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Migrating Peachtree Data To Sage 50

Exporting data from Peachtree and importing into Sage 50 Accounting: A brief overview
The idea to start a new business does not cost anything, apart from time and energy. But when it comes to maintaining company’s books, not only time and energy is consumed but with it a lot of currency wears out.
So what’s the best option to go for-either hire a CA firm to complete the hectic task or purchase a bookkeeping software? The latter, however, is economical, reliable, and does not give people a run for their money.

Enters Peachtree!

An accounting application presented to the fore by Sage Software for all the medium and small-sized businesses out there. Peachtree facilitates comptrollers and is at the helm of a number of crucial tasks like generating financial statements, accounts payable and receivable reconciliation and checking invoices. In case want to move Peachtree data into Canadian SAGE edition than call SAGE Canada Support Number for for help.


But how to export data from Peachtree

Exporting data from Peachtree is no rocket science. All that is required to do is to follow certain steps, and it is as easy as a pie.

Here are the steps:

1.In Peachtree, click open the data of the client that is require to export
2.From the Main menu, select File> choose Export
3.Select the right journal available in the right-hand list and select the Export button found on the toolbar and press OK to start exporting the journal.

Data exported from Peachtree. What now?

Once data is exported from Peachtree, now it is time to import data into Sage 50 Accounting. For starters, importing data is not a hard nut to crack and calls for the assistance of Comma, Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets or Separated files.

The sole intention of making this move is:

    • To tot up data to Sage Accounts available from other functioning software
    • To add or change information regarding certain records, without editing them

Prepare the data first before importing

One of the pre-requisites and a mandatory move to be taken before importing into Sage Accounts, is to prepare the data in an excel or a CSV format file.

Here is a brief run-down of the three most feasible ways to do this:

1.Take help of the File Import templates- There are certain excel files, which have undergone formatting; hence, they are recognized with ease the moment they are being imported. To lay hands on these files:
a)Open the bar menu and click on Help and then click on About.
b)Click the link under the Program Details for Program Directory and start importing the folder that has the templates
2. Create a file right from the beginning
3.Export the data- In case there is a need to change certain fields in the records in some of the modules, current data can be exported and the particular field can be changed and then the data can be re-imported.

Time to import the data file

Now, when the data filed is all set to be transferred and imported into Sage Accounts, one needs to adhere certain guidelines and steps to ensure smooth operation. Such steps include:

1.Click File and Import found on the menu bar
2.Choose the data type in the Data type window and then select Next
3.Choose the format for the data that is set to be imported in the Data source window
4.If headings are present on the first row of data, choose First row contains heading check box
5.Select Browse and choose the file that needs to be imported and click Open
6.Select Next. One crucial aspect- in order to link the data imported to the right fields in Sage Accounts, fill up the Imported Field section and select the relevant field found in the drop-down list.
7.When all the required fields are mapped, select Next, recheck the summary information given and click Import Or Finish
8.Click Close once the import is done without a hitch.

Importing data from Peachtree into Sage 50 Accounting is not a back breaker and no sweat at all. All that is required to make the task a walk in the park, is to strictly adhere to the steps of exporting and importing and Voila! Job done!
Export your data today! In case having issue during importing data call SAGE Technical Support Number for full assistance and fixing Call Now 📞 1-800-574-6305

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