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QuickBooks USA Contact Phone Number

Contact Intuit® QuickBooks® U.S. Team For Quick Resolution
If you are looking for QuickBooks 1800 Number for USA then call at 1-855-836-9250. Intuit® is one of the most accomplished American financial software companies, incepted in the year 1983, manufacturing top class products and software programs known for providing comfort and ease in handling all sorts of financial tasks from accounting to tax calculating and filing. One of the most sought after product designed by Intuit® is QuickBooks®. Its unmatched features offer users the ease of handling their accounting tasks in a systematic manner without any hassle. Different genres and size of businesses employ different versions of QuickBooks®: QuickBooks® Pro, QuickBooks® Premier and QuickBooks® Enterprise, all available in both Online and Desktop version.

United States QuickBooks Help/Support Contact

QuickBooks, a broadly secure software, sometimes, becomes subject to various technical glitches due to loss of internet connection, intervention of other accounting software or other technical and functional reasons. This leads to various errors like
1.Registration Issues
2.Issues while importing file
3.Datafile rebuilding fails
4.Connection lost with datafile.
Such issues can be due to single reason or multiple reason which, you need to handle very carefully if you are not technically sound. Being technically immature may also result to other issues also. Call QuickBooks Support Team to get issue handled and resolved carefully.

QuickBooks USA Enterprise Support

QuickBooks Enterprise Support has always been an advanced version of QuickBooks that handles many works at one time of many organizations. Sharing has always been a major challenge with accounting software that is somehow identified and neutralized with this software. There can be various reasons like:
1.Configuration issue
2.Server related issue
3.Function and Data related issue
This leads to errors like:
1.Error Code H202, H505
2.Error Code 3371
3.Error Code 15215
4.Error Code 80029c4a
It’s better you call us on our QuickBooks Enterprise USA Phone to get your issues handled by our professional staff.

QuickBooks Payroll Support

Payroll software is a third-party application that has become essential to be integrated with the QuickBooks software as it helps to complete all the payroll tasks of the business like sending off salary to employees on time, calculating payroll taxes etc in an automatic manner ensuring there is less scope of error. However, while working on the software there is a chance you might encounter errors like QuickBooks Error Ps060, 15270 etc. that basically stops the workflow and result in business loss if not resolved. In such scenario you can connect with us at (website name) or call on our Toll-Free Number – to garner authentic support from proficient and experienced QuickBooks Payroll Support team.

QuickBooks Point of Sale

One of the most integrated application with QuickBooks is Point of Sale program that basically helps user to complete the sales function in set time period. With this application user can process many more activities like keeping track of what is being ordered the most, how much stock is left with the business and what needs to be ordered again. As is normal with software and application, there are times when user might face error like QuickBooks Point of Sale Error 1904 which can be resolved easily by connecting with authentic QuickBooks POS support team through (website name) and call on Toll Free Number – for prompt response.

QuickBooks Support Toll Free Number

While working with QuickBooks you might end up facing some software issues that might lead to unwanted interruption of your work. You might land up in problems as early with Installation issues or as late with upgrade errors. Software issues like improper functioning of features can also arise. However, all these error can be resolved easily by contacting the award winning customer care team of QuickBooks and Intuit®. You can also contact them for other reasons such as sales and product information etc.

How to Connect Quickbooks® Support on Phone

To avoid long hindrance in resuming the work back, you can immediately get in touch with QuickBooks® customer Service team through online support like chat and forums. Alternatively you can get in touch with us, at Is Open Today, for authentic and reliable toll free number and other contact information of the company. This article Best suited for the Following Terms . Searching Trends of Google , BING and USA YAHOO

QuickBooks Install

Installing QuickBooks software is a simple process of locating the download link of appropriate QuickBooks version from the official website, running and then installing it on the system. However, there are times when the installation is not completed due to corrupted link, missing files on the system etc, which leads to error codes like 1603, 1402, 1935. These errors have to be resolved quickly in order to install the software completely. You can connect with our efficient and experienced support team through (website name) or call on Toll free Number -X- for quicker response.

QuickBooks Update

Updates have always been introduced to improved and enhance efficiency of the software. So, does this with QuickBooks Accounting Software. You can update your software via two modes:
1.Automatic Update
2.Manual Update
In both the modes, you need to verify internet and software requirement to prevent it from unwanted hampering or installation discontinuation. Update can also be hampered due to virus, anti-virus, malware or firewall intervention.
Prevent your QuickBooks Updates from being hampered by getting in touch with our Technical Team or dropping us email of your query on our official email address.

QuickBooks Upgrade

Most likely update, upgrade has always been in the pipe to provide complete makeover to the software. It is also available in two forms. The upgrade introduces all new tools and features to boost business efficiency and growth. It can also face issue if your software does not meet software requirements or you don’t have stable internet connection. Get in touch with us via our Technical Support Team

QuickBooks® consulting

QuickBooks® upgrade

QuickBooks® accounting

QuickBooks® bookkeeping

QuickBooks® Payroll services

Intuit INC https://help.quickbooks.intuit.com

Customer Service : 1-855-836-9250

Technical Support : 1-855-836-9250

Billing & Refunds : 1-800-446-8848


Customer Care Service Hour

Monday 12:00 am 12:00 pm
Tuesday 12:00 am 12:00 pm
Wednesday 12:00 am 12:00 pm
Thursday 12:00 am 12:00 pm
Friday 12:00 am 12:00 pm
Saturday 12:00 am 12:00 pm
Sunday 12:00 am 12:00 pm
User Review
1 (1 vote)

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  1. I would like to use this opportunity to thank the team of customercaredirectory for providing such an easy and prompt solution for QuickBooks problem I was facing. There was a glitch with installation of the software, but your team made the whole process of problem solving quite simple by providing correct number of the QuickBooks customer care.

  2. I had been facing issues with my QuickBooks software since the time I changed my Windows OS. Not realizing that the problem was because of the change in Operating system, I tried contacting the customer care of QuickBooks, however, the number was busy and I was in urgency, so I contacted customercaredirectory for alternative helpline which was provided in limited time period. Thank you for your quick response

  3. Great customer helpline combined with authentic contact details and fast response makes
    #customercaredirectory one of the best directories out there. I will definitely use your services again if ever I come under any problem with my QuickBooks software.

  4. Customer Care Directory helpline team is unmatched in the area of efficiency and promptness for problems faced with QuickBooks software. My software was not functioning properly and issue was detected and resolved within few minutes. Wow! I did not had to wait long to resume my hindered work. The team is simply amazing.

  5. Lisa White says:

    I have been on the phone with qb payroll online for 3 weeks because my W2’s will not print I still cannot print and I am getting absolutely no where. How can you run a business this way!

  6. Debra Fragala Pories says:

    I am approaching 1.5 hours of being on the phone with the 5th person who again does not know anything about adding another license to hosting. I was transferred to multiple people then given the number of the hosting company and am now back on the phone with Intuit. After another 30 minutes I am waiting for a supervisor. I believe I have been left on hold to just hang up. I am soooo APPALLED AT THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE. I have been using quickbooks for 17 years and they used to have great customer service. This is my 3rd time having a terrible experience. Beware do not start using quickbooks if you can at all avoid it.
    Well I was just disconnected. I am now on a mission and totally pissed off.

  7. Gburlingame2's Co (Gordon Burlingame 150 Strafford Ave, Wayne, PA 19087) says:

    I cancelled my payroll subscription with QuickBooks on January 4, 2016. I just received an email from the QB online helpline team indicating that I will be Charged $39.00 for payroll processing. Don’t understand this charge if payroll is cancelled.
    By the way, the persons I spoke to at customer helpline were very rude.
    I received the cancellation confirmation by email to [email protected] on 01/05/2016. The account as shown in that email is *3463.

  8. Yves says:

    I’m on the trial version of the software, and I entered an invoice for a client, and sent it via email. All good.
    The day after I wanted to make a change on that invoice but it was nowhere to be found. Scary to say the least…
    I created a new invoice, but now the business tax number don’t show anymore. I called the service and was told that I need to pay for helpline if I want service because i’m on a trial version. Well if I can’t get a trial version to function properly, there is no way I will pay for that!
    Then I called back, and the second prson I talked to told me it’s normal, BECAUSE it’s a trial version, that I need to pay for a full version and then it will work since the trial version is a trim down version of the software. Then he told me that if I’m not happy I can go with another software company… then he hung up on me!
    This is the worst customer service I ever received, I will now look into XERO software. I need a software I will feel confident into ( not loose transaction) and where the client is appreciated and not considered as a cash cow. Shame on that type of service!!!

  9. carol almeida says:

    I just phoned Quickbooks for my FIRST customer service question. All I need is a little help on one area of the appointment of taxpayer form. He told me I had to be logged on and then hung up on me.
    If you don’t like your job, then please don’t work in customer service- how horrible!!!
    One strike for this service- three strikes and I’ll be cancelling my service.

  10. Robert R. Schultz says:

    No luck so far. Trying to install QB 2015 from a disc that I purchased in 2014 Customer # 663150800. Reference # 16916828648816911, Sold to Schultz Enterprises, Inc PO Box 1060 Tehachapi, CA 93581 Dated 12/11/2014. Additional difficulty in signing in to an account using my e-mail [email protected]. I did manage to log on one time and noted that my wife Barbara is the primary contact but her e mail is wrong ([email protected]). Need to update my account information. I could not install QB 2015 because I do not have the license number. Currently running QB 2013 for payroll and need to upgrade before May. I have a different computer now running on Windows 7 because you will not make a product that works with XP, the better operating system. I appreciate someone addressing my problems and not shoving me off to another dead end solution. Robert Schultz 661-305-1902

  11. We were not thrilled with the customer helpline up until this point we were actually looking to find another system. But our database crashed for some reason, and last time this happened we had to send it out to be fixed. This time we had the most amazing Helpline! Daniel C was amazing, very helpful and knew his stuff. If he didn’t he found out! Helped us with not only fixing the database, but help me with other issues like reporting! You should have a million reps like him! Have him train your other reps on how to help a customer!!!!!! Thank you Daniel!

  12. Roger Froilan says:

    I got disconnected from speaking with Stacey on helpline chant after explaining to her my dilemma as follows:
    I have experienced the worst customer service of any company I have dealt with before. I have 30 Years in the Hi-Tech industry and have been teaching Computers and Application software including Quickbooks for the past 10 years. I tried to explain to Rajat Mann that I only have one day left for QB Accounting 2014 Trial version for him to fix a registration problem for me. He told me my trial period was up and would not concede the fact that the software said I have one more day. He told me I had to buy another copy and would not register the software for me. My student is now very upset that she cannot finish working with QB 2014 when she should have had 160 days. The registration of this software has been giving me problems since I first installed it. What Can I do. I refuse to buy another copy.
    Chat was disconnected.

  13. Suzanne Koscso says:

    Very difficult to get help on the phone. Cut off numerous times, passed around. Trying to cancel a subscription as my business has changed – can’t get any help. So far I have spent 30 minutes with no results!!

  14. Katya says:

    I have called helpline because the report was not displaying a value in one of the columns in the trial. It was coming as blank.
    The helpline told me it is my error and I have to pay $199 for them to FIND the error only.

  15. sharon says:

    i was chatting to Jessica
    I told her the issue
    gave her what she asked for
    then she left the chat
    then i tried to get her back with no response
    then i called your number
    talked to a man he was very rude
    rethinking using your services due to jessica and the man i spoke with

  16. Marcia Schneider says:

    How do you get cut off from a chat session unless they just hang up on you. Thought maybe that was the way to go since phone calls not working. I am a CPA with a payroll service using QuickBooks. I simply need to switch a client to my service from another CPA who also uses QuickBooks. This seems to be beyond their power and now neither the other CPA or I can access it! Really? The client is the one who is losing. They need their payroll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Judy Holik says:

    What a disappointment! I switched from Quickbooks PC to Quickbooks Mac. I did not see any warning that the two versions did not have the same features. Now I’m wishing I had just bought another PC for my Quickbooks upgrade.

  18. Lauren says:

    We had to update our QB for Mac to 2016 so we could continue using/syncing with Payroll for Mac. When (and since) we updated we had MANY glitches occur. I called QB customer service to get help and got a man named Dave/Danver (Indian accent). The man was rude to me on the phone from the beginning not believing that we had a glitch “because others would have reported the problem too.”, speaking down to me as if I was too stupid to understand the software he was walking me through and frankly just being down right nasty to me the who time we were on the phone. I tried to be polite back to him but about 1/2 way through our 2-3 hour call I just gave up and told him he was being quite rude and I hoped I would get a customer service survey to fill out. (I never did). And after all that and sending our QB file to Helpline to be looked at and fixed, we still have the same problem (plus many others because of the update to 2016). Very disappointed. The case number was 507263215 (in the hope that someone from QB reads these and can correct Dave/Danver so others don’t have the unpleasant time I have had.) At this point I still have issues but just DREAD the thought of dealing with an individual like this again and getting nowhere but insulted. Very bad customer service all around.

  19. David says:

    I had a corrupted Quickbooks file. I’m a beta tester for the Mac and I’ve been using the program since it came out on DOS in 1992. I tried everything I knew but I needed further help in fixing the problem. At first, I wasn’t sure if this was a real number, but it turned out that these people (at least the technicians I worked with) have a decent idea of what they’re doing – and were able to solve the issue. They were also very professional. I’m very appreciative of their help.

  20. Ticked off says:

    I left it blank because that was as much help as the rude person on the other end.

  21. Leticia says:

    I just got the most horrible experience with Quickbooks customer helpline while they could not help me they certainly got all my information and they hung up on me because I couldn’t understand why I need to pay to fix a problem that I reported. They call the fix a “customization” because their program failed to update a file that brings the memo line to print. Wow…to fix their problem we pay for it event hough we do not own the program but rather pay a monthly fee for using it. Also, I have been trying to chat online and now not even the chat works it gives me a message of reconnecting and “chat ended” we never got it started. Beware of the hidden costs of a system that you use of the shelf yet for their bugs that they introduce when they update you have to pay. What a dissapointment!!!

  22. Stacie says:

    Can I give this a 0? I switched from windows to mac. After spending 300.00 for the actual product now they are telling me I have to spend another 300 for a yearly subscription. When I said so you mean I have to spend another 300 or else I just wasted my money, his response… “basically” I said wow, that nice wish someone had clarified before I bought and he says…’so what do you want?” Nothing I guess A-hole! Thanks for nothing. These people are so rude. I am switching companies now. Which I could get my first 300 back!

  23. Lezah Naase says:

    On many of the checks I write to vendors I need to write this way: TBS Factoring Services FBO Universal Trucking
    Is there anyway to add a second line for our use

  24. Martha J McIlvanie says:

    I think your company sucks!!! I have tried to get you to stop sending me “Mcilvanie’s” payroll information, you (Intuit) have also sent me his Credit Card number but that was several years ago. Why you have not fixed the problem I just can’t understand. PLEASE get this FIXED……… I AM NOT the right mcilvanie………….. I am “m****@ya**o.com” but I AM NOT the mcilvanie who has (apparently) a payroll account with you!!!!!!!!!!
    Someone needs to get this fixed, yesterday (maybe several years ago)…. OK
    Thanks, Martha J McIlvanie Nipomo, CA

  25. carlette mccoy says:

    I just called the 800 number to talk to a representative because intuit has been taking out money every week out of our business banking account and I haven’t written any checks and I wanted them to stop taking out money every week. I haven’t finished setting up the program yet because I don”t know how. the Indian guy I talked to was very ugly to me because I was getting frustrated with him because he kept making me repeat myself. I asked him his name and he said I don’t want to give it to you. I told him I wanted to talk to his supervisor and he yelled at me and said to call back on Monday and he hung up on me. I am furious with this company. I wouldn’t recommend this to a dog.

  26. Robert Lockwood says:

    The absolute worst !!I paid my renewal 6 weeks ago, it appears on my bank statement on May 7, 2016.
    I try to log in, and says I did not renew. I went to the webpage, where a phone for customer service was prominent. I dialed it and got quizzed by a woman who then said I had the wrong number, and tried to give me another one – I was cut off before she did – and a chat box appeared . I was engaged by a typist, who asked who I was. I replied. typist says that is not the right customer name ! She asked for MY name, not the license holder, I then typed in the company name, etc., the numbers off of the license etc.
    She then types that she cannot help me, I have to call yet another number….
    No help. Intuit took my money – going to file with Mass AG’s office. They only get one star on the page for service – now I know why – and I cannot be the only person they ripped off.

    1. Alexander Hakim says:

      I so very much agree with you. Somehow we should all get together ask for our monies back and link together to boycot this terrible company

  27. Hollie Salas says:

    I am Sage 50 customer from a long time and I am looking for a direct phone number for sage 50 Just wanted to confirm that as of April 1 that the ROE will be submitted with the new 53 weeks?
    We did one yesterday and it was still with the 27 weeks.

  28. Helena Winter says:

    How do I get rid of the pop-up window for “Intuit Data Protect”? I am looking for Intuit Customer service phone number for USA.

  29. Cameron Fawler says:

    my QUICKBOOKS SAY ERROR 6073 AND 99001 I am using version 13.0 and I am trying to get information in regards to error codes I am getting while attempting to update Quickbooks 2015 non-profit edition.

  30. Maryanne Gargett says:

    I have an old version of QuickBooks Software, plan to update soon. But for now, I need to change the “type of account” and am having problems. I can’t change the “parent” account because it has subs. But I can’t change the subs first, because they would then be different from the parent!! So I need some help.

  31. Ned Faunce says:

    I upgraded to QB Pro 2016 and I am now getting Out of balance balance sheet errors even though I have verified and rebuilt data multiple times.
    I am looking for QuickBooks Customer service phone number or you may give a call to my phone number

  32. Gregory Pettey says:

    We are unable to update Quickbooks 2009. We keep getting multiple Errors 12007. We use Windows 8.1. Please provide instructions as to how we can set our system to receive updates. Thank you.
    If this doesn’t work I need help to upgrade my QuickBooks Software to QuickBooks 2017.

  33. Madeleine Spurlock says:

    Can someone provide me phone number for QuickBooks Support.I am facing Issues with my QuickBooks Pro download.
    The worst service from your people they would not even help me all they wanted was money for the service. I did not even get a chance to use my Quickbooks Pro had trouble downloading I am now looking for another Finance software with friendlier staff.

  34. Ellie Mendez says:

    I am facing issues with my QuickBooks Software payment for Payroll can someone Look in to it.I WAS CHARGED FOR A PAYROLL UPDATE BUT MY SYSTEM DID NOT RECEIVE IT.

  35. Marty Fellows says:

    I am using QuickBooks Software in Canada and I am facing this issue for ServcieBridge. I am looking for QuickBooks Customer care phone Number for Canada.
    Can you confirm that ServiceBridge a CRM, is compatible with Canadian Quickbooks?

  36. Leo Rintel says:

    I am getting an Error Code 19581 88738 on my QuickBooks Accounting Software.
    I am looking for Phone support and someone from QuickBooks Customer service to contact me and resolve my issue.

  37. Waylon Ortiz says:

    I am Looking for QuickBooks Customer support phone number.
    Every time I go to incorporate accountants changes it kicks me out and I have to restore the file. I get an error code of 26021 03020. I really need this problem solved so I can send the accountant the files again. Thank you

  38. Anderson Doak says:

    I am having problem with my Quickbooks Software.
    I use Quickbooks online with the business that I manage, and today I was having trouble getting the site to work properly. I would login just fine, but when I would go yo click on invoices to open them up and edit them or would try to create a new one and the window would go all white, sometimes it would show an image that I was trying to load but never would. I called the owner to see if she was having issues with her’s too, but she said it was working alright. I then tried login out and login back in and that did nothing. After that I tried totally closing out of Chrome and opening that back up again and it did nothing. I’ve left the office for the day with my computer totally shut down but I don’t see that helping it either since the Quickbooks we use isn’t saved on the computer but housed online. I could use some help, please.

  39. Joshua Brown says:

    Having issues installing QuickBooks’s 2014, upgraded to 2016 and getting the same error (1904) and have trying all the suggestions documented to no avail… please advise and thank you.

  40. Jed Labelle says:

    Well Intuit you have done it again. Made something so easy , so complicated. I upgraded to enterprise 2016 from 2015. If you want to contact me it better be by someone who knows how to get data that was lost in the transfer.Have someone from QuickBooks Customer service give me a call.

  41. Freddie Dickinson says:

    I am Unable to login into my QuickBooks Pro software. I am Looking for QuickBooks Technical Support Phone Number

  42. Juanita Miles says:

    I was trying to get in touch with QuickBooks Customer Support to Fix the Error 6000 77. The Number Published on the website really helped me. Keep up the good work.

  43. Shanice Locke says:

    I need help to fix Quickbooks error code 00000 45670? I need a toll free number for Quickbooks Customer service in the US.

  44. Jana German says:

    Thanks for providing me information about the QuickBooks Customer service number it has really worked out well for me I resolved my issues with Errors on my company file

  45. Deloras Drennan says:

    I see an Error 3371 on my QuickBooks and I am also facing problem with my Company file. Can some one from customer service give me a call.

  46. Beta Jones says:

    I have been trying to get in touch with Inuit Support for USA customers and I am wondering if they work on Weekends aswell. I have error 12007 on my QuickBooks. I am using an older version QuickBooks 2006. Do I need to upgrade to newer version.

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