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Canadian Sage Accounting Software Phone Number

Sage Software created smart accounting tool to govern accounting and financial transactions of small business without any accounting expertise or experience. Employing the software will help you to track customers, inventory purchase, sales and receivables. The canny application also helps you to establish budgets, manage employees and payroll and even generate reports and statements needed for taxes.

SAGE Phone Number Canada

Installation of Sage software is simple and easy.
•    Insert the installation CD into the CD/DVD drive of your computer
•    Download the accounting tool Sage Software website
•    Double-click the downloaded setup file to start the installation wizard
•    Enter the product key of the software when prompted by the setup wizard
•    Click the “Next” button after you enter a valid product key
•    Click and enable the “Full Installation” option
•    Click the “Next” button
•    Click the “Typical” installation option and click “Next”
Patiently wait for the installation wizard to install the accounting program on your computer. Reboot the computer.
Even though the software is incorporated with smart features there are times when you land up in problems that might hinder the work process leaving you annoyed. There are chances when you are face issues in set up and installing the software. There might be upgrade errors as well.

Sage Canada Technical Support Helpline

Sometimes the features may not function properly. However, all these error can be resolved easily by contacting the customer care team of Sage. You can also contact them for other reasons such as sales and product information etc.
It is advisable to avoid long stake in resuming the work, you can immediately get in touch with Sage customer care team through online Helpline like chat and forums. Alternatively you can get in touch with us, at Is Open Today, for authentic and reliable toll free number and other contact information of the company.

Sage CA Helpline available for The Products Mentioned Below

Sage One
Sage 50 Accounting
Sage 100
Sage 300
Sage Fixed Assets
Sage Impact
Sage Live
Sage Payments
Sage Payroll
Sage X3

Customer Care Service Hour

Monday 12:00 am 12:00 pm
Tuesday 12:00 am 12:00 pm
Wednesday 12:00 am 12:00 pm
Thursday 12:00 am 12:00 pm
Friday 12:00 am 12:00 pm
Saturday 12:00 am 12:00 pm
Sunday 12:00 am 12:00 pm
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  1. Street Navigator says:

    Get the Awesome Helpline for SAGE
    Sage One
    Sage 50 Accounting
    Sage 100
    Sage 300
    Sage Fixed Assets
    Sage HRMS
    Sage Impact
    Sage Live
    Sage Payments
    Sage Payroll
    Sage X3

  2. Wanda R. Sai says:

    I have used Peachtree (now known as Sage) for many, many years. In January 2015 we bought the newest version and I have had nothing but problems with it. If I had it to do over I would buy Quickbooks.

  3. Andres Seton says:

    I would like to add a new user to my account, how many users am I allowed in Sage 50 software?

  4. Ernesto Dortch says:

    I have a customer with Sage 50 2016 and they have been having problems with Accounts payable strange problems like the system allows them to use the same check number for the same vendor twice. Payments that are made do not show up and later they do. I would ike to see if someone could contact their accounting department and help them

  5. Monica Lusher says:

    i am trying to update my sage 50 pro, but it doesn’t seem to be working.i am still getting an error indicating I am operating on the wrong version when i try to restore from back up.
    Can someone give customer phone number for Sage 50 support where in I don’t have to wait.

  6. Cathryn Guess says:

    I need to cancel our Intuit Quickbooks account and stop automatic payments I signed up months ago and never used it. Now I am leaving the company. Someone else will take over. I need to cancel the back automatic payments.
    Intuit sends tax payment notification to wrong e-mail address. I have called twice, tried working with my accountant, and still I can not get the notification e-mail address changed.

  7. Ha Weise says:

    I was just speaking with someone and they told me that my software was not compatible with 2010 windows because I thought it was a 2012 version. they told me that if it was 2013 it would be. it is 2013 sage 50 pro accounting.
    I am looking to speak to some from sage 50 customer care.

  8. Winona Couvreur says:

    We just got a new computer with windows 10 on it, and now our sage 50 Accounting program won’t run?it just says..a problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available
    but I haven’t been able to figure it out yet

  9. Cyrstal Esenwein says:

    I am facing issues while Installing Sage50. I can’t install sage 50 it says error 1324 and i’m just using it as trial.

  10. Lupe Dambrosio says:

    I can’t get my sage software to open I keep getting a message that says some files are read only & I don’t have sufficient rights to them. It will let me in to an old account from 2012.
    Tried starting Sage as usual this morning and getting a BAD KEY FILE error. im using sage 50 and I need help
    i live in Canada if that makes a difference

  11. Azucena Copeley says:

    Hi, I’m having an issue with the AP/GL function with my Sage Timberline Construction and Real Estate software
    Having some trouble with connection manager on server-hosted files in Sage 50 also I am getting the error message “The SQL Database Service is not started”
    I would like to know if there is a CPA that works with Sage for a small business. Do you have any names of CPA in Battle Creek, MI USA?

  12. Elvia Deniehy says:

    hi got question — Sage 50 quantum 2016. I am getting an error when I try to open my sage
    it states ” business desktop has already been started for this workstation”
    but I restarted my computer twice
    I’m interested in exploring Sage 50 Pro for our church accounting. How can I get a demo copy to try out?

  13. Danielle Beasley says:

    I am trying to activate my Sage 50 Canadian product and it is not working. I need assistance with re-installing SAGE onto the PC after setup with Windows? The computer got infected with RANSOME Malware
    I have installed Sage 50 2014 Canadian on my wife’s desktop to do the necessary things to close our business but it says I don’t have the necessary write permissions to install the backup. Please help!

  14. Rudolf Considine says:

    I have a question about installing TimeSlips on machines and I wanted info about how to install in on a domain environment. is technical support for sage timeslips available over the weekend
    I have Sage CRM 7.3 and was wondering how I can delete some test dashboards called test etc and since upgrading to windows 10 I can only open sage 50 when I run as administrator. Why?

  15. Earl Hellweg says:

    i am trying to move sage over to a new computer and do payroll, my payroll checks are saying that my formulas are wrong and it wants me load the formulas manually and THE NEW WINDOW’S UPGRADE INVADED MY COMPUTER THIS MORNING AND NOW IT SEEMS I AM UNABLE TO UPLOAD MY PAYROLL VIA EFT. IT IS TELLING ME IT IS A RUN-TIME ERROR 75, PATH/FILE ACCESS ERROR. I AM ABLE TO BRING UP ALL THE EMPLOYEE’S AND AMOUNTS, THEN IT GIVES THIS ERROR.

  16. Stormy Hardey says:

    I have Sage 50 accounting system here at work. Had a question about edited a saved report?
    Under BANKING>REPORTS>FINANCIAL STATEMENTS I can run whats called a “ Income/Budget” report. It is a Profit/Loss financial statement by account, however, I can’t figure out how to get the account numbers to show up. Is that possible?
    Whenever I go to the “edit” screen that has all of the options to the left, I can never figure out how to add a column.
    I am Looking for Sage50 Customer support phone number.

  17. Abraham Kuhn says:

    Best customer Service for Sage50 Support. I was getting an error on sage50 software and was told by my accountant that this can’t be handled but the way Peter handled this was second to none.
    Great sage50 customer service guys!!!

  18. Lea Mccurdy says:

    I have tried calling this number for Sage50 support and I am happy that I have made this decision. I will give 9 out of 10 for customer service as Jennifer was good at her job and resolved the issue in my Sage50 software.
    Keep Up the good work and I would recommend some incentive should be given to her as she is well versed with her knowledge of Sage 50 issues.

  19. Renu Singh says:

    I need help with Sage 100 ERP Integration? Is there a phone Number I can dial to get in touch with Sage Accounting software customer service?

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