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How to Modify Firewall or Internet Security for Sage 50?

Sage 50 is an outstanding accounting application encompassing cloud portability. The application empowers business of all kinds to carry-out both entry-level programs and double-entry accounting.  A number of business leaders believe that Sage 50 is here to stay owing to its immense potential and freedom that it provides to users. The solution can be tailored to meet distinct business needs, such as for payables, receivables, and payrolls.  The visually appealing dashboard gives autonomy to businesses to keep a pulse on their key performance to stay ahead of the innovation curve. Besides, it enables businesses to accept payments with just click of button and view financial reports from any Internet-enabled device (laptop, smartphone, desktop, tablet) anytime, anywhere.
There is no second thought that Sage 50 offers ultimate ease of use and encompasses a host of incomparable features when compared to other accounting and payroll applications available in the market. To ensure seamless business journey, the Sage ninjas keeps on releasing new updates and advanced features at specific interval of time. The updation, modification, or upgradation process can be handled by users themselves or by taking help of professional Sage Technical Support service provider.

This article attempts to outline the steps to modify firewall or Security for Sage 50. Here we go…

Option I: What firewall you are using?

  • First of all, you are required to run Security Application Scanner in order to view  firewall and anti-virus applications installed on your computer
  • Next, look for the name of each program that is running by hovering mouse over the icons. Further, check Internet Security or firewall application
  • Go to Start, thereafter select All Programs
  • From Programs, check Internet Security or firewall software
  • Again Go to  Choose Settings. From Control Panel, Select Add/ Remove Programs. Now, check for Internet Security /firewall application
  • Press Windows Key+Rand then type in msc. Once done, click OK. Now, check Internet Security or firewall applications in the displayed services list

Option II: Here is the exhaustive list of the prevalent firewall applications

  • Microsoft Windows Firewall
  • McAfee Internet Security
  • Kaspersky Internet Security
  • Norton Internet Security
  • AVG Internet Security
  • Comodo Internet Security

Option III: Prior to installing the Sage software

  1. You need to Turn On firewall software
  2. Thereafter, you have to Turn Onfirewall notifications

Most importantly, during installation process if you get a firewall prompt, don’t forget to “Allow” or “Unblock” the below listed files:

  • Peachw.exe
  • PeachUpd.exe
  • PeachtreePrefetcher.exe
  • w3dbsmgr.exe
  • w3lgo103.exe
  • Sagereg.exe
  • Sagemgr.exe
  • SmartPostingService[Version].exe

Going forward, when installing some of the firewalls you may come across certain prompts asking you to enable additional files. It is suggested to allow such additional files too.

  1. Also, in certain scenarios, it is imperative to enable specific ports through your firewall, such as TCP ports 443, 5222, 1583, and 3351

Section IV: Sage is already configured

You need to ascertain that within your firewall, the below mentioned files are always set to either Allow or Unblock

  • Peachw.exe
  • PeachUpd.exe
  • w3lgo103.exe
  • Sagereg.exe
  • Sagemgr.exe
  • PeachtreePrefetcher.exe
  • w3dbsmgr.exe
  • SmartPostingService[Edition]

Remember, if you are naïve or not confident about how to modify firewall or Internet Security for Sage 50, kindly do not experiment. It’s a critical process and can take a toll on your data integrity, if not handled adeptly. It’s always good to seek professional help from Sage 50 Canada Support experts. Sage technical support is experienced in catering to such requirements within a jiffy – all without compromising on your data confidentiality. Well, these ardent professionals are available 24*7 at your help. You can call on 📞 1-800-574-6305 to access desired support.

Don’t let issues pertaining to Sage 50 obstruct your business performance!

Call us TFN to get your technical queries resolved.

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