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Patreon is a membership crowdfunding platform that runs subscription content services. It enables artists and creators to get paid directly by their fans in exchange for some exclusive experiences and behind the scenes content. The platform is widely used by artists, musicians, writers, videographers, podcasters, and adult content creators who post their creation regularly under various categories. However, what if you are outraged of hefty charges, have any billing issues on account, or simply want to delete your crucial information and cancel Patreon subscription? This article explains how to cancel Patreon subscription and know the rules around Patreon refund and canceling auto payment.

HOW TO CANCEL PATREON Account Membership ?

Here鈥檚 How to Cancel Patreon Subscription in Different Ways:

How to Cancel Patreon pledge?

  • Log into your Patreon account
  • Select Manage memberships from the top-right drop-down
  • In the Active Membership section, find the pledge you want to stop supporting and cancel the future payments for it
  • Click Edit next to this membership >> then click Edit or Cancel Payment button >> in the pop-up window, click on the Cancel Your Payment for canceling the pledge you want
  • You will get to see all the pending dues when you cancel your membership which will be deducted as scheduled.

Patreon Cancellation Subscription Online

How to Cancel Patreon Subscription on a Desktop?

  • Sign in to your Patreon account >> Go to My Profile section >> Select My User Settings
  • Disable all linked accounts such as Google or Facebook that are linked to your profile
  • Click on Disable account button >> Enter password & confirm

How to Cancel Patreon Account Membership over the Phone

You can also call the Patreon customer support on 馃摓 714-815-5524 and request for deletion of your account. Remember to ask for email confirmation for the same.

How To Cancel Pateron Membership Through The Patreon App (iOS)?

  • Open and login to your Patreon app
  • Look for the pledgein the search icon on the top-right and select the creator from the list
  • Click on Edit $x pledgefrom the menu
  • Click on the Edit or Cancel payment button at the bottom
  • Select Cancel your payment & Confirm

How To Stop Pateron Membership Through The Patreon App (Android)

  • Open and login to your Patreon app
  • Click on the Account icon >> Profile Name >> Click on the pencil icon next to the membership you want to cancel from the list of current membership
  • Click on Edit or Cancel payment option below the Update button
  • Select Cancel your payment & Confirm

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ] – Patreon Canceelation & Refund

How Can I Delete My Patreon Membership?

While disabling or deleting and Cancel Patreon account, do remember that it is not an equivalent of canceling your active membership. Because any pending payments during disabling of your Patreon account will still be processed by Patreon. In contrast to this, canceling an active membership does not automatically delete your account.

What Happens If You Cancel Patreon?

With the monthly plans, users are charged for on the 1st of each month. After you cancel Pateron membership of the monthly charging creator, you won鈥檛 have access to the creator’s patron-only posts, and the further billing also be stopped.

User can cancel Patreon subscription anytime with following conditions:

  • For a per post creator membership, any pending bills are processed immediately upon cancellation of your Patreon account
  • In case of an annual membership, further auto-renewal will stop, however, the user is not entitled to a refund on a prorated basis.

How Do I Pause My Billing Patreon?

Yes, you can pause your Patreon membership temporarily and stop paying by canceling all your pledges. Once you change your mind, you can re-activate your account and subscribe again to your favorite pledges anytime.

To Pause Patreon Membership?

Go to your Profile Settings from your creator navigation bar at the top-left side >> Click Account >> Move down to Account Management section >> Select Pause (this month’s) cycle.

Can I Get A Refund on Patreon?

Patreon does not provide any refund since Patreon is just a venue upon which transactions are made and they do not issue a refund on behalf of a creator. For all refunds, you need to contact the creator.

When you unsubscribe from Patreon membership, you can access to creator鈥檚 pledge till the end of the billing cycle, and only in rare cases such as fraud or billing error can you expect a refund from Patreon.

Patreon Alternatives

Brand Advantages


路 Crowdfunding / All-or-nothing funding options

路 Kickstarter鈥檚 platform fee is 5%

NO recurring subscription-like model like Patreon


路 Crowdfunding / All-or-nothing funding / keep-what-you-raise

路 Platform fee is 5%

路 Does not prescreen campaigns


路 Sell access to your work on an ongoing like Patreon

路 No fees beyond payment processing fees

路 Campaigner cost $79/month for selling paid membership

路 Sell online courses and digital downloads for a fee of $39/month

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