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+1 818 558 1400 USA Phone Number
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TIKTOK APP Contact Phone Number

TikTok doesn’t have any Customer service toll free number but if you want to report copyright claim , you can contact on 📞+1 818 558 1400 [USA] Is you are living in United States or Call 📞+65 6950 4420 [Singapore] if you are living outside USA .

You can download TIKTOK APP
Google Play Store : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zhiliaoapp.musically&hl=en
Apple App Store : https://apps.apple.com/US/app/id835599320?mt=8
Amazon Store : https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0117U0G3M/

Words TikTok is a Chinese short-form mobile video-sharing app and social networking service owned by ByteDance; which is termed as the world’s most valuable startup based in Beijing-based. The original version of TikTok was Douyin which was launched in the Chinese market in September 2016 and later its global version – TikTok was launched in 2017. The app was launched in the US after it acquired Musical.ly whose popularity was already skyrocketing; making TikTok rise to the status of the Most Downloaded App in the US. The app has already crossed the 1.5 billion downloads mark outpacing Instagram.


TikTok is gaining popularity worldwide for its raw content and the platform it provides to budding talents. Besides China, TikTok is widely popular and doing quite well in India, US, Indonesia, Japan., Turkey, and Russia. The app generated $75 million through the in-app, half of which came from the United States alone. TikTok has global offices in Los Angeles, New York, London, Berlin, Paris, Dubai, Singapore, Mumbai, Jakarta, Seoul, and Tokyo.


TikTok is currently available in 154 countries and 75 different languages. In 2019, TikTok was cited as the “7th-most-downloaded mobile app of the decade – 2010 to 2019“ and the “3rd Most-downloaded Non-gaming App in 2019“.

The TikTok Awards Night ceremony; first held last year on 23rd December 2019 in Mauritius, honors TikTokers in different categories such as Best Local Tik Tok Award, Best Dancing TikTok Award, Best Creative TikTok Award, Best Kid TikTok Award, Best Duet TikTok Award, and more.


The app is used to create short dance, comedy, lip-sync, and talent videos of 3 to 15 seconds including short looping videos of up to 60 seconds, with auto-play and sound. The TikTok mobile app allows creating short videos that feature background music from a wide variety of music genres, the video can be sped-up or slowed down, and edited with filters.

Users can also film short lip-sync videos to popular songs and Livestream videos to their followers.

The quality of the video could be enhanced through sound and narratives, add visual filters, stickers, GIFs, emojis, time effects, transition, split screens, etc to capture the full attention of users.


Social sharing

TikTok videos could be shared on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube profiles.

Video Editing

Like Snapchat, TikTok also has an impressive set of Augmented Reality ( AR ) effects. These filters can be layered over real-life images; like changing the color of the eyes, hair, and can even add makeup. To top it up there is a wide choice of masks, stickers, and animations to put into the videos.

React Feature

Users can share their comments about a video by recording their voice and video that can be mashed-up in the video in form of a clip-play placed in a movable small window on the main screen.

Duet Feature

This feature allows users to film their own version aside another video to imitate, make a parody, or spice up the original video by adding more creativity to it. This “duet” feature was earlier a trademark of Musical.ly.


Users can save Videos they don’t want to post yet in their “drafts”. The saved section may contain content which they would like to revisit later and work on them. Users can edit it by adding hashtags, filters, and sounds and post it when they are ready.

Private Content

Users can choose to keep videos private. These videos will appear in TikTok but can be seen by a select segment such as “friends only”, or “private” regardless of whether the account is private or not.

“For You” page

These are video feeds recommended to users based on their viewing preferences, search history, and activities. The content gets generated by TikTok’s artificial intelligence (AI). Users can react by adding these to their favorite list or mark it as “Not Interested”

Live Feature

Influencers can communicate with followers by streaming live videos. This feature is available to people who have at least 1,000 followers and are over 16 years of age. Account holders above 18 can also send virtual “gifts” that can be exchanged for money later.

Virtual Items

These are small gesture features that originated from the practice of social gifting in China. The feature is highly popular with prominent beauty companies and brands that advertise this feature by participating in several campaigns to promote the idea of social gifting.

The family safety mode

The safe mode feature in TikTok allows parents to control their children’s usage and guard their digital well being. The screen time management option, restricted mode, and limit direct message features are all a part of the control usage mode in TikTok.


TikTok has majorly struck the chord with young users. About 69% of TikTok users are the Generation Z (from 16 to 24 years of age), followed by 25% of users who belong to age 25 and older. Over 30 million monthly active users spend 46 minutes on an average daily on the TikTok.

US leads the chart of users of TikTok followed by India. However, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has recently banned TikTok along with 58 other Chinese apps in India citing concerns over the threat to data and privacy of users in India.

Customer Support Service TikTok APP

HEADQUARTERS : TikTok doesn’t have a headquarters  at the moment, although its most senior management is based out of Shanghai.

TikTok Headoffice in the US  : Culver City (HQ), CA United States 10010 Venice Blvd #301

Singapore office: : Singapore 8 Cross St

California : Music Reports, Inc., 21122 Erwin St., Woodland Hills, CA 91367, 📞+1 818 558 1400.
Singapore : WeWork c/o TikTok Pte. Ltd., 8 Cross Street Singapore, 048424, Singapore, 📞+65 6950 4420


Email ID TikTok

Copyright : copyright@tiktok.com
Trademark Infringement Report : reports@tiktok.com
Legal Inquiries : legal@tiktok.com
Other Inquiry : feedback@tiktok.com

Customer Care Service Hour

Monday 24/7 Hour
Tuesday 24/7 Hour
Wednesday 24/7 Hour
Thursday 24/7 Hour
Friday 24/7 Hour
Saturday 24/7 Hour
Sunday 24/7 Hour
User Review
3.36 (80 votes)

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  1. Camryn Kinkaid says:

    I believe I was racially discriminated against and my acct was use strictly for Political and social Justice Content.. i had been been shadow banned my page has been broken making it impossible to share or like That kind of content as well. and I made multiple tickets about my broken account to no avail. and then I started calling you all out about what your company was doing and how it was behaving. and then u posted a video they block it I disputed it and they opened it back up it got thousands of views and it boosted my followers and then the next video I tried to post it wasnt even finished loading before they banned or suspended my acct. IDK I’m getting conflicting messages.. so how do we resolve this I want my acct back I can prove what I am saying I have messages , screen shots and videos what do you want so I can get my acct back??

    1. kaizler gonzales says:

      Good day sir,
      My name is kaizler gonzales and my tiktok username is @kaizlerskie. Last night my tiktok account was removed due to violation of community guidelines. However, after rereading the guidelines, we believe that there was a mistake and that my account was wrongfully removed. There is speculation taht someone whom I dont know personally has been reporting me daily for their own reasons. My account has over 209k followers and most of my audience is underage. Due to this, my account was strictly PG and I also had a board of directors monitoring it throughout 2020, I used the platform to spread my love for sasswar, and dance. It is a positive environment and I believe that it did nothing wrong. Please give me a second chance to recover my account back, I was so desperate right now since I work hard to gain my followers, I hope you sir will give me a change to get my account back.
      Thank you

      1. David says:

        My @lildaviddd acc got banned and can I have it back I’m 10 I don’t do anything bad on tictok I had 13.k followers on it I made so much progress pls I did not do anything pls can I have a second chance

      2. hailey says:

        have they replied to you same thing just happened to me and I’m trying to get my account back idk whats going on

    2. Mariah Kessler says:

      My tik tok name is moonlight23476 I don’t know what I did pls I want that account back I work so hard for that I have 3,622 followers I work so hard I been on that app since musically pls tik tok can I have it back pls
      And thank u

    1. Danii says:

      DEAR Tiktok Team,
      I am uploading videos on Tiktok daily basis since a 2.5 years. But having problems no views issue. Kindly sort out that pathetic issue and do sone needful.

      Thanks & Regards
      ID: danishali.rajput

      1. awais_khan110 says:

        Hello tik Tok team ! I have 24.3k followers in my account. I am uploading daily videos but views are not coming in any videos of my account .sir kindly fix my problem I will be very thankful to you.
        Thank you very much sir.

  2. kaizler gonzales says:

    Good day sir,
    My name is kaizler gonzales and my tiktok username is @kaizlerskie. Last night my tiktok account was removed due to violation of community guidelines. However, after rereading the guidelines, we believe that there was a mistake and that my account was wrongfully removed. There is speculation taht someone whom I dont know personally has been reporting me daily for their own reasons. My account has over 209k followers and most of my audience is underage. Due to this, my account was strictly PG and I also had a board of directors monitoring it throughout 2020, I used the platform to spread my love for sasswar, and dance. It is a positive environment and I believe that it did nothing wrong. Please give me a second chance to recover my account back, I was so desperate right now since I work hard to gain my followers, I hope you sir will give me a change to get my account back.
    Thank you

  3. Sarah Winney says:

    #un ban the smithy family its un fare u permittlry band them they didn’t nothing wrong but other tic tock users do worse please un ban them thanks s dickinson

  4. Roethegun1 says:

    So I have 90k followers I see the people following me but y’all are not adding the followers.. may we plz fix this.. my videos are not getting pushed out.. so many people faking to me I really would love to know how I can get verified …? I just would love if you guys as a team fix when a person follow me y’all add it as a extra person follow me instead of looking like nobody follow me… thank u

  5. Geniecia mixed._.Babby.nene says:

    Hey TikTok my account just got banned mixed._.Babby.nene and I don’t know what I did but be kind someone try to argue wit me I just usually block them or don’t reply and say good moirning good night to my fans but yes I just wanted to know what I did and I was bout to reach 500

  6. Yuan Fei says:

    Tiktok banned my account about 6days ago. First seeing it. I was so shocked i knew my mistake why you banned it please give me another chance to make the right thing. I’m from Myanmar and i have nothing. But after bunning it I knew my mistake really wrong. I am sorry please give my account back please

  7. Yuan Fei says:

    Tiktok banned my account about 3 days ago. First seeing it. I was so shocked i knew my mistake why you banned it please give me another chance to make the right thing. I’m from Myanmar and i have nothing. But after bunning it I knew my mistake really wrong. I am sorry please give my account back please😭😭😭😭😭

    1. cooper says:

      pls can i get my account back i don’t think i did any any thang wrong and i am sorry if i did i feel good when i watch tiktok and i’m happy pls sorry

  8. Yuan Fei says:

    Tiktok banned my account about 6days ago. First seeing it. I was so shocked i knew my mistake why you banned it please give me another chance to make the right thing. I’m from Myanmar and i have nothing. But after bunning it I knew my mistake really wrong. I am sorry please give my account back please😭😭😭😭😭I just want it back i promise please unbanned my account pleaseTiktok banned my account about 3 days ago. First seeing it. I was so shocked i knew my mistake why you banned it please give me another chance to make the right thing. I’m from Myanmar and i have nothing. But after bunning it I knew my mistake really wrong. I am sorry please give my account back please😭😭😭😭😭

  9. Sarah says:

    hi. Tiktok team please help me🙏🏻 I was using ur aap since it was musically accept your aap I m not using any other.. and I have not done anything immoral or violated in my videos.. without any reason my account is banned.. you can re check my account and my videos.. and please unban my account… my account name is @sarahahmed8 my mob Num is 0503277866 UAE
    Your regards 🙏🏻

    1. Aqsa says:

      hi tiktok i need help my old account @aqsa_123x i my old account and i forgot the password to it but i can’t log back in because my phone number i have i used for that account is my old phone number and that account is public and i really want to delete that account because anyone can see my content and i really want that account deleted please delete it for me it’s @aqsa_123x i really don’t feel safe because anyone can see my content so i really want that account deleting please get back to me as soon as possible i really want that account deleted please delete it would really make me feel more safer using tiktok and much more happier please get back to me as soon as possible.

    2. Jino says:

      Hi Tiktok,

      Just want to verify why my account is low of viewers this past 2 days all my videos are below 100 views.Whats Happening ? Even my live has no viewers please review my accout im womdering i have 14k + follower and this happen.Please explain.I upload many videos this happen this past 2 days already please investigate my accouny hope to hear feedback from you .Thanks

  10. Danielle says:

    Hi I’m not happy at all some one had made a fake account of my best friend who is like a sister to me on Ticktock and she passed away in July can you please remove that account as this ain’t right for the person to do

  11. Molly14quinn says:

    Hi my name is molly , 6 days ago my account was permanently banned for apparently using violating community guidelines when I haven’t done anything I have only posted videos of me doing makeup or videos of me and my boyfriend but nothing Inappropriate for tiktok or anything , I don’t understand how my account has been banned Because I haven’t done anything wrong and now I feel so annoyed and upset for being banned for something I haven’t done my account name is @molly14quinn I would really appreciate it if use could unban my account please and thank u

  12. chups_fn says:

    My acount is chups_fn on tiktok and I don’t know the password or the email all I just is the email because I had to restart me phone.

  13. Rajveer says:

    One account fake plz account ban I’m not happy this account my video upload with bad language plz help me

  14. Nathania.darkomensah says:

    I got permanently banned from your ap and I want to know why I did not do anything wrong

  15. Nathania.darkomensah says:

    I got permanently banned from your ap and I want to know why I did not do anything wrong when you are banning a 12 year old

  16. Camille says:

    I recently reported a thing and it said no. But I’m getting bullied and they are telling me to “kill myself” and that’s not fair and I’ve tried to report it and they didn’t do anything about it but this is not the kind of life I deserve and it is not fair to me and my friends to be attacked

  17. Auriana says:

    Hello my TikTok account got deleted at 11:34 am early today,I don’t understand why my account was deleted all I do is post Roblox videos, if you could please reactive my account that would be nice..Ps my TikTok account was @mamivul.

  18. Crystal says:

    I think it is messed up that you allow people to scam other people on this app and you block people for no reason or ban them should I say for seven days you do not get back to them I uploaded my drivers license do you six days ago and still haven’t heard anything from you but yet you allowed me to get scammed out of $30 and that’s OK I don’t think so

  19. Cydne Morgan says:

    If you delete a comment that states “Texas will always be red” then we have a problem. It didn’t violate standards of your community. It violates a Democrat’s standards which shows you are Biased with regard to the election. Delete another comment and I will find an attorney that will sue you for freedom of speech. I am sick and tired of TIKTOK removing comments that a democrat doesn’t like but yet stands by while peopl publish videos of hate, child abuse, abortion and other issues that should be a violation of your community standards.z. You are a disgusting and biased media group that censors what you like and don’t like in people’s comments. One more delete and I done an attorney. I will own him-til. My background is law and medical. Please mess with me. Please!

  20. Alexandria Marble says:

    Hi tiktok, I had a account called _.Zodiac._.Things I believe the name was and now is kendraandsirusspam. 2 girls logged into my account taking it over. Yes I hadnt used it in months but it was my account. I would like to know if i could get a permanent delete with no reactivations on the account. I asked them to give it back and they still wouldn’t. So the only way I can think of is permanent delete on the account. Thank you have a wonderful day. -Alexandria Marble

  21. Karam Ramadan says:

    Hello, recently I was banned off Tik Tok for “violating terms of service” which is false. My video got taken down, and eventually got my account banned because I put the name of a terrorist in my video. It didn’t break guidelines because in the community guidelines, it states that there are exceptions for “Dangerous individuals and organizations” and one of them is stated for “satirical” and that is exactly what my video was. It was satire, it stated that I promoted hate speech and terror, but that is quite the opposite of what I did. Please unban me, my user is @plokrams.

  22. Angela says:

    Hey tiktok I have been harassed by this account and I’ve been ended up banned because the account spammed report for no reason. I meet the age limits and I followed the community guide lines and I never left a hate comment so I don’t see why or how I got banned and the account that has been harassing me is called boujee.Brandon and my account that got banned is called okaykayman. Please unbanned this account with all the videos still recovered

  23. Lilu Holloway says:

    Hi,my account was banned and I believe it was a false report because I never said anything that was against the policy and I’d really like it unbanned,it is linked to my phone number “0611086563” and I worked really hard on getting 2K followers so please,I would really appreciate it if it got unbanned,thanks

    1. Lilu says:

      Hi,my account was banned and I believe it was a false report because I never said anything that was against the policy and I’d really like it unbanned,it is linked to my phone number “+27 611086563” and I worked really hard on getting 2K followers so please,I would really appreciate it if it got unbanned,thanks

  24. Lily Walsh says:

    hello , a account is using my old videos and posting them as their own, it’s embarrassing and i don’t appreciate it. the account that is pretending to be me is @bad.bitty.lele please delete this account.

  25. Noel Weidner- Ricker says:

    My live got banned because my son’s face was on the camera and it’s a bunch of crap it was MY TIKTOK & MY LIVE! My lives keep getting banned from a guy that makes multiple accounts just to bully me & the people on my lives that take up for me & I appeal it & y’all always say some crazy crap about my live that isn’t going on!

  26. fred poeschel jr says:


  27. Dan Mccomas says:

    I do not Appreciate that I have filed two complaints on the account known as Huckleburry For false sexual Orientation content And cyber bullying I have had a heart attack already and he still continues this is highly absurd and also on the accounts Eazy-E 6.6.6 and sheep Sheep everywhere also has the videos that is discriminating my sexual orientation please handle this I have them blocked but I am still seeing it on the for you page please handle this matter thank you

  28. theevildreamwastaken says:

    I was banned for no reason I had nearly 300 followers I was so happy then when I woke up my account was banned

  29. theevildreamwastaken says:

    I was banned no reason I was close to 300 followers then when I woke up the account was banned

  30. seamus cahill says:

    I Seamus Cahill ordered of one off yer advertisement for personalised wallets from trendscoming on the 27th of October, I got certification of the order but no up date since. Can he help

  31. Shirley O'Shea says:

    My daughter’s account just got banned ,she reported a boy from her class ,he has numerous accounts and is getting all the kids in his class banned .his user name is darragh Cronin and he is being reported to his school also for bullying .as a parent I am disgusted that no one has allowed her to give her side of the story, she is hysterical as this is her only social media platform .My daughter’s user name is @alexandraoshea
    I’ve tried to look at her account from my account and it says i am suspended now too????

  32. Misty Franklin says:

    Ok. My main account was banned for too many violations in which I don’t see why bc most my vids were reinstated. There’s a chick on there that got all her buddies to report 4 of my vids back to back so they would violate then my account gets banned. I continually see accounts that should be banned and content that CLEARLY shouldn’t be on there ACCORDING TO YOUR GUIDELINES. Sooooo look into reinstating my account or I’ll have to go further into action. rebel_spanky_VQ

  33. Matthew Buchanan says:

    Hi my tiktok account got Permanently bane for no reason do you think I could get my account back please

  34. Shauna Shimmins says:

    Hello, i have been permently banned from going live on my tik tok account. Apparently I was using dangerous behaviour which I didnt not, 3 different accounts came onto my live and started harassing one of my viewers
    because of his sexuality who infect is a very good friend of mine on the outside of tik tok, I asked the 3 accounts to leave my live or stop and they would not they carried on but the comments got worst, as i was new to tiktok i had no idea how to block them and no one was helping me out even though I was asking for help. I am not a dangerous person and I do not intend being dangerous. Please please please can I be unnlocked i have tried for months trying to get unblocked but I have gotten no where. I promise nothing like this will happen again as it’s my first offence so please can I have one more chance to be able to interact with my followers. I hope you can help me thank you.

  35. Megan peck says:

    I have an old account that I am not able to sign into because I have forgotten my password and email address and I have changed me phone number since then would you be able to let me back into my account so that I can delete it because I no longer need that account I can give you details so you can be sure that it is me my old phone number was 07706481512 but I don’t use that one so if you are going to contact me use 07562270573 thank you very much please help me

  36. Peachy Naingue says:

    I am writing a complain about what happened to my daughter. Some tiktok accounts reported her and now her tiktok account got banned. It all started when she commented on a certain @kirin_chan_cute122. This account is posting about witches and my daughter commented that “WITCHES ARE NOT REAL”. He got offended and his friends posted my daughter and reported her tiktok account. Several friends including @taka_kun124 and babymidoricute124 also posted some hated post with harsh words and F words.

    I guess this accounts are being used by minors. And their behavior is a bit disturbing. Can you please go through this accounts. Thank you. Your actions are highly appreciated.

  37. Lexi adamson says:

    Hello, my name is Lexi Adamson. My Tik Tok username is @le.xi.a my account has been locked and I cannot get into it. Please help me unlock it. I really don’t want to lose the small following I do have I worked very hard to try and get it. Please just help me unlock it, I’ve messaged many people and they won’t respond to me. I’ve had Tik Tok on my phone since it was musical.ly. I haven’t violated any community guidelines.
    Thank you so much

  38. Fermin says:

    my account got hack so I am reporting because it does not let me login anymore. So can you guy help me get the account deleted. I have not been able to use this account in over 5 months.Not letting me login anymore. Number use was 7207255851 give me a call. So please delete account.

  39. AbdulLatif says:

    Sir I use your apps in Long time sir but no viral May Account sir plz Viral May account I Request you sir plz tiktok.com/@abdullatif1588

  40. @kokoalka27 says:

    Hi sir plz support my account my account nametiktok.com/@kokoalka27 plz forward my account my every video goes to for you

  41. Cynthia says:

    I made an account for my grandson and now he has a new account yet my number is still attached I’ve followed all instructions and now I can’t log into my account Cynthia_0920. Please help the logo for pic is acopswife. Please help I want my old account reactivated. This should not be that hard

  42. Zaniya Harshaw says:

    Hi my user is theqween7523 and they logged me out and I don’t know my password can I please get it

  43. Zaniya Harshaw says:

    It logged me out of my account theqween7523 and I don’t know my password can I get it please and thank you

  44. malik umair says:

    Hi tiktok check my account and problem is like or follow and view freez to unfreeze my account my tiktok account I’d kingjoker925

  45. malik umair says:

    Hi tiktok check my account and problem is like or follow and view freez to unfreeze my account and my account is I’d kingjoker925

  46. Ben chatterton says:

    My partner Georgia mortimer who was on educating Yorkshire is really upset. Your meeting people post videos about her from education Yorkshire and there bringing are children into. I really think all this needs taking down and removing immediately. You should not be letting this happen

  47. Amy de jong says:

    Betreffende de volgende site: https://www.tiktok.com/@delilahdestinyven

    Er staan foto’s van mijn dochters ( 3 en 6 jaar) op de tik tok site van deze vrouw die geen familie is en geen toestemming. Deze staan op haar tik Tok site openbaar. Deze foto’s en filmpjes worden met texten zoals
    Mother fucker geplaats, dit zonder mijn toestemming. En ik wil dit dan ook laten verwijderen. Alleen de persoon in kwestie doet dit niet. Daarbij komt dat deze mw via tik tok mijn voorschud zet en ruzie uit lokt met andere. Ik heb hier al aangifte van gedaan. Maar ik wil gewoon niet die foto’s en filmpjes van mijn dochter op Tik tok te zien zijn. Hoe kan ik dit oplossen. Daar dat dit niet volgens jullie regels zijn en als jullie geen actie nemen ook jullie buiten jullie regels treden juridische gezien. Hoe kunnen we dit oplossen,dat die foto’s en filmpjes van mijn kinderen niet te zien zijn meer.

    In afwachting van zal ik verblijven.

    Vriendelijke groet,
    Amy de jong

  48. Unknown says:

    I have an old musically/tiktok account that I made a very long time ago and j don’t remember the password or the email I used to make it. I now have a new account. How do I delete my old account?

  49. AbdulLatif says:

    Sir I Use your apps Tiktok in long time but no viral May Any videos sir Plz Help me Sir I Regulory use Apps Tiktok Plz I Request You Plz Viral May Account Viral May Videos May Videos playing Followwing page Not in Forypu page Sir I Request you plz Playing may any videos In Foryou page Sir plz Visit may Account and Help me Sir I Request You sir This is May Account tiktok.com/@abdullatif1588

  50. A person says:

    So im a big fan and i wanna become one of you someday but i cant do that because im not verifyed the thing is if you dont verify me i will put so many reports on the app store under your app to where it gets taken down bc u wont verify me so pls verify ?e and give me a shoutout on ur account


  51. Mariam says:

    I’ve tried contacting TikTok through the app a few times and I never get a response back. I’m having issues with people being able to share my videos. I want them to be able to share it on Snapchat, Instagram, etc. I have the sharing options on but for some reason they still can’t and I want to fix it.

  52. Chelsea says:

    hallo tiktok heeft mijn account gisteren verwijderd ik heb niks verkeerd gedaan deblokeer het alstublieft tik tok was mijn leven ik wil mijn tik tok acc x_chelsea_love zo graag terug plss deblokeer het geehallo tiktok heeft mijn account gisteren verwijderd ik heb niks verkeerd gedaan deblokeer het alstublieft tik tok was mijn leven ik wil mijn tik tok acc x_chelsea_love zo graag terug plss deblokeer het😭😭

  53. Libbysears123 says:

    Um my Videos keep on getting reported for insults a why are you got girls on the Internet in bikinis doing tick-tock‘s and there’s me showing my legs and me finally not been self-conscious so stop I’m 11

  54. Indiana Robinson says:

    I’m pretty annoyed because my TikTok account got banned recently and I had my whole life on that account, the account was @indiana_amalie but someone spammed report on my account end that got it banned?! Can I please have my account back?

  55. 🦋Noelle🏧 says:

    You guys keep bending my account from community guidelines and I’m not even doing nothing but changing my profile so I need to stop that before I saw y’all

  56. Wasif Khalid says:

    HI I am writing in regards to a profile that he put fake pictures off mine up and is giving out false information about me and is causing alarm and distress to me and my family I have had threats to my door step due to this individual
    Profile name Ambreensheban0
    I can provide my passport or ID to prove that I am Wasif khalid and that This person is posting my name and pictures up without my consent

  57. Abbey says:

    My account has been banged for no reason I don’t even post videos on there just watch them so how are you removing my account an not letting me back in when oriole are doing worse than me it’s ridiculous to be honest

  58. Abbey says:

    My account has been banged for no reason I don’t even post videos on there just watch them so how are you removing my account an not letting me back in when oriole are doing worse than me it’s ridiculous to be honest how is that fair

  59. Janelle says:

    Hello my TikTok account got banned and I didn’t do anything for my account to get banned and I was wondering if I could get it back

  60. Adrianna says:

    I am trying with my friend to do the point thingy and like share the code and it’s not working for me and I am very frustrated so when you get a chance can you call me and help me with my problem thank you bye-bye

  61. Misty N Thompson says:

    I am misty Thompson a creator on Tiktok known as @autismfam101 I got banned for pornography that never happened I have emailed an Instagram and this an they said 48 hours would be lefted I was faslely accused of something when you can go to my page and see this issue should of never happened

  62. Laci says:

    Girls are making a hate page of me and my friend for no reason and they keep making more and you guys do not take it down you better how many times reported you leave it up in they’re sending death threats is that what you guys want account name is ew.it’s.raelynn.and.Laci

  63. Laci says:

    This account _.all_feelings._ is sending death threats and my friend cuts Bc of them idk what to do please help get it banned omg 🥺💔

  64. Kedar says:

    Hello somebody’s is using my name for TikTok. Ruin my good name. Can you have that remove. I don’t use TikTok at all. Thank you I will appreciate like it. This Kedar Leonard

  65. Kedar Leonard says:

    This is Kedar Leonard. Somebody’s is ruining my name on TikTok. Can you please remove of block that account. Can you see who that person mess with on TikTok. I don’t use TikTok at all. I just not interest in TikTok account at all. People are getting mad at me for no reason cannot deal with that. Thank you I Appreciate your

  66. Kedar Leonard says:

    This is Kedar Leonard. Somebody’s is ruining my name on TikTok. Can you please remove of block that account. Can you see who that person mess with on TikTok. I don’t use TikTok at all. I just not interest in TikTok account at all. People are getting mad at me for no reason cannot deal with that. Thank you I Appreciate your

  67. Desiree says:

    Hello my account got hacked and it will not let me log back in and hopefully you can just delete it if so the account is @desireefalls

  68. Stephanie Repp says:

    Why isn’t the company of tiktok not doing anything against that Veganteacher? She is making vegans a bad name, she is lying, shes saying racist things, lying about religion, telling kids bad advice, immediately tell kids to go to hell if they don’t become vegan. How is this not taken down, but other people’s videos were taken down cause she didn’t like what they are telling the truth? Like how is this possible?

  69. Sionie says:

    DJ hawke is a Plymouth pedo and is aloud on tick tick trolling other people how that is aloud I don’t know his real name is Daryl hawke

  70. Tuomas says:

    My frend accaunt get banneri but he have a normal material he’s accaunt name is @_sarkkuli toinen and @_sarkkulii

  71. Jennafer Kleser says:

    TikTok refuses to take down a video that has the R slur used to make fun of disabled people. They say it doesn’t violate community guidelines when it obviously fits under the hate speech category

  72. Rhys Auty says:

    I reported someone as a joke and they got banned pls give them the account back they name is Me_and_my_dog1639

  73. Savannah says:

    I had 2 tik tok accounts because the first one got banned if someone can tell me how to get unbanned. my usernames are goofy.vannah and g0ofy.vannah.

  74. Tariq aziz says:

    Hello sir/ madam
    tiktok team check out my account what’happened why not my videos goes on viral for you Page what happened to my account request for unfreeze account and verify account my vdieo not going for you page discovered
    No growths like follow please check

  75. ar.sl.an..112..0 says:

    Sir how are you fin sir plz my halp me plz sir 🥰🥰🥰 i love til tok sir what aney problem sir plz this is a for you plz sir tik tok

  76. Eva fair says:

    Hi my account on tiktok has been band due to comutiny guidelines but I doint now what comutiny guidelines where and right now I’m crying so please please please please can u tried and get it back it would mean the world to me my account is at @Evafair please it was band TODAY and I really really want it back

  77. Happy_ali25 says:

    Sir I have 32900k follower’s and I am posting my best video but the viws are not coming more than ten and none of my video’s are going viral fix it
    My TikTok I’d username, Happy_ali25
    My email address, alihxxxx8792@gmail.com
    Please reply me sir.

  78. Amelia Silvia Urmuzache says:

    Can you please close this tiktok account: @rossvilker3 ,contain fake picture,tooked from.my friend facebook.

  79. arielashleyballantine says:

    Hi tik tok on Wednesday 9th December, 2020 my account @arielashleyballantine was permanently banned for multiple community guidelines violations but since I created my account I never received any notification saying that I did such, can you please review this decision because I believe it was an honest mistake and if not can you please let me know what I did wrong to get my account banned. Please help me and restore my account.

  80. Tiffany says:

    I seen a video of so idiot brewing catnip as if it were tea and then poured it all into there water bowl, and as far as I’m concerned that’s Animal Cruelty and Abuse!!! Now theres gonna be even more people doing worse things then that to there animals all to get “Views” an your app!!! I’m asking that you take the video down before it get more people doing even worse things to animals!!!!

  81. Safiullah Rahmanyar says:

    Hope You Are Doing Well,
    Dear Sir,
    i had tikto accont but i can not access to login because of forgot my password and blocked my phone number plz block my that old account and i created another one.

    Account:- https://vm.tiktok.com/ZSGmrxSV/
    Please Block.

  82. Princess Parker says:

    I have a stubborn kid hacking my little sister account and refuses to remove a old number we don’t have no more I would like to remove it or just delete this account please and thank you. Tic tok does not work so don’t try to say that

  83. Dalvir kaur says:

    Hlo tiktok office pls help me . @hunterjatt39 ,@swaira35 it’s fake account . I don’t know who is create this account . It’s viral my videos and use abused language . I sucide now if not delete this account. Please delete this account.

  84. @yasiyorum says:

    I am an elegant user of tiktok and I have never posted any vulgar video on my account. There was one of the user of tiktok who has been always speaking against religion and he was hurting the emotions of people with his creepy statements by touching sensitive issues and I have been always disliking his videos as well as I told him in comment column that he is spreading violence. He has many followers and I guess his followers start reporting against me and I end up on getting banned from tiktok..
    Well, in the end I apologize with the core of my heart that I won’t comment or dislike any video of him, I would like to get back my tiktok account back because I had many memories in the videos I have posted on my account.
    If you can’t accept my appeal then please unblock my account for a day so that I can download my videos from my account and save my memories…
    Decision is up to you and I would like to tell you once again that I won’t dislike or comment on anyone’s videos… please give me a last chance.
    I would be thankful to you.
    My tiktok id is “@yasiyorum

  85. Jordan Nicholls says:

    Hi i would like you to email me back as soon as possible as im not happy with sometjing about tiktok and i would like to speak to you about. Hope to.speak soon thanks

  86. Festive_2006hondacivic says:

    Hi you guys keep banning my bio but all it said was pineapple juice with a pineapple that’s not bad plz stop taking down my bio because this is the second time this week

  87. Susan Stegman says:

    Please contact me about my account. I have been double charged for months and need to talk to someone to help straighten this out. The phone number you have on your website is incorrect.

  88. Faith says:

    Hello. I have been reporting so many times that I can’t go live. Im from Singapore. I am really upset that I cannot go live even though I have 2 k plus followers and i am 24 years old. Plus im married. Can you do something about it??

  89. Hassan ali says:

    Sir mera tiktok kal se nai chal raha kia masla hua network error a raha h jab k baqi sab apps chal rahi hai

  90. Karen says:

    Hi TikTok
    someone on TikTok named @Halo1337b is hacking my account and they are a pedophile who is ruining my life and the. are planning to. lock me out can you please ban this account
    My TikTok is @care bear413

  91. Tarepeta says:

    Hi TikTok creators,
    Recently you released some new guidelines and because of that my videos were taken down because to the original video. I’m upset because I went to look back at the videos and only the people verified has their videos up and if your going to take one down take them all down because that’s unfair.

  92. Sarah says:

    Why does tiktok allow Thatveganteacher to remain on this app? She is toxic, and goes against many of the community guidelines, and tiktok does nothing but tell us to block her. How about you go watch her videos and tell us that you’re okay with minors under the age of 18 watching her content. And if I report her, it takes 2 or 3 minutes to get a response that she hasnt gone against community guidelines, and that is a complete and utter lie.

    You are allowing a Canadian woman to spread hate speech, racism, homophobia, bullying and harassment, putting down religion, spreading misleading information about veganism, and she should be banned, permanently.

    Her four accounts, (which is against TikToks terms of service to have four accounts are; Thatveganteacher, Thatveganteacherwhocares, thatvegannurse, and thatmeatteachermisstofu, and on each of them she is portraying illegal acts, like impersonating a nurse, which is fraud, making light of drugs and being sexually suggestive, swearing at kids, telling kids to run away from home, comparing black slavery to veganism, insulting jewish people, and the holocaust, she constantly bullies other creators who dont agree with her, she bullies minors and throws insults at kids and she portrays grooming behaviour towards children.

    And you, Jahaira are going to tell me she isnt a problem, that you are not going to do anything about it, that tiktok is going to allow this person, from Canada to continue this behaviour? I think not!!! I will be contacting tiktoks legal office and I will be sharing the information you gave me that you are not going to do anything!


  93. Sharon frazier says:

    I’m trying to add my phone # to my tictok account it says phone number already taken? .please allow me to add my # so I can chat with friends

  94. Andrely S. says:

    Hi. I’m having problems with my account… how do I check if it’s shadow ban (banned) ? A couple of my videos went viral and I gained 60k, Then my videos stopped reaching more than 1K people and my followers went down to 53k… something it’s wrong with my account and I want you guys to help me solve it!!! My account is @smyrna_cosmetics_

    Thank you!

  95. Kacie says:

    Hi TikTok I am wondering why u banned my account I did nothing wrong so can u please please have my account back i am so sorry for this inconvenience

  96. Kacie Russell says:

    Hi TikTok I am wondering why u banned my account I did nothing wrong so can u please please have my account back i am so sorry for this inconvenience

  97. ITZ_Chubby says:

    someone is making accounts using my name and pictures, i went them taken off my email and phone number. i got kicked out of my actual tiktok account because of this, i use the app to promote my streaming and yet i get kicked out because i can’t get rid of the other accounts. oh and when i call, i just get transferred and hung up on.

  98. Dylan says:

    My name is Dinosaur._.foot143 I was banned and I don’t understand why, I’m sorry for whatever I did I won’t do it again and I would like to please have my account unbanned, if I know what rule I broke I won’t break it again, Please give me another chance I won’t do it again, thank you and have a good evening.

  99. Kirby clifton says:

    Hi us said my money would be refunded to me today i did not cancel my bank was hacked us have to put the money in my bank Today us are owing me over a £100 i need that money for my kids

  100. Dana Cornwell says:

    Why is my douyin acct. Suspended? I have not posted anything all i do is follow people and like videos. Can you please unlock my account so i can log back in? Please and thank you

  101. Tracey smith says:

    I have submitted emails and appealed because you have banned my live for underage, I have not broke the rules, I am 51 my date of birth witch I sent into the appeal is No one has even bothered to look at my account

  102. Jada says:

    Hi TickTock I was wondering why I got banned because I didn’t do anything and I want my account back because I have a Lotta followers and stuff so can you please on banned my account

  103. Edna087 says:

    Hi Tiktok pls I need my account name edna087 can you unbanned I can’t see anything wrong with my video only bad person report me This account I have more contact there so pls help me to ubanned my account🙏🙏🙏🙏😢😢😢

  104. Edna087 says:

    my nema edna087 my account is banned pls I’m sorry if I do anything wrong in my video pls I will not do that again pls forgive me can you unbanned my account I need that I lots contact there 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 thank you tiktok

  105. Edna087 says:

    my nema edna087 my account is banned pls I’m sorry if I do anything wrong in my video pls I will not do that again pls forgive me can you unbanned my account I need that I lots contact there 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 thank you tiktok😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  106. Gary says:

    My account on tiktok (@an0nym0us..baddie) was banned my @.shutdowns tiktok didn’t ban it and I really want my account back @gunmags and @.shutdowns keep banning peoples account because they have some type of hack thing and want my account back please🥺🥺🥺🥺❤️

  107. Jaicee Fields says:

    Hi tik tok most of the sounds on tik tok that are from the original person it says that this sound is License for chronicle use please if you can do something about it contact me please have a nice day or night

  108. A victim of tictok scam says:

    You guys took $275 unauthorized payments out of my account that I would respectfully like put back into my account. I don’t have any ads or make any ads, my card is also not assigned to the account so I’m not even sure how y’all were even able to charge my card. I will be sure to mark my review for you guys as scammers cause that’s just not right at all I’m pissed about my cash it’s the holidays and I have a family and y’all are out here taking people money

  109. Vanessa Lemus says:

    I got a new phone, email, number, everything on my phone is new. My TikTok “v013105” won’t let me log back into it, I forgot my password and it has a different email and number. I was wondering if you guys can hack into it since you own TikTok and maybe send me a link to log back into “v013105”

  110. Anthony Rawlinson says:

    Can I get a real reason why I get blocked from following and from liking others? Why does it matter on how many time I follow and how many time I like? This dor not make any sense at all.

    1. Anthony Rawlinson says:

      Explain to me the reason I’m getting blocked to follow and like others? There is no reason for this. Tell me please?

  111. Arthur Bynam says:

    Someone charged $50.00 from my personal cash app card and I did not authorize it. I want to dispute all charges with Tiktoc, i have no association with them.

  112. Mrzia1143@gmail.com says:

    Hey My account totally freeze and my video not comeback from underview please check my account and unfreeze Thank you

  113. Makenzie Hanegan says:

    They said I couldn’t post till 3:30 on December 27, it’s passed 3:30 and it’s December 27 this is bullshit

  114. Autumn says:

    My account got banned for no reason I just would like too know why because last night it was perfectly fine until today I just don’t understand why I got banned please get back too me as soon as you can

  115. Valeria says:

    So it turns I can’t log in my account I always use that password and it says my password it wrong and I have my password on a piece of paper and it didn’t work so someone had to log in my account and change the password bc I never changed my password and I can’t log in. Please contact me when every you can as fast as you can for I know when I can know. p.s. I am using my gaming account rn. thank you

  116. Rebecca webb says:

    Good Afternoon,
    I am writing this emails my daughters account has wrongly deleted, I can personally confirm that none of your guidelines were broken as I personally monitor all tiktoks she posts.
    Your online help says she can contest it but we are unable to find the link you state is available to do this and therefore this is not possible without your assistance.
    Patiently awaiting response
    Kind regards

  117. Kelsey merck says:

    There is a user who is black putting on white makeup and ridiculous makeup and talking with a fake accent to make fun of white people. Her videos were reported and we were told she did nothing wrong. Users dress up as gingerbread cookies for Christmas and their videos are taken down for being “racist”. There’s a problem here.

  118. Taylor Beard says:

    I reported a video and tik tik said they confirmed and deleted the video but its still up!!! What the fuck tik tok take it down!!!

  119. Logan says:

    Are you deleting accounts for no reason because I saw a video on TikTok and it said if you have no profile picture you account is getting deleted

  120. @suepenfold42 or nanna bear says:

    I have a tick tock account and I am not a troll but I have been muted from lives I have done nothing wrong I stick up for people who are getting trolled and bullied as tick tock refuses to remove trolls. Unmute me now

  121. Lacey Hargreaves says:

    I want to take down videos that don’t violate guidelines but want to leave up! now is wrong with you? seriously, i need to know. cus yall got no god damn common sense is infuriating. I hope you get sued for children seeing what actually violates guidelines! I have been dealing with your shitty ass guidelines for way too long. want to keep the “community” clean? PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH! im not aloud to make a video about my weight gain but penises and literal is aloud? how does that make anyyyy sense? huh? it doesnt.

  122. Jadelyn Rodriguez says:

    Hi tik tok I wanna know why I got my acc banned just Bc I changed my profile picture or tried to change it Bc I did not do nothing wrong on my acc and u guys need to stop with that glitch for the pfp and I wanna know how I can get my acc back Bc I tried so hard to get to 2,000 and now u wanna ban my acc wow I’m so heart broken right now I’ve been with u guys since musically and my acc that got banned is 3k.jadeee.12 I think

  123. Jayleen Charles says:

    My grand daughters account ugly_girl_96 was band for no reason her cousin threaten her last night she was gonna have her account band cause she was fighting with my grand daughter almost all night she told her that sh we was gonna keep reporting her account til it got band and my grand daughter woke up this morning and it was band and that account t had alot of special memories on it that really ment alot to her she cried cause it got bad for no good reason at all. My grand daughters name is Zoey Raines and account name is ugly_girl_96 that is the account that got band and j was right here when her cousin threaten k have her account band my grand daughter did nothing wrong so please if you could look into this problem and restore her account it would be appreciate it would mean alot to her thank you for your time my grand daughter was getting bullied on her account last night from destiny James and her gifriend they were bulling her on messages and my grand daughter blocked them.. so if u could please fix this issue that would be great sincerely jayleen charles

  124. Pralayank reddy says:

    Dear sir and madam 😊 India in tiktok ceo 👨‍💼 replace i can perfect person TikTok ceo pralayank Ręddÿ please think

  125. Junaidahmed says:

    Hi team tiktok am Junaid ahmed from pakistan lahore well actually I was using tiktok app last from like 2 year an I was paying to much money for internet but I didn’t see any of my goes viral why please look at it if there any problem in my account please do let me know appricate it I will be waiting for your answer thanks

  126. ANTHONY PAYTON says:

    Hello company headquarters. This is to whom it may concern. I’ve been the victim of aggravated assault with intent in order to obtain personal gain from your social media platform. This experience has led me to believe that you’ve been involved in a social media scam. This will lead to an investigation leading up to federal charges filed by the FCC of “invasion of privacy”. Please investigate these proceedings within your network administration or face legal action.

  127. Alana Nappi says:

    Hi so when I was younger I made a public musically account the account is @alananappi I want it private or at least the videos of my sister without a shirt I just don’t want perverts seeing it I was11 at the time and I’m now sixteen and don’t remember any of my information and obviously now regret my actions of posting those videos I can send u proof of me at 11 so yk its me I just would really appreciate if u could either send me the info for my Old account or disable the account or delete the account or delete the videos if you could email me or text me to update me on what u can do for me that would be appreciated my email is nappiar22@icloud.com and my phone number is 440-622-0341 if theirs someone else I can contact pls let me know

  128. Tyler says:

    My account has banned for no reason and there’s girls on the app that show and shake there ass I want mine unbanned now this is bs

  129. Haramfatima says:

    hello respected sir I am haram Fatima from Pakistan I have problem my account sir my account name is Haramfatima178 sir tik tok banned my account why sir tik tok say to me violation of community guidelines so plz tell me my violation plz sir and unbanned my account plz

  130. Shonell says:

    Hey this is shonell my TikTok name is kisspie0 my TikTok has been heck they block of people on my account they deleting my comments and deleting my videos so far they delete 20
    Yeah all my TickTock the post I Shonell TikTok hacker 66!and 65 delete the video please give me a call back
    It’s 8103094846 thanks

    1. Shonell says:

      This shonell and because I’m going though this can u boost my TikTok follows up to 6,000 and will verify my account

  131. tiktok.com/@abdullatif1588 says:

    Sir I Request You all team member please Help.me sir may any uploaded videos in under Review No likes No views in may videos please check my account tiktok.com/@abdullatif1588

  132. Shahzaib52479 says:

    Madam / sir
    I request you all the team members please help me I upload so many videos in under review but there is no likes and comments on my videos please check my account and help me to promotion of my ID.

  133. Muniza muniza Nadir ahmed says:

    Respected tick tock team please check my profile and solve my problem please I want to grow my account on for you page please grow up my account on for you page plz plz plz
    Thank you

  134. Jeanmarie vittore says:

    I would like to why tiktok band my daughter’s account. I think it was a mistake for banding her account because there was no violence on her page.

  135. Jeanmarie vittore says:

    I would like to why tiktok band my daughter’s account her account name is jodycastaldo. I think it was a mistake for banding her account because there was no violence on her page.

  136. gabriella says:

    my tiktok got deleted for “ minor safety “ & there was nothing wrong with the video. i don’t care if it’s posted or not but i want to be able to save it or see it. my tiktok name is gab.martinezz_16

  137. Serenity Taylor says:

    Hello, My name is Serenity I’m 19 years old and my account got banned and my user is hel0ves.serenity I was wondering if I can get it back plsssss 🥺, I also have a account with my number on it but I put the wrong birthdate on there and it won’t let me text, and I have friends who I don’t have they’re number so that’s a another way I can text them so pls pls pls can I have my dms on 🥺 !! My backup with my number on there is serenity_..xoxo

  138. Brodie says:

    Is this the app where you can text tik tok to complain something if it is well I got banned for no reason and I would like to me un banned

    1. Sheikhtalha012 says:

      I want to grow my account and unfreeze my account no views no comments no likes no followers on my video

  139. Kembria spencer says:

    Someone has used my card and charged my account for 2 transactions for Tiktok and it was not me. I contacted my bank they said to contact Yall. If this does not get resolved and my money back in my account I will get legal involved. I do not have an account with you guys and it was done in California.

  140. Muzz_007 says:

    Please I want grow my account and also want my all videos go on the for you feed ms ID is @muzz_007 help me please

  141. Sarah Roberts says:

    Trying to get into my account but forgot my password and is giving a hard time to get it even when i try the forget password

  142. Henry lance says:

    Please tell me my comments that block me and change the phone number on this site it’s not yours

  143. Muhammad Talha says:

    I want to grow my account and unfreeze my account no views no comments no likes no followers on my video

  144. Muhammad Talha says:

    I want to grow my account and unfreeze my account no views no comments no likes no followers on my video plzzz help me. @Sheikhtalha012

  145. Armani Moore says:

    Sooo I got banned and I ain’t do shit I want y’all to unbanned my fucking account or I will report you to Biden and I’m his niece

  146. Precious says:


  147. honey says:

    hi tiktok i m honey .Actually so many times we report for our accounts..We dont know what happens suddenly with our account as my n mine hubby account stopped suddenly n we report problem so many times on tiktok n email also but tiktok not taking action n not sort out our problem. .Plzzz give me positive response i m really disoppointed

  148. @daisy._.mayyy says:

    Hello my tiktok has been banned due to someone hacking it and posting a disturbing picture please could you possibly get it back , that would mean so much . My tiktok username is @daisy._.mayyy , many thanks

  149. Libbi says:

    Hello Tik Tok! I am writing a very bad complaint because I am very ticked off at this. Tik tok is a pretty awesome app, but I recently made a new account that blew up and did really well. With all my followers I enjoy going live. I went live 6 days ago and it said I had been banned for 6 days. I thought maybe it was because I said a curse word, I had no idea. Today was my unban day so I went live. I was not live for even THREE MINUTES before tik tok banned me again. I did nothing innapropriate, and I said nothing wrong or did anything to hurt someone else. If you could please repeal my ban it would be greatly appreciated! And maybe stopping it from happening would also help 🙂
    Sincerely, Libbi

  150. Tanja De Bruyn says:

    My tiktok account @ariaxdance.queen has been blokked. I do’nt know why??? Can you restore it please?
    Thank you!

  151. Samantha Roche says:

    My tik tok keeps saying take a break when I like something I have turned my phone off and back on and leave the app and come in again but it is still there I get rlly annoyed so if u could please fix it it could just be a sleep on problem but I would rather write one now

  152. Skye Knight says:

    So my account got banned and idk why but I had videos of my best friend that past away and that’s all I had left of her so can you just please unban my account or something and I had 3K followers so can I just have my account back!

  153. Shawn Laing says:

    Hi there I’m just following up on my suspension for my live streaming. It said suspension would end on January 16th at 02:50am. Could I get some help? Somthing inappropriate was accidentally showed on the screen which I do regret showing by accident. Please help thanks! Here’s my info

     Username. Uncledewski69er 

    Email. Squarebodyculture@gmail.com

  154. Ryder Christopher says:

    Yes so I am one of the users of tiktok and I’ve seen that I cannot have a for you page and I cannot share my ideas or my creations on tiktok because of my age and I’m 15 years old and originally tiktok was for teenagers I believe that that is not fair to 15-year-olds because we are as mature as 16 and up and I feel like the rules should change I feel like it should be 14 and down or at least 13 and down because 14 and up are most likely teenagers then 13-year-olds and I need to change because 14 and up are considered teenagers thank you.

  155. Lexie Koulourianos says:

    I’ve been suspended from posting on Tik Tok for over a week after being notified of a “temporary suspension” due to breaking community guidelines. This type of suspension it’s supposed to last 24 hours to a week at most so if you could please un suspend me I’d greatly appreciate it and I promise to never make the mistake again. Thanks.

  156. Emery says:

    So idk how to get back into my second acc which is gxng.amv and it’s synced to the same gmail I used for my main but u forgot my pass but when I clock forgot pass it just brings me back to my main

  157. Emery says:

    So idk how to get back into my second acc which is gxng.amv and it’s synced to the same gmail I used for my main but u forgot my pass but when I clock forgot pass it just brings me back to my main.

  158. Saifullah nasrullah says:

    Dear tiktok team. I believe my account was suspended in error. Because i never violated any community guidelines or i never upload adult scam. Nude. Harmful video in my account. Some users. must have flagged my video /account randomly and improperly. So please review into my case and Unsuspend/reinstate my tiktok account and oblige me thereby

    You’re sincerely

  159. Kaylacool59 says:

    Why did my friends daughters account get permanently blocked kaylacool59 account please let me know what rules she apparently broke on tik tok

  160. Kylie says:

    Hi I’ve had two accounts deleted for nothing and I have a Lotta videos and I really want back on those accounts

  161. Cole says:

    My cousin brooke her tiktok brooke__camm got banned cause of this girl spammed reported her account and she hasn’t done anything and she is really upset just sending this to see if u can unbann her account your sincerely Cole

  162. Pooja chandurkar says:

    My video is on another site ….plz remove this video . I am from India..i India tiktok is ban but my video on urlebird site so plz make my account private

  163. Katelyn says:

    My account has got banned for no reason I did nothing wrong I’m totally upset I’ve been trying to get in it for weeks and it won’t work.

  164. Raeesa says:

    When I entered my date of birth and pressed next ,it said invalid parameters.please could you sort this out today .

  165. taimoor says:

    tiktok team chek my account my account ny growing no comment no like no views chek my account
    tiktok id @tami.qureshi

  166. Azam Shareef says:

    Sir iam Azam Shareef from sudai Arabia i am jobless please help me with some money for the my wife in hospital please help me iam from india

  167. Tarah myers says:

    tiktok is allowing severe bullying. I have reported dozens of times and account is still up. If its not fixed I will pursuit legal representation against tiktok

  168. Grace Wingham says:

    There is an account that is showing deeply inappropriate videos, promoting and glorifying suicide. It explains ways in how to carry it out.

  169. Seth Nix says:

    My account has been wrongfully banned for my profile picture there was nothing in the picture that broke any community guidelines for TikTok

  170. Marie Aliff says:

    Yes hello my account was hacked and has been taken over I would like to try to get my account back if not that is fine but it needs to be deleted I had a lot of personal information on my account so please get back to me .

  171. Bunny.cuttez Melissa is my real name says:

    Hi TikTok it bunny.cuttez so it says get out of the app and it’s gonna launch again and now it’s at home it doesn’t say for you page or following and it has a lock symbol and I can’t post anything so can you please tell me how to fix this thank you also I’m a big fan of Charli D’Amelio so can you please you know maybe just like make a follow me I love that Love bunny.cuttez

  172. Naomi says:

    Hi my name is Naomi I have a lot of accounts and I’m 13 soon to be 14 I want to make new accounts but for some reason I can’t fucking make a new one either blow me up on tictok or let me make a new account now!!!!?!!

  173. Amanda says:

    My account @amandarobo84 was permanently banned for multiple violations of community guidelines and I’m not sure as to what I did. I was attempting to message someone who was asking about my tshirts…. i could not do so as my phone number needed verified and when attempted it said it was already verified however not to my account. I gave it a little bit and when I attempted to go back to TikTok later I was unable to access my account. I can’t even create a new one. I would like to know what I did specifically and what guidelines I violated. Thank you.

  174. Alex says:

    I’m trying to delete my account and it’s asking me to verify my phone number. I have a new number since creating my account and need help deleting it

  175. layari401 says:

    I am not liken people on that app using my foto with out my permission to do bully tik tok needs to do something about that

  176. layari401 says:

    I fell u people in that app been using my picture with out my permission to do bully a d is not right am with u

  177. Macaulay says:

    You banned my live for know reason, I never broke one rule on there!! I use the live to speak to my nan that is really ill she don’t know how to use any other happy I haven’t spoke to her over a week now!! I really need to speak to her and see her face! You know how hard it is not seeing family in lockdown!!

  178. Jess moss says:

    We can not log back into our account
    @amberchippendale13 and the account needs to be deleted we have embarrassing videos on there. Please delete the account @amberchippendale13

  179. Layah says:

    My tiktok account was banned and I don’t know why I did nothing wrong I am 14 years old can I have it back?

  180. Haydee Sinisin says:

    I’ve been sending too many messages already but never did I get a respond from tiktok. My live stream is banned for already about 3 months with a wrong and when I say wrong it is really really wrong restriction. Please unban my live stream when your restriction is not even appropriate.

  181. Haydee Sinisin says:

    It’s just so frustrating and disappointing. You do have your emails or social media accounts whatsoever for a reason. They were made so you can be contacted. Yet you are not responsible enough to give us a response. Why in the first place do you have these social media accounts then? Atleast reply to our queries so we can have our own closure with our concern. Please unban my live stream…

  182. Zebrina says:

    Hey tiktok you are great but I cannot log into my account which is zebrina5 I recently got a new phone so if you can help me I would really appreciate it thank you

  183. Zebrina says:

    Hey tiktok you are great but I cannot log into my account which is zebrina5 I recently got a new phone so if you can helpme

  184. Therese Brindley says:

    I believe my account has been falsely banned. I am extremely upset as there are a number of personal videos of people in my life who are no longer here and the thought of loosing the videos is heartbreaking as it’s the only connection I have to them.

    I can’t understand why my account has been banned and appeal for it to be reinstated.

    The account is @xoliviagrxce

  185. itzzhayden_ says:

    Hi this is itzzhayden_ my account got banned for no reason this happened to my friend I had a lot of followers and I don’t know what I did please can I have it I’ve had tiktok for 2 or 3 years please

  186. Harmany says:

    Hi my tiktok got Ben and can I please have it back bc in crying and I really won’t my tiktok account and whatever I did im sorry and this Is my name on there harmony_1257 pls unben me please

  187. Chris Castleberry says:

    I got banned for nothing I’m over the age of 18 and when I was live streaming Tiktok cut me off and put me in suspension for nothing I’m not happy about that at all this needs to stop

  188. @sagar__baloch120 says:

    Hi there, Tiktok team some days ago i changed content so you have freez my account so request to you unfreez my account

  189. Kell says:

    Are you coming I’m leaving you is that I would like someone to contact me because I think this app is all wrong tick-tock loyalties are wrong you banning people for no reason at all yet you’re letting paedophiles and child abuses stay on your app disgusting and you’re finding good people what is wrong with you??? I want answers just like the rest of them on tick-tock

    1. Kelly says:

      I meant to say the only comment I was leaving, you can’t leave paedophiles and child abuse is any abuses come to think of it on your app seriously get a grip tick-tock

  190. Larissa layland says:

    I am a black belt in taekwondo I do movies about that a lot of it and TickTock there’s five movies about them and toy videos and cat 8134478971

  191. Ella Ashenden says:

    Hello my name is Ella and in summer of 2020 I was logged out of my tiktok account with 15.K I no longer have access to the bonded email or number but can provide a sort of facial recognition that I am the owner the account name is @its_e.l.l.a and I would sincerely appreciate if you could email me a temporary code for a password to regain access to my account – Ella

  192. inzibajwa12 says:

    hi sir madam please I need your help my tiktok got problem I do live but my friend not get notifications when I do live my friend not get notifications my account details inzibajwa

  193. IKA says:


  194. Zariya says:

    My account was falsely banned for no reason at all when i woke up this morning. Please give it back ASAP. My account name was @chocolate.melk

  195. Tayah says:

    My account has been banned on the tiktok app. I’m convinced it was a mistake as I did nothing wrong. My content was appropriate, and I had no arguments. I’m sick of this happening. My account that was banned is txic_tayah_

  196. GUESS WHO says:

    TIKTOK! Why are you always attacking my freedom of speech! Is it because I am a Republican. You suspend me on anything I say. I have a right to my opinion. WHICH IS NOT THREATENING. I am about to lawyer up on you guys for targeting. I guess you against Hawaiian Natives having a voice that dont agree with the radical left. Lift the suspension now!

  197. Ava King says:

    Hiya Tim tok I am very very disappointed of what you have done ‘ my child tik tok account has been been band and there was no single reason you should of done that , shes doesnt own the account u do because she is under aged so I controll and nothing I have witnessed has went against you guide lines I am a sorry but you have made her cry her eyes out because she had so may memories on this account. Her account @isa_sparklez I expect to give me her account back she is so innocent and it’s also her birthday this Saturday and she was so exsited and you have ruined it I want this account back NOW email me please.

  198. Ava King says:

    I am actually fuming and her account is @isa_sparklez
    Remember its @isa_sparklez; am I crystal clear .Plus if anything is against your community guidelines you are bot doing your go properly plus it’s only her friends and family following I am very angry tik tok very angry

  199. Roma says:

    Hey can you check my account every time I post I get reported for nothing can u stop that I’ve done nothing wrong !! Roma_opal

  200. Muhammad Talha says:

    @sheikhtalha012. My tiktok account
    Hello tiktok Team unfreeze my account no views no comments no likes on my videos. No video go on foryou page.

  201. Zainkhan3842 says:

    I want to grow my account .i am posting my daily videos but there is no views on likes and no use of third party so kindly please grow my account no videos are going in ForYou please grow my account

  202. Thewizardguy1 says:

    Hi dear tiktok, recently I’ve been hacked on tiktok and I recovered my account. Then I started to notice that my account does not show up on the fyp at all. So I decided to message one of the employees on tiktok and tell them about the concerns that I have. Then they told me to provide them more information about my problem. A few hours later they locked my account. I tried to contact them multiple times but they never responded. All I wanted to know was if the hacked caused me to be shadow banned or affected my account in a puticular way. However my account got locked forever. I love this app and I love to spread positive vibes on it and put smiles on peoples faces. Its honestly the reason why I’m making content. I also gave this app a 5 star rating because of how much I love it. All I ask is that I get my account back and get this shadow ban problem fixed so I can continue to move towards my passion and achieve my goal.

    Thanks for your time



  203. irrukhechanovi says:

    Hello, I have a problem on my account, which is @irrukhechanovi. I’m 20 years old and I was banned from live due to the age requirements and I think it’s because I was showing my brother, who is 7 years old. I didn’t know it was a problem, until i got banned. I have 19K followers and i’d never do anything illegal or something bad to influence my viewers. We were having so much fun by talking to my supporters. IF there is any chance, please allow me to go live again. I’m planning to release my music very soon and I really want to be able to use your platform to have a close relationship with my audience. I will never do anything to cause this. Please don’t ignore me. I’ve been trying to reach out but i’ve had no response yet. I hope you help me. Thank You.

  204. Emilyturner says:

    My tiktok is banned and i cant even watch my tik tok and pls if you would unband my tik tok acount

  205. Maryam hameed says:

    Hi.i had face a problem to use tiktok.My account @maryamhameed301 is not working ..i think you blocked my account .i never use abusive language or any content which is against the rules of tiktok..i am 23 years old.i request you please unblock my account .i shall be very thankful to you

  206. Aiden says:

    You have blocked me on .itsaiden you blocked me from posting? No reasone what so ever and please donr delete my videos like last time its just gacha its like anime everyone else who does it that doesnt happen to them so please unbann me from posting on .itsaiden i beg you

  207. Joseph lopez says:

    I saved a video on my TikTok account and it’s now unlivable and I don’t remember the account name how do I find the account

  208. Lamont Hawkins tik tok account (officialmcmont1) says:

    My tik tok account officialmcmont1 was temporarily disabled for reposting videos that other more popular famous accounts posted even tho I had consent and there was no nudity yet they claimed it went AGAIST community guide I even sent proof that this videos were up on other pages and ha millions of likes yet my appeals were ignored and dismissed I want the name of the person who reviewed my appeals I want to go to court this discrimination AGAIST newer unpopular accounts and it’s racism

  209. Mary Bananto says:

    I ordered a Silicone case for all on 1/10/21 for $3.22 order # 8124262128607468 snd have not received order. When will I receive item ? Its been a long time.

  210. Claudia says:

    My account: clauds_cosplayer93
    has been deactivated for 30 days for being underage, this is a mistake because when I logged into Tiktok I was asked for my birthday and I put in the wrong birthday year.

    I am appealing his as I am 27 and my birthday is 14th July 1993,

    I have proof of age if you need it (my age card and passport),

    Please let me know If my account can be recovered,

  211. Vera says:

    Hi my name is Vera last name Sufaj The name of my account is🇦🇱Birthplace🇺🇸Living place I would love to know why is the third time I’m posting videos and I do not get not even one view this is the only social media does this to me I hope you will consider mine complain it’s not fair

  212. Lilly says:

    hi this is gymnast3200 and this is my extremely old account and i’m struggling to log back in and change my videos, they are extremely embarrassing and i don’t know how to get back in i tried changing the password but it just doesn’t let me

  213. Natalie Burton says:

    My tiktok was permanently banned, after i sent an appeal it told me that i still couldn’t get in.

  214. Sheraz says:

    Hi my account khawaja_sheraz has been falsely reported and banned I have tried to contact support but no look I can’t even open the aap to appeal.

    People from fake accounts kept leaving hate comments and this lead to my account being blocked permanently. Kindly please assists me thanks

  215. Portia Asantewaa says:

    My tictok account was permantly banned without notice.please i have sent an appeal but no feedback has been received.

  216. Ak.wazir says:

    please support me sir since you are making this tiktok you are tired of life please bring me to foryou you are trying very hard. please support me be in a lot of tension please support me and grow my account please thanks for

  217. Sana says:

    Please,let k9ARLO GO LIVE. Take off any violation off!!!!! He had never done anything wrong !!!!!please,stop hurting him🙏🙏🙏

  218. Sana says:

    K9Arlo got a false report on him about Violation. Please, do nt let fake and false destroy all positive in life🙏🙏🙏

  219. Mark lenard Paralejas says:

    Hi, really dont understand why my account got suspended? If you are going to check my account, i havent posted any videos that may violate any rules and i haveny received any warnings that i violated any roles.

  220. @maamounabbas76555 says:

    Hello, my name is (مأمون عَبَّاس__zer) and this is the name of my account (@maamounabbas76555 )and this is the phone number registered in the account (0031630006494)

    My account has been disabled and suspended, as I have not violated TikTok’s acceptance guidelines and policy, and I believe the reason for the suspension is an error on your part ,,,,, hoping to return my account to normal and remove any restrictions.

  221. shanihacker14 says:

    My tiktok I’d @shanihacker14
    My account not getting more views due to fake reports please tiktok team solve my problem

  222. Kaylee says:

    My account clumpy.cheese got banned and I’d like to know why and if I can get back on it because I’m of age I’m 13 and the age is 12 plus I didn’t cross any community guidelines so I have no clue why on earth u banned me I just know I’d like my account back thank you

  223. Bhakti Vira says:

    Hi greetings

    I believe my account is not growing. There is some problem in my account ,my videos are not going in foryou page and not even to my followers.

    And I don’t have live option too since I have complained for this several times. Please help me out as I have given my years in this same account,, I hope you will do the needful very soon
    Please help me for live option . You can call me +971551659667.

    My TikTok user ID : @bhaks22

  224. Jasleen says:

    Hi, my accounts name is jasleen_hiii and I have been banned although I have not violated to any of the user guide lines it might be an error from your side please check and hopefully bring my account to normal and let me log in waiting for response

  225. Miley says:

    My tiktok account got banned and I post no bad things on there and was doing nothing wrong it would be great if u could unbanned it I worked so hard on the dances and just put so much effort into tiktok with 1890 followers so if you could unbanned me that would be amazing!my account name is chunguswungus263487 please do!

  226. Penny Murray says:

    I lost my big account a while back and ig i didn’t put my email in the account. i’ve tried all the passwords but i think my ex may have changed my password and won’t give it back. anyway you can reset my password so i can have it back?

  227. Nevaeha says:

    Hello my account was banned for supposedly breaking community guide lines I dont understand what I did that broke guidelines

  228. Chotabattery5 says:

    Dear tick tock team I request you please grow up my account on for you page please viral my video please I want to grow up my account on for you page please
    Thank you

  229. Cameron says:

    Hi I was just wondering why did my account on TikTok get banned. I did not do anything I just logged into TikTok and my account was banned. Please tell me why.

  230. ChenelleRenegadequeen says:

    Can you pls unbanned my account I got banned because my cousin reported all my accounts pls respond soon!

  231. hailey says:

    Tiktok banned me for no reason all I was doing is having fun and making tiktoks and liking videos earlier and now I am banned a couple hours later

  232. hailey says:

    Hey my friend and I account got banned hers is zaniyah96 and mine is bestiewithzaniyah.safiah and I was wondering why we got banned and if we can please get our accounts back cuz we had 100 or just about 100 followers and I wanna gain more as of she

  233. Cynthia Reids says:

    its a child on tik tot making inappropriate stuff about me an i am adult and i would like have charges brought against him and his tic tok name is aaronparker05 and i have proof and can someone please contact me as soon as possible

  234. Jasmine Jacobo says:

    I got banned for no reason on tiktok and i saw someone who had a hate page about me and my friend and we both banned for a false report and i got banned

  235. Fatimah3565 says:

    Good evening, I just wanna ask if how to change age in tiktok because it was private because I got mistake of putting age I’m 30 years old thanks

  236. Jasmin says:

    There is this tik tok person that I do not know and is assuming that I’m his “gf” and I hate it because everyone is accusing me of being taken and all this other drama. Can you please get that account banned as possible. The user to that acc is “imlovejasmin“ please.. I’m begging you 😭..

  237. Waseemgill264 says:

    Hi Tik Tok team i am a member of tik Tok i follow your all details but in your side we are not got any good
    response please check my account and solve my problam thanks

  238. Waseemgill264 says:

    Hi tik Tok team i am a member of tik Tok i follow your all details but in your side we are not got any good
    response please check my account and solve my problam thanks

  239. Jason zuniga says:

    I want to hear from somebody my account got taken down from no reason my brother posted two videos without my concern my phone number is 916-308-5684 I would love to hear from somebody please

  240. Holly says:

    @elkanahsibanda is the account that has been unfairly banned. He is a victim of cyber bullying and all he does is spread love, laughter and positivity in his videos. His videos are always put back once he’s appealed them for getting taken down and now his account has been banned? It’s not fair when he’s worked so hard to gain over 350000 followers.

  241. Jayden Sutton says:

    Ive been banned from going live due to being under age but I 22years old, ive submitted and appeal and report so many times and still have heard back

  242. Wilma says:

    Hi i would like to report something. My tik tok account: a.i.d.a.n.f.i.v.e got banned for life and i dont even know why. I was just wanting too ask you if i could get it back!

    That acc was an acc that i worked really hard on with all my videos.

    And if i did make a mistake that banned me i wont do it again and i will bee more careful! Thank you for spending your time reading this. And i would be really happy if i got a respond and got my account back as soon as possible!😁

  243. Kelsie says:

    I had changed my bio to where I’m from with a Georgia peach beside it and 3 minutes after tik tok reset my profile and now I am unable to change it.

  244. Kelsie Sanford says:

    Tik Tok needs to allow me to change my bio back to how it was. I did nothing wrong. This shows how dirty minded some of the creators are. This is pathetic.

  245. @roxy_elena29 says:

    My tiktok account @ roxy_elena29 was reported unfairly !! I say this because I didn’t post much and every time I posted I did older dances or trends !! I never broke the rule ever !!

  246. Hamza butt says:

    My tiktok account has been banned permanently… but i have done nothing😭 kindly help me as soon as possible..
    Tikok id: Hamzabutt_12

  247. Margaret McGarvey says:

    WHY WHY WHY have you banned a little innocent girl because she has Harlequin Icthyosis? A skin condition that her mother is trying to raise awareness of, fundraises to help other children around the world, to build confidence in her daughter, anyone else with the condition and to hear that you have BANNED ANNA FOR LIFE. I am beyond disgusted and as an admin for Support a Life with worldwide members I will make it my business to ensure that everyone knows how you treat disabled children

  248. Christian says:

    hey I just started tik tok I am Christian Carlon-Diaz I am looking to spread facta comedy and positivity on tik tok but my videos barley get out on the for you page which doesn’t allow me to grow anyway we can work something out to help me grow my page faster to give me more motivation to post more please reach out to me if we can work something out❤️

  249. Mallory says:

    There is a really creepy countdown on the Christmas countdown. Saying that its 9 days away… its February..what is it counting down to…

  250. Addison says:

    My phone number is linked to another account that’s not mine. How can I get my phone number on my account-

  251. Amber says:

    Hi tiktok so my name is amber on tiktok and someone keeps reporting my stuffs and now they have all my information can u please help Please tik tok love u 😓😓

  252. nito says:

    Why did you guys bann me my username is @nitos.wrld999 if I you guys would tell me I would have no more complaints so can you tell me what I did wrong

  253. abdulaziz says:

    Hi tiktok team please check my account.what a problems no like no views no followers.my account freeze please unfreeze my account thanks. Thanks please check account Thanks @abdulaziz_8898

  254. Darren Jin J. Becares says:

    Hi I’m 16 and I can’t go live I already sent a complaint since November. Please fix this.

  255. Masoo704 says:

    Please I need your help because your account has mistakenly put my account in the freezer list. Please re-check my account correctly and remove my account from the freezer list. Because I have not made any mistake that is against tiktok police but still my account has been frozen and my views have decreased a lot and I am also working hard on tiktok now to make very good videos content but Still, my views are much lower than before. Yes, but if my account is added to the Freeze list because I have deleted some of my videos, but I did not intentionally delete my video small in my house. Brother, they have deleted it by mistake, so I am very sorry for that. I will never make such a mistake again and I don’t even think that my account will be frozen because my Ideally, tiktok’s policy does not state that if you delete your video, your account will be transferred to Free from us. ze will be done but one more time if i have made any kind of mistake then please give me a chance from you and let me know about this mistake that you have made such mistake and i will repeat it again I will never make such a mistake but I don’t think I have made any such mistake but still I apologize to you again and again for fixing my account and I sincerely hope that my account will be fixed. Will and you will help me fully. Thank you very much!

  256. Caylee Kinnon says:

    My Tiktok I account got banned and I’m going to tell my friends and more to stop using this app if my account don’t get unbanned my account is @cayleebkinno

    1. Caylee Kinnon says:

      My Tiktok account was banned so if it don’t getv un banned I’m going to tell my friends to stop using this app Bc all y’all do is banned people. Account name @cayleebkinnon

  257. Sierra Knaub says:

    I worked so hard to gain 1000 followers and it won’t let me get I mean go live like please why can’t I I tried so hard looking up on YouTube nothings working

  258. ashley lehman says:

    Dear Tiktok,
    i just posted yet another video and you have taken it down when it clearly does not show violence im so over my videos getting taken down for no reason when i see literal porn/gore etc being posted daily yet you don’t take that down. my account is @simping4dazai and it’s my most recent post please consider putting it back up

  259. Savannah says:

    My account was banned for no reason i did nothing and it is unnecessary please give me my account back and i have never got a gide line

  260. Jakefran700 says:

    Can y’all call me and can y’all unbann my account plz and the account I am Currently on got a video for something violation and dad I was wondering if you can remove that so my video can get back on the for you page please

  261. Mercy says:

    Hi, so my name is mercy and I’ve been shadow banned for almost a year now and I followed through tik toks guidelines as well my user is thatrawchocolate

  262. Aapple anderson says:

    PLZ I NEED MY ACCOUNT BACK yall took it away from me and I. Need it back ASAP plz I’m like literally bout to die if I don’t get my account back contact me at 205-860-2062 my email tranayah10@icloud.com FIGHTING FOR MY ACCOUNT BACK

  263. tyler horsfall says:

    Hello my name is Tyler and I was aware that my tiktok account had been banned for no reason. I would kindly ask if you to review the matter again. Hello tiktok my name is Tyler and my tiktok  account got banned for no reason this morning. Tiktok I am literally in shock right now I don’t know why my account got banned and this has never happened before but may I please ask if you to restore it. I did not do any wrong I went over all the community guide lines and made sure I was not breaking any of them. Please review this because right now I am getting ver despressed and high anxiety 😟. Please review this again there was a mastake 
    My username is itzzme.Tyler

  264. Lainy marsden says:

    My account has been permanently banned for no reason, I am 14 years old and I do nothing bad ok my account. The account name is xmoon_anonX please get it back to me as I had over 88K that took me over a year to get

  265. Jennifer grant says:

    Hi is there anyway to find out why my daughter got her account deleted ??
    I know the email address but not sure if it’s my phone number or her phone number that it is linked with

  266. Jaaliyah says:

    Please unban my account tik tok I really don’t understand I didn’t do anything wrong . 🙁 pleas let me be apart of the team . I worked hard for my account I had 17.5k and now it’s banned! my tik tok account is jaaliyahkettering can you please do something!

  267. Samie says:


  268. Kelsey Esnouf says:

    Hi I’ve been banned from going live on tik tok it hasn’t said how long I’m banned for I’ve appeled agasint it showed proof of my I’d and they still haven’t got back in touch with me please unbanned me I am 20 I got banned for my age

  269. Martyna flisiak says:

    My account called harry.potter_stuff2 Got banned for no reason what so ever i would like it back i have not violated any tik tok rules and i put TW on any video that needed one i would like to recieve a phone call as soon as possible

  270. Cuan Skerrett says:

    Hi tiktok my account got banned it was called Stephen Hawkins boxing club and I would like to no why it got banned thank you I used a different email addresses on that account but the one I put down is my real email

  271. Javeria says:

    Assalam-o-Alaikum ❤️
    In fact, there is an account in Tik Tak that is causing problems for us. He is uploading incorrect information which is a big problem for us. Please close this account @ muskan_sheikh5.

  272. Javeria says:

    Please tiktok close this account
    Tik Tak is an entertainment app. No one should be harassed here and you should take action against them and such accounts should be closed.

  273. Holly says:

    Hello. the tiktok phone number was the wrong phone number. i found out that iktok doesn’t even HAVE a phone number thanks a lot. i hate you.

  274. Anna says:

    Hello! My account was expired and I don’t know why. Can u unban me? I think my ex best friend reported my account. I don’t post inappropriate stuff. My account is: annabelk15

    1. samia says:

      Please grow my account no followar no like please check my account please please 🙏🙏🙏

  275. Tutur says:

    I don’t understand why are you banned me.
    Please unban me i have 5000 followers.
    I didn’t do anything wrong.

  276. Anna says:

    Hello! My Account had been banded for no reason I don’t comment on hardly anything or post anything inappropriate. My account is: annabelk15. Can you unban it?

  277. Hari Ram bimali says:

    I have some problems this @arjunsunita1 this tiktok account .I want to this account phone number what I do please reply me

  278. Faheem says:

    Sir agr ma jazz net work py tik tok use krta ho to ni chalti pata ni kia masla ha plz help solve my tik tok paroblm no satart my mobile plz opan this app my phon contact 03055751849

  279. Faheem says:

    Plz help tik tok no use in jazz network not work in my mobil anthr network use plz jaaz network allow tik tok opan and use

  280. Hanaafi saman says:

    Tiktok plssss help me!!!
    My acc lost!!!
    How to get back my acc????
    Plssss help me🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 i wan back my acc🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲 i love my follower😭😭😭😭😭

  281. carl Cullen says:

    Hi tiktok can you help me I am chatting to people across world but am haveing problems with language barriers what app can I have for translate on tiktok if at all any🤔🤗🤗🤗

  282. Evie says:

    Hello,this is Evie I was ban on tik tok last night and I will like to know how to get it back I don’t think I did anything wrong all I do is dance and share my life.i would be so grateful if I got my acc back

  283. Zendaya Sanchez says:

    Hello this Zendaya so yesterday I got banned for I don’t know reason and I had so many memories on that account which was zendaya47 and if u guys can please do something about it I worked hard for that please and thank u

  284. Devaunna Smith says:

    Hi I am complaining that my TikTok taken down now I know why some boys in my class were playing around with my acount and kept on reporting it please j would like it to be put back up because my birthday is soon and I would like to post on it the username is Devi._33 passcode:Devaunna

  285. Matthew says:

    Hi I’m Matthew I’m a 12 year old boy someone has found my adress and my parents name and have put it on their account his name is tkwn I would like you to ban him from

  286. Tako says:

    Hi i have problem because my tik tok account has been temporarily suspended and I don’t know why
    My tik tok account name is @tako.angel

  287. Hari Ram bimali says:

    안녕하세요 개인정보침해로 인한 신고 및 삭제요청을 하고싶습니다. @arjunsunita1이라는 아이디로 올라온 동영상이 제 동의를 받지 않고 제 사진을 올리고 협박하고 있습니다. 이 아이디로 올라온 동영상은 하나밖에 없으니 확인가능하실겁니다. 이 메시지는 외국인 친구의 부탁으로 한국인 직장동료가 대신 보내고 있습니다. 회신은 메시지나 01039759950으로 부탁드립니다.

  288. Mikah smith says:

    My phone number changed a few months ago and I have money to withdraw off my tiktok account from lives and the tiktok creator fund. I need to change my phone number but can’t with my old one. Please help

  289. Arloisaqt says:

    Hello I’ve been banned on my account arloisaqt I am really upset for I have had the account for years I just want to know if I can have it back I will not violate any more community guidelines I promise

  290. Nyagoa Nyak says:

    Hello tick-tock I would like to start off by saying you guys are a very racist and you guys need to do better I find it very funny how you guys try to silence black not even she’s black or POC creators by taking down the videos when they are trying to spread awareness but you keep racist white people’s videos that if you are anti-black just say that I am coming here to complain about that when you guys gonna do better because there was a video of a black woman trying to spread awareness for racism and stuff that has been happening in the world you took it down and then there was a video of a white kid calling a black woman that I’m with a hard R and you kept that up and it is still up do better

  291. Nyagoa Nyak says:

    Hello tick-tock I would like to start off by saying you guys are a very racist and you guys need to do better I find it very funny how you guys try to silence black not even she’s black or POC creators by taking down the videos when they are trying to spread awareness but you keep racist white people’s videos that if you are anti-black just say that I am coming here to complain about that when you guys gonna do better because there was a video of a black woman trying to spread awareness for racism and stuff that has been happening in the world you took it down and then there was a video of a white kid calling a black woman that I’m with a hard R and you kept that up and it is still up do better

  292. Kelly Paterson says:

    Why has my daughter private accounts being permanently band from TokTok?? She has not put anything wrong up!! Only doing what all her friends do!! I monitor everything she posts. It’s a private account for myself and her friends only to watch!!

  293. Maisie says:

    I got banned permanently for doing nothing wrong or I did something wrong that I don’t realise My name is Maisie but the account th got banned is maisie_spammmmmmmmmm

  294. Crisan Spence says:

    I am wondering why my videos cant go on fyp bc I follow all the instructions given so in asking you tiktok to put me on fyp please tiktok username xoxo_.renae

  295. Brynn Marevka says:

    hello tik tok, you deleted my account @chodefingers because it was against community guidelines but i did nothing wrong and i want my account back please, i had so many followers and i’m depressed because i won’t ever get that again. You took away my happiness.

  296. Samiya says:

    My tiktok got banned a few months ago I was wondering I can get it back . I was hacked and I didn’t know I got banned until I search my tiktok name up off a different account. I was wondering if I can have it back my tiktok name was darealist._miyahh and I had over 6k fans. I would like my fans and followers back. I had that page for a very long time. My number information was In that page . I still have that number. I hope I can get my page back please. I would love everything back my fans and followers to.

    1. Anila Radaci says:

      Hi there, for some reasons my Tiktok account has been closed. I had a notice that I had violated the terms but as far as I know I didn’t do anything wrong so please can you help me to sort my account out?

  297. Margaret says:

    I have a TickTock account I got banned and I didn’t do anything wrong I was maybe wondering if I could possibly get it back

  298. Wangchuk tamang says:

    Hellow! I am wandering why TikTok video is deleted by TikTok. The video contain was so positive and good. Would you please check the video what I posted.

  299. zia ullah says:

    Dear tiktok team please 🥺 upgrade and unfreez my account @baba_ziaullah as soon as possible
    Also I have problem of watermark since 1 last 1 month @baba_ziaullah
    I tired 😭 to report a tiktok team but sorry 😐 no any response
    Tiktok please 🥺 help 🆘🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  300. zia ullah says:

    Dear tiktok team please 🥺 upgrade and unfreez my account @baba_ziaullah as soon as possible
    Also I have problem of watermark since 1 last 1 month
    I tired 😭 to report a tiktok team but sorry 😐 no any response
    Tiktok please 🥺 help @baba_ziaullah

  301. Dalina says:

    Hi there TIKTOK
    I’d just like to find out why is my lives being refused or robbed off the algorithm…Its been like this for weeks after i got suspended for not meeting age requirements which i did appeal it, now I’m experiencing my lives struggling to pick up – I came across another person by the name of celesteloubser and she’s also struggling the same thing. Why we the good guy’s are getting targeted when all we want to share out is Love,Positivity, and Support but the ones who aren’t and that is using the platform not for its use is being left alone.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon

    Kind regards

    1. Aysha Shahbaz says:

      Hi tiktok
      My account got banned saying I breached some minor guideline rules or something but actually it’s my account I am 35 years old and I normally or mostly make my daughter videos I don’t understand what’s going on I have sent them tons of mails requests even my passport copy and other documents but they are not replying I am extremely upset almost in depression is this what tiktok give us in return please sort it out
      My account name is
      Please help

  302. Samantha says:

    Tiktok has a problem, there are people reporting lives for false reasons and getting large creators banned. Tiktok is doing nothing to investigate the issue they have. Most creators being banned are trying to do charitable work and it’s disgraceful the way their creators aren’t taken care of.

  303. Alia Fernandez says:

    Two of my accounts have been banned and I do not know why one of them was hacked one of them was for no reason I’m pretty sure the last video that I posted on there was a video of me drawling

  304. Anila Radaci says:

    Hi there, for some reasons my Tiktok account has been closed. I had a notice that I had violated the terms but as far as I know I didn’t do anything wrong so please can you help me to sort my account out?

  305. Nicola Acton says:


    Could you please advise me why my daughters account has been blocked she uses her mobile number to login – 07415640618

    Username – xo.jayce.xo

    I will look forward to your response

    Many thanks

  306. Davinity says:

    My TikTok depressed_bhxddie_ was banned and my friend was also banned a couple minutes after that we were so close to 2000 and you just ban us out of no where saying multiple violence when I haven’t done anything. Young people band adults are upset about stuff like this happening pls bring back out accounts

  307. vlilaq says:

    Hello my account vlilaq was banned for absolutely no reason. I would like to know either what I did wrong or if I could get my account back? I have so many memories on there and just want my account back.

  308. Tamoor Hassan says:

    Asslamo Alaikum Tick Tock team please my help me for growing my account and viral my videos on feeds and extend my viewers and follwers

  309. ♡︎𝑀𝑖𝑎 𝑅𝑖𝑣𝑒𝑟𝑎♡︎ says:

    My TikTok account has got banned for no reason and I would really like it back because it has a lot of following and memories.

  310. Rose says:

    It’s not letting me change my age. It was a mistake and now people can’t comment on my videos

  311. Rose says:

    I have an account roseewynn on TikTok and people aren’t allowed to comment or share any of my videos because I put in the wrong age. I was born 4 th may 2004 please fix this

  312. Logan aipa says:

    I have been wrongfully banned from commenting people say crap about me or my friends I say some thing for once I can’t even message violating tos my ass forgive my language

    1. Franklinmclellan says:

      I even tryed adding my cellphone back on.my account and some reason it won’t work for me

  313. Franklinmclellan says:

    Someone is trying to banned me from tiktok and I have done nothing wrong I am even trying to add my phone number back on and I can’t do that

  314. Cristina says:

    Hello tik tok i wanted to ask you why my account is banned i dont know what video i posted to be banned but please if you know something about it contact me thank you

  315. Koren Maddison Ierston Borg says:

    Hello , my account with 2568 followers got banned and I think it was a mistake,a group of boys where harassing me and hating on me and kept reporting my account,I would appreciate if you could put it back up , thank you.

  316. Koren Maddison Ierston Borg says:

    Hello , my account with 2568 followers got banned and I think it was a mistake , a group of 5 boys where harassing me and reporting my account,I would really appreciate if you would put it back up , thank you.

  317. Azaria,Jack says:

    so i been emailing titoki emailing everyone i can just to get my accounts back, i have released after my first account getting banned ( guesswhoiam200) i have made other accounts and i was like oh maybe it was by accident then yesterday ( Mar 12 2021) my other account out banned( crybaby_aj) and then i was like wait all of my public accounts are getting banned. and at first i though it was my friend because she told me she could banned people. and i was like maybe she doing it do me now because we are not friend and take in that she has all of my account ( not the passwords) but anyways im trying to prove that it not her and if its not and its you guys please give me my account back i read the guide lines i did nothing wrong there and yet it still saying im getting banned because of that. if you guys do not do this i will emailing you texting your ig i will do it just to get this accounts back

  318. Zulfiqar khan says:

    I am hard working on tik tok every day But my vedio not going on For You plz Cheak my account Upgrad my account unfreez

  319. Teagan Warnick says:

    Hello you’ve banned my sisters account she had 700 and more followers and she worked really hard to get them and I just really wanna know if you can tell us why she got a band as soon as possible.

  320. Harriet says:

    My account got banned for no reason I’ve reported the same issue about it on TikTok no reponded my banned account was xx_..tyra.._xx it got banned for no reason..

  321. Liosbel says:

    Hi I am a cowboy I would like if I can please get 20k followers and get verified please and if I get that u will be so happy for I can beat my mom it will make my life better and
    my username is hamstercult5428😃

  322. Dawn Trethewey says:

    My daughter is having an issue with some mean girls at her school and they think the way to get her is to get her tik tok account banned I need help identifying them

  323. Kayne says:

    My account has been banned for too many against community guidelines when I didn’t post anything bad

  324. Skylar Gelinas says:

    PLEASE have this account taken down as soon as possible the account username is @lesbiansofnh this is someone who posted a video of me that was not made for the public and I would so appreciate this to be taken down as soon as can. PLEASE.

  325. Emorie Leysock says:

    Hello, my tiktok that i posted today got taken down for community guidelines. Please put it back up. It took a long time to make. My username is @swaggyemmyy.

  326. Joyce says:

    Hi, Good Day Sir/Ma’am, here I am again. I’m sorry but I really need my account back.My account name fujoshit21. I’m not a minor, I’m almost 20. I already sent you documents. But you keep telling me I’m a minor. I’m sorry for my negligence. Please let have it. I’m super drained, it’s been a week. The whole week, I’m crying. It was my 3rd account got banned. Please reconsider it. I promise not to take a video that might against the community guidelines. Im super shocked that I got banned, I never got any warning/notifs. Please help me retrieve my account, I’m begging you Sir/Ma’am. I’m still having high hopes here. I don’t feel making new account again. Thank you and God bless

  327. camran Moore says:

    Tiktok is this little girl that was trying to threaten me and stuff with a knife and I would like for y’all to like get her off the top cuz you know she a little girl you know like she you’re supposed to be seeing that stuff so please can you help me please

  328. Hannah says:

    Hi my daughters account have been banned for no given reason I have her account on my phone which I check daily she has personal videos on there and memories she will never get back now she’s very upset! i would to see if you have a reason as to why it’s been banned or can please put her account back on anyone can go round reporting other people’s account for a number of reasons jealousy to be nasty or just for the sake of it .ellajx is her account that got banned

  329. Cj says:

    Today I just had my creators fund permanently banned,,why?? Because I “SHARE” OTHER PEOPLES CONTENT who have the same beliefs as I do. The funny thing is, the original creators content is still up. Lmao. So now in my eyes that’s a violation of my freedom of speech right and a violation for Discrimination. I will be talking to a lawyer about this.

  330. Katerina Hebka says:

    Hi there so last nite I got banned from live with no date to when I xan go back. I’m writing email after email. To legal department. I basically wore long sleeve t-shirt and dungarees but I got new crown so I dance a bit……wrong again!!!! And banned for absolutely nothing got so many msg from people what happened as I didn’t do anything wrong. There are people on lives doing crazy stuff I watch them and nothing happens so for person who never didn’t negative video getting banned everyweek and then you stopping my videos go! It not fair…….can you please help me. Check my account as u will see. I only got I negative comment in 3 months that I think is proof that I’m not violating or being accused about nudity. I’m encouraging people to do stuff and be positive in this hard time and I’m getting back msg that I help them. So why I’m getting this negativity from tiktok. Thank you 😊

  331. AJ MINER says:


  332. Olivia says:

    I had a account that was ban by spam report for no reason I had over 1400 followers and the user was something like x.uhhh_olivia.x I want it back becuase I did nothing

  333. Tory says:

    Hello I think my account got banned it is called aestheticdates and the password and username has been changed it would be great if you could please email me the password thanks

  334. Elizabeth says:

    My first tiktok account got banned can you unban it and my other one cutebabybell3 pls thank you

    1. LAla says:


  335. LAla says:

    I love using the app tiktok but they banned my acc just now for no reason and now all my hard work on there is gone. They keep banding peoples acc for no reason

  336. Claire Raddon says:

    Hi ya I was just wanting to know why you band my daughters account, she has been with tiktok for 4 years and she is so upset and I’m not sure what has happened.
    Can you look in to this for me please and get back to me.
    Her account name was x.Sophie-x

  337. Jessica Rowan says:

    Hi tik tock I have sent several emails to you but nothing is happening please could you unban my account I have done nothing wrong I have not crossed any guidelines my tik tock account that has been banned is @jessie_rowan

  338. Maria says:

    Hello !!! My name is Maria and my account randombby._.anon got banned I was maybe wondering if I could get it back have a nice Day bye!!!!

  339. Katie Manton says:

    I have made a complaint about someone on tiktok and still nothing is being done about it even though we were asked to contact u by police there is account posting thing that not allowed by police order and continue to be ignored the video may look innocent but there not she is vile she even wrote a tiktok about me and been harassing me u need to get her to delete her account or u terminate it enuff is enuff I’ve told you guys so many time her name and everything and nothing and as u say u have policy u don’t up hold her name is @alexiadavis

  340. _thatmaxinechick says:

    Hi. My name is Maxine Taylor. I am 36 years old, a mother and live in Australia.

    During the Covid pandemic and lockdown I downloaded TIKTOK.

    I believe I am respectful and thoughtful. I do not harrass, bully or be unkind. I am not racist or agist nor do I discriminate.

    This morning I went to log on to my account and it told me I have been permanently banned and then it said I can’t log in because of a temporary suspension.

    I’m confused. I have not broken any guidelines of late.

    I have had no contact from TIKTOK so this is why I am contacting you.

    My account is under _thatmaxinechick
    My email is maxinetaylor1984@gmail.com

    Could you please contact me so this can be sorted out as TIKTOK is my escape from all the horrible of the world.

    I am quite literally heartbroken.

    I’ve worked hard to entertain and get just over 2 thousand followers 😢

  341. Joyce says:

    Hi, Sir/Ma’am, I got banned weeks ago. I’ve been sent thousands of emails and dms. My account @fujoshit21 has been permanently banned and one of your staff did a further review in my account. He/She responded, saying I’m underage and not safe for me. I’m sad, but I want to clarify that I’m not underage. I already send my documents like I’d, COR, and birth certificate. But I don’t know, if someone see my emails. I just wanna get back my account ASAP. Please fix and unban me. I’m almost 20. I’m super drained right now. I can’t sleep, the silence is killing me. Please, Ill keep sending you emails and support ticket. Please help me. Thank you and God bless.

  342. David Walsh says:

    Username Jac W83 has a video that asks “which ones better?” that’s starts out with a teen shooting a basketball at a hoop and cuts to a porn seen with two people have sex. I reported this. Tik tok said they reviewed it and responded:
    We reviewed your report

    We found that the reported content doesn’t violate our Community Guidelines. We understand that you may not want to see this type of content, and you have the option to block the account that posted it. 2021-03-26 09:36:37

    Seriously????? It’s literally porn.

  343. Cadence Hood says:

    I have a tik tok account that was recently banned for a day and the day is up and they still have NOT unbanned me!! Its been TWO HOURS since the ban was supposed to be up! I am Fritz and I am outraged by this. If you want me to edit my username UNBAN ME.

  344. Brailey Carter says:

    Hey I got banned on tiktok for no reason I don’t post inappropriate things or language Idk why I got banned is there a way I can get my account back

  345. Brailey Carter says:

    Hi I got banned on tiktok for no reason I don’t post anything bad I’m not mean to animals I did nothing wrong I had a bunch of memories on that account can I atleast have my followers back or is there a way I can have my acount back thank you

  346. Alexander Vallejos says:

    Hello, my name is Alexander Vallejos and my issue is that i cant link my phone number to my account and i think someone already used it or used it as a random number they wrote down when signing up. When i tried to log in through my number it said appeal deadline passed and i cant unlink it. Help me please as I want to be able to use my number for my own account.

  347. Peggy says:

    Best, with great sadness I send this message. my daughter’s account was suddenly deleted for the 2nd time. 

    My daughter has autism and adhd. And tiktok is the thing she goes into completely. It’s her way of interacting with other kids. Her way of dealing with tension. 

    Now her account: joely.moreno was suddenly deleted last year. I think from other children falsely reporting her account. 

    She was really, really sad. And I was afraid she wouldn’t get over it because of her autism. 

    But we her family supported her and got her to create a new account. with a lot of time and energy she has made a nice new account: joely.isabel 

    She has not broken any rules of the community guidelines of tiktok. We read the guidelines completely.

    And yet her and our worst nightmare has come true. yesterday her account was deleted again. All her hard work, all her videos, all her memories. she needs tiktok to de-stress and cope with the things she faces in life with her autism. 

    And I can’t think of anything other than that there has been another deliberate false reporting of her account. Just to hurt her. 

    She is inconsolable. she’s been crying since last night. and I don’t know how to comfort her. 

    So please please i beg you please give her back her account. she really needs it. 

    Awaiting your answer! 


  348. Destiny says:

    Hi my name is destiny my account got banned for no reason this morning tick-tock if you’re seeing this please unbanned my account Destinybradley20

  349. Aine Giedraitiene says:

    Hello. My tik tok account was banned without any reason. My name is Aine Giedraitiene. I am 33 years old. I was born in 1988..02.03 in Lithuania. I work really hard to reach 5k above 5k followers. I didn’t do anything bad or violent or nudity in account. I am really sad about it. My content was only positive. I was dancing or talking funny things. My account was banned in March 22nd. I post videos often. I don’t write any hate commentts or bullying of something never. Only from mines account video was bullying other wrote hate commentts. I want to know why my account was banned? Old account name was aine.g7
    I want that it will be unbanned.

    Contact me on email.

  350. Tamara Fuchs says:

    Mijn dochtertje staat bij iemand op tiktok mijn dochtertje is minderjarig, wij willen dat deze persoon alles van mijn dochtertje verwijderd maar weigert dit te doen .
    Dat persoon is aan het haatzaaien.
    Mijn dochtertje is doodsbang
    Groetjes Tamara

  351. Choudharygee says:

    Dear tiktok Team ,I believe my account was suspended in error , Because i never violated community guidelines or never upload adult, scam , nude , harmful videos in my account.
    Some users must have flagged my videos /account randomly and improperly.so please review into my case and unsuspended /reinstate my tiktok account and oblige me thereby .Yours sincerely

  352. Gwen says:

    Tiktok why i cant post my video…whats wrong…their so many videos very bad but dont have any violation…its not fair

  353. Chris lax says:

    Good afternoon my daughter uses my TikTok account its.liv_x and last night for no reason at all got band so can you please either give me a valid reason for this or reopen my account I look forward to hearing back from you with in the next 48hours.

  354. @mainshariqshahi says:

    Sir, please check my account once again, why my account has been closed. I have not posted any unique activities on it. Please check it once again.

  355. @mainshariqshahi says:

    Sir Please I am Very Upset Sir, I also Complicate in the Complaint Box Everyday, Please forgive me, please open my account.

  356. Lucy May says:

    My account got banned (@…lucy7) for no reason what so ever and I am very upset about this because I was trying to grow my account and all of a sudden it came up saying “ your account has been banned due to violating multiple community guidelines” I would also like to know why this has happened because there was no reason for this… I don’t post anything that’s inappropriate so I am very confused. Also does tik tok actually look at the video or the account before they ban it because it doesn’t seem like it because I did nothing wrong !!

  357. Good morning Sir/Maam, regarding the email you have sent to me. stated that you’ve reviewed my recent videos and found out that  I’m under13. but I’m not. I’m of legal age. My account name is @fujoshit21. Please help mee, i wanna get my account back please. been weeks since it got banned. Please reach me out so i can send you again documents proving that I am.  my certificate of registration, school id, and birth certificate. These are the documents I can provide for now. you mistakenly suspended my account. please notice me sending here tickets. and please help me get back my account. I’m sorry for being stubborn about sending emails and DMs, but I’d really need my account back. I’m still hanging that you could reconsider this. please, I will wait for your response. thank you and God bless

  358. @fujoshit21 says:

    Please notice me, let me explain. i was suspended in error. please help me, been weeks since i got banned and sedning dms and emails everyday. Please contact me, so i can show you my id and anything, that proving that im not 13. Pleaseee

  359. Joyce says:

    please help mee. ive been sending emails and dms everyday, please notce me. i got suspended for weeks and unannouce. i was super shocked. please reach me out, let me explain and show ypu my documents pleaseee help meee…. i had 4 accounts, and they are all permanently banned, and i dont know why. please help meeeeee. lets talk please. may account was @fujoshit21. one of your staff have checked my account and said that im under 13. which im not please. im almost 20 year old. Thank you

  360. please help mee. ive been sending emails and dms everyday, please notce me. i got suspended for weeks and unannouce. i was super shocked. please reach me out, let me explain and show ypu my documents pleaseee help meee…. i had 4 accounts, and they are all permanently banned, and i dont know why. please help meeeeee. lets talk please. may account was @fujoshit21. one of your staff have checked my account and said that im under 13. which im not please. im almost 20 year old. Thank you

  361. Carly Taylor says:

    I got logged out of my account, and I’m trying to log back in but it keeps saying my password
    Is incorrect and I’ve tried resetting the password but it takes me to a different account, what do I do?

  362. Leahthow says:

    Um just saw a TikTok of @merlinomatty and he had put my friends number on his TikTok and telling everyone to call her it is Unacceptable and she didn’t give him Permission to leak her number he should be blocked


    To whom it may concern

    I was suspended going live on my TIKTOK account (Twizpliz) few months ago , my LIVE suspension was supposed to be uplifted on 13-12-2020 . The date has gone passed
    and I still can’t access the my LIVE STREAM .
    The message I was getting when I try to go live was “YOUR LIVE ACCESS IS SUSPENDED UNTIL 14:23 on 13-12-2020” and now the message
    Has changed to am Banned from going live
    I believe truly believe this was a MISTAKE , the day I was banned all I was doing is playing music, would you please open my live stream
    So I can connect with the world during and after
    Thank you
    My TikTok name is : TWIZPLIZ

  364. Habib Ali says:

    Hallo tiktok team
    I am a tiktoker i making vedio since 3 or 4 years i have 40.6k follower for one year my vedios are note viral my account looks like freeze please unfreeze my account
    My account named @khaplu_valley_
    Email: habibkhapluvii@gmail.com
    Mobile number :03144771150
    Please help me out

  365. eexoticreekid1500 says:

    I’m tired of people reporting me and u think im violating guide lines when I fucking dont other people say and do shit and when I dont even say anything fucking bad I get banned u fix this shit or imma do something about ur company

  366. Blake Dewitt says:

    I’m a tiktok acct owner @scary_explorations_1111 with 299k followers..I’ve noticed when I look at my “Following” list,For some reason you guys have me unfollowing about 50 percent of the people Ive followed.. my account used to do very very well and then all of a sudden one night it’s like I fell off the map..I’ve worked my tail off to get where I am and if you guys are just pushing buttons I need you to UN push them, when I look at my list they Have mostly all going back to red as if I never followed them, and as soon as I followed them back and go back to the top of the list, they are unfollowed again.. i’m not sure if that’s part of your algorithm but if it is it’s bull crap! It has seriously ruined my account and I don’t like it.If you guys could do anything to help I would greatly appreciate it

  367. Imamjan Safi says:

    Hey sir my account has been banned with out any reason some one report me as personal
    And my account has been removed I’m kindly requesting you to allow my acc back and please I can’t use any id in my phone either please sir sort me out thank u

  368. @erb_100 evarose Rooney Brady says:

    Ok lease advise me why I cannot get into my account . This account is watched by her parents for all content which we are happy with . Please advise me how I can re gain access . Johanne Brady 00447759037111. erb_100 is the account .

  369. Victoria says:

    Someone sent an email link into my direct phone message with a link. I lost my brother-in-law and his name was Robert. I don’t have a tiktok account. I pressed the email because I thought it was his obituary. It came up with some sex thing. I deleted the message. Please tell me how to safeguard me from these people.

  370. Annette mc namara says:

    Why did ye ban my son he is 16 years of age and he sent he’s birth cert details ye never replied back ye said 48 hours

  371. Azaria says:

    Hi you all deleted my Tik Tok account and I just downloaded and made account and I didn’t follow anybody I think or I didn’t post any videos and it said regulations or violence and I haven’t even posted anything

  372. Kelly Coppock says:

    I have 10 ur old granddaughter that I have cousty of she put videos on this sight I wan t here accounts taken down she don t have the passwords she had help but the accounts are linked to two phone numbers 740 357 7837 and 740 285 4587 pls help me she don t realize what this could cause all her friend doing this they are 10 pls take it down Emma Bradford several account .I don t kn how to get passwords pls help take them all down linked to them numbers thank you pls.

  373. Danielle Forbes says:

    Good Evening, 
    My username is _xxx_danielle_xxx_

    I have been trying to contact you guys now since Friday with no avail and I’m now not able to send messages via my profile. I was on live Friday and my live was suspended with no time scale as to how long this will be for. I was simply having a conversation and my account was banned/suspended for illegal activities and regulated goods. I’m unsure why this is the case as all we were doing was having a conversation and now the live replay isn’t available. It states I’m banned from going live due to multiple violations to the community guidelines so i can only assume some jealous person has felt it necessary to report me for things that never even took place. I will continue to email until i receive a response as this is outrageous and there is no need to have me waiting for 4 days to have a response. 
    Please reinstate my live as soon as possible or explain to me exactly why i’ve been banned with proof as i know 100% none of the above have been violated.
    Many Thanks 

  374. Ibrar khan says:

    Dear Tiktok team

                                Tiktok Team please grow my account. Do some thing to my videos always put in foryou page my account is old also give me verified bagde my google account facebook instagram all are official mine and same email and mobile number its my humble request you to solve my these problems thanks waiting for your feed back 

  375. awais_khan110 says:

    Hello tik Tok team ! I have 24.3k followers in my account. I am uploading daily videos but views are not coming in any videos of my account .sir kindly fix my problem I will be very thankful to you.
    Thank you very much sir.

  376. Salma khan says:

    Hello dear tiktok team my account is freeze please unfreeze my tiktok account my username is @salman_uae3 please tiktok team 😭 i very love at tiktok app 🥰 please my account is unfreeze now no views no like and no followers please tiktok team solve my problem I request you please unfreeze my account 😢😢😢😢😢

  377. Victoria L LaBarbera says:

    I have reported a video several times it comes back unfounded yet its a direct violation of your xommunity guidelines. The video has my personal information and needs to be removed

  378. Gurpreet kaur says:

    Dear tiktok team
    ID 2020charli3 This person is talking very dirty by posting pictures of me and my wife which is not audible. We are very upset about this. We have reported to the police. Please close his account or video. The link to the video I made is https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeaSvkLF/

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