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QuickBooks Desktop 2022 Subscription Based

Subscription Based QuickBooks 2022 Desktop

Every year QuickBooks users have curiosity when the latest edition will launch, with the Release Of QuickBooks Desktop 2022 on October 12, 2021 Intuit announced that the new QB 22 Edition is a subscription based software. On October 12, 2021, companies are able to purchase the new QuickBooks Desktop Plus and Enterprise subscriptions. QuickBooks Desktop subscriptions provide consumers the same locally installed user experience with additional features and capability, resulting in the greatest value and product experience. It became necessary for a software upgrade to include the items that ordinary QuickBooks customers had noted missing.
On September 28, 2021, QuickBooks ProAdvisors got access to the latest QuickBooks Accountant Desktop Plus, Desktop Enterprise Accountant, and Desktop Mac Plus licences. These subscriptions are accessible through QuickBooks Online Accountant’s ProAdvisor Membership platform. If want to learn about costing and price of the new subscription plan connect to toll free number ✆ +1-866-497-0057 .

What Is Subscription Based QuickBooks 2022?

Scheduled to begin with the 2022 editions, Intuit will provide QB Desktop products on a subscription-only basis. Except for QB Accountant, they will no longer be offered for a one-time fee as they were previously. The desktop versions of QB are QB Pro, Premier, and Enterprise. Two years ago, Enterprise was transformed to a subscription service.

A subscription, of course, entails paying a monthly or annual fee to utilise the product. These payout amounts have not yet been revealed. One word of caution: if you stop paying for subscription software, you will lose access to the programme and your data.

Furthermore, the one-time payment product allows you to create several company files at no additional expense, which is extremely beneficial if you have multiple businesses. Each firm you create will very certainly incur an extra price under the subscription model.

Has QuickBooks Now Become A Subscription Only Product?

There is no necessity for a migration policy because one-time purchase licences are no longer accessible in the 2022 edition of a similar license. Customers may still return their items and switch to a 2022 membership thanks to a 60-day money-back guarantee. For continuing access to the latest QuickBooks Desktop versions, it is recommended to get a Pro Plus, Premier Plus, or Enterprise subscription. These products have a similar look and effect to what you’re accustomed to, but they offer more benefits and protection for your operation, as well as exposure to the most recent versions as they’re released.

QuickBooks 2022 Subscription Cost

Version 2022 of QuickBooks Desktop

Cost for the QuickBooks Desktop-ProAdvisor Software Bundle.

  • $499 for the ProAdvisor Premium Bundle
  • $849 for the ProAdvisor Enterprise Bundle
  • One-time purchase (supported through May 2025)- $799.99 for 1 user

U.S Edition QuickBooks 2022 Price

Sno Product Name Price Period User Lienece Maximum User
1 Pro Plus 2022 $349.99 /yr Annual Subscription 1 3 User
2 Pro Plus 2022 + Payroll $749.99 /yr Annual Subscription 1 3 User
3 Premier Plus 2022 $549.99 /yr Annual Subscription 1 5 User
4 Premier Plus 2022 + Payroll $949.99 /yr Annual Subscription 1 5 User
5 Enterprise 22.0 $1147.50 /yr Annual Subscription 1 40 User
6 Enterprise 22.0 Gold $ 1489.50 /1st year Annual Subscription 1 30 User
7 Enterprise 22.0 Platinum $ 1831.50 /1st year Annual Subscription 1 30 User
8 Enterprise 22.0 Diamond $ 3618 /1st year Annual Subscription 1 40 User
9 QuickBooks Mac Plus 2022 $349.99 /yr Annual Subscription 1 3 User
10 QuickBooks Payroll Core $22.50 /mo Monthly Subscription 1 NA
11 QuickBooks Payroll Premium $37.50 /mo Monthly Subscription 1 NA
12 QuickBooks Payroll Elite $62.50 /mo Monthly Subscription 1 NA

Canadian QuickBooks 2022 Cost And Pricing Chart

Sno Product Name Cost & Price Period
Deskop Pro Canada
Price Single User :$37/mo
3 Users License : $76/mo”
Monthly Subscription
Pro 2022 Canada + Payroll
Price Single User :$83/mo
3 Users License : $122/mo”
Monthly Subscription
Premier 2022 Canada

Price 2 User : $58/mo
4 Users License : $173/mo
Monthly Subscription
Premier 2022 CA + Payroll
Price 2 User : $104/mo
4 Users License : $219/mo”
Monthly Subscription
Enterprise Canada 22.0
Price 5 User : $380.00 /mo *
10 Users License : $569.00 /mo *
15 Users License : $759.00 /mo *
20 Users License : $918.00 /mo *
25 Users License :$1107.00 /mo *
30 Users License : $1265.00 /mo *

* The Cost for Advanced inventory
Advanced pricing , Hosting Will Extra

Monthly Subscription
QuickBooks Mac Canada 2022
EasyStart : $10/mo
Essentials : $20/mo
Plus : $30/mo ”
Annual Subscription
QuickBooks Online
EasyStart : $10/mo
Essentials : $20/mo
Plus : $30/mo
Monthly Subscription
QuickBooks Self-Employed CA
QuickBooks Online EasyStart : $10/mo
QuickBooks Self-Employed : $5/mo
Monthly Subscription
QuickBooks Payroll Canada
EasyStart + Payroll : $30/mo
Essentials + Payroll : $40/mo
Plus + Payroll : $50/mo
Monthly Subscription

Get the full details about Canadian QuickBooks Desktop 2022 Edition .
For other custmoize plan , hosting or ADD-Ons Contact QuickBooks Support Canada team .

2022 Quickbooks Desktop One-time Purchase

With the advent of Pro Plus and Premier Plus subscriptions in 2022, QB will no longer be offering one-time purchase licences for the Pro and Premier products. There is no 2022 edition of a comparable licence, therefore there is no requirement for a migration policy because one-time purchase licences are no longer available. Customers who want to return their merchandise and switch to a 2022 subscription may still do so with a 60-day money-back assurance. Although a one-time purchase is currently available, it would no longer be able to support services such as payroll, transactions, bank feeds, safety updates, or feature upgrades once the one-time licensing period expires.

Quickbooks 2022 Annual Subscription

QuickBooks Desktop Mac 2022 Plus, a yearly subscription-based licence for small companies, will be available in 2022. In place of one-time purchase licences, we will now sell our Mac product subscription. Accounting professionals will be able to purchase QuickBooks Desktop Mac Plus as part of the ProAdvisor Enterprise Software Bundle.

The subscription version for 2022 will provide you and your clients with extra perks, such as:

  • Access to the most recent version, which includes the most recent features, security fixes, and compatibility for third-party operating system updates.
  • Unlimited customer assistance and data recovery (a $299.99 yearly value) are included at no extra cost.
  • Premium membership features include the ability to create and categorise receipt expenditure transactions automatically.

Move from Desktop Version to Subscription Based QuickBooks

The movement from Desktop Version to a Subscription based version is going to make the features more refined and up to date. This was required for an upgrade of the software to add the things that were reported missing by the regular users of QuickBooks.

Some very practical things like consumer Assistance as well as provisions for data recovery have been added to the Subscription model. It has better compatibility as well as higher security value to it. Certain processes that were done manually before are now automated for more accurate results. Moreover you can check How To Convert QuickBooks To An Older Version .

Adapting to this switch will be beneficial for both, old users of QuickBooks as well as the new users as the subscription model won’t only let new entries be made with more ease, rather it will also facilitate migration of existing data in just a few clicks.

How To Cancel QuickBooks 2022 Subscription And Revert To Desktop Edition

Subscription cancellation regulations regarding QuickBooks Desktop

  • You may get a full refund for your QuickBooks Desktop subscription if you cancel within 60 days of signing up (monthly and yearly subscriptions). The reimbursement will be applied to the credit card you have on file with us.

Reimbursements are not accessible for the current paying term outside of the 60-day money back guarantee (monthly subscriptions).

  • You won’t be allowed to access or browse QuickBooks Desktop after the registration is terminated.
  • Your corporate file will stay on your device, but in order to open and see it, you’ll need to re-activate your membership or purchase an outright licence.

In addition to the 60-day money-back guarantee (annual subscriptions)

  • If you’re switching to a different QuickBooks Desktop software subscription or a QuickBooks Online subscription, prorated refunds aren’t available for the unused portion of your yearly membership.
  • If you’re eligible for a refund and paid by credit card, the refund should appear on your statement 7 to 10 business days after it’s been processed.
  • Important: The refund will be applied to the same credit card that was used to make the purchase. If you’ve changed your credit card number since then, you’ll need to contact your bank to get the credit transferred.
  • If you’re authorized for a reimbursement and settle by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), the money should arrive 10 business days after it has been authorized.
  • You’ll retain rights to your QuickBooks software until the conclusion of the ongoing subscription term if you don’t switch to some other QuickBooks subscription.
  • You won’t be able to use or access QuickBooks Desktop when your current subscription period expires.
  • Your company file will stay on your device, but in order to open and see it, you’ll need to re-activate your membership or purchase an entire licence.

Service-only plans have different cancellation procedures.

  • You can terminate your QuickBooks Desktop service-only plan at any time, however service-only plans must be purchased for a minimum of 12 months.
  • For the balance of your paid membership time, refunds are not possible.
  • You won’t be able to: Receive aided help for issues and inquiries not covered by the customer care policy without paying an extra cost after your service is discontinued.
  • You won’t have to pay anything more for Data Recovery Services.

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Help QB 2022 Subscription Plans

In this article the important things regarding QuickBooks subscription have been included. The pricing of the product is also very clearly briefed and segregated for your ease. All the possible and practical features of the QuickBooks 2022 based on the subscription have been discussed above. However, if there is a failure in elaborating on any point that you still have a doubt about, QuickBooks Support Phone is here toll free number ✆ +1-866-497-0057 here to help you out by solving all the queries.

Also check out following 2022 QuickBooks Version

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) : Subscription Cancel , Refund , Downgrade ,Upgrade QuickBooks 2022

Will QuickBooks Continue To Provide A Migration Policy To Consumers Who Have Recently Purchased A Product And Wish To Upgrade To The Current Version?

As there is no 2022 edition of a comparable licence, there is no requirement for a migration policy because one-time purchase licences are no longer available. Customers who want to return their merchandise and switch to a 2022 subscription may still do so with a 60-day money-back guarantee. We recommend a Pro Plus, Premier Plus, or Enterprise subscription for continuous access to the newest QuickBooks Desktop editions. The offerings have a comparable appearance and feel to what you’re used to, but they come with increased advantages and security for your business, as well as access to our most recent versions when they’re available.

If Consumers Are On A Subscription, Would They Still Be Required To Upgrade On A Regular Basis?

If and when new upgrades or updates become available, customers will be alerted. Installing them takes only a few minutes and only four clicks. We constantly encourage updating to the most recent version to get access to powerful new features, improve communication between accountants and clients, and ensure that you have the most up-to-date security fixes and third-party operating system support. Any new features will be noted and supported with walkthroughs to ensure that they are straightforward to use.

With This New Version, Why Is QuickBooks Raising Prices? What Motivates You To Make These Changes Now?

Each year, we work hard to ensure that you have access to the most secure, dependable product available, as well as the greatest tools and knowledge to assist you in running your business. As a result, during the last few years, substantial enhancements have been made to all QuickBooks Desktop solutions. And, because we understand how vital it is for you to be able to serve your clients, we are continually working to improve your support experience. This will also allow us to focus our investment on subscription solutions, which will provide our customers with even more value, productivity, and flexibility.

What Becomes Of Non-subscription Items’ Support ?

All non-subscription versions of QuickBooks Desktop will continue to be supported:

  • The year 2021 will be supported until May 2024.
  • The year 2020 will be maintained until May 2023.
  • The year 2019 will be supported until May 2022.

How Can I Tell Whether My Computer System Can Run The New Subscription Based 2022 Model ?

QuickBooks’ platform has been upgraded for 2022 to give more computational power (64-bit compatible) and up to 38 percent quicker performance.

6 The vast majority of PCs manufactured after 2011 are 64-bit compatible. As a result, most users will be able to install and operate QuickBooks Desktop 2022 if they fulfil all of the system requirements and have a 64-bit compatible operating system. QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus, Premier Plus, and Enterprise 2022 will not be able to be installed on older 32-bit systems that do not have a 64-bit compatible operating system. Customers should double-check their 64-bit compatibility before attempting to update to 2022.

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