Sage 50 Cannot Locate The .SAI File

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Sage 50 .SAI File Missing

Can’t Find .SAI File Sage 50 Accounting

The majority of Sage tasks need accessing the company file. The missing.SAI file leads to error. The Sage 50 not find the .SAI file error message is a frustrating one. This issue happens when the icon file has been deleted, restore window will not display.SAI file or the.SAI files locked in data location or file permissions do not permit workstation access or more. If you are looking for Sage 50 Not Open Database issue solution, then you need to check the troubleshooting guide to resolve Sage 50 cannot locate the. SAI file. Also user can dial Phone Number ✆ +1-516-472-4994 for instant help.

Why Sage 50 Unable To Find .SAI File ?

What are the significant causes of the Sage 50 failure to search file named .SAI?

  • The data folder & icon file (.SAI) have a different name
  • SAJ or .SAI
  • The company file has been moved to a shared folder on another system
  • Data has been moved to a new system
  • The data file is being shared on multiple computers & the data file is on a different release than the system on the computer failed to open the file
  • Hidden folders or files in the SAJ folder
  • SAJ folder with file or folder have restricted rights
  • Manually open the company within a backup file once you open the backup file with WinRAR or WinZip
  • Not installed Sage 50 20xx
  • Not created Multi-user
  • The file with the SAJ folder is named Ransomware
  • The backup file has been done properly
  • The Sage Drive company SAJ folder contains auto.cnf & syncstate files.
  • Missing synstate files
  • The data file with (#) or character
  • OneDrive , DropBox , or Google Drive have automated backup services that are not supportable with SQL databases.
  • Failed to open company file across the network
  • Deleted icon file
  • The restore window will not display.SAI file
  • The file with the icon has been locked in the data location
  • File permission does not permit access using the workstation

When you go to resolve Sage 50 Database Disappear or not found issue you need to work on .SAI file folder as well .

How To Fix Sage 50 Can’t Search .SAI File

How to resolve Sage 50 cannot locate the .SAI file?

Here are the steps to fix the unable to locate the .SAI file:

Restore Sage 50 From Backup

Solution 1- Restore a backup:

In case you have created a backup file [learn Sage Company File Backup ] then here are the steps to restore from a backup file:

  • Open the Sage 50
  • Choose the File button and then click Restore
  • Hit Browse tab and then choose the backup file
  • Click Open option
  • Select Next tab
  • Choose the needed restore method
  • An existing company /Overwrite existing company data
  • Hit Next button
  • Choose the desired restore buttons
  • Customized forms
  • Company data
  • Intelligence reporting Reports
  • Click Next button
  • Check the restore buttons
  • Click Finish tab
  • Once the restore process completes it will open

Re-Create .SAI File Sage 50

Solution 2: Recreate the.SAI file:

Here are the steps to fix:

Option 1-Missing.SAI file

In case the.SAI file failed then there will appear a Windows Explorer window to the sample company directory

Here are the steps to open a sample company file:

  • First start Sage 50
  • It will open the startup window
  • Choose the option named Explore a sample company
  • Select a sample company option
  • Hit Ok
  • Now copy the.SAI file to the location name.SAJ folder
  • Rename the.SAI file to the same name labeled.SAJ folder
  • Now open the file

If you unable to get the option you need to Contact Sage Canada Support team .

Option 2- Locked.SAI file on Host PC not on remote System:


  • If there appears.SAI file however it is locked
  • Now copy the file labeled.SAI file to the same location
  • Next, rename the.SAJ file that is locked to.OLD
  • Now give the.SAI file the same name as the .SAJ folder with.SAJ extension
  • Open the file

Option 3- Change.SAI file permissions on the server:

Make sure that the permissions on all files permit access using the workstation

Regenerate Sage 50 Icon File

Solution 3- Re-create the icon file:

Option 1-Use the Notepad:

  • Open the Notepad
  • Do not write anything in the editor named Notepad
  • Choose File button and then Save As
  • Search to the location with icon file
  • Click on drop-down named Save as type
  • Now switch All files
  • Hit field named Filename
  • Now delete everything
  • Fill the same name as the folder named SAJ however change the.SAJ with.SAI
  • Choose Save button
  • Check you can view an icon named Sage 50
  • Now click on the icon Sage 50
  • It will display Notepad with .SAI.txt & not.SAI then
  • You will require to switch the view of the Explorer hence it does not then click Hide extensions for known file types”
  • Search the Sage 50 icon file
  • Now locate the file and then right-click on it
  • Choose Rename button
  • Delete the. TXT at the file end should be.SAI

Option2- Click on create a new icon on Mini Menu:

  • SAJ folder and give a right-click on the option to open a mini option
  • Choose the New button then click Test file
  • Give a name to the text file the same component of the.SAJ folder
  • Give a click on the Save button
  • Choose Rename tab and give a right-click on it
  • Now delete the.TXL at the file end. It should be.SAI
  • Open the File button

Get Help Missing , Not Found , .SAI File Error Sage 50 Accounting

Here, the write-up will surely assist you to resolve the Company’s failure to locate the missing.SAI file error. If you still face any issues or need to explore then get connected to the professional team. Use a live chat, email, or Sage 50 Support Number to reach the team. dial now Phone Number ✆ +1-516-472-4994

FAQ : .SAJ Folder Issue , Error , Problem Sage 50

What If There Appears A Folder With A Strange Name To The .SAJ ?

  • Check the.SAJ folder is empty
  • Click delete option
  • Now give a new name to the folder to the company name.SAJ
  • Now check you can open the file

How Would I Fix The Hidden SAJ Folder Error ?

  • Locate the company file and then right-click on it
  • Choose Properties button
  • Click on the General option in the Attributes button
  • Place a checkmark in the field named Read-only & hidden
  • Choose Apply button
  • It will display a window
  • Now you need to apply changes to the folder and subfolders
  • Click files and then hit OK
  • Now delete the checkmarks from the two fields
  • Hit Apply
  • Click Apply Changes to this folder, subfolder then choose and files
  • Select OK

What Folders Do I Need To Move Out Of The SAJ Folder ?

Check the SAJ folder with below:

  • ibdata1
  • ib_logfile0
  • simply (directory)
  • performance_schema (directory)
  • ib_logfile1
  • cnf
  • mysql (directory)

How To Fix The Missing Files Of Remote Data Access Company In The SAJ Folder ?

  • Now re-download the file using Remote data access
  • Open Sage 50
  • Click Connect to a shared company
  • Now save the location of the file with a new name

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