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How Do I Reconcile Bank In Sage 100 Contractor

How To Reconcile Bank Sage 100 Contractor

The reconciliation feature in the trending Sage 100 contractor accounting software is important for maintaining accuracy in the construction business. Bank reconciliation is the procedure of performing a match of the accounting records in the Sage 100 system to the details on the financial Statement. The prime objective is to ensure the appropriate records. Meanwhile, Bank reconciliation is used to detect fraud, better designing cash and receipts payment. The below article will help you know the complete step wise guide for bank reconciliation in Sage 100 Contractor.Moreover connect to toll free number ✆ 1-800-574-6305 Toll Free to get help anytime from experts or even you can get in touch with experts on Peachtree Support Number .

Sage 100 Bank Reconciliation Terminologies

  • 1-5 Bank reconciliation window:
    This window is the same as a check register. It appears to be unclear transactions. When you compare the transaction with the records in 1-5 bank reconciliation, you can delete the listed transactions. It helps to display the specific-date wise transactions.
  • The Statement Beginning Balance box: It contains the last reconciliation summary, including the balance. The Statement Beginning Balance box amount does not modify if you have not deleted transactions and saved the applied changes.

How To Reconcile Bank Accounts In Sage 100 Contractor?

  • Open the 1-5 Bank reconciliation Window; Make sure when the cursor appears in the grid area, only the F1 button is available.
  • Once displayed 1-5 Bank reconciliation Window, you can give a click on the textbox named statement cutoff date.
  • It will launch the calculator.
  • 1-3 journal transaction on a bank statement
  • Click F3
  • Write additional income or charges in 1-3 Journal transactions in bank statements before the bank account reconciliation process. It includes check charges, interest, or automatic transfers.
  • Start reconciling with the below steps:
  • Firstly open 1-5 Bank reconciliation buttons.
  • Locate the Account field, write the bank account number
  • Click on the box named Statement cutoff date.
  • Write the ending date of the Statement.
  • Hit Display option
  • For each item, you need to delete, choose the item, and then give a click on the clear option.
  • Now you need to compare the Statement ending balance field amount to the Statement ending balance.
  • In case the amount does not match, you need to discover
  • Go to the file option.
  • Hit Save button
  • It will display the save bank reconciliation Window; follow the below things:
  • For not finishing account reconciliation, hit on the Trial option
  • If you are completing reconciling the account, then choose the final button

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Reconciling Bank Statement First Time Sage 100 Contractor

Bank reconciliation in Sage 100 Contractor for the first time :

  • Click Bank Reconciliation main menu
  • Hit on Bank reconciliation report
  • If the document types set to print field, choose All Types
  • Choose All documents in print cleared Document box
  • Now delete the checkbox named summarize activity
  • Click on the field which says first bank code value; write the bank code to reconcile
  • Check equal to is chosen at the field named Operand
  • Locate field which says Document date operand
  • Hit All or Range
  • If-Range is chosen in the operand field, write an ending date in the second value field.
  • Select Print
  • If the bank reconciliation report displays an out of balance amount
  • Click Bank reconciliation main menu
  • Hit Bank code Maintenance
  • In the field named bank code, write the bank code to begin to reconcile
  • Now enter the amount that appears in the current balance field
  • Embed or subtract the out-of-balance amount on the report to/ from the active balance amount
  • Write the new amount in the field named current balance
  • Hit Accept

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Sage 100 Contractor Bank Reconciliation Errors

What are the frequently seen reconciliation errors in Sage 100 Contractor?

  • Wrong posting: This reconciliation error message comes on the screen if you mistakenly posted an incorrect amount in the transaction. It displays the difference between the bank statement and the reconciliation report.
  • Incorrect Bank posting:< If the check clears the wrong amount of a different bank, then the incorrect bank posting error happens. So to fix it, you need to go through the magnetic coding of the checking base to check the amount paid by the bank. After this, perform a comparison between the amounts of the two.
  • Incorrect dates: Some errors are due to the incorrect dates posted in the transactions in the Bank reconciliation window. To check the transaction date requires using 1-3 journal transactions and finding the missing transactions.
  • Missing entries : However, when credits or charges occur on the bank statement, they do not display in the records, then post the charges. After this, reopen the 1-5 Bank reconciliation.
  • Returned items: Sometimes the bank returns a check because of insufficient funds, you need to reverse the check, and after this post, the insufficient funds charge,
  • Forged items: Often, scenarios occur when they require altering a check amount or someone has stolen forged checks or forms. For the error related to such cases, it is essential to discover the forgery and then alert the bank and delete the additional issues.

Help Assistance Unable To Reconcile Sage 100

Here the article about bank reconciles in Sage 100 contractor completes! Hopefully, the information is useful for you. Contact the Sage helpdesk team to ask any query related to the reconciliation or trial balance reconciliation or any other Sage-related error. The professional team is there for you to assist you on the same. Use a toll-free toll free number ✆ 1-800-574-6305 of Sage Support Number, live chat, or an email to get resolutions.

FAQs: Bank, Credit Card, Debit Card Reconciliation Sage 100

What is Bank Reconciliation ?

The process of matching the bank statements with the cash accounts with the objective of finding any discrepancies is known as Bank reconciliation. It helps in detecting inaccurate tax or compliance filing or incorrect financial reporting. Hence for financial transparency and prevention against account frauds, bank reconciliation is beneficial.

How do I prepare bank reconciliation in Sage 100 contractor ?

The bank reconciliation statement is prepared to compare the cash account records in the accounting system to the bank statement. When the ending balance match with the monthly end appears on the bank statement, it specifies bank reconciliation. In this, the account balance of the bank is matched with the business General Ledger. If using Canadian Sage edition then you can get help from Sage Canada team .

What is the significance of bank reconciliation ?

The reconciling bank statement is essential to ensure financial accuracy. First, it confirms the numbers reported to the IRS are right. Second, it helps in finding fraudulent activity in the account.

How can I find the Bank reconciliation report in Sage 100 contractor ?

  • First of all, go to the main menu of Bank Reconciliation.
  • Hit Bank Reconciliation report

How do I clear the transactions in Sage 50 ?

Suppose you require clearing all the transactions. For this, you need to choose all items and then hit the Clear option. You can even open a specific item by clicking on the Open button.

Can I save a trail reconciliation in Sage 100 Contractor ?

Yes, you can save the partially completed trail reconciliation.

What does a bank reconciliation report consist of ?

The reconciliation report contains the entire documents for the entered specified date range. In addition, it lists a reconciliation summary. The reports act as bank account activity or an audit record. It contains the below items automatically collected via GL:

  • Checks
  • Deposits
  • wire transfers

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