Sage 50 Activation Key Invalid Error

There is a Problem with the Activation Files for Sage 50, How to Fix?
Sage 50 is a highly reliable accounting program that is especially developed for small and medium sized industries. The software features advanced features that eases the regular accounting tasks, enhancing the quality of output and saving plenty of time. But like other software Sage 50 also encounters errors. The errors might occur due to improper installation of the software, incorrect software upgrade, file activation errors, database connectivity errors etc. The errors if not fixed at the right time might result in serious issues that might end up with hindering workflow. Also launched dedicated SAGE Canada Support for Canadian user of Sage Software .

Your Activation Key For Sage 50 Has Expired -Activate Warning

Sage 50 file activation error refers to the online activation that displays an error message when it occurs “There was a problem activating Sage 50″. The program can activate via the SageReg but the error occurs displaying the error message: “There was a problem activating Sage 50″ while attempting to open Sage 50“. When this happens, the program might close without a warning during the activation.

Major Causes of Sage 50 File Activation Error

  • Windows system date is not correct
  • Corrupt and Poor quality data path files
  • Hindrance to the activation process from antivirus or firewalls software
  • Broken or damaged Pervasive Database Manager
  • Improper installation of Pervasive Database Manager
  • Hidden or damaged Options.dat

Workaround Solutions Sage 50 Activation Error

The user must carry out the steps on the system that stores the entire Sage 50 company financial data. Go through the solutions one by one.

Method I: Activation of Firewall Program Blockage

  • You need to turn off your Firewall and/or Anti-virus program.


Method II: Clientinfo.xml file

  • Shut down Sage 50 program on all computers.
  • Go to the data path.
  • Then change the name or go to the clientinfo.xml file to a location outside of your data path.
  • Open Sage 50 program and check that you are able to activate the program easily.

Method III: Data Path Files

  • Turn off the Sage 50 program on all computers
  • Locate your data path.
  • Change the name and move the following files to a new folder outside of your data path:
    • DAT
    • *.LCK (all files with the LCK extension)
    • *.PTL (all files with the PTL extension)
    • Entitlements.xml
    • SoftwareInstallations.xml
  • Turn on Sage 50 application and check that the option provided can be followed for manual activation.
  • Select the manual activation option of the program

Method IV: Uninstall and Reinstall Pervasive:-

You have to completely remove and reinstall Pervasive.

Method V: Check Windows System Date is properly set:-

You need to go through the additional information for instructions on setting your Windows system date. You will find the instruction in the office Sage website.

Help Sage 50 Activation Problem Error

In case the error persists, you can connect with our Sage 50 customer support team. The team comprises of well-trained Sage professionals who provide you the right solution in a very short wait time. They identify the cause of the error and fix the issue in a very short time. You can connect with the toll free phone support number 📞 1-800-574-6305 . The Toll Free Number is round the clock approachable and assures feasible support.

Leave all your worries aside with our Sage Expert Support!

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  1. Ted says:

    After a windows up date my Sage 50 Accounting program will not open Stating: “activation key has expired” I am using Sage 50 Accounting 2019 not yet, the update crashed my e-mail and that will me my next job. Outlook no longer is receiving I must re-do the password and pop settings

  2. Sally Langdon says:

    need assistance with a workstation. unable to connect to server-data path. other workstation works fine uninstalled software wont install says data path invalid,Sage 50 Quantum Accounting 2021 SR.1

  3. Fransis Derelle says:

    bonjour, je viens d’avoir mon cd de sage 50, 2021 supérieur, et je veux l’installer avec la clé, puis je avoir le # de tel en francais

  4. Susan Robinson says:

    I already have Peachtree Complete Accounting 2011 and want to download Sage 2019. Where do I get the Key Code, S#, ?

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