing the issues.

Contact SAGE Experts : You need to contact the SAGE Repair Team to solve the software related issues as you cannot solve it yourself. You can also buy their paid support services if required.
You can contact the ‘SAGE Support Phone Number’ to get an assistance from the experts. You can also reach to Sage Technical Support or Customer Service to get 24*7 support.

Adopt methods to solve printer error : The printer error can occur due to multiple reasons and so in this case, different methods can be adopted by you to solve the issue by yourself.

1. You can restart the system and locate the report that you want to print and then can delete and re-customize it.
2. This can be due to improper installation also and so you can uninstall the ‘SAGE 50 Email Writer’ applying recommended settings and then install it again.
3. The issue can also be due to unsupported printer devices and so you can check the drivers of the printers if that is properly installed or not and can re-install again if required.
4. Finally, if none of the above methods solves the issue then you can choose some different printer from the drop-down menu to check if that is solving the problem.
If none of the above solves your problem then it is best to call SAGE Experts(as mentioned in above step) and take their help to solve the issue as soon as possible without wasting your time.

This is taking me to the end of the article and I hope you must have understood the measures that can be adopted to solve the printing report issues while working with the SAGE 50 Accounting Software. Canadian user can fix any special character printing issue with SAGE Canada Tech Support for which dial toll free number 📞 1-800-574-6305

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