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QQ is also known as Tencent QQ. It is an instant messaging software service. QQ is launced in China in February 1999 by Tencent Holding Limited. There’re many features online games, music, shopping, movies, chat, blogging etc in QQ.

Tencent QQ is a Chinese technology and Internet companies, and the world’s largest investment, gaming, and entertainment conglomerate Co-founded in 1998 by Ma Huateng. The Chinese based concern provides a wide range of internet solutions services including value-added internet and phone services, entertainment, media, and. mobile services. Tencent has international presence in Southeast Asia, Europe, and North America.

Tencent is the world’s top Internet firms with 38% of average growth rate and is the 4th most innovative company in Asia according to Forbes list. Tencent’s third-party payment platforms stand 3rd in China behind Alipay and Paypal. It is a dominant player in the mobile gaming market and IM Messenger.


Web Portal List Of QQ Tencent Company

Tencent stands third in third-party payment platforms in China behind Alipay and Paypal. Tencent tops the Chinese mobile market through its product integration. It dominates the mobile gaming market with its game centres in Mobile QQ and WeChat; building the largest mobile games user base with more than 50% share.

Tencent Qq Instant Messaging

QQ instant messaging platform for PC and mobile users is integrated across all Web and mobile services of Tencent. It includes services like text messaging, video, voice chat as well as online (offline) files transmission. QQ is used by hundreds of millions of Chinese with a user base that’s 4.5 times more compared to Skype.


WeChat instant messaging is QQ’s most recent addition. It is the world’s fastest growing social apps which include features like messaging, social communication, office chat app, payment service, ability to make videos in it and play games.


The biggest and most used internet portal in China that provides integrated news, interactive community, and entertainment platform.


World’s most valuable social networking platform based on peer to peer interaction and self-interaction. It includes membership subscriptions, digital content subscriptions, and selling of virtual goods.

QQ Wallet

A mobile payment product that integrates several payment options like bank card payment, QR code payment, and NFC payment.

QQ Games

A smartphone and PC-based gaming service with a 50%+ user base. Games like Honour of Kings surpassed 40 million daily active users to set a new record.

Customer Services Details QQ.com

Headquarter : Tencent Building, Kejizhongyi Avenue Hi-Tech Science Park, Nanshan District Shenzhen, Guangdong, CN
USA Address : 661 Bryant Street Palo Alto, California 94301, US
Account Recovery / Password : 📞 +86 0755-83765566
China Mainland Hotline: 📞 95716
Hong Kong, China: 📞+852 800-964-163 (Toll Free)
United States: 📞+1 888-652-2736 (Toll Free)
Others: 📞+86 75595716
QQ E-Mail team : mailteam@qq.com
E mail team : bizsupport@qq.com
Report spam : abuse@qq.com

Customer Care Service Hour

Monday 12:00 am 12:00 pm
Tuesday 12:00 am 12:00 pm
Wednesday 12:00 am 12:00 pm
Thursday 12:00 am 12:00 pm
Friday 12:00 am 12:00 pm
Saturday 12:00 am 12:00 pm
Sunday 12:00 am 12:00 pm
User Review
2.33 (3 votes)

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    jamais reçu ma commande, scp répondre asap, erci

    N° de Commande 00002265
    Placésur Jan 31,2022

    Commande Confirmée
    Nous sommes en train de préparer votre commande pour qu’elle soit expédiée. Nous vous informerons quand elle a été expédiée.
    Voir Votre Commande
    ou Visitez Notre Magasin
    Informations sur la livraison
    Livraison par Standard Express
    255 rue Mgr Prévost
    Saint-Eustache, Quebec, J7P2K9 Canada
    détails du produit

    SKU: —
    Price: $49.98
    Qty: 1 $49.98
    Récapitulatif de la Commande
    Product Amount 49.98 USD
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    Tax 0.00 USD
    Total Amount 57.97 USD
    Besoin d’Assistance? Parlez avec nous.
    Nous ferons tout ce que nous pouvez faire pour nous assurer que vous aimez votre expérience avec nous. Avez-vous des questions ou des retours d’information? Contactez-nous à 【1@QQ.COM】
    Ce courriel a été envoyé par 【Felicad】

  2. chichi says:

    I am unable tolog in, unknown error 000000008 occurred! later verification, which I typed but keep repeating the process! Why?
    My QQ No 2386012063 Can you help? I have re-intalled still same problem!!! Could you rectify asap? Regards and thanks!
    chi chi

  3. Anastacia Gerson says:

    I was tracking my orders and it tells me it shows no orders yet it says shipped on my account. The shipping address is wrong as well 3985 N Stone Ave. Apt. 240 Tucson Arizona 85705

  4. Rosemarie Delosreyes says:

    The iphone 5s wants to activate can u give me apple ID to activate and password to open i can pormat i did nit open wants qq.com to activate my iPhone 5s

  5. himanshu sura says:

    I have no uc purchage in pubg mobile please send me 600 uc in pubg mobile
    idea for pubg mobile 5470055544
    please send uc
    i requested please help me

  6. Zafar Artist says:


  7. Aarav Singh says:

    I created my qq account one day ago and yesterday my account got frozen. Please help me to recover my account.

  8. Maria Sabater says:

    I got my order after waiting for 2 months I got the item but I not happy with the products I order I what too return the item I order I need your address we’re too return the item

  9. Maria Sabater says:

    I try too chat but nobody was answering me I got the purchase I order but I was not happy with the products I order I what too return the price order I need your address we’re too send the item please

  10. Mujtaba Omari says:

    Sehr geehrte Pubg Mobile,

    [ID 5414918688] Konto wurde gehackt. Mein Konto ist mit Facebook und Google
    Mail verknüpft.
    Mein Google Mail (mujtabaomary1230@gmail.com).
    Mein Pubg Nachname) [ヅ ・ افغان]

    Dieser Typ hat alle meine Freunde blockiert und meinen Kontonamen geändert.

    Er hat sowohl mein Facebook als auch Google Mail geändert und sich mit dem
    neuen Konto angemeldet.

    Hey, ich bin seit fast 2 Jahren auf Konten und plötzlich tut es mir sehr
    weh, mich zu hacken.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen
    Mujtaba Omari

  11. abdullah rajput says:

    I want to unlink my Facebook from pubg account which is ban for no reason so please unlink my that account character I’d :539969406784712

  12. Suzan says:

    Dear Sir/madam
    I m a player.i m playing pubg from season 2 and never use third party
    apps.and know when I m updating pubg mobile new version after that my
    account is banned why I don’t know.please unbann me.
    My I’d no 573396849
    My I’d name ONEDeadshot
    My exp level is 76

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