How to Locate Company Data on Computer Outside Of the Program at Sage 50?

Sage 50 is an optimal solution for businesses in quest of seamless accounting experience without exceeding their budget brackets. The solution is designed to provide a holistic view of finances, such as tracking expenses, sending invoices, managing inventory, controlling cash flow, and preparing taxes. To put simply, Sage 50 has made accounting as easy as pie. If reports are to be believed, a majority of global leaders are showing great bend towards Sage 50 accounting and payroll software to manage their financial activities. At the moment, the top drivers behind such increasing interest of businesses are – Ease of Use, Centralized Platform, and Smooth Functioning.

For support – there are two options available for companies:

  • Self-Service
  • Third-party Support

There are a number of tutorials available online that illustrates the steps to troubleshoot and fix the issue. Businesses can access these informative articles and perform the task at their own. However, it is recommended that one should only perform the process if confident about it.  Reason – your little mistake can lead to a havoc or turn into big problem.

How To Locate Sage 50 Company Files and Directories ?

The other viable option is to take support of a professional Canadian Sage Support benefactor. A professional customer service provider is armed with trained and certified professionals that takes onus of all your accounting needs. This option is quite prevalent in the industry as it allows businesses to focus on their core competencies rather than building or managing an in-house team to do so. These experts render round-the-clock support without making customers wait in long ques. The multi-channel support can be accessed via email or by calling up on the toll free number.
This article attempts to describe the steps to locate company data on computer outside of the program at Sage 50.

  1. First of all, Go to Start icon, Select Computeror directly press Windows + F
  2. A search window will appear. Simply type datin the search box
  3. If results appear after putting company.dat in the search window, you can directly go to the location of the specified company.dat file and from there you can copy the comprehensive directory that encompasses the company.dat file  and save it to your new data path

It is important to note that all the company directories are named using abbreviated forms of the company name.

Going forward, if you are looking forward to locate your data path, you can connect with Sage experts at their toll free number anytime from the comfort of your place. Moreover, if you are seeking to open backup files, you can do it by simply entering *.ptb rather than typing in company.dat (see the aforementioned steps).

In case you are not able to view any result after typing in *.ptb or company.dat files in the search box, don’t panic. This means, the data that you are searching is not present in the same drive/location. You can try searching the same in different drives or location.

Get Help Unable To Locate Sage 50 Company File Path Location

Sage Experts are Just a Call Away!

Sage professionals have the right knowledge, tools, and expertise to cater to all your Sage 50 related problems. Whether you are experiencing Sage 50 activation files error, invalid Win32 application issue, or trying to modify firewall or Internet Security for Sage 50 – Sage experts can do it all for you appositely. Not only our technocrats are accurate at fixing Sage related anomalies, but also have unmatched expertise in managing day-to-day accounting and payroll related needs. So, next time if you encounter any problem with your accounting software or not sure of steps to run a particular program – don’t wait. Just call our Sage Customer support team at 📞 1-800-574-6305 and glean satiating resolution for your problem.

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