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Custom Reports In Sage 100 Contractor

How To Create Custom Reports In Sage 100 Contractor

Reports in Sage 100 Contractors play a predominant role in determining the financial strength of the business. The Accountants, senior managers take the business decision after studying the various reports in accounting software. Every accounting system contains reports like balance sheets, profit and loss reports, etc. The customize report feature is advantageous in providing a clear appearance according to the requirement. Fortunately, the Sage 100 Contractor lets you customize reports with simple steps. The below article will guide you about the method to create, edit and delete reports in Sage 100 Contractor. Moreover Sage Support help desk is always ready to assist to create standard and business specific reports in Sage 100 you can dial toll free number ✆ 1-855-538-0866 .

Report Customization Sage 100

Why customize the report in the accounting system Sage 100 Contractor is important?

The reports are very helpful in storing the records related to tax and reviewing the financial factors in the business. However, reports are useful for the company management and discovering the different segment’s financial conditions and ongoing operations. It in turn helps in making a business decision and generating profit. In addition to this custom, reports are beneficial in conducting business valuation, finding the insurance type, and discovering the coverage requirements. Hence the custom reports are essential for presenting the financial conditions of the company .

Below Are Some types of Reports you can customize Sage 100 Contractor

Sage 100 Financial Reports Sage 100 Cash Flow Report Sage 100 Sales Order Reports
Sage 100 Payroll Reports Sage 100 Quarterly Government Report Sage 100 Outstanding Check Report
Sage 100 ACA Reports Sage 100 Gross Profit Report Sage 100 Inventory Reorder Report
Sage 100 BI Reports Sage 100 General Ledger Report Sage 100 Sales Tax Report
Sage 100 Bank Recap Report Sage 100 Check History Report Sage 100 Soc Report
Sage 100 Balance Sheet Report Sage 100 Perpetual History Report Sage 100 Salesperson Commission Report
Sage 100 Trial Balance Report Sage 100 Payment History Report Sage 100 Monthly Sales Report
Sage 100 Email Reports Sage 100 Inventory Reports Sage 100 Inventory Valuation Report
Sage 100 Expense Reports Sage 100 Liberty Reports Sage 100 Vendor Audit Report
Sage 100 Journal Entry Report Sage 100 Negative Tier Report Sage 100 WIP Report

Check full instructions for Sage 100 Contractor Email Setup which helps you to send reports on a daily or weekly basis as per your requirements.

Step By Step Creating Custom Reports Sage 100 Contractor

For modifying the existing report in the Sage system you need to choose the report from the report printing window.

  • After this hit on Modify button
  • Open the 13-3 Report writer window to generate a new report
  • Click on the create a new report using the wizard option or Select any one of the options

How To Save Reports Sage 100 ?

Things You Need To Do For Saving Reports In Sage 100 Contractor:

  • During report saving you need to give a click on Save as a shared report button if you need all users to view the report or choose to Save as a private report in case you need to report visible on your system only
  • To display the modified report in a specific window, make sure the report file name should be 8- digit number pointing to the report you need to display

Do you want to learn Bulk Print Sage Reports then you need to check out the complete instruction mentioned in the guide.

Walkthrough the below steps to customize the report in Sage 100 Contractor:

Open the screen named 13-3 Report Writer:

Follow the below steps:

  • Choose the suitable report in the report printing window
  • Hit on the option which says Modify Report
  • Make the needed edit
  • Once you are done with the desired edit then hit the File button
  • Click Save tab
  • Make sure you saving the report with an 8-digit number. In case your report number is larger than or equal to 21 then save by giving a different name by replacing the last 2 digits with any number ranges from 01 to 20.
  • The report number ranges from 21-99 are system reports that are reserved which can’t be used
  • If you using Sage 100 contractor version 19 or advanced then click on save as a shared report if you need to make the report accessible to all or you can click on private if you want it is visible to you

Reports are helpful everywhere whether you want to see cash flow or want to make some business even if you are going for Sage 100 Bank Reconciliation process.

How To Add Custom New Field In Sage 100 Report

Start adding field:

  • Now you have done all the settings mentioned in the above section open the 13-3 Report writer window
  • Give a click on the space where you would need to place a field; there will appear a black box
  • After then do a right-click on the blank field and then choose the Insert field
  • It will display” The insert a field window
  • Now locate the top left pane to click on the table which the box you would like to embed is located
  • Double click on the needed field from the list that appears in the top right corner
  • It will display a blank box created previously

What If you need to widen a field?

Here are the steps:

  • Choose the field to the left or right to the one you need to widen by giving a click with the left button of the mouse
  • Now drag the field of the mouse to the right.
  • You may discover you have to move the other fields if it does not have space

How To Add Text In Sage 100 Custom Reports

Adding text in the report:

  • Open the 13-3 Report writer page
  • Give a click on the place you would like to insert text
  • On-clicking it will appear a blank field
  • Write the desired text

Adding Selection criteria in Sage 100 contractor:

  • Open the 13-3 Report writer window
  • Give a click on the Edit button
  • Hit Selection criteria
  • Choose the table the information
  • Now select the fields that you would like to insert into the search criteria
  • Hit OK

Field Group Alignment Report Sage 100

How to align a group of the field in the report?

You can set a group of fields both vertically(column) and horizontally (row). Jotted down are the instructions:

Aligning fields column-wise:

  • Hold down the Ctrl key on the keyboard, and then click each field that you need to align vertically
  • Once selected all the fields then right-click on one of the fields you have chosen and then select Align Left Positions
  • After this, the fields will appear on the left margins

Aligning a group of fields horizontally (row):

  • Now Holding down the Ctrl key, click on each field that you need to align vertically
  • After selecting all the fields, give a right-click on the selected fields and then click on Align top positions option
  • Now all the fields will display on the row top margin

Help , Assistance Unable To Generate Reports Sage 100 Contractor

Hopefully, the below article helped you to create the custom reports in Sage 100 contractor. now you can use the reports to get a clear idea of the financial status of the company for making optimized decisions for the company growth. To explore more get connected with the professional team over the phone via Sage Canada Support on toll free number ✆ 1-855-538-0866 or use a live chat. Meanwhile, you can send an email with concerns. The team member will connect you within few minutes!

FAQs:Create, Generate, Edit, View, Delete , Modify Reports Sage 100

How Would I Delete An Element In A Sage 100 Contractor Report ?

  • Open the report
  • Click on the element you need to delete
  • Hit the delete button on the keyboard

Can I Modify The Fond Of An Element In A Report ?

  • Absolutely! Hit on the required element
  • Hit Edit, then Font
  • Choose the suitable font settings
  • Select OK button

What If I Need To Change The Color Of An Element In A Report ?

  • Hit on the desired element
  • Choose Edit and then hit Color
  • Click on the required color
  • Hit OK

How Do I Change The Title Of The Custom Report In Sage 100 Contractor ?

  • Open the 13-3 Report writer page
  • Click on the field labeled Report title
  • Fill in the desired report name

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