Sage 100 Contractor Unable To Send Email via Outlook

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Sage 100 Contractor Not Sending Email From Outlook Error

Cannot Send Email Using Outlook In Sage 100

In an accounting system invoice emailing plays a major role to establish communication benefits. In Sage 100 contractor, there are easy options available like email setup, sending transactions, etc. However, when you send an email there you may encounter many errors. The below write-up is compiled with a troubleshooting guide of fixing issue Outlook Stop sending Email while using Sage 100 Contractor , you can also get in touch with experts on toll free number toll free number ✆ 1-800-574-6305 of Sage 100 Technical Support .

Outlook Won’t Send Email Error Sage 100 Contractor

What is unable to send email via Outlook error?

Sage 100 Email Error The error message named Could Not email via outlook happens when users try to send emails using the Sage 100 contractor. This issue takes place when the SMTP needs a secure connection or when the system observes the unauthenticated client. Moreover, you can learn all about Sage 100 Contractor Email SMTP Settings and Configuration step by step.

When Outlook Email Errors Encounters In The Sage 100 Contractor?

The email error occurs in Office 365. It generally encounters when you choose the alternate SMTP technique for direct deposit paystubs, emailing the report, or ACH Payment receipts

What are the factors responsible for the Sage 100 Contractor error: Sage Not Sending Emails Outlook?

  • An authentication error while sending an email
  • Email or secondary security creates a barrier in accessing email server
  • When the Port number is not 25 or 587
  • Using a wrong email address
  • When using the wrong password in the Email account
  • If the email account is set up as a Shared account to fix the error

How To Fix Sage 100 Contractor Stop Sending Email Outlook Mail

How to resolve Sage 100 Will Not Send Email From Outlook error?

Walkthrough the below solutions to fix the email issue:

Method 1:

You can fix the error by generating a special application password in the GSuite or in Office365 to use with Sage 100 Contractor. For Office 365, there should be an authentication technique to use the procedure.  You need to enable the administrator on the multi-factor authentication feature for the account. Also its important to fix Sage Email Invoices Error. Here are the steps you need to follow to set up an application password for the Office 365 email account:

  • Open the web browser
  • Locate the
  • Log in with the associated email address with the password
  • After successful login, you need to locate the upper right side of the system
  • Give a click on the Avatar
  • Hit My Account option
  • Open the overview option in the panel
  • Click on the Security info tab
  • Hit Update info option
  • Choose +Add Method button
  • Click on the drop-down method
  • Hit on App Password
  • Choose Add button
  • Now for the name, enter Sage100Con
  • Hit Next button
  • It will create a password automatically
  • Select the copy icon that appears next to the password to copy it
  • Now open the editor such as Notepad on the system
  • Paste the copied password in the editor
  • Hit Done button
  • Now sign out from the Office 365 account
  • After this close all the active MS Office Applications and then sign in back to the office 365 account
  • Open the Sage 100 Contractor
  • Click on the email settings option
  • Now click on the Alternative SMTP Settings, now paste the app password instead of the password of the normal email
  • Ensure that you selected the method named Send email using this alternate SMTP Connection
  • Hit on the Save button
  • Now Send an email

Check the GSuite(Gmail):


  • Now log into the Google Admin
  • Permit the users to set up the less secure programs
  • Hit on the icon named Google Profile on the top right side of the screen
  • Choose “Manage your Google Account”
  • Click on the menu button near the Security tab
  • Below” Signing in to Google”
  • Choose App Passwords
  • Now select the option named other below Select App
  • Give a name to the Sage100Con
  • Hit Generate button
  • It will generate a password, copy and paste the password into a notepad document
  • Click on the email settings option in the Sage
  • Now copy and paste the password of the app you simply created in the box named password in the SMTP Settings
  • Hit Save button

Fix Sage 100 SMTP Mail Connection Errors

Method 3-Check the SMTP Mail Connection setup for the Company:

If there is an incorrect SMTP mail connection for the company file then here are the steps to set up an SMTP Mail connection:

  • Open the menu named 7-Company information on the Sage 100 Contractor
  • Hit on the tab which says Email & Fax configuration
  • Write the Email Settings option
  • Choose the button named Email this report
  • Hit the Email settings tab
  • Now pick the below options:
  • Send Email using Company’s default SMTP connection:
  • Open the Email address field, write the right email address
  • Send Email using Microsoft Outlook:
  • Locate the Email Address box
  • Fill in the correct email address
  • Enter the right password in the field named password
  • Send Email using this alternate SMTP connection:
  • Fill the Mail Server & Port#
  • Choose needs Authentication and then uses SSL linked with email
  • Now click on the email address box to write the right email address
  • If need, write the password in the field named password
  • Click on Save
  • Once you choose the option in the Email Settings window


Check Direct Deposit email Settings:

Here are the steps:

  • Open 5-2-4 Payroll Checks
  • Choose report 32, 22, or 37
  • Click on the Options, hit on Direct Deposit Email Settings
  • Select the Email Settings option
  • Choose the 3RD option labeled Send email using this alternate SMTP connection
  • Fill as below:
  • Port: 587
  • Mail Server:
  • Place a mark on the check box named uses SSL & Require authentication option
  • Write the outlook email address with password
  • Hit the Save button and then click on the Close option
  • Verify ACH Payment Email Settings in Sage contractor 100:
  • Locate 4-3-3 ACH payment File Manager
  • Go to the Options, choose Reprint, or Email ACH Payment Receipts
  • Open the Printing window
  • Click on Options, hit on ACH Payment Email Settings
  • Hit the Email Settings button
  • Click on the 3rd alternative” Send email using alternate SMTP connection”
  • Fill in the details like check box, email address, port number, etc
  • Hit on the save button and then click on the Close button

Help Sage 100 Stop Sending Email Issue , Errors

In this article, you get the troubleshooting guide to resolve the Sage 100 Contractor. Read carefully all the methods including causes and symptoms. If none of the solutions sort out the problem then you can take assistance from the experts. Give a call to toll free number ✆ 1-800-574-6305 Toll Free Number to connect Sage Canada Support team or use a live chat option for the same.

FAQs: Generic Com Error , Unable To Load Email System ,MAPI Error, Email Invoices Not Working Sage 100

Why I am using the Email Settings window in Sage 100 Contractor ?

It is used for sending emails via Sage 100 Contractor

How can I send the email using the alternate SMTP connection ?

  • Open the 5-2-4 Payroll Checks
  • Click on the Options tab
  • Choose Direct Deposit Email Setting
  • Give a click on the password field named Send email using this alternate SMTP connection

How do I schedule reports in Outlook using Sage 100 Contractor ?

  • Open the 7-5 Scheduled Reports Manager
  • Give double-click on the scheduled report
  • Hit on the Edit Email Settings option
  • Open the email distribution window
  • Choose Email Settings
  • Pick the third option saying” Send email using this alternate SMTP connection”
  • Fill in the details including port number, Mail Server, Email address with a password, etc
  • Select the Save option and then give a click on the Close button

I am a GoDaddy user, how to fix the Email configuration in Outlook using Sage 100 Contractor?

  • Open the 7-1 Company information
  • Click on Email & Fax configuration option
  • Use the below options including port number, authentication, unchecked email SSL, or Port number
  • Now open the 5-2-4 Payroll checks button
  • Choose report 32, 22 or 37
  • Select options, click on the Direct Deposit Email Settings tab
  • Hit on Email Settings
  • Choose the 2nd alternative named” Send email using the company’s default SMTP connection”
  • Enter the prompt details
  • Hit Save and then select Close

What if I need to use Outlook for emailing the report in Sage 50 Contractor ?

Open the report printing page and then hit on the icon named yellow outlook in the toolbar

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