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uDates Dating App

uDates Dating App Contact Phone Number

uDates App is dating app , available in Google Play Store , Apple APP store , user can download and connect with the local people . Just like Match.com APP user can search to find partner for fun and friendship according to Geo location and age group . In many circumstances user need to search uDates customer services details either its be email or phone number for the issues like .

  • uDates Profile Activation
  • uDates Coin Purchase
  • uDates Payment Done But Coin Not Credited
  • uDates Profile Ban
  • uDates Abuse
  • Somebody Irritating You
  • Want to Report Fraud Or Cheat
  • uDates Profile Locked
  • Mobile Stolen and Want To Get Old Profile on New Mobile
  • uDates APP not Installing
  • uDates App not Working
  • uDates Hangs or Not Responding
  • uDates APP open on Windows or Mac PC Etc
  • Refund From uDates

Moreover user can dial uDates Customer Service Toll Free 📞 1 (888) 892-2591 for any help or issue or send Email to 📧 support@udates.io uDates .

About uDates APP Company

Whether you looking for love or a new friend or just want to chat,  uDates is one of the best choices to choose. This dating app provides plenty of options to meet new peoples to create some new bonds. You can share your ideas, passion, and interests to know more about your online friend. On a local dating application, you can meet with your nearby people; you can easily communicate to discover the perfect match for your life.  This is the best choice for singles and people who want to begin new friendships to experience all nearby people. This app discovers nearby people to get close to them with easy approaches like communication and lifestyle. There are so many chances to find the forever love of your life and trustworthy relations. Checkout all profiles to find the best one. This app makes everything smooth and enjoyable to find a better match in your area.

Download Link uDates APP Store

Android users install this app directly from this link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.udates&hl=en_IN&gl=US To register in this app, hit your click on this link https://www.udates.io/ and enter all required data to discover and meet with new people. To get all updates regarding this app, you can follow them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/udatesapp/

Google APP Link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.udates&hl=en_US&gl=US
Apple Store Link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/udates-local-dating-chat-date/id1489440748
Amazon Store Link : Not Found
Kaios APP Store Link : Not Found

How to download uDates app?

You can install this app on all Android, iOS, and Windows devices and join the best local dating app to find the new bond of your life.  For Andriod/iPhone users, perform the below steps

  • Go to your Google Play Store or App store
  • Then, type the uDates in the search bar, all related options will appear on your screen
  • Choose the top-ranked app and wait until the installation process is not completed
  • After installation, you have to complete the setup and enter all required details
  • Now, you are set to meet with new peoples

For window users

  • First of all, you have to install the Memu installer
  • Then, open the Google Play store
  • Search uDates app and then click on the “Install” button
  • When installation processes are finished, and then opens the app
  • Follow displayed guidelines to register yourself to find your favorite people

How to connect with uDates?

You can connect with this app absolutely free with the following steps:

  • First of all, register and create your profile
  • Discover all possible matches every day
  • You have the option to view all visitors who viewed your profile
  • Find local match so you can match your lifestyle with them easily
  • Chat with your picking choice to know more about them
  • To make things attractive, send virtual gifts to them
  • After making some special bonds, arrange real dates with local guys and girls
  • If you find any problem, you can approach Live Chat support to get an instant response

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User Review
4.33 (3 votes)

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  1. Derrick McAlister says:

    I’ve been trying to reach you guys since yesterday… I paid for service however whenever I go to chat I’m getting a message to upgrade then when I try to do this I get a error message saying already upgraded.. this is getting very confusing and frustrating if it’s not resolved so I’m just going to cancel.

  2. Joey Brown says:

    Hello I am Joey Brown I paid for 1month subscription for udate dating site and every time I try to respond it tells me to buy coins. You have taken 1month subscription $ and coin $ from me and I am getting nothing in return. Please fix the problem on this site or refund me all I have paid to you .
    Thank you Joey Brown

  3. Matthew Malec says:

    Someone made an unauthorized charge of $107 to my debit card for uDate.com. I called uDate and attempted to file a complaint, and I am still waiting for them to credit that charge back to my debit card. This appears to be a very shady organization.

  4. Robin Dale Potter says:

    I payed my account to chat and now I have to buy coins this is bull you need to put it in the add and I need a refund this app is a joke contact me 620-794-0836 thanks a unhappy customer

  5. Everett Magie says:

    My name is Everett Magie. I’m on uDate. I just now paid for a whole year and your app will STILL not allow me to text back!? Like WTF!!!!!!???? Plus I just called n got no one to speak to!?

  6. Traci Cronnon says:

    I want my account deleted….this website to me is a scam seeing as how you can’t even finish a conversation without paying more money. I am very disappointed in this website and I want my account deleted….

  7. Esfandiar Mehrabani says:

    Just subscribed to uDates for one year and my massages been blocked unless buy coin. What is the the coins for and I do not want to be forced to buy coins. If that can not be done cancel my subscription and refund full fee

  8. Esfandiar Mehrabani says:

    uDates forcing me to buy coins which I do not want by blocking my massages to members.

  9. Marianne says:

    How come I can’t access and message all the people sending me messages. I thought this dating app is free?

  10. Artis Walker says:

    I upgraded my account to premium for a one month trial period to have unlimited chats and it’s saying i have to buy coins to chat with people i need to know why is that or send me a full refund

  11. Artis Walker says:

    I paid for a month of premium trial but I’m not getting what the premium package said i would be receiving like unlimited chat with non popular guest i need this issue address or full payment back

  12. Dave says:

    Total rip off and scam. Can never get a hold of customer service. Scam artist. Make sure you call your bank and cancel them..

  13. James hayworth says:

    Around 3 we ago what I used my Visa card for 3 months payment was clothes for $30 so I was supposed to be a member right after I paid $30 I thought I was a member and I want to talk to somebody on the you date I got them put up about three or four lines or a little more than that next. Charge me coins and I couldn’t figure out why because I do remember that I paid for 3 months I like to know why I have to buy coins I shouldn’t have to at all because I’m a member that’s why I paid money for the three months hope you can straighten this out or refund the money I paid $30 and I have to buy coin. That’s not right

  14. Paul Evilsizer says:

    Hi I’ve been trying to reach u guys for a week now about 13 charges totally of 360.16 and I did not make any purchases and just wondering why that much was takin of my debit card. And I would really appreciate it if I could get that money back asap or I will be homeless

  15. Mark Williamson says:

    app not responding at all. My phone alerts me when I get messages but I cannot open the app.

  16. Mark Williamson says:

    I am unable to even open uDates. My phone alert me when I have incoming messages but I cannot open the app. What is going on?

  17. Allen says:

    The complaint is that this site promised an unlimited chat … Now it’s saying I have to pay for coins to continue chatting with popular members .. Ok , where are the unpopular members ?

    This site is a total SCAM !!!

    I can’t even put in my zip code for local singles 🤬 .. The advertisement promised I’ll be able to chat with locals … Every profile I see is from outta state !


  18. Edwin limon says:

    Hello my name is edwin limon and I have been getting charged from this app every month and I want to cancel the subscription. My phone number is 714 822-0138 please call me or email me at edwin_limon@yahoo.com thank you.


    By mistake a account has been created and money has been detected from my card. Please refund my money back

  20. Brenda K NORDEOFF says:

    I have been charged 4 times for services I n.ever agreed to and would like refund but no one ever picks up the phoneor can help me

  21. SHAUNA WISMER says:

    I am very disappointed in the fact that you charge a monthly fee and then also charge for coins to send messages. I signed up for a month assuming that I would be able to communicate without limits. I am tempted to contact everyone I know to discourage use of your dating app. It’s very misleading and frankly unfair

  22. Donald Scott says:

    Trying to unsubsidized from udates don,t lie this service too glossy don,t look real

  23. Gary Dean Slicer says:

    I cncelled my membership days ago and tou charged me for another month yesterday. Take that charge off my card.

  24. kevin says:

    I tried this service for one month and didn’t meet any local women so I closed it. I just got charged for another month and want a return immediately. Like many people, I’m struggling and starving now that the last of my account was wrongfully chareged

  25. Abel says:

    hi i have a question about this app i buy 3 months with a gift card and. ony given a 50 coins,, is no t suppose if you buy the contract the message is free ? please try to contact me and explain to me more about thank you

  26. Mark brown says:

    I would like to subscribe to your service you have coins and memberships fees how does your system work how many coins does it cost to send a message what is the best package for 3 months

  27. Douglas W Barrett says:

    Your app keeps sending gifts that I don’t send and take it going to way I’d like to be reimbursed for the motorcycle that was sent today to do a girl that I’ve been chatting with is over almost $200 wasted I would like it please do be replace thank you

  28. Alan Kaplan says:

    I keep trying to purchase a subscription but the purchase bar keeps greying out and does not work

    1. Lisa K Ramirez says:

      do not purchase. This site is a scam. I’ve been messaged byv40 men…all fake profiles.

  29. Christina oneal says:

    I paid 29.99 for a 3 month subscription for udates premium i am supposed to have unlimted chates likes and communication with other members bc i got the premium package but im not getting that everytime i try to chat with someone its asking me to purchase coins

  30. Ellen Vishaway says:

    I am very disappointed with this site. I paid for a month, then had to pay for coins? Then started chatting again and have to but more coins? What the heck is that all about

  31. Isaac says:

    I paid 19.99$ for one month of premium features and it took my money but did not give me the features.

  32. Joy C Sinner says:

    I am very frustrated and unhappy already. Paid for 3 months of premium. Had several converging then I have to buy coins to continue…what? Why no explained!!?? I want to cancel and get refund NOW if this is the case.

  33. Abdellah fahmi says:

    What the I paid one month
    I can do nothing
    You better send the money back.
    Not stupid to pay money for free .

  34. Melvin Hardy says:

    I purchased the 29.99 for 3 months and only texted 15 time’s and it’s gone i feel ripped of.

    1. Lisa K Ramirez says:

      I agree 100%. Every single man who messaged me is a fake profile. They’re so easy to spot

  35. Teresa Earls says:

    They have been hitting my account since January. Disputing with bank 21.19 a month. No explanation as to what it was for. Did not sign up for any dating site

  36. B says:

    This is so obviously a scam and customer service does not ever answer and they never answer emails

  37. Peter Leclair says:

    I paid for uDates subscription upgrade of one month but cannot use the site to message or respond according to upgrade I can message, respond, and view the likes. But not happening. It went through my appleid account
    At $29.93, it should once paid allow me to do anything.

  38. salim says:

    salim dostmohammad

    Please tell what other info do you need for this 1 month service which I am paying.

  39. Lisa K Ramirez says:

    I have never received a nessage from an actual person here. I’ve been messaged by 30 men; all fake profiles. Thry are so easy to spot; professional pics; broken english, all are graduate degrees. Its very frustrating thst I paid for a membership thats useless. So glad I cancelled.

  40. Tim Hurd says:

    I want to cancel my 3 month subscription TODAY..And my credit my card ASAP ..You failed to tell that is ADDITIONAL charges to chat with members ..again CANCEL my subscription today and refund and credit my card ending in 5164 i can be contacted at jibbyjawn@gmail.com or 609 736 3317

  41. Jot says:

    I purchased 3 months premium and it just work for while and it’s asking me buy another premium.
    Please fix my account
    Otherwise, I don’t wanna use anymore return my money back

  42. Lena says:

    I paid for one month subscription and am not able to hold a conversation without continuously purchasing more coins. Either issue me a refund or allow me to chat without making more purchases. False advertisement.

  43. salim says:

    On 30th May, 2021 end of evening, I sent 2 months payment for 2 months of Udates dating and chatting. I realized that I may have made a mistake so immediately I sent Udates 2 to 3 email messages. I asked to cancel my membership and return the refund and sent me an email that i owe nothhing.

    No one has bothered to write me anything.

    Through your medium, I am asking you the same thing.

    Please reply as soon as possible.


    June 5, 2021

  44. Indra Mariano says:

    How can I unblock someone that I blocked by error, please help. This is the 3rd email that I sent with no response. Thank you

  45. carolyn sexton says:

    i do not belong to this club any more i cancled it months ago i have a charge on my account that does not belong there i would like it refunded again i do not belong to this club any more carolyn sexton

  46. Margaret klawson says:

    I updated and my account was debited but I have no coins. At this point just refund my money and cancel my account

  47. Patty says:

    I just paid for subscription for a month. It let me message 3 or 4 times and stopped. Said I need coins

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