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How To Do In Invoicing Sage 100 Contractor

How Do I Invoice On Sage 100 Contractor ?

In Sage 100 Contractor 3-2 Receivable invoices or credits window allows entering transactions impacting receivable amounts. You can easily make invoices, monitor retention, or check the payment history for a particular invoice. Moreover, you can use the percentage of the completed work to create a simple invoice. The below article is rounded up with Accounts Receivable, invoicing in Sage 100 contractor also you can directly reach at Sage Support Phone Number for any assistance dial now toll free number ✆ 1-800-574-6305 .

What Do You Mean By Receivable Invoice Status In Sage 100?

The status of the receivable invoice represents its location in the procedure. You can easily modify the status of the invoices in the settings. Here are different statuses available in Receivable invoices:

  • 1-Open: This status display the file posted to the General Ledger
  • 2-Review: It determines the review of record management
  • 3-Dispute: It displays the client disputed record
  • 4-Paid: It shows a record paid in full
  • 5-Void: It determines a void record

What Are The Types Of Receivable Invoices In Sage 100 Contractor ?

  • 1-Contract: The type 1-Contract invoice is used to determine the contract billings. The receivable invoice set as Type 1-Contact enhance the job balance
  • 2-Memo: This type is used for an invoice that is not impacting the contract job billing. This type is also used with bad debts. When filling the credit invoice allot 2-Memo clears the debt.

When you start working on Sage 100 Accounts Payable then you have to check all entries which are essential to create records AP accounts .

How To Enter Receivable Invoices In Sage 100 Contractor?

Post Invoice Sage 100
Walkthrough the below instructions:

  • First of all open the 3-2 Receivable Invoices
  • Now write the below header details:
  • Fill the invoice number in the text box named Invoice
  • Write the date in the invoice in the Date field
  • enter the job number in the text box named Job
  • fill the phase number in the text box labeled Phase
  • Enter the invoice brief statement in the text box which says Description
  • Now write the due date in the field named Due Date
  • Fill the rate of the discount in the text box labeled Discount Date
  • Give a click on the invoice status listed in the dropdown button
  • Now hit on the type list
  • The contract impacts the invoiced balance if chosen Type 1-Contract
  • Go to the Grid and enter the value in each item on the invoice, for instance, Quantity of items in Quantity field, price in the price text box, and description in the cell named Description
  • After this give a click on the File option
  • Hit Save button
  • Now select a text box named Retention and write the retention amount in it
  • How to void an invoice in Sage 100 Contractor?
  • To do this you need to Open the 3-2 Invoices option
  • Now choose the record with the data control
  • If the Paid text box contains the amount then reverse the payments
  • Hit o Void invoice on the Edit Menu

The complete and detailed guide for Sage 100 Contractor Budget Setup for which invoice posting in the correct way is essential.

How To Generate An Invoice Depending On The Contract Balance Sage 100 ?

Sage 100 AR Payable Invoice

  • To perform this you require to open the 3-2 Receivable invoices
  • Write the invoice
  • Give a click on the options menu
  • Select Contract Summary
  • Click on the invoice type you need to create by choosing the option named Percentage of Contract
  • Hit on the text field named Percent Complete, fill the total sum of the completed contact
  • Give a click on the text box labeled Amount to the bill to display the amount that has been computed
  • If you need to change any figures change it
  • Hit Ok button

How To Recalculate Sage 100 Contractor Invoice ?

  • You need to discover the Options button
  • Hit Calculate option

How To Enter Payments Received For Invoice Sage 100

Entering a Payment against an Invoice:

  • Initially Go to the Receipts
  • Open 3-3-1 Cash receipts
  • Enter the asking information as below:
  • Fill the Ledger account number in the text box named Account
  • Write the deposit number in the field labeled Deposit
  • Fill the date of the deposit in the Date box
  • Use the description field to write a statement regarding the transaction
  • Enter job information or client box as following:
  • Fill in the client number
  • Write the job number
  • Choose the Service invoice option or Contract invoices tab according to the invoice selected by the client
  • Hit Display Invoice
  • Now open the grid for the invoice you need to pay
  • Fill the total amount in the field named Paid
  • In case you are using discounts, give a click on the box which says Disc Available, fill the discount
  • Give a click on the File button and then hit the Save option

Unable To Create Invoice Sage 100 Contractor ?

Hopefully, the above post with Sage 100 Contractor Invoicing is helpful for you! However, if you still need to know more or need to resolve the other concerns then connect with the Sage 100 Contractor experts. they are having years of experience in accessing the Sage software. Alternatively, aggrieved users can also connect with the team over the phone with a Toll-free number toll free number ✆ 1-800-574-6305 or a live chat. Also, send an email with the queries. If using the Canadian edition of Sage software then you have to contact the Sage Support Canada team for getting help.

FAQs : Post Invoice , Submit Bill , Reverse Invoice Sage 100

Can I reverse a credit invoice after setting it to an invoice ?

No, you are not permitted to do the same. However, if you apply a credit invoice to incorrect invoices you need to perform invoice adjustment to fix the issue

What if the invoice is fully paid in Sage 100 Contractor ?

It automatically allots Status 4-Paid

What do I assign the status of the void record in Sage 100 Contractor ?

Status 5-Void

Can I enter payment and apply a credit to an invoice simultaneously ?

Absolutely! You have to open the 3-3-1 Cash receipts for this and fill in the required details and give a click on the Save button

What if I need to see the history of the accounts receivable payment for an invoice ?

  • Open 3-2 Receivable Invoice
  • Choose the invoice for which you need to see a history
  • Click Options
  • Select Payment History

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