Sage 50 Cannot Open The Database

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Why Sage 50 Not Opening Database

Sage 50 Unable To Open Data Base Problem

Problem: It happens to the best of us when we try to open a file on Sage 50, we encounter an error which stops us from accessing the database due to some technical difficulty.

It needs technical knowledge to be able to address this issue head-on and resolve it thoroughly. Error, “Sage 50 Cannot Open The Database Because The Database Engine Reported An Error” is the error that troubles us in this scenario. The AskForAccounting help-team is going to resolve this error for you.

Description of Sage 50 Database error:

The most common occurrence of this error happens in the recently updated Sage 50. You might get hints, like firewall configuration required, which are vital in determining the issue. Also, you face a cyclic redundancy error when you try to copy the files to a new location. And lastly, the error might affect a few workstations while spare the others.

Follow these steps for Sage 50 Database Disappear issue while the workstation user tries to connect to server to open the Sage program.

Reasons for the Sage 50 Database Error:

There are seemingly three reasons why this error occurs on your Sage 50:

1. The database file is being accessed continually either by Sage 50 or a third-party company.
2. Connection manager server is different on both the server and the workstation.
3. You do not have full access to the system account due to permissions on .SAJ do not allow you full access.

Resolving the Sage 50 Error on your Windows OS based computer system:

There are several methods that we will try to troubleshoot this error on the computer systems running on Windows Operating Software.

Solution No. 1: When Sage 50 has the data file open on another window:

1. Make sure that the file is not open on the computer you are using right now.
2. If there are more than one instances of Sage 50 running on your computer. Close them until there is only one left open.
3. To check, try to rename the .SAJ folder. Add 1 at the end of .SAJ
4. If you are unable to do so, then it means that your data is locked. To be able to release the lock, you will need to reboot the computer at the location where the company file resides.
5. If you are able to do so, then it means that your data is not locked.
6. Rename the .SAJ folder again by removing 1 from it.

Solution No. 2: There was an older version of Sage 50 installed on your computer and then it was removed:

1. Find MySQL ODBC 3.51 and uninstall it. (Which could be 3.51.28)
2. Now you will need to install MySQL ODBC 3.51.19.
3. Find the .SAI and .SAJ folders on your computer and relocate them to a different drive folder, i.e. Desktop.
4. Now access the copied file. There should be no problem in opening the file.
5. If you are able to open the file, close it and move it back to its original location.

IMPORTANT (It will require you to either delete or rename the original file/folder to be able to copy it to back to its original location.)

These simple methods are sufficient enough to address the Database error on your Sage 50. You can get in touch with the Sage 50 Technical Support Solution Team if you face any issue with the process or required external assistance with it. We have an experienced team of Sage 50 Experts working at our help-desk.

You can give us a call at our toll-free helpline to get in touch with one of our AskforAccounting Sage 50 Tech Experts.

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