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“How to do integration between Sage 50 & external applications”?

Sage: an Introduction
Sage is integrated by the small & medium businesses alike to deal with the complex business process that otherwise couldn’t be easily dealt with. It is a perfect ERP solution which makes complex business modules gain better and improved workability over time, resulting into better growth and long-lasting sustainability. But as the digital world progresses towards the cloud-based management system, the need to integrate third party application with Sage ERP systems has started to become all the more necessary.Consult with SAGE Technical Support Team about the system compatibility of any APP or software with the latest Sage software version .

In this article we are going to discuss about Sage Integrations and how to proceed with the process.

Sage Integration: Technical Titbits

The first thing to note down is that Sage is a proprietary based system, which means that Sage customers do not have to show their coding to anyone else but to their own network of partner application developers. Since Sage customers are mostly dependent on automatic processes, they do not have to deal with the technical aspects covering coding & in-house app development. It leads us to the position where we find that not enough relevant information is available on the internet regarding the Sage integration with external applications.

Sage Integration Tools That You Can Use

Integration options depend on the version of Sage and the type of application to be integrated with it. However, the general integration tools are as followed:

Application Programming Interfaces: The most useful tools to connect Sage products with other cloud-based systems are APIs. Third party application vendors use Sage Development Kit to develop these APIs. You can find the in-built APIs of many esteemed application within Sage products. These APIs can be activated on need.

Sage Data Objects: This tool is used for the on-premise Sage versions. One can activate certain Sage Data Objects on Sage on-premise Application by using a serial number provided by the developer of SDOs, and a Sage activation Key for specific SDOs. General knowledge of C# is required to be able to integrate external applications by using Sage Data Objects.

Web Services: Web Services could very well be utilized to integrate external applications, i.e. E-commerce Portals and Data Feeds, with Sage systems. These services make the Sage data available online to be utilized by third party applications and vice versa.

SData: Available specifically to Sage, SData is another category of Web Services. It is widely utilized to promote Representational State Transfer(REST) which uses HTTP to create and handle the Web-services that are made for the ease of use.

How To Determine the Integration Path?

Now that we have provided you with the relevant information regarding the tools you can use to integrate the third-party applications with your Sage ERP systems, it is time to consider your particular situation to devise an integration plan. To proceed with the process further, you’d need to consider these steps:

1.What do you want the integration service to provide you with?
2.Which application do you want to integrate Sage with? What is your Sage Version?
3.Is the specific Sage Integration tool available for you, or, you need to access an interface offered by a third-party vendor?
4.In case there is no integration tool available to suit your business need, do you have enough sage proprietary coding experience to develop your own interface? In case your answer is no, you might need the assistance of another organization who knows how to do it.
5.What benefits do you want from certain integration in the future?

Now that you know are aware of all the available options out there to help you in the integration process, you can begin with the tool that best suits your business needs. In case you have still not found the specific tool, you can easily find a large number of Sage partners who might provide you with the needed assistance. Or you can connect with SAGE Canada Support Number for further help & information Dial toll free number 📞 1-800-574-6305.

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