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Installation Instruction Step By Step Sage 100 Contractor

Sage 100 Contractor Installation Guide

Sage 100 Contractor is one of the trending business management accounting solutions for all mid-sized engineers or subcontractors. It provides project information, end-to-end business, and many productive features for excellent project management and estimation. The below article is compiled up with an installation process of Sage 100 Contractor on the workstations and its important terms also for experts help you can dial Sage Accounting Support Number at toll free number ✆ 1-800-574-6305 .

How To Install Sage 100 Contractor On Client Workstations ?

Sage 100 Contractor InstallerBefore proceeding with the Sage 100 contractor installation make sure you close all the active programs except antivirus or firewall.

Sage 100 Contractor installations from a download package unzipped into a shared or local folder.

Here are the steps:

  • Initially, you need to browse the downloaded folder and extract it
  • Find the setup.exe file in the folder and double-click on it
  • Now read the instructions that appear on the installation welcome window
  • Hit Next button
  • It will prompt an installation option window
  • Choose the button” This computer will run Sage 100 contractor only”
  • Give a click on the Next option
  • It will display a license agreement window
  • You need to read the License agreement
  • Click on the check box to confirm you’re accepting terms and conditions
  • After this select the Next button to proceed with the installation
  • The installer starts the installation procedure
  • It verifies the system has installed .NET Framework 4.0
  • If not found; the installer will start installing it
  • Start installing the sample company for training objectives
  • Wait till the installation complete
  • It will notify the completion window
  • The launch Sage 100 contractor check button is pre-chosen to start the Sage 100 Contractor and determine the Sage license server
  • Now read out the critical message appears on the screen and follow the on-screen instructions to launch the Sage 100, Contractor
  • Hit Finish button
  • The Sage 100 Contractor will start its launch procedure by showing the Specify Sage License Server Window

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Install Sage 100 Contractor Software On Server

What are the steps for Server installation for Sage 100 Contractor version 20 and advanced?

 Server Installation:

Sage 100 Contractor SQL and integration is now available with the latest Sage SQL Estimating 17.11 Release. Here are the steps:

  • Firstly run the install
  • Make sure the system has installed .NET 4.6
  • Hit Next button
  • Now verify the items you need to install
  • Sage 100 Contractor (Server and Workstations)
  • Database Administration (Server only)
  • License Administration (Server only)
  • Sage Advisor Update (Server Optional)
  • After this hit the Next button
  • Now click “I agree”
  • Hit Next button
  • Choose U.S or Canada
  • Select Install
  • Enter the Server name or IP
  • Click on the Next button
  • Hit Finish option

License Administrator Setup:

  • Initially open the License Administrator
  • Hit Edit Registration information
  • Write Sage client ID, Company name, and Registration name
  • Select OK

SQL Server Express installation(If not installed)

  • Open the Database Administrator tool
  • Choose the Hard Drive with data
  • Click OK
  • Now choose Install SQL Server Express
  • It will download the SQL Express 2014 installation files
  • Once downloaded now it will prompt asking would you like to install?
  • Give a click on the OK button to proceed with the installation
  • This is a pre-configured installation
  • Once installation complete, A window will display asking you to provide a password
  • Note down the password before closing the Window
  • Now there appears a Database Administration connection window with a new SQL server name\SAGE100CON.
  • Hit connect button

Open Database Administration window
Hit Connect

Help Unable To Install Sage 100 Contractor

If you could not understand any of the installation steps mentioned in a write-up or have any queries regarding Sage 100 contractor installation or any other related issue, give a Call to the Sage Canada Support team on toll free number ✆ 1-800-574-6305 . You can also contact the team via email or can chat online with us; our professional team will get back to you.

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How Do I Get An Automatic Updates Notification While Installing Sage 100 Contractor ?

You need to install the Sage Advisor update to display updates alerts. Here are the steps:

  • Locate system tray
  • Open the Sage License server
  • Find the icon Sage Advisor Update
  • It will prompt a Sage Advisor update Window
  • Now click on the navigation pane and then select Configuration
  • Hit the Update button and then click the Update settings pane
  • Adjust the frequency you need to verify the updates
  • Set the inactivity period before connecting Sage
  • Hit on the Download option
  • Click on the Download Settings pane
  • Choose the server location to proceed with the downloading process
  • Hit Notification on the navigation pane
  • Click on Notification Setup, write the SMTP settings for the email exchange server

You can go through How To Setup Email Sage 100 Contractor and what you have to do when Sage 100 Contractor Unable To Send Email Via Outlook Error.

Does Microsoft SQL Express Get Installed With Sage 100 Contractor Installation?

No, Microsoft SQL Express is not installed while installing Sage 100 Contractor. However, once installation completes, there appears a link to download SQL Express. Meanwhile, you can allow the Database administration tool to configure the already existing instance of Microsoft SQL Server.
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What Are The General Steps I Need To Follow For The New Installation Of Sage 100 Contractor ?

  • Firstly install the software on the system with company data
  • Note down the Sage license Server system’s IP address or the system name that appears at the installation
  • License activation
  • Start installing the software on all client workstations in the network
  • Now describe the Sage license server on each client workstation

What Icons Appear After Sage 100 Contractor Installation ?

  • License Administration
  • Database
  • Sage 100 Contractor

How Can I Find An Icon Named License Administration ?

You can locate it by clicking on the Start button>Programs> Sage 100 contractor option of Windows . Get more details about Sage Activation Key Issue and how to resolve .

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