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Proactiv has more than 20 million customers worldwide and it claims to be the “No.1 acne brand in America!” It is a three-part acne and skincare product designed to get rid of acne and skin blemishes. The company offers a convenient delivery right at the doorsteps and offers hoards of discounts, exclusive promotions and insider access to new launches to its members. Members will automatically start receiving their skincare kit approximately every 12 weeks at a price well below retail.

How Do I Cancel Proactiv Membership ?

But what if you want to cancel Proactiv? Reasons can be many, ranging from an adverse reaction to running short of time when you feel you really do not require any further shipments from Proactiv. During trying times like COVID 2020, people are also preferring to have some backup funds in the bank or spend it on other commitments rather than splurging it away on expensive products. Therefore like other companies, Proactiv is also facing an increase in subscription cancellation.

So, is it easy to cancel Proactiv? Well, a yes and a no; there are equally negative reviews online about overcharged accounts despite requesting for the cancellation by members. However, if you follow this guide on how to cancel Proactiv subscription, you would surely not face any difficulties.

Cancelling Process Further Shipments from Proactiv?

A member can cancel future shipments online or through a chat option or by calling the Proactiv customer care.

Cancelling Proactiv Subscription via Online Chat

  • Visit the Proactiv website
  • Log into your Proactiv membership account
  • On the top bar, you will see the ‘Chat‘ option next to your account
  • Click on it and start a live chat with the customer care representative
  • Follow the steps to cancel your subscription with Proactiv

*Live chat support is available from 8 AM – 10 PM ET, 7 days a week.

Cancellation Proactiv Membership Online

  • Alternatively, you can visit the Proactive Contact Us page and fill up a query form on Proactiv website requesting for a cancellation.
  • Fill up the relevant details about your account in the boxes below
  • In the box labeled ‘Comment/Questions Concerns,’ click on ‘Account Question‘ category
  • Enter your message in the message box below about cancelling your Proactiv subscription

After submitting the request online, you will receive a confirmation email from Proactiv’s customer care about your cancellation request revived with a case number. Keep this handy and to double-check, you can call the Proactiv customer support after 3-4 working days to see if the cancellation has gone through and that your account is not going to be charged any further.

However, you may need to wait for up to a week or more before you get an acknowledgement from the Proactiv customer support and this is not a reliable method to cancel a Proactiv subscription.

Proactiv Cancellation Number

Cancelling Proactiv Subscription Service over the Phone

You can cancel Proactiv subscription by calling 📞 888-499-8951 toll-free in the US or 📞 888-288-1255 in Canada. Please note that the customer support is open 7-days a week but running with limited staff and hours due to COVID pandemic and are working form 9 AM – 8 PM ET.

  • Call on Proactiv Customer Support number above
  • Say “Customer Service” as the reason for calling when prompted by the automated system
  • Submit your Proactiv account number and then your call will be placed on hold until the next agent is available to take the call.
  • Talk to the Proactiv customer service advisor and provide current, and complete information for your billing account
  • Let him know you want to cancel your Proactiv membership
  • Ensure that you have conveyed that all future shipments/billing are to be stopped
  • Note down the confirmation number for cancellation given by the customer service representative
  • Do enquire about your next billing date and call them a week or 10 days prior to ensure they are not going to charge anything from your card on the next payment due date

Pro Tips: 

Do check your next month’s credit card statement and make sure there is no charge from Proactiv. In case you notice a charge, immediately contact both Proactiv Solutions and your credit card company.

In case you receive any further shipment you shouldn’t have after applying for cancellation, immediately call the Proactiv customer support and let them know about this error. Ensure to return the package to the sender immediately and re-confirm after 3-5 days if the return package is received by Proactiv.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS [FAQ] – Stop Proactiv Service To Get Refund

Does Proactiv offer refunds?

In short – Yes; but the refund will depend on your reason to return the product. If you are uncertain about your right to return the product, you can call the Proactiv customer assistance and know more about the possibility of a refund.

Can I delay my shipment with Proactiv?

Instead of cancelling your subscription altogether, you have a choice to simply delay your next shipments for up to 90 days by signing in at  Delayed shipment or cancellation of order request can be placed by contacting the Proactiv customer support via email at [email protected] .

What is the Proactiv 60-Day Money Back Guarantee? 

Proactiv gives a 60-day money-back guarantee on products purchased from If you are not satisfied with the results, you can return the containers – even if empty – within 60 days of the receipt of the package and get a complete refund of the purchase price (less shipping and handling charges), and there are no questions asked.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Proactive cancel button doesn’t seem to work, and nothing i write is a “valid response”. I have a strong aversion to phone calls, bordering on a phobia, so I need a data based exchange process. Any other suggestions?

  2. Quantres Love says:

    My account keep getting charged and I haven’t received any products..I want my money refunded.The corporate office will know about this

  3. Zakiyyah S Sullivan says:

    I want to cancel this order because of the price due to my daughter order this with my card told me the price was 9.99$ until I received a text on my phone saying that a transaction had been made.

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