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Guide For Setting Up Email Sage 100 Contractor

How To Setup Email Sage 100 Contractor

Emailing invoices, transactions or quotes comes in the list of essential tasks in accounting software to remain connected. You require configuring the email settings accurately to send emails to the client. In Sage 100 Contractor there is an easy procedure of settings and email configuration. The below article will cover the information related to the Sage 100 Contractor email setup and its insights. Moreover you can dial toll toll free number ✆ 1-800-574-6305 to connect directly Sage Technical Support Number to get assistance .

Sage 100 Contractor Email Invoice Settings & Setup

Customer and vendor invoice play a vital role in daily business accounting . Each and every business wants to send an invoice before the due date to the customer , so the client will pay the due amount . While users set up Sage 100 Contractor software for the first time , Email setup is also necessary not only for customer invoices but for regular email with client and employee or other staff , sending reports via email etc . Nowadays users can use any email program like Outlook , Gmail , G-Suite , Google Workforce ,Office 365, Yahoo , AOL, Thunderbird, or any other program they want . If they have their own email server then they can use SMTP settings for sending email . Below you can find what SMTP server is , how to set up , how to resolve SMTP server error and how to send Invoices email Sage 100 Contractor using SMTP server .

Requirements Setting Up E-mail Sage 100 Contractor

Overview Of Email Setup For Sage 100 Contractor

The email functionality in Sage 100 Contractor needs Microsoft Outlook or SMTP (Simple mail transfer protocol)Email server. There is an email Settings window to provide an effective method to set up email. It helps you modify the selections to conform to the different emailing preferences. Follow the below steps to use the Email Settings Window:

  • Click on the Email option on the Toolbar
  • It will prompt the Email Distribution Window
  • Hit the Email Setting option to open the Email Settings Page
  • Select Settings in the Dispatch Board Window
  • You need to give a click on option labeled Email Setup

Know the main causes when Sage Stop Sending Email and types of SMTP server need to check and make some changes to fix issues.

Sage 100 Contractor and SMTP Server

The SMTP Server appears on the Workstation PC, on a company network server, or at the ISP (Internet Service Provider). In case there is a local email server then you may require IT Professional help to correctly identify and set up the Server. However, if the Email Server is at the ISP then it is recommended to seek assistance from ISP. If you use the ISP’s (simple mail transfer protocol) SMTP Server for sending an Email through Sage 100 Contractor then there is a need for user authentication at the SMTP Server.

The method of referring to the user authentication of different ISPs may vary with the terms. User authentications refer to the verification of a user identity concerning user name and password. If you try to send an email via Sage 100 Contractor through the SMTP Server of an ISP then the authentication would be based on the ISP’s related identity

Learn what you can do when Sage 100 Stop Sending Email From Outlook, A complete guide which helps you to troubleshoot issues.

Sage 100 Email Distribution Window

Use the Email Distribution window with Reporting Printing window by hitting the Email this report option on the toolbar. This window is used to compose email messages, choosing recipients through the distribution list with an indent of sending an email immediately by hitting on Send Now. The Email Distribution window comprises all the options related to an email program in Sage 100 Contractor. Here are the fields in the window:

  • Type a subject
  • Type the message
  • Choose Clients, employees, and vendors from the distribution lists
  • Send email to other contacts
  • Send a message copy to yourself
  • A read receipt request
  • Apply the importance level of the email to low, normal, or high
  • Check email address being accessing from email settings (Sent from)
  • Make sure you set the email importance level & read receipt only operate if that functionality is compatible with an email provider

Sage 100 Email Distribution Lists

Email Distribution Lists in Sage 100 Contractor permits you to choose the contacts from the vendor, client, or employee logs in the folders in the Email Distribution window. It appears below the Select Contacts for immediate email distribution. Each section of the contact including client, employee, or vendor should have an email address in 3-6 Receivable clients, 5-2-1 Employees, or 4-4 Vendors. It lets the email contacts display in the folders.

You can learn about Sage 50 Email Invoices Error and follow the instructions to fix the issue.

Things need to consider:

  • Make sure you enter the email contact information in 3-6 Receivable Clients, 5-2-1 Employees, or 4-4 Vendors. If this information is missing then a message will pop up on the screen that there is no record with the matching email address
  • If the scheduled messages need to be sent at a particular time then the message will be emailed with contacts according to the scheduled occurrence.

Email from:

The text box named Email from contains the email address of the sender as set up in an Email Settings window. For any modifications in the email address hit Email Settings

How To Change Sage 100 Email Server ?

Changing email Server Setup during direct email

Sage 100 Contractor facilitates a method to modify the email server set up at the time you email a report file directly to a recipient. However many internet-related email providers are not compatible with SMTP protocol.

How To Modify The Email Server Setup In Sage 100 Contractor

Firstly open the window with an email-related tool like 4-1-2 Payable invoice list

Now here are the steps:

  • Click on the File option
  • Hit Email button
  • Choose the Email this report option on the toolbar
  • It will display the Email Distribution window
  • You will get a message if you don’t set up any email addresses in the distribution lists. Simply hit the Ok button to proceed
  • Now click on the Email Settings option near the bottom of the page
  • Go to the Email Settings Window and follow the below steps:
  • Choose the option which says Send email using Microsoft Outlook
  • Click on the Email Address field
  • Write the email address
  • Choose the option named Send email using the company’s default SMTP connection
  • Write the email address in the Email address field
  • Now fill the password in the password file
  • Choose the option which says Send email using this alternate SMTP Connection
  • Write the email server name in the text box named Server Name
  • Fill the mail server port number in the Port field
  • Enter an email address in the box named Email Address
  • Now write the password in the password field
  • Hit Ok

If using Canadian Sage edition then for any issue and doubt get help fro Sage Support Canada team .

SMTP Setup For Company Sage 100

SMTP Mail connection setup for the Company :

Here are the steps:

  • Click on the 7-1 Company information menu
  • Hit Email & Fax configuration option
  • Write the Email Server & Port#
  • In case the mail server need Authentication or SSL, then verify the check marks of the suitable fields
  • Hit File and then click the Save button
  • It will prompt a report printing window
  • Choose any report
  • Click on the toolbar to choose the icon named Email this report
  • Hit Email Settings option
  • Choose one of the below options:
  • Send email using Microsoft Outlook
  • Send Email Using Company’s default SMTP connection
  • Send email using an alternate SMTP connection
  • Click on the Save button
  • The button you choose in the Email Settings window is used for sending emails using Sage 100 Contractor.

Errors , Issue , Unable To Send Email Invoice Sage 100 Contractor

The above article covers the insights of Sage 100 Contractor Email Setup! Hopefully, the information is beneficial for you to send emails via the software and save time. You just require to follow the above-given instructions to set up an email. In case, you face any difficulty in understanding any concepts of the same then call the professional team toll free number ✆ 1-800-574-6305. Reach the Sage ‘experts’ team through other mediums like a live chat or email. If you are getting issues and error like Sage 100 Email Service Not Installed or you need assistance for Sage 100 Email Office 365 ,Sage 100 Office 365 Connector.

FAQs: Setting , Setup Email Invoice Sage 100, Sage 100 Contractor

What are the primary reasons for the email errors in the Sage 100 contractor ?

  • Incompatible Email program
  • The email client is not set as Windows default
  • Corrupted Email Writer
  • Un-configured Email Writer
  • Email client absent on the computer
  • The advanced product update is not installed on the workstation
  • Outdated windows updates

How can I send an email with Microsoft outlook in Sage 100 Contractor ?

Write an email address

What should I need to send an email with the company’s default SMTP connection?

Write an email address with a password

What if I have not set up an email server and the mail server box is blank ?

You need to enter the company information. here are the details:

  • General information
  • Payroll Direct deposit Setup
  • Electronic Receipt setup
  • Vendor ACH payment setup

How can I send an email with an alternate SMTP Connection ?

  • Firstly write the mail server information
  • Choose whether there require SSL or any authentication
  • Write the port
  • Fill the email address
  • Write the password

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