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+49 30 467 247 600
SoundCloud Limited Rheinsberger Str. 76/77 10115 Berlin
Region USA ,

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Soundcloud is a social networking service and music website. It is a global online audio distribution website. It was founded in September 2007 by Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss. For upload and post the content or audio video registration is required. There’re over 40+ million users of this website. Sony music and Universal music are the dealer of this website. It has also its own music streaming service named “soundcloud go”.

Reason to reach out to SoundCloud customer service phone Number:


  • Soundcloud refund: If you want a refund for your existing service you can call soundcloud Germany phone number listed here.
  • Complaints: If you have any issue with the services offered by sound cloud you may reach out to the  via email, chat or Phone.
  • SoundCloud Email: If you are based in USA and can’t get hold of local customer service then you may write to them at

Customer Care Service Hour

Monday 12:00 am 12:00 pm
Tuesday 12:00 am 12:00 pm
Wednesday 12:00 am 12:00 pm
Thursday 12:00 am 12:00 pm
Friday 12:00 am 12:00 pm
Saturday 12:00 am 12:00 pm
Sunday 12:00 am 12:00 pm
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  1. Timothy F Sika says:

    Can you please help me? I cannot get in to my soundcloud account. It keeps ejecting me from it, will not upload, and keeps asking me if I want to stay on the page. NOW when sigh in it tells me that I have signed out.

  2. Scott Colwell says:

    I joined back Last year it was but had pay to get more from this app now Am trying this app again and paying now And im Not. Happy could not get any uploaded. Done. I’m also. Sad we could not because we had over 400 mix songs mix rap mix dub to download and not one AFTER trying. Ten are more times Zero Download music were not download 🙁

  3. Don-Tae says:

    Hi my soundcloud go subscription renewed today I am asking if I could please get a refund and if you can cancel it.

  4. Constance Hauman says:

    Hello! I am having a ridiculous problem with a track I wrote and produced for the band I play keys in called ‘Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf’, that my label Isotopia Records just released of on Mar. 22nd.I am the one that loaded up our tracks to the drop zone of our distributor, Naxos USA and put the copyright as our band Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf. On soundcloud, once the track was released on Mar. 22nd. I went to my Isotopia Records soundcloud account, to put in our IRSC code in hopes of embedding it for purchase and the track was immediately shut down for copyright infringement. I am the creator of Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf and have the copyright and publishing rights to the song DARE. Should I scan and send that to you. I am about ready to go to the Tallinn music festival where Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf is being featured on 2 showcases. I need to have the track up on soundcloud as well as the all the other digital platforms that Isotopia released.
    Please help me with this. My name is Constance Hauman and you can google me or Wikipedia me to see I am a songwriter as well as music director for Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf. I am happy to provide whatever paperwork I need to have this block removed.

  5. Annamary Brush says:

    went to google for a phone number. Got a site that said it was you, that asked for financial info. If you had a call center number on your app I might now be risking all the money I own right now.
    Cancel my account!
    I did not find any other course of action to cancel my account, including the app!
    P.S. if my money dissapears, I will persue legal action against your company.
    I just wanted to cancel SoundCloud go account, but apparently that is impossible. Your app has NO option to cancel an account.
    If you would can get ahold of me, I would very much appreciate it
    1pm to 11:30pm EST
    Thank you.

  6. Kameron Smalls says:

    You keep charging my account and I unsubscribed before the free trial. Who do I contact to get my money back! I need a live representative ASAP!!!

  7. Kelly says:

    I want to cancel my subscription as soon as possible. I continue to get money pulled from my account that I do not have and am unable to cancel anything online. Please get into contact with me and stop my subscription completely.

  8. Miguel balderrama says:

    Ya no uso la aplicación y de todos modos me siguen cobrando y e tratado de cancelarla y no por internet ni llamando ni nada no he podido cancelarla y me están cobre y cobre cada mes y no sirve para nada

  9. Gabriel williams says:

    I would like to unsubscribe from the app and if you can put the money you took back on my card I would like to cancel my service with the app

  10. Gabriel williams says:

    And if the money is not put back on my card I will be taking a legal action against you and your company

  11. Kari says:

    I would like to cancel my go pro account or whatever it’s called I do not want to pay and there is no way I have found to do it a lot of people are having trouble I do not want to pay for your services I need to know how to cancel my subscription now!!!

  12. Karyn Paxton says:

    I don’t have an account with this company
    …will be calling my local fraud department to advise them of this scam!!

  13. Antonio Perkins says:

    I been trying to unsubscribe for a week now and you just took my last that I need … please I need a refund and unsubscribe me asap.

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