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Sonitrol Security Services, Inc

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Sonitrol serves through North America with approximately 60 branches and 85 franchises that sell, install and service modular security systems based on a proprietary audio/visual verification technology. Sonitrol designs modular solutions fits the unique needs of each industry and facility they serve. If want to connect Sonitrol company Dial 📞 1-877-SONITROL Sonitrol Home Security Toll Free Number . The company serves homes, schools, small and medium businesses alike and their solutions include the following:

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Sonitrol’s All-in-One solution:

TotalGuar from Sonitrol is a quick and easy to install low cost, monitored security solution for customers. TotalGuard™ is packed with features:

  • Verified Audio, Motion Detection & Video surveillance solutions that seamlessly integrate with Sonitrol’s verified audio detection
  • Glass Break Detection
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Live View, arm/disarm with the Sonitrol Mobile App
  • Access control system for offices with 3xLogic Video Integration & Live Muster Reporting
  • A $15,000 Performance Warranty – Any loss if a forced entry goes undetected and the proper authority is not notified.

Features of Sonitrol Security System:

  • Fire Communicator
  • Elevator Control
  • Smoke and heat detection
  • SONIP Managed Access Control (Lockdown/Unlock from the Central Station)
  • Sonitrol Cloud Access Control allows broad access control via a simple interface (Enables global Lockdown across Multiple Sites)
  • Honeywell authorized security dealer
  • 3XLogic Novative Cloud-based solution
  • Infinias certified partner
  • Wireless security equipment
  • Alarm verification & Wireless system monitoring 24*7*365
  • Rapid response within 15 minutes.
  • Event notification via e-mail

Other services offered by Sonitrol Security Service:

  • Elevator recall
  • Voice evacuation system
  • Water flow and sprinkler monitoring
  • Temperature monitoring for areas such as freezers
  • Duct detection.

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Sonitrol Security Phone number: 1-877-SONITROL

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Sonitrol Security Address:815 Wood Ridge Center Drive, Charlotte, North Carolina, 28217, United States of America (USA)

Sonitrol Security Phone number : 1-877-SONITROL

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