Error: failed to switch the Terminal Server to Install mode, at Peachtree, how to fix?

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Sage 50 < is software that helps in bookkeeping for medium and small sized industries. Being a user-friendly software, it helps in convenient managing of bill payments, customers invoices and finances as well.

Sage 50 business management tool was initially known by the name Peachtree Accounting. Available in cloud access in desktop version, it is known for its module level security and highly advanced accounting tools. Though this software is specially made to ensure easier work flow but once in a while you could face an issue or error such as failed to switch the Terminal Server to Install mode. You can solve the issue either by sending an email to our highly skilled technicians or by calling us directly on SAGE Support toll free Number that is 📞 1-800-574-6305 .

Error “Failed to switch Terminal Server to INSTALL mode”

This problem is encountered while using the Sage 50 US edition. This error won’t allow the installation of Sage 50 software and you will keep on receiving the message: Error: “Failed to switch Terminal Server to INSTALL mode”

Causes why this error occur could be:

  • Windows Remote Desktop is unable to identify the auto run function
  • Windows Terminal Services are unable to identify the auto run function

Method to solve the Error Failed to switch Terminal Server to INSTALL mode are listed below:

Solution: Install from the download link

  • Start the system
  • Double click on this PC or My Computer to open it
  • Then open the Sage folder in Case drive C:\Sage. Doubleclick on the sage50 version folder
  • After that double click on “peachw” folder
  • To open the “install” folder double click on it
  • Click on the setup.ex.file and run the system as the administrator

Solution: Install from the download link

  • Press +R key along with the windows icon from the keyboard
  • Then type %temp% in the dialogue box of search and click OK
  • Once the windows of Temp folder  gets open, double tap on RarSFX0 folder
  • You can see the folder named as “peachw”, click the mouse twice on it
  • After that you will see a folder named as install folder, click the mouse on it twice
  • You will find a file named as stupid.exe file. Right click on the file
  • Run the system as the administrator

Solutions mentioned above prove to be of great help, as suggested by the Sage 50 experts. Both the solutions will help in rectifying the Failed to switch Terminal Server to INSTALL mode error.
In case some queries related to the services we offer occurs, that are hampering your workflow, though you can easily sort out the issues through the solutions provided by us, but there may be a situation where some technical assistance may also be required. For that, Sage customer support is always available for you, but by chance you are unable to get in touch with them, you can always contact SAGE Support Canada . They are available 24*7 and are expert in providing the best solution to all your problems.

We as a solution provider aim at serving our customers with utmost sincerity. We maintain close coordination with them, understand what they are looking for and then serve them as per their demands. We upgrade our services regularly, in order to keep up the pace with dynamic business environment.

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