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How To Create Inventory Ageing Report For Peachtree Users?

Many people seem to wonder how businessmen keep track of their inventory so well.

If you too are aiming at having a hassle-free inventory record system, you can use your Sage 50 or Peachtree software solution to ensure that. Inventory plays a poignant role when you deal with the sale of products on a daily basis.

With the aid of Peachtree, it becomes possible for you to keep track of all the inventory related information and thereby make sure your company works properly.

When it is about the sale of products, sometimes the products sell with full swing while some of them remain in your stock for a longer time. With the inventory ageing report, Peachtree makes it feasible for you to find out the age of the inventory. If you are unable to find than call Peachtree Support Number for instant help .

Peachtree Inventory Ageing Report

Peachtree does not directly allow you to create an inventory ageing report. The software solution, on the other hand, helps track the date of the transaction date as entered from time to time.

This, in turn, enables users to be aware of the time when a particular stock was purchased as well as the time when the same was sold. As a result, the age of the stock is known.

Inventory Ageing Report Filters

If you’re using Sage 300 ERP, you get an IC module with an Aged Inventory Report option. This is what helps you to figure out the flow-through ratios of different items. The user interface that appears after you choose the Aged Inventory offers different filters according to which you can track or print the inventory details based on separate parameters.

  • Age Transactions As Of
  • Sort By
  • Ageing Periods
  • Cutoff By
  • Start Date
  • Include
  • From/To
  • Print Separate or Consolidated Location
  • Print Transactions In

The overall difference in the number of goods and the concerned prices can easily be figured out using the inventory ageing report available for Peachtree users.

Peachtree Inventory Ageing Report – Myths & Facts

There are several myths about the inventory ageing report solution available to Peachtree users. Some of the myths and facts associated with the same are as follows:

  • Most people think that Peachtree offers a direct solution for inventory ageing report to users. No, that’s not true. Inventory ageing repot cannot directly be obtained in Peachtree.
  • You can, however, design inventory ageing report in Crystal Reports, which is one of the most complicated tasks.
  • To obtain an adequate figure relating to the age of the stocks, users have to browse through all sales, receipt, payment, inventory adjustment journal, purchase, and other records. It requires equal effort as a manual operation.

Creating Inventory Ageing Report Using Peachtree

As already stated, it is not possible to have a direct method of preparing the inventory ageing report using Peachtree. However, there are few indirect methods of creating the same. If certain sales and inventory reports could be obtained, it becomes easier to get the age of the stocks.

Sales Reports

This provides you a list of products sold each month with the date of the sale.

Inventory Reports

  • Inventory Order Tool: This helps you to get the ordered quantities of products along with the date of making an order.
  • Inventory Life: This helps you to figure out all the purchases and all adjustment related to each and every inventory item.
  • Inventory Activity: This helps you to figure out all the purchases and all adjustment of all inventory items at a given period of time.
  • Slow Moving Inventory: This enables you to identify the stocks that are sold at a minimum pace. It makes you keep track of unit sales vs. unit goal for a particular point of time.

Help Unable To Generate Inventory Ageing Report Peachtree Sage 50

The above-mentioned methods of creating an inventory ageing report for Peachtree users may be an indirect approach but they promise to offer exact position and age of the inventory. For extended Sage Technical support, there are Sage executives to handle all your queries 24 hours in a day. Call Now 📞 1-800-574-6305

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