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How DO I Cancel Payments In QuickBooks

Bill Payment Cancellation Process QuickBooks

Sometimes, a scenario arises when you mistakenly send a payment to the wrong vendor, and you need to cancel that payment in QuickBooks. Without being panic, you can efficiently deal with this frequently occurring issue. Here in this document, you will get accurate steps regarding QuickBooks Cancel Payment; the only need is to dedicatedly read the instructions and follow all preventive measures described in the article. It is suggested to walk through the complete article to prevent missing the essential highlights.

When Did You Need To Cancel Bill Payment QuickBooks?

Several instances occur which need you to decide on canceling Bill payments. For example: Accidently send payment on the wrong reference, and realize you have to change it or might in the case where the supplier has not received the check. In such a condition, there require an effective and safe method to cancel Bill payment. Luckily QuickBooks offers you a simple way to cancel payment smoothly. Let’s explore what things to do before cancellation.

Terms & Rules For Cancelling Payments in QuickBooks

Things need to consider before proceeding canceling a bill payment

You can seamlessly cancel the payment when canceling before the due date.Check you are doing this task in an appropriate time frame. Here are the time guidance’s you have to remember:

  • If you are attempting to cancel the bill payment created by Online Bill pay prior 3 PM PST, is allowed to cancel up to 4 PM PST on the banking day prior Process date
  • If a bill payment is generated with Online Bill pay after 3 PM PST, then it is permitted to cancel until 6 PM PST on the banking day before the processing date.

How To Cancel A Bill Payment In QuickBooks?

Here is the list of steps:

  • Open QuickBooks Online account
  • Discover Transactions and then Click on Expenses
  • Hit on Pays Bill Online button
  • Choose the Sent Payments option
  • Search for the preferred payment
  • Click on Track Status appearing on the desired payment
  • Choose Cancel payment
  • The prompt will appear which ask you for confirmation to cancel the payment
  • Click on Yes option.

Confirmation Payments Has Been Cancelled QuickBooks

Cancel Payment confirmation:

If you want to monitor your canceled payment status, you need to locate the Online Banking Center. View the list named items to send.

For QuickBooks Desktop users, they simply require to access the bills or bill payment check.

How To Void The Transaction In QuickBooks?

When a particular bill is recorded as paid and you have to void the payments, then it is an ideal decision to void the transaction:

Follow the below-given steps:

  • Locate the Register window and select the transaction that you need to cancel
  • Now discover the Go To option located on the top of the screen; you have to click on it
  • Hit on Edit and then select Void Payment or Delete payment
  • If you select delete, then it will altogether remove the log of the transaction
  • If you choose void the transaction, it will modify the amount to be 0; however, save its record in QuickBooks

That’s all about QuickBooks Cancel Payment. I hope the above guide is handy to implement the steps of canceling the payment when needed. Stay tuned in this resource to get updated information and useful information about QuickBooks to gain insights that enhance your business productivity. Even you can check with QuickBooks Support Number if you need some extra help or assistance .

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