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How Do I Setup Budget In Sage 100

How To Setup Budget IN Sage 100

Sage 100 Contractor was previously known as Sage Master Builder. It permits small or mid sized Contractor ease of accessing project information. Therefore it is best suitable accounting software for a general contractor or home builder to handle the project. It provides the best estimation, job costing, and project scheduling, service, or budget management. The below article will help you know information related to Sage 100 Contractor Budget Setup. Moreover with Sage Support Phone Number , you can get in touch with experts 24×7 for any help .Dial now toll free number ✆ 1-800-574-6305

What Is Setting Up The Budget In Sage 100 Contractor?

Who does not want better operation efficiencies? Fortunately, Sage financial products like Sage 100 contractor will provide you with a better appearance to control the project’s financials. Ease of getting visibility information including labor cost, accounts receivables, change orders, payable and budget setup, etc. Budget setting is the procedure of making a plan to spend money.  The plan known as a budget helps analyze whether you have enough money to perform certain things.

Significance of Budget Reporting:

Budget reporting is advantageous for contractor accounting management. It helps you to understand the results in-depth with a clear picture of a net profit. So you can estimate budget net profit or loss whenever your sales are down or any reduction in gross profit. Moreover, it reveals errors in the accounts; accordingly, you can set up the contractor budget.

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Step By Step Process Set Up Budgets Sage 100 Contractor?

Before creating a budget, they generally require starting a job known as Accounts Receivable. Ensure you enter the Accounts receivable with the same method to match the existing job costs within a budget.  Here are the things you need to consider before budget creation:

  • Write the total cost of the particular cost code in the column named “other” in case you do not break costs into sub cost types.
  • Set the actual budget to preserve the active budget and anticipate modifications.
  • If you do work or change order depending upon the particular unit, the Sage 100 Contractor will automatically do all the unit costs calculations.
  • Write the quantity of the unit in the field named Quantity
  • The Drop-down which says Display Lookup shows the Window named Accounts Receivable Lookup. The page detail option displays the Accounts Receivable Window.

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How To Create A Budget In Sage 100 Contractor?

  • Open the “6-2 Budgets”
  • Use the Data control and click on a Specific job
  • option
  • Locate the phase list, hit on the phase for which you need to create a budget
  • Now insert the cost code values in the budget grid
  • After this, follow the below instructions:
  • Use a lookup window to import cost codes, give a right-click on the cell
  • Hit Display Lookup Window or select drop-down arrow
  • Now double-click on an individual item to proceed with importing the item into the budget
  • Use a Picklist Window to import cost codes
  • Give a right-click on the cell
  • Hit Display Pick List Window
  • Double-click on the items you need to import into the budget
  • Once you are done with this, hit on the button which says Insert Selected items to import the chosen items into the budget
  • For *budget_grid file import hit on Options, click Import, and then choose Grid file
  • After this, search for the suitable file and then do double-click on it
  • Now move the mouse in the grid and fill the fields in the cell
  • Hours cell, write the estimated hours in case the cost code has related labor costs
  • Fill the Material costs in the Material cell
  • Write the labor costs in the labor field
  • Enter the equipment costs in the cell named Equipment
  • The device-related costs you need to fill in the cell called Equipment
  • Write the subcontract costs in the cell which says Subcontract
  • For any miscellaneous costs, click on the field named Other
  • You need to repeat the complete procedure for each cost code
  • After this, click on the File menu
  • Hit on the Save button

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Types Of Budget Available In Sage 100

Checking Summary of the Budget:

Sage 100 contractor accounting solution there is an easy method available to display a cost code for review before final budget printing.  The cost code recap option summarizes the cost code and cost types within the job phases. Moreover, it provides the details of the budget hourly. It helps in the verification and testing of each step of the project. You can check detailed guide Sage 100 Contractor Custom Reports which helps you to make budget reports in easily.

Cost Type setup:

Cost types let you perform categorized-based cost arrangements.  In this, each cost code works as a controlling account for the other cost types. You need to locate several menus to choose the cost types. It includes 4-4 Vendors (Accounts Payable), 6-3 Job costs, and Invoice detail options. The cost types will appear on the grids across the system. Sage 100 Contractor provides nine cost types. The first five are system-based, and the remaining are user-defined.

Here are the steps to setup cost types in Sage 100 Contractor Budget:

  • Click on the detail button that appears next to the list named Cost Type
  • Hit on box which says Type name
  • Write the name you need to give the cost type
  • After this, click on the File menu
  • Choose Save button

Help and Support Setting UP Budget Sage 100 Contractor

Hopefully, the information is beneficial for you! If you face any difficulties or need to explore more, you can connect with the Sage professional team at toll free number ✆ 1-800-574-6305. A hub of experts is there for you to assist you to clear out all the issues.

FAQs: Sage 100, Sage 100 Contractor Budget Module

What is Budget Reporting ?

Budgeting in Sage 100 Contractor is balancing the income with the expenses. If you miss balancing, it might create problems in analyzing the sending and earning money. It, in turn, creates conflicts in clearing all the debts effortlessly.

What are the features of Sage 100 Contractor ?

  • Automated bank feeds
  • Mobile service processes
  • Integrated payroll
  • Better Time card management

Why should I need to set up a budget in Sage 100 ?

Budgets will help you keep track of your business in detail, simplify the money predictions in specific projects, and discover the error-spotted elements quickly.

How do I verify the budget actuals in Sage 100 Contractor?

Sage 100 contractor provides two core reports to compare budget numbers to know the actual spending/earning of the company.

They are Comparative income statements and Project Budget.

Name the 9 Cost types in Sage 100 Contractors ?

  • Material
  • Labor
  • Equipment
  • Subcontract
  • Other
  • User-Def Type 6
  • User-Def Type 7
  • User-Def Type 8
  • User-Def Type 9

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