Sage 50 Server Errors

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How to fix Sage 50 server issue

The most commonly occurring Sage 50 error is “Sage Unable to Connect to server: [Server Name]. The server cannot be found.”

This error can be caused due to the stated reasons-:
❐ Corrupt “Sessions.pvk”
❐ Issue with DNS Network
❐ Incorrect Server Name
❐ Incorrect IP Address
❐ Firewall Security Settings

Here is the detailed solution for few of the errors.

1)Incorrect Server Name or IP Address
❍ Look for  “..\MAS90\Launcher on your machine
❍ Access file “ini”
❍ Locate Sage 50 server. (Tip: Look for Text “1=[Server Name or IP Address]
❍ Ensure the Server name and IP Address is correct if not make the required changes
❍ If the names are incorrect click Uninstall; once done then reinstall the entire system’s setup.
❍ Next, ensure that that the port is open by the Firewall
❍ Enter correct Server Name, IP Address and Port Number in the boxes provided.

Note : If facing “Sage 50 server busy error” during update than call SAGE Technical Support Number for manual update .

2)Firewall Security Settings

❖ Create an Inbound rule in Windows Firewall for the process PVXWIN32.exe.
❖ Navigate to the mentioned flow – Control Panel Adminstrative Tools Windows Firewall with Advanced Security
❖In the “Windows Firewall with Advanced Security” window from the left pane right-click the first option “Inbound Rules” and select “New Rules”
❖ “New Inbound Rule Wizard “ dialog box will open. From the given list of “Rule Type” select the first option “Program” and click ”Next”
❖ In the next window you need to specify the full program path and the executable name of the program that matches the rule. To do so select the option “This Program Path” and browse to the path where “pvxwin32.exe” file is stored. For example C:\Sage\MAS90\Home\pvxwin32.exe.

(Note: Once done few more options are made available to you to set your rule; you can choose to make changes in the options provided or can proceed directly to last option “Name” )

The following settings are Optional and you can directly skip to “Name and Description” tab. Incase, you want to make detailed changes you can go ahead with options explained below-

➀ “Protocols and Ports” option allows you to specify the protocols and ports to which this rule applies.
➁ “Scope” allows you to specify the local and remote IP address
➂ “Action” tells about the action taken when the connection matches the condition of the rule.
➃ “Profile” gives you the network location (corporate domain, private or public network) for which the rule applies
➄ And last is the “Name” and “Description” where you can provide a Name and short information about the rule created
➅ Click Finish to complete the process

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  1. Leah Harris says:

    Hi, we have Sage 50 2019.. our laptop is getting replaced.. want to be able to log into the Sage server from the new laptop. Don’t know how to download 2019 to the new laptop? Please assist.

  2. Carl Paige says:

    i keep losing connection, error 3, 3110, 3111 ,could a voip system do this? so my phone is what provides internet to my computer , Using Sage 50 2020

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