Sage 50 Email Invoices Error

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Sage 50 Failed To Send Customer Email Invoices

Sage 50 2013 Version and has outlook 2010 x64. How to send an email with an invoice to a client?
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Now let’s address an issue, you all must be aware of it that Sage50  does not support email sending, hence assistance from separate email client is needed. In case using CA SAGE edition than call SAGE Canada Support Number to resolve any issue comes during email setup .

So if you want to send an invoice email to the client from Sage 50 2013 version that has an outlook x64, then login from your Hotmail or Gmail account from the web browser and then try setting up the Gmail in the Outlook. Link given below will help you in doing the same:

Outlook 2010 in 64 will not allow sending an invoice email to the client, as Sage 50  doesn’t support it. Sage 50  does not even support the click to run version of the Outlook. In order to check whether your outlook supports the click to run version or not, go through the link pasted below:

A MAPI-complaint email client is recommended by us. For Outlook 2010, Windows live mail could also be used. But before that ensure that desktop one is used instead of a web version. Link pasted below, will help you to get more information on how Windows live mail and email could be used:

After confirming that correct email client is installed and still MAPI related errors are occurring, follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Firstly ensure to install the email client in computer as the default email program. Error: “email MAPI error: this error occurs while message is sent.” KB107, method 2 (Vista/7/8) or method 3 (XP)
  2. Then go to the Control Panel, Default Programs, set the default program, and then select the email client and click on it, defaults should be chosen for the program, verify that the Send Mail’s box is checked under the MAPI.
  1. After trying what is mentioned in above steps, if the email still gets failed, then close the Sage 50 along with the Outlook, and:
  • Go to the Control Panels
  • Then to Program and Features
  • After that select the Sage 50 Accounting and click on the change
  • If you see the message “you currently have Sage 50 installed” popping up, click on the OK
  • Then choose the components of Add/Remove program
  • And uncheck the add-in button for Outlook and click next
  • Repeat this procedure again and add the checkmark again, so that Outlook can have an add-in reinstalled again
  • Once done, use Sage 50 for email transaction
  1. If it fails again, then just try to reinstall it after uninstalling. But before uninstalling do not forget to take the back up your messages and important emails

Troubleshooting SAGE 50 Email Invoicing Errors

When it comes to the customer satisfaction, we Sage Technical Support  leave no stone upturned to keep our customers happy. Our certified technicians are available for your assistance 24*7. They will carefully listen to the problem you are facing and then suggest the appropriate solutions. You can contact them through email or by the toll free number which is 📞 1-800-574-6305 We are proud to announce that owing to our customer-friendly policies, our satisfied clientele base is increasing day by day.

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  1. Dylan Powell says:

    Hi having problems with sending invoices from Sage 50 through outlook, Sage 50 cant help saying its a Microsoft problem

  2. Mike says:

    trying to use webmail to send reports via Microsoft 365. I’ve entered a valid email account,, port 587 and checked of TLS/SSL but it says it can’t connect.,Sage 50 Pro Accounting release 2021.1.1

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