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TaxHawk® Software Contact Phone Number

TaxHawk is an online tax preparation software that is a free or low-cost option. It offers tax filers with Free Federal filing even for those with complicated tax circumstances (check comparison table below). So, anyone can file their federal without filing their state without paying anything. Same-year State Returns have variable cost apiece, depending on when you file. TaxHawk has 3 Affordable Products: Free, Deluxe, and the Deluxe Plus versions with an increasing level of sophisticated features and assistance available as the plan progresses. To know more about TaxHawk suitability for first-time filers, options, savings, and check put the sales coupon codes by contacting TaxHawk support toll-free at 📞 (801) 812-1040.. Also Tax experts also reachable 24×7 on Toll Free Number 📞 +1855-481-5333 for Tax Preparation & Planning .

About TaxHawk® Company

Company Profile

TaxHawk, Inc. TaxHawk is also the owner of and together they serve identical service with identical pricing like offering free federal returns but with a few extra tiers of service. TaxHawk’s free service also includes free IRS e-files, IRS form preparation, printable tax return, accuracy checking, and more.

TaxHawk’s high quality and much lower prices combined with improved friendly interface makes it a worthy consideration. However, if you’re looking for an online tax prep platform that will hand-hold from start to finish, then there are better options like TurboTax or TaxAct. But if you are at ease filing returns with guidelines and help books then TaxHawk’s extremely low pricing and value for money for even the most complex tax filing really luring.

Currently, TaxHawk employs more than 150 employees including customer service representatives, tax preparers, and tax advisors, all of whom work in the United States.

Why TaxHawk Free Federal Tax Software Popular

TaxHawk is an IRS approved E-file provider with over 43 million tax returns filed with the IRS. It has spent considerable time in combating identity theft tax return fraud and is a part of the IRS mission that involves information sharing and development of best practices through combined knowledge of industry and government parties.

How Does the Software Work?

Easy to Use

Their software uses a mixture of an interview and forms entry process with an ability to bookmark sections. After signing up, users can import the previous year’s returns from other tax software.
Flexible Navigation

Its navigation is a hybrid between guided and self-guided mapping with useful “help bubbles” popping throughout the software to guide users of “what’s allowed”, jargon busters to complete a section. It has a “Where do I enter” link that tells you where to enter every topic or form.

Bookmarking System

You can flag and return later to fill any section if you don’t have enough information

Progress Tracker

Shows at a glance secession completed and where you’re at in each one.

Automatic double-checker

Available with every module that double-checks the return and alerts if anything doesn’t fit or add up.

Real-Time Refund/Liability Display

Tax refund/liability display on the right changes as you move through

Summary Section

TaxHawk’s best navigation feature is its “Summary” section in the end that gives details on the income and deductions claimed and what’s allowed and what you’ve eventually earned.

Plans Best For Features Benefits / Disadvantage
Free Online · Best for small business owners & side hustlers

· Free federal return but state return is chargeable

· Offers 3 modules-Simple, Basic, Advanced

· Simple: Can be completed with Form 1040EZ or 1040A

· Basic: Moderately complex, includes homeownership, HSAs, and itemized deductions

· Advanced: Covers Small business owners, side hustlers, freelancers, farming etc

· Free IRS E-file

·Supports vast majority of Forms and Schedules

·Supports 350+Deductions

·Account Information Rollover

· Printable Tax Returns

· Fill-up Status Updates

· Filling Extension

· Amended Tax Returns

· Prior Year Returns

· Vault Service

· Direct Deposit

· Printing Tax Returns

· Preparing Complex Tax

· Write-off mortgage/property tax/contribution to charity

· Reports small business/contractors income

· Reports stocks/bonds/dividends

· Reports rental income & expenses

· Contribution to health savings account

· For All tax situations

· Accuracy Checker

· Import PDF format docs from other software

· Downside – Beyond importing returns, cant import income and lender statements (1099s and 1098s)

Deluxe · For single and joint filers

· For new filers for its priority support offered

· For All tax situations Itemized deductions

· Covers mortgage, retirement income

· Higher investment earnings

· Priority support (email)

· Audit assistance

· Free Unlimited amended returns to correct or add what you’ve missed

Deluxe Plus · Best for last minute filers due to its support offered · Supports for beneficiary income

· Priority phone support

· In-app chat support functionality

· Audit Assist- Helps handle IRS audits

· Pay With Your Refund (service charges apply)

· Limited support from tax filing professional.

Taxhawk Guarantees

Guaranteed 100% Accurate

TaxHawk will reimburse filer if there is any tax liability or penalty levied due to a software error, omission, or glitch, however, the guarantee doesn’t cover state return.

Maximum Refund Guarantee

If an identical return prepared with a competitor nets you a larger refund / smaller tax liability, then TaxHawk will happily refund your prep fees.

Biggest Refund Guarantee

TaxHawk Support Options

  • General guidance: Knowledge Articles related to “Top Issues” and “Help with this Page” links
  • Free Tech support: Through phone or email and Chat option

Live Chat: Available from 8 am to 12 pm Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Saturday

Phone Support – Available from 9 am to 9 pm Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday

  • One-On-One Tax Help: Audit Assist tax help from tax professionals available with Deluxe Plus

Advantages Of TaxHawk Software

  • Extremely Low Pricing
  • Handy Bookmarking and Progress-Tracking System
  • Flexible Interface
  • Long Time-Out Fuse

Drawbacks Of TaxHawk Software

  • Not Appropriate for Inexperienced Filers
  • Limited Importing Capabilities for other types of docs
  • Not the Most Mobile-Friendly Platform
  • Limited Support With the Free Edition
  • No Overnight Customer Support
  • No Audit Representation

Contact Email , Customer Support , Head Office TaxHawk

Company Name: TaxHawk, Inc.
Founded In: 2001
Address: 1344 E 1120 S, Provo, UT, USA
Revenue: $15 Million
Director of Customer Service: Robert Taylor
Director of Marketing: Matthew Gause
Revenue: $66.00 Million
Phone: 📞(801) 812-1040
Facebook ID: TaxHawk
Twitter ID: taxhawk

Customer Care Service Hour

Monday 09:00 AM 09:00 PM
Tuesday 09:00 AM 09:00 PM
Wednesday 09:00 AM 09:00 PM
Thursday 09:00 AM 09:00 PM
Friday 09:00 AM 09:00 PM
Saturday Closed
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