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Process For Converting Peachtree To QuickBooks

Peachtree To QuickBooks Conversion Service

Looking for professional services for Peachtree [SAGE 50] To QuickBooks Desktop conversion, then either call toll free number ✆ +1-516-472-4994 or send an email request to us via the email form right side of the corner or do a live chat with US 24×7. Moreover below IsOpenToday going to describe full process of converting Peachtree To QuickBooks . Although there is automatic tools are embedded with QB which helps to data conversion but having specific issue like getting errors and issue Sage 50 Support Phone Number is always ready to assist you all the days .
Peachtree, also known as Sage 50, has a company file that can be converted and imported into QuickBooks. The conversion process will depend on whether you want to import data into the desktop or online version of QuickBooks.

Find out more about Converting Peachtree Files To QuickBooks File below detailed information .

Conversion Tool For Converting Peachtree To QuickBooks

QuickBooks conversion tool, a freeware provided by Intuit, can be used for Peachtree conversion to QuickBooks. This tool can convert all of your essential accounting data from Peachtree and import it into a new QuickBooks company file. This company file can then be imported into the desktop or online version of QuickBooks.

Note: Importing the converted company file into QuickBooks online will require further conversion.

System Requirements To Run QB Conversion Tool Software

To run QuickBooks conversion tool, your system must meet the following requirements:

  • Intel Pentium II or above.
  • Processor speed 500MHz or above.
  • More than 2.5GB of free hard disk space + additional for storing the converted company file.
  • Memory of more than 512MB.
  • Windows 8 or Above.
  • Latest version of the .NET Framework
  • Peachtree version 2013 or above.

Note: Now Peachtree is known as Sage 50. So if you have an older version of this software, download the latest one and use its trial version for converting the data.

Instruction Checklist Peachtree To QuickBooks Migration

What’s Converted and What’s Not?
The following Peachtree items will be converted through the QuickBooks conversion tool:

  • Vendors and Customers account including transaction history
  • Balance of Accounts
  • PII (Personally Identifiable Information) of Employees, Vendors and Customers
  • Lists of:
    • Accounts
    • Employees
    • Customers
    • Vendors
    • Items
  • Paychecks
  • Payroll General Ledger

Converting Peachtree Data & Company File Into QuickBooks

Since Peachtree and QuickBooks have different features and database structures, not all data will be converted. However, most of this data can be regenerated and isn’t as useful in an accounting software. The following items won’t be included in the converted company file:

  • Payroll Transactions
  • Information related to Fixed Assets
  • Wages of Individual Employees
  • Year-to-date info of each employee
  • Amount deducted from wages of Employees

Note: Peachtree US company file will be converted to QuickBooks US company file. You can convert the company file further to import it into a different version of the software.

The method to manually convert the company file is complex and requires technical and accounting knowledge. However, QuickBooks conversion tool simplifies the process by doing all of the heavy lifting.

There are a few prerequisites. Users must go through them before starting the conversion process:

  • Backup your Peachtree company file.
  • Install Peachtree and QuickBooks on the system which will be used for performing the conversion.
  • Store the company file on the local hard-drive. This eliminates any chances of a network error.

All of these steps are necessary. Users often don’t transfer the company file to a local hard drive. This almost always results in an error.

Now, you need to set up both Peachtree and QuickBooks for the conversion process. Read ahead to find out more about the same.

Configuring Peachtree for the Conversion Process

You need an admin account to configure peachtree conversion to QuickBooks. Without administrative privileges, the process will fail.

To set up Peachtree for the conversion process, follow the steps provided below:

  1. Launch Peachtree and enter the Admin Password.
  2. Select the Company file that you want to convert.
  3. Select Maintain and Click on Users.
  4. From Setup Security, go to the Data Access/Crystal Reports
  5. Select the option ‘With the following login information.’
  6. Select Change, and then Set a Password.
  7. Enter a Password and hit ok.

The password you set by following the aforementioned steps will be required by the QuickBooks conversion tool to authenticate the access to the company file. Without this password, the conversion process will fail. Close Sage 50 after you’ve set up the password.

Download QuickBooks Conversion Tool Online

Now you need to download the QuickBooks conversion tool. To do the same, follow the steps provided below:

  1. Download QuickBooks Conversion Tool.
  2. Right click on the executable, and select run as administrator.
  3. Select Browse, once the tool launches.
  4. Select Peachtree Company File to be converted.
  5. Enter password for the Peachtree company file.
  6. From the list, select the version of QuickBooks Desktop in which you will import the company file.
  7. Enter a name for the Company file.
  8. Hit Browse, and select the location to which the new company file is to be stored.
  9. Go through the Preferences for the conversion of the company file.
  10. Click Yes on the QuickBooks Application Certificate
  11. Hit Continue. Wait for the conversion process to finish.

Having issue while downloading software dial QuickBooks Technical Support Number now .

Once the file is converted, you’ll receive a confirmation message. Time taken to convert the company file is proportional to the size of the file. Once the file is converted, you need to review it for any errors or unconverted data.

Check Transfer Peachtree [Sage 50] To QuickBooks Done Successfully

To review Peachtree conversion to QuickBooks, follow the steps provided below:

  1. From the File Explorer, go to the location of the converted company file.
  2. Launch the file titled ‘Failed Transaction Log.’

Users who didn’t select a location to store the company file manually can find the converted company file in the My Documents folder.

Failed Transaction Log contains a list of all the transactions that aren’t included in the converted company file. You can enter these transactions manually into QuickBooks.

To know more or for any help with the conversion of Peachtree company file to QuickBooks company file, feel free to contact us at Peachtree Support Phone Number .

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  1. Cathy Gallops says:

    can a peachtree 1995 datafile be converted to quickbooks online?, what is the fee and the turnaround time ? 1 user, let me find out what the file size is and will get back with yall in a few days, it is in a remote site and we will have to physically go there, i will be in touch soon

  2. Juan M. Segers says:

    our company is using 2017 peachtree software. How do we convert to Quickbooks online?, yes we have backed up our peachtree accounting to one file,how do we import this file to quickbooks, do we use the qucikbooks converter tool? , we have not purchased quickbooks yet

  3. Jenny says:

    we have Sage but are looking into converting that over to quickbooks but don’t have that software yet. can help me once we have the version of Quickbooks we need? I am inquiring about it to get some more information so we can choose the right plan. My understanding is that we have to in order to convert purchase a desktop version?

  4. Adam says:

    I was needing a quote to migrate from Peachtree Accounting 7.0 to quickbooks online ,Only 1 company , Data From the late 90s to now. The database backup was around 8 megs I believe but I would have to confirm that.

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    How much do you charge to transfer peachtree accounting to quick books without payroll ,Never mind I do not have the data size right now

  6. Isaac Ross says:

    looking for data conversion ,I am using sage 50 from 2013, figure I better upgrade. Got sage 50 Pro, does not work. Was told to get sage 50 complete. but is too old to convert

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