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QuickBooks Desktop 2021 Features

What’s New Features Added In QuickBooks Desktop 2021

QuickBooks Desktop 2021 comes with improved productivity, allowing the owners to enhance their business rapidly. If you are expecting more automation, then QuickBooks 2021 is the best option to maximize productivity. You need to check the bundle of enhanced and time-saving features. You can easily upgrade your older version into new advanced QuickBooks 2021 by satisfying the system requirements. In this article, let’s explore the QuickBooks new features that you will get you to purchase it. With the QuickBooks 2021 Release Intuit brings some amazing features which user must have to use to make accounting better .

New Improved Advance Features QuickBooks 2021 Desktop Edition

New Features available in QuickBooks 2021:

Intuit is continuously introducing best-in-class and new functionality annually to embed more value to its services. As per customer requirement, a new QuickBooks version 2021 is presented with additional features tending to boost the QuickBooks’ capability and simplify the accounting task for its users. If you want to move from old QB to latest edition you can dial QuickBooks 24/7 Support Number experts will help purchase , setup, installation .

Here below-given are the new features of QuickBooks 2021 to reflect its accuracy and enhancements:

  • Improved Bank Feeds: QuickBooks Desktop provides an online banking option known as Bank Feeds to permit users to ease downloading transactions connected with different financial institutions. It allows easy to manage bills. To begin with, Bank feeds; there need two primary factors a bank account and internet access. In the previous version of QuickBooks, many users face errors when working with Bank Feeds. So in 2021, QuickBooks edition comes with an enhanced Bank feeds system to decrease the errors.
  • Time-saving with the ability to send Statements Automatically: You do not require attaching customer purchase orders into the invoices manually. In QuickBooks 2021, you will get the enhanced automated feature of linking purchase orders into invoices as well as setting reminders. It will reduce the complex manual tasks; the customers do not have to worry about creating and sending statements every month. This process is automatically done in this system.
  • Generate Rule-based Customer Groups : QuickBooks 2021 lets you create custom groups to allow you to discover clients matching required criteria like customer type, status, and locations. It will enable creating automated statements, payment reminders, or even set the mailing lists according to a group. In this new release, you can easily use creating customer groups to define permissions and categorization.
  • Customize Payments receipts availability : In QuickBooks 2021, there are new enhancements in payment receipts. The customers can customize the payment receipts according to the current need. This ability to send multiple invoices in a single email and customization option is more beneficial to get a clearer picture regarding all the payments. Moreover, the users can get different features like adding logos to enhance the professional appearance.
  • QuickBooks 2020 Vs 2021

    QuickBooks 2021 Enhancements Over 2020 Edition:

    QuickBooks 2021 comes with more enhancements over the 2020 Edition covering the requirement of customers. For instance, previously, there have been found many complaints on the bank Feeds. Intuits have introduced the new edition by addressing the doubts and promised with new, improved Bank feeds. Like this, let us read a few pointers, especially on the new enhancements in QuickBooks 2021:

    • Rule-based customer groups to let the ease of management and automation of communication system
    • Improved workflow and introduced QuickBooks Desktop manager to simplify the installation of different QuickBooks products.
    • Availability of different options to enhance the professional look and customizing receipts as per requirements
    • An enhanced troubleshooting hub which let users address the general issues and problems like installation, password, and networks
    • Users can get an automatic preview of attachments before sending the email to the clients. Moreover, they can preview multiple attachments in a single time.

    QuickBooks 2021 Update – Manual & Automatic

    After reading the amazing features of QuickBooks 2021, most users are excited to Purchase the new release to get benefits of new enhancements. Rest assured, you can smoothly perform QuickBooks 2021 Upgrade and update your older QuickBooks version.

    Update QuickBooks Desktop 2020 or any other version to QuickBooks Desktop 2021:

    For Manual Update:

    • Open your QuickBooks
    • Discover the Help menu tab
    • Hit on Update QuickBooks Desktop
    • Click on the Save button
    • Now locate Update Now button.
    • Now choose the checkbox which says Reset Update.
    • Verify the changes you have done and then Hit the Get Updates button
    • Once the update process completes, then click on the Close option
    • Open QuickBooks
    • Start the installation by clicking on the Yes button.
    • Restart the system

    For Automatic Update:

    • Firstly, locate the “Help” menu and then select the “Updates QuickBooks Desktop.”
    • Now click on Update now option to start updates downloading.
    • Once the downloading process complete, then you have to restart the QuickBooks.
    • You need to click on the accept button on the prompt for confirming the acceptance

    What Are The System Requirements For QuickBooks 2021

     System Requirements to seamlessly execute QuickBooks Desktop 2021:

    • Operating systems:
      • Windows: Windows 8.1, and Windows 10, all editions with 64-bit, natively installed Windows Server 2012, 2012 R2,2016, and 2019, Standard and Essentials
      • Linux: Fedora 31, 32,OpenSuse Leap 15.1,15.2,and Red Hat Enterprise 8(RHEL 8)
    • Browser

      Need Internet Access & Internet Explorer 11(32-bit)

    • Server Requirements

      8GB Ram for 1-5 users, 12GB for 10 users, 16GB for 15 users and 20+ GB RAM for 20 users

    • Windows:

      Windows US version, regional Settings are compatible when set to English; Administrator rights are needed for hosting multi-user access

    • Screen Resolution:

      Optimized display 1280 x 1024 screen resolution

    • Optical drive:

      A 4X DVD-ROM drive is needed for physical CD installations

    • Switch To QuickBooks Pro,Premier , Enterprise 2021

      Here the article about QuickBooks 2021 new features and system requirements complete! Hopefully, the information becomes a helping hand for you to get the awareness of the QuickBooks new release and how to update QuickBooks Desktop 2020 or earlier versions into QuickBooks 2021. Buy or Upgrade QuickBooks 2021 enriched with improved enhancements to smoothen the complexity of accounting tasks and boost the business productivity.

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