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How To Do Group Consolidation Of Companies At Sage 50?

Group consolidation helps you to report data from different companies into a single report. This makes the task of comparative analysis easier.

The Consolidation Connection can be created in some products where Sage Intelligence Reporting is integrated. You can create Consolidation Connections in the Connector Module.

Sometimes, a Consolidation Connection can be provided as standard, however if it is not provided you can create one by following the simple process explained here-:

1) Go to Pervasive ODBC Client Interface and Select Add Connection as shown in Figure 1.

2) In the “Connection Info” dialog box give your preferred Connection Name such as “Sage 50 Consolidation” and click on Add button.

3) Select your new connection, and in the properties window click the Show Advanced option and check Consolidation Connection as shown in Figure 2

4) In the same Dialog Box next check “Use Auto Connection System” and Apply these changes. Refer figure 3

5) The Consolidation Connection has now been set up. Next, you need to import the report you would like to see consolidated against the new consolidation connection. Follow the steps given.
If using Canadian SAGE edition then connect SAGE Canada Support Number for full details .

Importing the Report onto the Consolidated Connection

  1. In the Report Manager select the folder you would like to import the report into.
  2. Right-click and select Import Report.
  3. Select the Report that you are importing. The Import Report window will open.
  4. You can rename your report, and select the newly created Consolidated Connection.
  5. The newly imported consolidated report will appear in the Report Manager.
  6. You now need to set up the Database Consolidation List in the properties window of the report. Select the ellipsis button.
  7. Select the databases you wish to consolidate. They will then appear in the Database Consolidation List in the properties window of the report.
  8. You can now run your consolidated report into Microsoft Excel and customize it to suite your specific reporting requirements.

Updating a Consolidated Company

  1. Select FileàReconsolidate Company.
  2. Select a company you want to update and click Add. Continue this process until all companies have been added to the Selected subsidiary companies list.
  3. Click the Reconsolidate button.

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