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24601 Center Ridge Road Suite 200 Westlake, OH 44145 United States
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TA travel center of America operates approximately 460 travel center for giving more convenience to their customers. It has begun its business over 40 years ago and it has proved that it provides the topmost services on the interstate.
They provide all kind of travel options for the customers of all around the world with cheap tickets which makes them to reach by the customers as they give support and services for the traveling and vacations with the best of the support and the services.

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“I lost my wallet a while back and need a new rewards card for your TAs. I’m a 48 states driver and I enjoy the TAs more than others. Thank for your help in this matter”.

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24601 center ridge rd Ste 200 Westlake, oh 44145-5677
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User Review
1.88 (8 votes)

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  1. Gregory Worthington says:

    TA here in New Brunel’s Texas, had an extremely long wait time,4 hrs as a matter fact. I find that most TA employees behave poorly, and could use some classes in customer service. I really hate using them for serving the truck, but the trucking company I work for uses TA to service there trucks.

    1. Tom Bridger says:

      The TA in Boise has one of the rudest managers I’ve ever seen. She acts like she’s better than us driver’s. She has a snide tone and a rude demeanor. Then as she walks into her office she makes rude comments under her breath. Sounds like someone needs a career change.

  2. James Jenkins says:

    TA Prescott AR Manger Lea is very unprofessional and racist and believe that she is above correction.

    1. Ed says:

      The TA truck stop in Albuquerque New Mexico is beyond racist. They hate all white Americans and accuse them for shop lifting. The person that stands in front of door advises if your a local you only got 5 minutes to shop then get out
      They only cater to truck drivers anybody else is not good enough according to the employees. Very rude and racist at Albuquerque TA travel center. They need new manager and crew

  3. Jerome says:

    At petro need more mechanics at atlanta time wait to change two trailer tires were 4hours. Need more mechanics in alda nebraska change 1 tire took 12hours.

  4. Bernadette Kukowski says:

    Having 3 trailer tires put on here at the TA. Brunswick Ga. We don’t have a TA rewards card cause this isn’t a truck stop we usually deal with, but since the tires are fairly costly, we figured while we wait, TAKE wouldn’t have a problem allowing us a shower….WRONG !!! They still want 14.00. Greed, is what it is. Totally UNACCEPTABLE customer “care”….We’re spending between 1200 and 1300 dollars and they won’t throw a shower our way without a CHARGE. Way to go TA…..Makes me want to avoid you like the plague. This place has a Starbucks tho, so that is the ONLY business we’ll do HERE…

  5. Rm says:

    Very bad customer service at Petro off i20 near Tuscaloosa, alabama.1 example,I had been there since 1030am, after being there 4hrs went to service desk to talk about service to be done,I had to wait on female attendant to finish talking to one of the service tech about something that didn’t have anything to do with work,only to get looked over when another customer came in,.there to get airbag replaceed and transmission level topped out.my company does lots of work with ta and Petro,it is almost 1900 and still here

  6. Ted says:

    Petro Atlanta, needs better service tech’s.. 3 hours to change 1 tire! Too much standing around & talking. I can’t driver in & put like that.

  7. ed says:

    Waste rime money to have paid parking ta and Petri has beome a drivers nightmare… Trucks all over the place they don’t make sure freeloaders are not parked where they shouldn’t be…. You bitch about it and want a response oh well fuck you is the attitude… Try to call corp same shit Monday – Friday use the app… They don’t want to hear it either… Can see why they have lost customers

  8. I waited five hours for someone to see why my check engine light remains on after they changed my fuel filter.fuel filter job was fast,but I don’t know why I have waited this long for someone to see why my light is on.petro in atlanta,thanks for being dumbasses!

  9. Paula Keller says:

    I love TA and I supervised Wildwood and Greencastle for years. I visited wildwood at 830 p.m. last night and all I can say is wow. It was so sad. The truck lot was full but the resturant and every other department was empty. I know that losing the buffets was going to hurt business but lets be realistic, there is nothing going on to draw people in. How about discounts for fueling, advertising menu on CB , anything. Also appearance. There is not a uniform policy anymore. Not neat and clean professional appearance. Just people wearing street clothes of choice. They have lost so much business that the close at night now. I hate that this has happened.

  10. Todd fountain says:

    I am sitting in Barstow california I can not believe what I just watched 2 employees from the diesel fuel bar do at pump 4 a driver had a problem with the pump 2 attendees came out turned on the pump the female attendees pulled the trigger on the pump and down the water drain it went you would think they would use a bucket no in unbelievable 2pm sat Feb 2 2018

  11. At TA in South Jax on 2/4/18. Superbowl Sunday. The store was impressively clean and the staff were on a task and happily working and discussing the game and really creating a nice atmosphere for those who couldn’t be home for it all. Dana who semed to be in charge was the real force behind the enthusiasm. She was having a good time just knowing everyone on her watch was happy and taken care of. She told she as new with the company and so happy to be there and how she wished she could have planned a Superbowl something for everyone. We could tell she was genuine about this and just wanted folks happy. To the GM of this location, you seem to have a good one here. She really seems to care about us drivers stuck on the road. I hope you can keep her around a while, we haven’t felt comfortable at this location for some time and just in this one day she has changed our minds.

  12. Forrest Talley says:

    Paid for two 18 oz. steaks with baked potato. Totaling approximately $46.00! The steak was not medium rare, but well done…it had not browned at all like a normal steak would, but instead was a pale white beige and tasted like I was eating what I imagine a horse would taste like! The mashed potatoes were rubbery and it was hard to get the butter and sour cream to blend into this rubbery substance that was supposed to be a flaky and tasteful potato!
    We informed the Manager in Training and all she could do for us was take off $6.00 from the entire inedible meal. I was so hungry that I was going to try and choke the food down when over my shoulder the Manager puts her hands in my plate and takes away my pitiful meal. As I have management experience over a flock of 1200 people….my goal would be to do my best to satisfy the customer! If that meant re-cooking the meal or giving us a significant discount on this meal…so be it, as the goal of a Manager is to keep things running smoothly and to make sure that my customers were thrilled with our food and facilities.
    As the Manager was standing at our table, one waitress came and stood beside her and just started berating both myself and my friend. After she had to say what she wanted…she said something under her breath and as she walked away…she turned and gave me a look of pure hatred and I said “Bitch” and her she came to further attack my buddy and I. I ignored her and the Manager stated she was calling the police…we welcomed that as the scene was getting out of hand. Please understand that we remained seated during this embarrassing fiasco! Then about that time 4 or 5 TA MALE EMPLOYEES of pretty good size came over and kind of circled us as much as you can in a booth. One employee wearing only a grey shirt asked me if I would like to step outside to fight. I don’t go out to eat in order to get in a fight with a witless wonder and I certainly would hope that TA wouldn’t employ such a volatile individual. The police were called on two guys sitting in a booth disputing a bill for being served poor food. I received one refill on my drink and my buddy received no refills at all during an approx. 45-1 hour period. Foristell is known for it’s share of poor examples of police enforcement…he insisted we pay the bill, even though I didn’t get to eat but a few bites of my rubbery potatoes and tough, old steak. The steak wasn’t brown like a cooked steak looks…it was pale beige as I stated earlier. The Manager allowed multiple waitresses to come over to our table and give their two cents worth to us and then you could hear them yelling awful things about us from the kitchen.
    BTW, did I mention that my buddy works for one of the large trucking companies in the States and is friend with 2 CEO’s of other firms….by tomorrow word will have been passed to every driver to avoid TA’S and utilize alternate businesses for their fuel needs! All over an improperly trained manager…SMH! I myself am on the road crossing the country doing my job as well and often ate at the local TA, but if this is the way you treat your customers (which it normally is not), I will be hesitant to ever spend another dollar at your facilities. Your TA employee asked me to go outside to fight…as a professional bouncer on many nights…he lwould have been foolish to start something with me…I wanted no part of it! I drove about 40 miles to meet up with my buddy …so that was an 80 mile trip to be thrown out of a TA because your millinial Manager was improperly trained to handle situations such as this. It is ultimately on the lead manager who could not be contacted, regardless of how many times we had requested her to seek advice on how best to solve this silly situation, but the Manager in Training would not. I am giving you till tomorrow to contact me and make this right…after that, I am filing with the BBB for improper service, rudeness, quality of food and much more.
    My buddy spends thousand with TA on a regular basis….not anymore. I will be contacting TA in the morning to do a follow up on this message to see if any action has been taken. What is a shame is to make a big scene in the middle of the TA and your employees trying to intimidate us, which they failed miserably and your waitresses tromping around complaining in very loud voices….for your sake I am glad the TA was nearly empty. You have until 14:00 hours tomorrow and then I file the BBB REPORT! I hope to see a more positive side to TA tomorrow. BTW, I saw several violations regarding food cross-contamination’s and have photos of those as well. You may reach me at 314-607-5933. Have a good day.

  13. Jaybird says:

    You need to have your employees stay off their phones the mechanic spent more time texting than he did working hed work for 5 or 10 min then spend 20 on his phone and rude he was saying my truck was ran into the ground and didnt belong on the road and he wasnt much of a mechanic thought he was but far from it Ill never stop at a TA truck stop took thim 4 days to put u bolts on my truck at okc

  14. David Drasal says:

    I came into the Petro in Effingham, Illinois with a trailer wheel seal leaking. After taking care to keep hub oil topped off by stopping every 100 miles or so to do so.
    After about an hour and a half I returned to the shop, only to be told that they didn’t think it could be put back together because the spindle had what she called divets in it.
    Now mind you I have 47 years experience as a driver and mechanic. I looked at it and it appeared as though there were a few spots the looked as if someone had been welding near by and son welding splash got on the spindle where the outer bearing went on. The inside of the bearing race is perfect. The surface where the seal ride is perfect. Bearings are good.
    So I question this young lady on her EXPERIENCE as a mechanic. She side steps the question, saying she had called the assistant manager to make the call. I found out that she had a total of 6 months experience.
    The manager looked at it and I’d it to be put back together. Then she is cleaning the hub and apparently in a previous repair someone, it looks like used a chisel to split the seal to remove it. This left a chisel mark in the hub. You guessed it. They are making me buy a new hub or they will not put it back together as I asked. In either case the marks do not affect the functions of the bearing, race or seal, yet I’m forced to buy the parts before they will complete the work. Which also includes new brake shoes for that corner.
    I’m still in the shop waiting for the new parts and will finish informing you of the invoice amount. OH BY THE WAY… I ask this young lady do you get commissions on your repairs? Response was YES.
    Do you think there is an underlying motive for having to buy all these new parts at truckstop prices?

  15. Chuck says:

    To many people smell like majuana in the Fultonville ny ta truck stop and very disrespectful I had my family there and it was disturbing because all they talked about was salad I guess that’s the code name to go out back and smoke pot so they all should be drug tested it turned my stomach because we go there all the time but after that experience we will no longer go there unless something is done

  16. Edy galindo says:

    On this date 03/08/2018 I edy Galindo stoped at this TA location …TA balwin #0247..To fuel and by the way to CASH a comchk..At first I put 55 gallons than I proseded to CASH the chech But I was told that I needed to put at lease 60 gallons in Order for me not to pay the fee so I went And another extra gallons to compensate the rest that I needed…But when I proseded to CASH the check the fee was still applyed in a maner so un profesional And rude..I told the mánager that I was gonna complain about the matter…his response(DO WHATEVER I REALLY DON’T GIVE A FUCK)He is racist unprossional…Asshole..Please have this ignorant rat remove before you loose more customer..His name is…thadius harrigto…If you need copys of the fuel receits feel Free to call me 832 997 3387…Thanks…

  17. Jeffrey wells says:

    Atlanta Petro is the worse place for service. Standing around. Bays are full and no one working.been here 7hrs to just to get my tlr tandums to slide. 30 minutes of work.

  18. GLENDA G CURTIS says:

    I went into petro in Atlanta for a simple oil change next morning when I left oil light came on oil pressure dropped call breakdown at 9:37am dealt with them replacing about 3 or 4 filters and a couple of belts come to find out they put 2 gaskets on about 6 o’clock pm when they finally got the gasket problem fixed mind you I been on the side of the road all day then they tell me I got another leak and I got to follow them back to shop I missed my load so I didn’t like that I am a owner operator get to shop manager Shelia never apologized not one time and guess why my truck was leaking oil because they over filled it with oil not sorry no next oil change on oil just a oh well tell me I don’t have a complaint and I have to get it washed underneath because of all that oil

  19. Adrienne says:

    You all are out of y’all mind making the whole damn parking lot reserved. That doesn’t make any sense. You all don’t have no good food inside y’all truckstops. Showers not big enough and hell I just think you shouldn’t charge to sleep and pay for parking as well. Y’all need to stop y’all shit.

  20. Robert says:

    Worst place ever! Lynn the GM has retaliated every time a complaint has been made against her. And its supposed to be confidential but some how she finds out. Last week she decided to stop an employee from being able to take their free showers, saying its only for shop personal. But when corporate was called they said this is not true.

  21. Joshua Shaw says:

    I am at the petro in WEST Memphis AR to get my tire fixed and the 2 tire guys were rude one of them got mouthy with me and the other is acting like I don’t exist and this is the first time I have ever ran into poor service at any TA or Petro and I don’t know if I’ll ever get service done her again unless its 3rd shift

  22. I was dropped of at a TA in Nashville by a trucker.I went into store bought a pack of cigarettes and a coke.I went outside lit a smoke opened .my coke and was guzzling when I was created with what are we doing.I said what you mean what are we doing.he replays do you got a truck .I say no .he says you got to go.excuse me I just sat down after buying merchandise in there.Ta doesn’t approve soliciting drivers.dude I haven’t spoke to no one but the cashier wtf.I ain’t bothering no one I am a paying customer.well I will give you till before dark and you will be gone one way or another.
    So moral of the story is only truckers rite? Why do they have a place for regular vehicles to park and a restaurant for the public to use??? Fuck you ta and your decriminalization. Rent a cop

  23. Henry Metts says:

    This concerns store location #0055 Amarillo TX
    Today I had the unfortunate pleasure of stopping there when I was accosted by a service technician by the name of Robert ( no last name given) he calls and has manager come out to inform me that I could not pull in the pumps backwards ( mined you that my DEF tank is on pass side of truck) when I informed her this she called me company to complain
    This facility has been a fuel stop for me regularly for the last 2 years and needs to be addressed by corporate office as I have no interest in changing truck stops in the future
    My suggestion is to put DEF pumps on both sides of fuel pumps or put longer hoses so other drivers that have the same setup do not have the same problem
    I don’t need this problem in the future
    Henry Metts

  24. Corinthians says:

    The travel center in ontario is not a good place security harasses you. Customer service is not good they are very rude here

  25. Pau capone says:

    No stars they over filled my a\c unit with way to much oil now I’m getting the run around I have a picture of the oil that came out of my system ….not happy the service was bad….

  26. Rozena says:

    Very terrible, the women working at the lake rd. Medina stop all looked and seemed hung over or high. I will never use your establishment again til this is adressed. This is a morning stop multiple times. I believe drug and alcohols tests are in order here

  27. Eric says:

    I had a bad experience today with an employee all because I asked for help. Is he had an attitude or what upset because I asked her to assist me. When you pay your money for service you should get it with a smile not an attitude

  28. Ayesh says:

    Visited TA in effingham,IL. There was no cold water in the shower only hot and warm. After a long day on the road nothing is better than taking a cold shower. I brought it up to the manager named Connie. She started saying you just want a free shower and even the worker that was cleaning the showers checked it as well as Connie and the worker that was cleaning the showers said there’s no cold water. Not only am I the owner of our company but I was just driving by to take a shower. I don’t think I’m gonna allow my workers to stop at TA or Petro from now on. She was very unprofessional and rude. I told her I’m gonna call corporate and she started laughing saying what are they gonna do about. She made me feel horrible in front of everyone there like I was trying to cheat her off a shower. Another insident happened to me in the winter time at a Flying J truck stop. There was no hot water and they were very nice about replacing me with another shower. This manger here at your TA just walked away from me and didn’t even solve the issue. Well I guess TA and Petro are gonna lose 100 drivers worth of business. I just sent a fleet message to all my drivers.DO NOT STOP OR FUEL OR AT TA PETRO LOCATIONS

  29. Demeeko Jones says:

    It’s a shame how drivers are robbed inside and out of the TA, making half of the park spaces reserved, I hope the CEO’s intire bloodline DIES SUDDENLY

  30. adalberto says:

    I think it’s absolutely shameful a multi-billion-dollar company does not have customer service 24 hours a day. Even more shameful is for them not to have people readily available over the phone to do reserved parking and their app does not completely function I tried to reserve a space Andover seven times my card was rejected stating that the CVV code was wrong after checking number by number the card number to make sure I wasn’t in putting it wrong the customer service number that they have in the event of that happening is to blackboard.com which is a site for students in college how do you turn around and not update your information online how do you not have a working site that’s fully functional how do you not have customer service that’s available to assist the same drivers that make you a multi-billion-dollar company it’s absolutely shameful

  31. RODNEY NEAL says:

    The TA on 7751 Ronnie view rd in Dallas TX the men’s bathroom was beyond terrible and the truck lounge was nasty and the furniture as well and the worse part the TV in the trucker lounge is so distorted that it may even have some affect on your eyes the only thing that was outstanding was the young lady at the parts and service desk sorry I forgot her name but she was very professional and helpful I hate too describe her in this manner but she was a larger woman who deserves something for her superb service

  32. Christina says:

    Needed a tire changed was told it would take An hour and a half at most At the 2 1/2 hour mark I got a call saying the technician is getting his truck set up and he should be there momentarily I am 6 miles away from the TA and it took him another 45 minutes to show up as soon as he showed up the air compressor on his truck broke so he had to go back to get a Nother truck I called the TA to see if I could get a free parking spot for the night because by the time they would come and change the tire. all the spots will be filled I was told By a very incompetent employee that there was no manager at this location which is very unprofessional and that she would transfer me to somebody else that had nothing to do with the conversation this is very unacceptable And has put a bad taste in my mouth.

  33. Carson malone says:

    Petro Ontario California it’s so hot inside the restaurant that you get sick while trying to eat and the mgr suggest we move to fix the problem. So if I have to move I will I will move to barstow to the love from.now on goes for my fuel as well no need to support you all if you can’t take care of the customer

  34. Manuel and Charlene says:

    Ta in Rawlings WY went for oil change the mechanic Devin Shepherd took filters off dropped oil and punctured a whole in it well needless to say they didnt have a replacement for it which was included in our work order and couldnt put on our old one because he was stupid didn’t check for parts first well then all work stopped and was doing nothing so we asked for him to start doing something put in new oil ,grease and he told us fuck your not going anywheres anyway well that beats all right next to the manager too she later took him aside and told him it’s wrong then once they got filter there and installed he acted out again and Ashley sent him home no discount vouchers to eat at a country pride big deal didnt have three more filter either

  35. Darrell Hatchett says:

    Serve here is piss poor, 4/5 hrs to change 3 tires…and then put on wrong steer tire and had to take it back off which took another hour. TA in Prescott Arkansas is very unprofessional alot of standing around and work is not getting done, as your company charges by the hour. You would think it would be alot more professional here. I don’t think I’ll be back….Sorry. TA , I believe y’all are teaching your employees how to milk the Clock and it’s sad. # Greed

  36. Jammies price says:

    I’ve been driving a truck for 38 years you’ll truck stop in Ontario California is a worst experience I ever had in the whole 38 years I’ve been driving. Bought $600 worth of fuel there and spent probably a hundred in your store and they still charge me $20 to park there I will never go to another one of your truck stop

  37. Ken says:

    I will never fuel at a TA again .I bought a parking spot last night fueled up ate in the restaurant and they wouldn’t give me a shower. Ta lost my business

  38. John house says:

    Las vegas Ta they had a kid that worked there for 3 days do the hub on my trailer.i didnt want him to work on the trailer cause he didnt have any experience and i was going to miami. A long drive i couldn’t afford to loss time . They assured me he was good so i said fine. I drove 84 miles to Kingsman Arizona TA oil was everywhere again. Kingsman Arizona Ta tried to tell me that my spindle on my trailer was bad and that my wheels were going to lock up. 2500.00 to 5000.00 to fix. I wasted the night there so i lost a day. I called a another mechanic to come out the next day . He checked it out we drove to his shop and all it need was hub and a seal. Total was 128.00 dollars . I lost alot of money for them trying to do work that didnt need to be done. Not a good look on there part. Very unprofessional

  39. Cova Clemans says:

    The TA in Ontario Ca is operated by a bunch of thieves! I tried to recieve $500 western union there. They would only give me $300 cash and a $200 western union money order. They told me it was TA policy. Ive went to severial western union shops and nobody will cash there money order. Im told i have to go back to where i recieved the money order. I returned to the TA in Ontario Ca and then they told me they only cashed there money orders on the same day they issued them. That is a fucking lie!! I asked them to cash it that day. Western Union had $500 dollars for me. Thats what i was supposed to recieve. TA wouldnt give it to me. Ive had this money order for a month now. They still wont give me my $200.

  40. MELVIN D WHITE says:

    The T/A in Dallas Tx on Bonnieview sucks been waiting for mudflaps to be installed and they are standing around talking instead of doing their jobs

  41. I payed 400 for a tire in ta in ganado tx 9 1 20 it blew out om me to night and I’ll never use ta or petro Ang not only payed 400 buy because of them not standing behind tire but now I have to pay for road services. I’ll be put this across Facebook and where ever I can done spend money on a co that don’t stand behind there work

  42. Margaret Rucker says:

    Having a hard time getting Dera head othe restaurant to put in unemployment when she supposed to. Shes got a bad attitude and doent care if i get paid. This has been going on a long time. I need her to put it in. I mean Debra. I need my money. I shouldnt have to go thru this mess every week.

  43. Daniel Eshenbaugh says:

    Ive never been treated like i was this morning over a damm shower! Had a problem with the machine you get a very bad attitude with the manager when I asked for help! I spend a lot of money at the TA not no more!

  44. Max Goodman says:

    I was told that I would be called to get my truck worked on. Never got a phone call to bring my truck to the service bay. Asked the service writer and he told me he was not informed about this. He also told me that if I did not ask about my truck I would never been called.

  45. Sennet west says:

    Would be nice if the restaurants at your travel centers where actually open in till closing time of 2200 like the sign says.

  46. Michael R Calaway says:

    I’m sitting here in truck, waiting an hour for the tech to start checking out my truck. I’m noticing this young man with his vehicle parked in another bay. He is employed by TA, but he is sitting in his car with the music blaring! We’ve been in the bay for an hour, and no one has come out to start on the truck since we pulled it in here.

  47. Brad says:

    The Petro in Greensburg IN is a joke paid for parking got here and it’s all filled up no spots go inside and I was told by the clerk that they won’t give a refund because it states that no refund ok great I understand it also states that you guarantee me a parking spot which in return I’m told well not everyone is an adult so now I need to find a place to park because that is their answer for me congrats TA and Petro you just lost me giving you any type of business

  48. Rajiv Kapil says:

    I sent my truck 104 to TA Ontario California-162.The fault is not fixed. The truck has the same problem that it had at the time of its arrival at yours. Since no repairs to the truck is done for what should we pay ? They charged $2250/-without fixing the fault. My payment should be refunded.

  49. Hakki Aljawhar says:

    I have been waiting this location 5 hours but they not fixed I speak with the manager told me we don’t have any body to fixing just waiting I lost my business my money he kill my time this harbl location number TEl 8132621563

  50. Darla Confer says:

    I was in there on Black Friday and you’re waitress was the worst I have ever had took us 15 minutes to be acknowledged and then she didn’t even have on her mask in this day and time when we asked her she said I’m fine this is ridiculous and this is probably why you’re all losing business

  51. Darla Confer says:

    Anna the waitress was not wearing a mask. When asked to put it on she said I’m fine. Not at this time. It’s the law and l told her that.

  52. Raul says:

    I went to TA truck service #362 York NE with a coolant leak.The guy who looked at my truck for no more than a minute and told me what he thought the issue was.I asked him how is it that there is coolant spilling from the opposite side of the engine and the water pump over here. He said the fans was blowing it. I left with a new water pump and that cost me 1200$$. I break down a few hundred miles away coolant now spewing out from the area “ the fan was blowing it to”. I call TA customer service and get sent a TA road side truck assuming it would be a warranty fix. They show up and find the problem almost immediately. They begin fixing it and I fall asleep. I wake up and get a pound on my door the is now telling me while he was fixing the hose he broke another. but Freightliner is closed and I’ll have to wait until tomorrow. He shows up around 10am. After he finishes fixing the truck he proceeds to tell me I owe them 2500$$. So in the end I get double dicked by TA. Standard practice im told by another driver so I guess TA is known for this

  53. Karie Stevens says:

    Iron Skillet needs a new management team, the employees are treated unfair. Today i was at work and we was short on food and supplies, so a customer order white gravy we didn’t have so she wasn’t happy and complain bout it. So the manager gonna come in and write me up and told me to clock out. I feel like in that situation its nothing i could do if anybody should be at fought its management cause i don’t do the orders. O feel like if the GM and the cook sleeping together theres no fair deal in the work place.

  54. Mark mills says:

    I’m at the TA truck stop here in Bloomington Illinois wanting to get my drive tires rotated they told me I had to disconnect my trailer before they could do the job I’ve never had that said to me it is cold but it is their job just like my job is to deliver the goods that I have on my truck very disappointed I just don’t think they want to work because they’re understaffed they have four mechanics two on a road call other two want to stay warm inside I don’t understand this I haul cars I have to deliver rain sleet hail or snow I have to do my job I will never come back to TA no more nor will I ever buy fuel this is absurd the bays are high enough my height on my truck is only 13.9 you have 14 ft buildings everything fits fine there should be no problem

  55. Chaz greenen says:

    Sat for 14+ hrs waiting for a pm & clutch adjustment.in oak grove ,mo.shopan every time I’ve checked to see where I’m at on the list to get in my check in paperwork is missing an there are no trucks in the 5-10 bays you have for working on the trucks .are going to only road service that’s what the shop here indicates you are since only truck that needs tires on road calls get priority over trucks that are presently in waiting or in shop.looking for an answer.

  56. Chaz greenen says:

    Oak grove mo
    Petro has taken a very large dive to service.this is a time where people are looking for work an this place has minimal people an go am service calls an drop what truck their working on to got an the trucks that are present get put on hold it used to be the other way these shops have niether the staff or the staff has no desire to fix trucks or have business
    Been out here for 33 yrs.petro,you should relook at what your doing to this industry an how bad you wish to hurt it.

  57. Kimble Hardyman says:

    Former site manager, owed over 400 miles in travel that DM did not want us to claim.
    I have called left a message with Mrs. Zuk. Awaiting response. 904/600/2851.
    Thank you for any help on this.

  58. Keith Enoch says:

    I’m at the petro in n little rock Arkansas. Not only do customers not wear masks, but also food service. At the desk when you enter by the fuel desk. All employees in the restaurant inside the restaurant were properly protecting customers. All the waitresses were properly wearing masks at all times. If you dont enforce this mask mandate customers will get sick. Doesn’t matter whether your corporate office believes it’s real or not. Protect us or we will be forced to protect ourselves.

  59. Justin Anthony McNair says:

    One of the porters got me fired from TA today and they also said that I talk negative to other employees who said that I take tips from the showers and not clean em when I don’t and that I do clean the showers like I’m suppose to

  60. Justin Anthony McNair says:

    One of the porters got me fired from TA today and they also said that I talk negative to other employees who said that I take tips from the showers and not clean em when I don’t and that I do clean the showers like I’m suppose to and his name is William Higgins better known as willie

  61. Tony Rodriguez says:

    This is a long one my truck was broke down and Sweetwater Texas from the 15th through the 19th bottom radiator hose was was not able to get the part until Friday Freightliner and Abilene Texas was closed until Thursday they delivered it Friday morning the people in the shop were very professional management mechanics young lady behind the counter people in the restaurant were very friendly very helpful in the convenience store fuel decks everybody was very nice I got my truck fixed on Friday afternoon as I took off to go West on I-20 I heard a pop it eventually it was the airline it was a two piece from the compressor to a junction from a junction to the dryer that airline piece at Freightliner was $80 this ta charge me $220 somebody explain to me justify a 200% markup

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