Pokemon GO 415-570-8871 Phone Number

logo $100 to $5000 415-570-8871 USA
User Review
2.6 (5 votes)
2 Bryant Ste. 220 San Francisco, CA 94105 United States
Region Auckland ,Australia ,Brazil ,

Pokemon GO Customer Services Phone Number

As of now we don’t see any phone number listed for Pokemon GO, However we would inform our users as soon as we get any phone number
for Pokemon go. Ninantic Inc creator of PokemonGO can help customers with all their queries. Ninantic Labs can help you with installation,Query about the game and whether you can play the game in your country.
Pokemon go is becoming a revolution and it may change the way people spend time on internet for pleasure
and games. In no time it has millions those are actively playing the game online.

Niantic Support Phone Number for Customer Service

Everybody is looking to contact pokemon go customer service number and still we dont have any support phone number
for the game. If you are looking for Niantic Labs customer support phone number we can help you with it. If you have questions about
deleting your account,or lost account and if you are not able to play or login customer care help you with.
You can ASK any Questions on Pokemon GO Help Desk Forum , you can get the advice and Solutions from the experts, the Discussion forum
having various categories like
Pokémon Shuffle Mobile
General Information
Pokémon Trading Card Game
Pokémon TCG Online
Pokémon Video Games
Pokémon Global Link
PokéDex for iOS (discontinued)
Pokémon Bank
Pokémon Jukebox
Camp Pokémon
Pokémon Photo Booth
Pokémon GO and Pokémon GO Plus
pokemon go

Customer Care Service Hour

Monday 12:00 am 12:00 pm
Tuesday 12:00 am 12:00 pm
Wednesday 12:00 am 12:00 pm
Thursday 12:00 am 12:00 pm
Friday 12:00 am 12:00 pm
Saturday 12:00 am 12:00 pm
Sunday 12:00 am 12:00 pm
User Review
2.6 (5 votes)

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  1. Vickie Booker says:

    Want to speak to someone, email don’t work tries before, give a good phone number, u guys make many bucks off us players

  2. Vickie Booker says:

    One u don’t get thru phone not available, I ask a question and have to Google get miss message about my ?, Why can’t I power up my Pokemon, it says have to have candy and stardust, I do so, answer phone we’ll get a number that works that says support

  3. Ty Pham says:

    Won 5 stars raid, while trying to catch a legendary, system was out. Got back in , the Pokémon disappeared. Very frustrated !!!

  4. Mary Elizabeth Burt says:

    It started over a week ago. I can’t access my Pokémon partner,And now I can’t even access other people that I have linked up with and then the game just shut off on me as it is soon as I try to login or even try to capture a Pokémon Come on game just goes off and I’m back to my home screen on my phone. And when I try to battle team rocket it just shut up on me again teeth right back to my home screen on my phone and I don’t know what to do.My user name is Serena589

  5. Steven Thurman says:

    Your automated email replys are worthless, i need to talk to a actual representative about a lost account

  6. MARIA OWENS says:

    First of all,I would give no rated stars at all,however it would not allow me to leave remarks without. So, what a Absolutely horrible customer service experience. My son bought items and wasn’t giving the full amount as stated when he bought them with my credit card.
    I am not happy that there is no one to speak to in regards to such. They have no problem demanding payment however they do not provide what customers purchase. I will be contacting my financial institution to receive a refund.
    Never would refer!!!

  7. Michael Herron says:

    My ex raid pass was cancelled I’ve worked hard to get that e x raid pass and you just up and take it from me and give me 1000 Stardust and to raid passes premium raid passes that doesn’t count

  8. Cody lipinski says:

    I hate that you guy have a limited time for strong raids when im working or when im buy my slef or add More Time in battle mode it screws me over on getting what ever Pokemon i want the raids need to last long or im just done playing it its said to go but i might have to. works first game time is next

  9. Jared says:

    I waited till the time to get raikou and it gave me snorlax instead I checked the time and time zone and still got raikou

  10. Paul says:

    I was kicked out of the game and when I tried to log back in it wouldn’t let me, I could really use some help. I had my account since pokemon go first came out and I would hate to lose it.

    1. Linda says:

      Did you get a reply as we have the same problem. My son logged out accidentally and cannot recover his account?

  11. zachary burch says:

    I had two dragonairs before but they disappear but I know for a fact that I didn’t transfer them either plus I also caught a lugia in a battle raid but it froze, it didn’t registered it I would likely to have those pokemon back because I think you thought I was cheating for that please put my pokemon back

  12. tamil selvan says:

    Dear sir,
    In my location there is no pokestop or pokegym so I can’t able to play game continuously so plz add some stops and gym near my location…

  13. Robert Rice says:

    Yes this is Robert Rice Gmail Rob rice 844 at gmail.com would you please return my call I have a complaint somebody’s using my credit card without my knowledge 717 331 2361 thank you

  14. Evan Campbell says:

    I can you put back up the pixel exertion Because it reminds me of the old games and it’s fun,cool,exiting

  15. Thomas laihe says:

    When I sign into my game it says that it has been detected that someone else may be playing my account. It’s my 9 year old autistic son. We have been playing the game since the day that it came out an never had an issue an now your accusing us of cheating? This is by far one of the worst games I have ever played. We walked for miles trying to hatch 10k eggs just to get weedles, or psyducks. I have spent close to $100 out of my pocket so that we would have a chance of keeping up with the other trainers but nothing helps. I can’t allow my son to walk around the streets playing the game alone an now your trying to tell me that it’s cheating if we both share an account? How am I supposed to ensure the safety of my child if I can’t play the game with them? I don’t understand why you have such an issue with this? I find it completely absurd, I see people cheating actually cheating all the time, An nothing is done about it. But me a parent who actually cares for their child’s well being your gonna come after us. Go on youtube an type in Pokémon go. I am willing to bet my entire paycheck at least 4/10 first videos that come up the people are cheating. Either make the game fair or stop bothering us for cheating an actually do something about the people who actually cheat.

  16. CJR11187 says:

    I love to play pokemon go. But i have no poke balls to catch pokemon. No pokestops in my location. Please add a pokestop near my location.

  17. Richard leon says:

    Hi name is Richard Leon l lost my account and l been banned but l didn.t did anything for it my phone number is 5625510750

  18. 👎this is for you says:

    I purchase 200 poke coins but the amt was deucted from my account for 300 poke coins on 28 Nov 2017 and again on 01 Dec 2017 I purchase 100 pole coins but the same result amt was deducted for 200 pokecoins from my account this is fraud done by the devwloper of the game to earn money from the playes who will play this game ..they are thugs and they do not reply

  19. Sachin Sinha says:

    hello sir I am sachin I live in bihar ( bihar sharif nalanda ) bihar sharif may two more gym and 20 pokestop more give me there are playing in 30 people for 1 gym i request sir more pokestop and gym and new pokemon catch

  20. Corey thean says:

    Ex raid fix here a great idea step 1 we all know every one uses the same pokemon over and over. For raids while other pokemon get no love. So new system you must win 100 battles at gyms in 30 days with a new random pokemon generator system. If they don’t have the pokemon they just need to go out get 1 or buy egg incubator to help this will help you get more money and make people happy. With this you will put that dragon go game to the ground.

  21. Jack coria says:

    I have been trying to get some help with my sons account for over a week now. He seems to have been shadow banned possibly for using IVGO. He is a 7 year old special needs boy and didn’t know that would cause him to be shadow banned. I have since deleted that app and I have sent numerous requests that you fix his account. A friend of ours was shadow banned after he was and has already been reinstated. She claims that it is because she sent numerous foul worded emails and got someone to call her. I am just about fed up with this. I spend a good deal of money for my son to be able to enjoy this game. Please fix his account.
    Email address is jackcoria@gmail.com
    Username is jackxthexreaper

  22. Candy Bruce says:

    Is there a way i can change teams? My son and daughter moved in and i would love to be on the same team as them. I have never changed teams before. When i google the question it says that at this time i can not switch is this true? Please help.

    1. Manel Acid says:

      Unfortunately candy Bruce its true you cannot change teams. I have the same problem 3 family members on different teams due to not knowing the others played. I want myself and two daughters to be on the same team. but its not possible, apparently it used to be possible but got removed.

  23. Felix says:

    I had the perfect chansey I was stoked and I know I favorited it and then accidentally transferred it I’m a big time player in the game and know how good of hatch that was he was perfect iv it would have been massive is there a issue with the favoriting cause I’d like it back

  24. Shelli Sander says:

    Regardless of all the possibilities, an escorts arrangement makes up for a perfect choice of gift idea for individuals owned by all types of clients. My professional Delhi Escorts Service are experienced and specialized who love what they do. Each escorts girl is a skilled with an exclusive style which is great companion to any event. Here you can see in my gallery page! You can find real & hot pics as I captured with my phone inside my rooms, I have up to date my gallery page once in a week.

  25. Kelly says:

    Niantic sorry but your recovery services suck real bad and I mean real bad what if someone can’t use either service then you pawn them off to google sometimes a real personal help figure your crap out to show that you give a crap would be nice I’m havin a hell of a time getting my account back and your not giving the right help I’m getting sick of getting booted out of my account and spending days trying to figure the info I added to a mobile game or a google account I created Years and years ago if some one who can help me reads this please email me please

  26. Candice says:

    I had bought pokemon coins and was charged twice thru my PayPal account 19.99 2x and called PayPal and they refunded 1 payment, but then you guys at pokemon go took all my coins away even the coins I payed for at 19.99 , I would like this to be refunded my coins back on my account, thank you

  27. M88 says:

    Today, while I was at work, my sister stole my iPad and tested to see if it can survive
    a 40 foot drop, just so she can be a youtube sensation. My iPad is now destroyed
    and she has 83 views. I know this is totally off topic but I had
    to share it with someone!

  28. Timothy Daniel says:

    There are too few pokestop in the area I live and my children are complaining about it us living in the country so I was wondering if I could get my house made into a pokestop. The nearest one is the Avoca Fire Department and I don’t mind people stopping by.

  29. Faith Deliverance Ministries (Faith Deliverance Baptist Church) says:

    Our church is not a Pokémon stop, it is private property. I’ve submitted a removal request per your policy to no avail. Remove the Pokémon stop from our church immediately. Your company should be aware of applicable Commonwealth of Virginia Code. Therefore:
    Faith Deliverance Baptist Church Treasurer

  30. Matt Boots says:

    My account was deleted and I am really do not understand why. I really would like to speak to someone from niatic

  31. Mike says:

    I think mewtwo needs to be global with a 100% catch rate for those that don’t have mewtwo and have mewtwo open for raids for 3 days or just give everyone that doesn’t have mewtwo you give it to them for free because only a few people have mewtwo and I think everyone should have a mewtwo

  32. Donna lamore says:

    Please take are condominium off your maps your on private property!! South Lyon Michigan at Pontiac trail and greenwood dr @ are gazebo!!

  33. Sivadav says:

    Sir IAM already says that in my town their is no any poke stops and Jim’s. Ànd I am not able to walk

  34. Melissa Quire says:

    All the gyms in Nicholasville Ky have severe bug errors you cannot battle a whole gym with out been kicked out by either network errors or errors itself. It’s ridiculous to waste potions and revives. Is there a refund for all these problems. Please have someone contact me immediately 859-550-1674

  35. Faith curtis says:

    Me and my son have red lines through our Pokemon that keeps us from putting them in the gym we’ve contacted Niantic about it and they won’t fix it I don’t think they know what they’re doing if they did know what they were doing they would fix the problem they created or maybe they’re just a bunch of idiots that ain’t got a brain to think for themselves they came through an email the babe are working on it but are they really working on it do they even know how to fix the game all they’re concerned with is causing people to quit where I live there are very few out that can play it because they’ve either been locked doubt or completely blocked by Niantic because they think everybody in the world cheats to get the Pokemon that they won’t release I think they should release the Pokemon that are in other countries and other parts of the world all over the world I think they should release every Pokemon all over the world to everybody and I believe everybody all over the world would agree with what I’m saying

  36. Patrick Partlow says:

    I have had multiple instances where right in the middle of battling a raid and even attempting the bounce catch where the entire app just crashes and all progress is lost. I’m using a iPhone 6plus with 32 gigs of space free. I’ve been dealing with it but the problem keep happening, I’m truly getting tired of the problem and loosing my passes. Is there any help to be had.

  37. Stephen Collins says:

    Hi please find the Journal bug that I keep experiencing.
    Every time I press on my journal it goes to my buddy page instead.
    I have also been buying a lot of coins over the past couple of weeks.
    I have been experiencing a lot of errors when fighting Raid Bosses.
    I am very upset of the fact that I have spent so much money on these raid passes to have maybe 10 errors over a two week period.
    Very unhappy with the errors I am experiencing, would much appreciate it if you could reimburse me for the raid passes I have lost due to glitches please.
    I would be very grateful.
    Kind regards
    Stephen Collins

  38. Valrae Simonaro says:

    I am becoming increasingly more frustrated with Pokemon Go’s “NETWORK ERROR :
    Surely there is something that can be done to fix this .
    I , and many others , are ready to quit th8s game as do much time is spent trying to take down a gym only to have NETWORK ERROR to come up and waste our time

  39. Michael goldsmith says:

    I did two raids today and with three balls left on both then tyranatar and zapdos jumped and my screen went white and kicked me out I feel really cheated by this happening I need an answer please. The last raid I did was electrabuzz an I caught him please contact me back

  40. Kai Morgan says:

    Every time I do I raid now it boots me out. I don’t spend money on your game to not be able to use the required items I want you to sort my problem out cause iv waisted 2 raid passes now. My user name Is (kaimorgan9228) also would like a refund on the 2 passes I waisted.

  41. Ted Boone says:

    After group defeated raid boss, red “network error” message appears. All others in group get items & (balls) chance to capture boss. But mine never appear & though took my pass, acts as if I never won the battle & after 3 different successful raid battle at same gym & raid time, never gives items or chance to capture. Niantic promised if I paid a dollar for pass & won, would at least get chance to capture. Since it failed to do so, requesting refund of money spent to purchase opportunity. This has happened to me 5 times & I’m making demand for compensation result of niantic failure to fulfill contractual obligations per offer regarding Raid pass purchase in exchange for money I invested through niantic in game exchange. Resolution is here in demanded to avoid legal remedy.
    Ted Boone
    Aka; OghamRunes
    Regarding; Pokemon Go

  42. Lewis jephcott says:

    I’ve been banned even though in a legit player, I live in Lancaster and have come to Manchester for the Safari Zone event to catch a khangaskhan and a couple of unowns but have been banned and now I’m going to miss the event

  43. MadMrMarvel says:

    I need help asap ever since raids began at least every other day I get 1 – 4 red error signs when I participate in a raid just as it says go I get kicked out! I have wasted 4 pass today because of this issue. My time and date set correctly to auto my location is set to high frequency. I’ve uninstalled the app on many occasions. Also I am not receiving any coins after my pokemon are returning having defended a gym for around 2 – 3 days. Please help

  44. GhostlyGENGAR41 says:

    I defeted a raid boss (moltres) but i died when it did so i didn’t get to evan try to cach it evan though i did receive the items

  45. Michael Milam says:

    I am currently flagged or soft ban not to sure which one it is but it really stinks and I don’t know why I really enjoy playing the game and if u guys see so.ething I am doing wrong u should let me know so I could stop before u cut me off from play ok ng the game I have invested money into your game bought a go plus and would really like to just enjoy playing the game with my family but can’t is there anyway u can help me

  46. Mustafa ulusoy says:

    I just help i get one min and 80 sec to pick which pokemon in raids and one min and 20 sec sec in battle why is that

  47. Tristen Garner says:

    Every time i try to do a raid battle it takes my raid pass or premium raid pass then when it goes to the battle i get booted out every time and it really has me to the point were im wanting to uninstall this app and quit playing pokemon go because i havent been able to do any raids.

  48. Matthaios says:

    I’m really upset with your roll
    Out of the legendary birds. The only one of the three I’m trying for interested people is Articuno and it’s already gone!!! I was on vacation the entire week and I don’t have international use on my cell and when I paid for a roaming data plan just to catch that one Pokémon I couldn’t log in because your system blocked me!!! I’m so infuriated at this. Why would you do this? When will you have another Articuno event? I won’t be playing until you do!!!😡😡😡😡😡

  49. Tenzin says:

    My friends and family are go for legendary raid hunt, but my accout keeps get getting kick out the raids please help..asap!!!! I have spent over $200 dollars on this game. Im not happy if this keeps up. So please fix…

  50. Jared Cody says:

    Hi my name is Jared, I have been playing Pokémon GO for A long time now never had any issues with the game until now. I’m a very big fan of it love the game love every aspect of it especially the raids. But I went to a raid with a few other people with the legendary Pokémon Moltres. We defeated this raid then I went on to catch the Pokémon and there was a network error affecting my chances to catch the Pokémon. I tried clicking on the raid again hoping it wouldn’t give me the chance to catch it but it said the raid was completed. This is very disappointing since I have never seen the legendary Pokémon until now . I just want to know if there’s a way to fix this for me to have a chance to catch one since I put in the work to defeat the raid . My in game name is lesleyshusband. I am level 24.

  51. Trynnety says:

    Last night I lost 13 Charge TM’s. I do not know how this happened and I am extremely frustrated. I had been saving them to use on better IV Pokemon. One minute I had 13, next minute I had none. I am pretty sure I lost several Fast TM as well. Please help me. I battled many raids to accumulate this amount of TM’s and now have nothing to show for it. Please respond ASAP as I wanted to use them now to better what Pokemon I have against the Legendarys that are being released. Thank you

  52. Scott k.Kohout scootie 111 says:

    Well I was playing Pokemon go I went ahead and purchased from The Google Shop some Pokeballs then the system locked up when I got an Akins Ekans in my Pokeball it locked up and wouldn’t let me do anything but I am owed 200 Pokeballs how do I take care of that?

  53. Scott k.Kohout scootie 111 says:

    Well I was playing Pokemon go I went ahead and purchased from The Google Shop some Pokeballs then the system locked up when I got an Akins Ekans in my Pokeball it locked up and wouldn’t let me do anything but I am old 200 Pokeballs how do I take care of that?

  54. HappyPokemons17 says:

    The premier balls used to catch raid bosses are glitching….they either throw themselves without me touching them or I throw them and they just drop to the ground immeadiately

  55. Tery spear says:

    They can help my friends when raids glitch out on them but I filed so many complaints not to get answered

  56. Jason Heng says:

    I’m Heng from Malaysia. The current event happening now of gym battle with Legendaries raid boss in worldwide is one of most enjoyabe and greatfull by all the Malaysia pokemon players here.However as the 2 legendaries (Articuno &Lugia)gym battle and catch duration just limited time till 31st that i hardly have enough time going for the battle and unable sucessfully to catch 1 of that either as I’m working for much longer hour. I really hope that even after the changes of the next other legendaries will still remain with Articuno & Lugia bit longer for someone who’s still not success have 1 of this in their account like me. Thank you.

  57. Nuzreth Vanrobaeys says:

    I think my account may have been hacked. I had a level 30 Avatar and now I am back to the beginning of the game. If you can contact me at 1 403 715 8962, that would be much appreciated.

  58. Brody says:

    Ive battled 7 legendary pokemon and not cought one this is bullshit people are already catching 2 or 3 and here i am with NONE this is bullshit

  59. Brody says:

    Ive battled 7 legendary pokemon and not cought one this is bullshit people are already cstching 2 or 3 and here i am with NONE this is bullshit

  60. Kenneth Yrreverre says:

    You wasted my 3 raid passes for battling 2 lugia and an articuno. Because of your stupid network error and we have good wifi I have Ben doing this an hour today wasting my time dying to get lugia on my squad but NO. You guys decided to waste my money supporting one of the best apps and I am #1 Pokemon fan. Give me something because this is not fair at all. MrPlatinum21

  61. Willie collins says:

    I have lost 3 Lugia battles due to issues. Kicking me out after the battle or not letting me through the balls.

  62. Tony L Mellencamp says:

    My avatar is wonky and continues to move sometimes even when I am standing still. It is particularly bad in a few areas where I can’t battle gyms because my avatar will not even get close enough to it no matter where or how I move. I don’t want to get flagged as a spoofer because my avatar is nuts. Do you know how to fix this issue. I have an Iphone 6 with AT&T service. There are times and places my avatar is fine but others not. I also had a glitch twice where i battled a few gyms and revived and restored health to like 18 pokemon only to see them with low health again without having battled again. It only happened twice – during the anniversary festival and not since thankfully. But I did have to buy more coins and use more potions and such to restore them all twice.

  63. Erik Nilsson says:

    I’ve been playing a lot this week and now i cant collect anything more everything just dissapears.. people telling me im softbanned and can risk my account cause ive played to much this week? really? ive put in a lot of money this week and earlier in the game and never done anything wrong

  64. Joshua says:

    Hi I am so sad because I caught a articuno and a lugia and they did not go into my pokedex please sort it out for me and maby give me them back thank you I worked so hard for them ;(

  65. Dan Tipton says:

    Hi my name is Mr Dan Tipton I went to the Chester event in England I had two days off work for this event we then traveled along way to get there and when we did my wife and I was not able to join in with most as each time we tried your game would not let us play yet when we left we was able to join the game we are very disappointed and frustrated I really hope this does not happen again as we wasted a lot of money for nothing.

  66. Home says:

    Hi there, I have played this game near enough every day since the day it was released,I have spent alot of money playing it aswell,I’ve been spending money on coins for raid passes and keep getting errored out of every raid battle I try to do, I’m very disappointed and hope this can be resolved

  67. Victor ortiz says:

    Hello today I was part of 2 articuno raid battles , the first articuno was successfully defeated yet my game glitch/crashed and I was not given the chance to go to the bonus challenge nor I got the rewards for beating said articuno. The second raid the game kept crashing and not loading which didn’t allowed me to join the raid.i fell sad because these were my only 2 chances to catch a legendary Pokemon. Hope u can do something about my problem and help me out.

  68. Gwen says:

    Ok ok I need you to fix my game I want to be nice but I will be mad at you for the rest of my life so plz help.

  69. Gwen says:

    Hey I love your game but I need your help. My game can’t find my location it has been a whole year since it has found my location plz fix it I would be so happy and greatful. 😇 😇 😇 😇

  70. Mike says:

    Hello Niantic, I am complaining about my Articuno what happened was I was at a raid battle and I should’ve caught Articuno but here is the problem it said “Gotcha” and then what happened was the game glitched and now I don’t have Articuno

  71. Caylin says:

    Hello there. I have been raiding all day and all yesterday, have done about 20-25 raids a day…and have yet to catch a legendary could you please help me? I’m spent so much money on raid passes and all I want is a Lugia but every raid it’ll wiggle the ball twice and pop out please help

  72. Shawn Van Santen says:

    Hey niantic after my Exeggutor was in a gym he came back to me after defending the gym but after I had revived it and gave it potions it did not return to my line up the cp was around 2754 I would like to have my Pokémon back! If you could help me that’d be great! Thanks!

  73. Carlos Batista says:

    I did a tyranitar battle and when I when to the bonus to caught him I have 6 ball and when I to trough my first ball it when down to 3 and then it kick me out of the bonus and then back in and I only had one ball left and when I trough my last ball it just kick me out and this it’s not the first time it happens it’s the second time

  74. Andrew Emington says:

    I participated in two Articuno raid battles today. The first raid we beat the boss and I hit the Articuno every time except one while using a golden razz on every throw. The second raid we beat the boss and the game glitched on the group as we clicked on the bonus challenge. We didn’t even get a chance to try and catch it and I feel cheated! Let me know what you can do because many people in the group are angry with the game right now.

  75. nickolas zapata says:

    Hi I had a pokemongo account on my college account but they are now running it through microsoft but my email to the game is nickolas.****@****.edu but they are going to shut it down but i was wondering if u can put all my pokemon and everything on nik**@gmail.com please because i started my first account on my university which i started playing july 6 2016 please and thank you because it really means the world to me.

  76. Pastor Lewis says:

    Your game directs people to our Church grounds at 1911 Hoger st. Lincolnpark, Mich!! Please remove our location from your gem search!
    Thank you

  77. Joseph Widdicombe says:

    I tried purchasing both pokemon storage upgrade and pokemon bag upgrade it took my coins 200 each but I didn’t receive anymore space. Can I either get my coins back or the storage space.

  78. Joey duco says:

    My account was hacked and I made a new account JDukesssss please put my 7/9/2016 start date I can prove I have control of both accounts.

  79. ben says:

    I can’t log in to pokemon go on mobile network (says unable to authenticate). My usage is not over limit. I can log in on wi-fi.

  80. Ansh Goenka says:

    I am ansh goenka
    I am an Indian
    Actually I had tried to play pokemon go with a fake gps
    And after that my game is saying unable to authenticate
    I am feeling sorry and from now I will not use fake gps
    Please help me

  81. Lisa says:

    Playing Pokemon and suddenly lost all my pokey balls, tried everything, but can’t get them back. I would like to be compensated for them, otherwise why pay to play if they are going to disappear!

  82. Jandlynne king says:

    Had issues with the shop.. bought 2 bag upgrades a n neither were applied. Also it was deducted from my pokecoins.

  83. Evan says:

    Out of the 12 raids I have done and beat I have only got credit for 3 of them. Everytime during the raid when the Pokemon’s health is 0 it waits until the time is up and says network error and says I didn’t beat the raid boss. Also I get kicked completely off every 45 min and then says can’t authenticate. Honestly niantic you have taken a franchise that I loved growing up to me hating it. Thank you.

  84. Janice Ibosh says:

    I absolutely love Pokemon Go. My son got me started playing last year to get me walking and to focus. I have Epilepsy, MS and other health problems. This has been the best tool to keep my mind focused and build up my strength. The bonus is the 45 pounds I’ve lost from chasing fictional characters. Last year, had anyone told me I would be back to work in Loss Prevention, I would have told them they were crazy. Not only back to work, been going hiking as well. The physical benefits from this game beat any minor glitches that arise. You’ve changed my life with this fun game, thank you

  85. Brandon french says:

    I am not receiving any pokecoins after Pokemon are returned to me. I had a Pokemon in a gym for 1 day and 17 hours and received no notification saying I earned any pokecoins, I had 120 before Pokemon was returned and still have 120, please fix this

  86. Atharv says:

    My pokemon go is not logging and i received the message unable to authenticate please solve this problem for forever

  87. Joel says:

    I had a phone with pokemon go, the phone totally crapped out on me, i was unable to play for the last few months, i now have new phone and i used what i thought was all the right info to log into my pokemon go account, and i apparently had to start all over, can i get back the old account back, if all i really have to go off of is my character nickname, and the phone number i was using?

  88. Parker says:

    Can you please make promo codes available on iOS devices and I would like a poke stop and/or gym at dells timberland and at the racetrack between Lyndon and the Wisconsin dells. It’s just that the closest poke stop is on the high way like a mile away, so that would really help me. It would be the best thing ever if you did this for me. Please. Thank you. You can contact me at 1(920)206-5473

  89. Parker Radig says:

    My sister would like to change to team valor because she is on instinct right now and doesn’t like it. Her username is Pinkstar345. Could you please change her to team valor.

  90. Seth beerbower says:

    The new gyms have ruined the gameplay I want my 100 coins and 5000 stardust a day!

  91. Jose says:

    Excuse me im having trouble login into my trainer account i want to know how can you help me to solve the problem.

  92. Aakash23102000 says:

    Please make a new pokestop near my area because there is no pokestop near my area.

  93. Sujata says:

    I have root my and I have unroot my mobile but it’s coming error message like unable to authencate

  94. Joseph Shelton says:

    I spent almost a year collecting magicarp candy and I lost them all I was exiting the game but somehow the game evolved the magicarp I had no intentions of ever evolving this magicarp and I ask for help and you can’t do anything what a joke

  95. Kumar dhumal says:

    My name is Kumar dhumal from india-mumbai i want gym & pokestop my reached level 11 I am big. Fan niangic all product
    Contact me – +91 869*****

  96. Dan Tipton says:

    To whom this may concern my name is Dan I live in the UK I have 2 issues in which I do hope you can help with 1st is in my area we have 1 pokestop the others are in a musium if I go there it’s trespassing also we never get any good Pokémon why is that all we have are the old ones people here would very much like to catch good Pokémon as well I think this is wrong and unfair I play all the time please help my self an others around me as we have been loyal to you and hope you will be loyal to us thank you my post code is tf74hd Sutton hill Telford Shropshire England.

  97. Amanda Clark says:

    I have been reset back to level 1 and I was on level 22 I DO NOT want to start over please help recover my account

  98. Cindy Hazen says:

    I need to know how i get a refund on an unauthorized charge on my google play account for your pokemon game. you send an email for an account setup to be approved by a parent but no alerts about purchasing and charging a 79.99 to my account from a phone thats a kids. this is backwards considering it should be monitored
    please respond asap so this problem and credit to my account be resolved!!

  99. Nick Stockman says:

    I started the game with team Mystic. And all of a sudden, one time when i got on, It said I was on team Instinct. I am pretty upset. I have no idea how to contact Pokemon Go with this issue since it is not listed on your website. Why did Pokemon Go change my team? I was perfectly happy with the team I picked at the beginning of the game.

  100. Death5striker says:

    I am a diehard Pokemon fan. I have reached level 14 in Pokemon go now levelling up is difficult as it requires more XP. I have only 4 pokestop in my city and no gym so I am sort of angry on niantic and developers and also they are not taking request. My location is India UP rampur(pincode-244901)28.8825° N, 79.1097° E. I want gyms and pokestop

  101. Mitchell liebke says:

    I’ve lost my account I cause I forgot my login I was on level 28 now it has started from the start all this happened after the new update would like some help getting it back please

  102. Christie tavarez says:

    My complaint is that your taking money from my debit card without my permission. I will like to cancel and my son dont have pokemon go please respond back to me.

  103. Alexi says:

    I cant log into my account ..I’ve tried many time , restarted the phone , updated the apps ,uninstalled pokemon ,reinstalled …keep saying ” unable to authenticate, please try again” …I tried a million times in the past week…..my email is chak***s@g**il.com
    Phone number

  104. Mario Pineda says:

    I hatched a egg and a nidoran appeared out of it but then I got kicked out of it and I lost my Pokémon and my 25 candys for nidoran so if you can pls help me get it back

  105. Eric Zimmerman says:

    Needs to be more Pokémon stops in chapman ne 68827 and there is no gyms there we currently have 2 Pokémon stops in chapman ne 68827 and there is more than 2 historical places in chapman ne fire hall, church, school, city park, pump and pantry please add them asap we love to play Pokémon go thanks any questions my number is 3088501956 thanks

  106. Debra Lynn Fetters says:

    Please call ..517*******. There is a big mistake on my account. I would like a refund. Debra fetters thanks

  107. Christopher kim says:

    Still haven’t received pokemon go update version 0.59.1. Reports say it was released 3/21/2017 and today is 3/23/2017. What gives?

  108. Koustubh sinha says:

    Pokemon game is very much interesting and the people in small town like bhagalpur of bihar in india are excited to play this game but there is no gym right here not even in close to bhagalpur so i request u sir plzz create pokemon gym in our place becouse h r not taking subission anymore . I will hope a reply from u with a poke gym pokemon fan r waiting for your reply.

  109. Zoovakazoo says:

    Hey , in my town we have no pokestop or gym or anything all are like to play this game so we need atleast 20 pokestop in my town so humbly accept my apology

  110. Koal Lauer says:

    I have been shut out of my account two different times ive made two different accounts for the game but yet I still get shut out of the accounts

  111. Nana Ben says:

    helo my name is Nana Ben am from Ghana.i recently started playing Pokemon go and must say i have really come to to enjoy it but there are some problems i have been facing since. i cant seem to find any poke stops where i am now, the only one i found was a bit far with me.. plus our main center Takoradi which has a lot of local stops doesn’t seen to be included in the game.. the only one i found was in Sekondi that is Fort Orange and it really make the game hard to play since i cant b visiting Fort Orange daily. and i don’t know if am the only person playing the game in Ghana
    Please kindly help me out. thank You..

  112. Austin Roy says:

    my pokemon go account was banned my kids play on this account. i followed all terms of service. and i know people who use modified software on a daily basis and have not been banned. but my account has been which is very unfair. especially since I spent 100+ dollars Canadian on the game and played for hours almost every day since launch

  113. vishal says:

    The pokestop is actually far away
    From my home. It’s like about 5kms.
    & Here one gym not available …. please create my area new gym & pokestop s

  114. Joe says:

    I have the Samsung galaxy s6 yet everytime i try to login i recieve the error not compatible with this OS device i have followed some fix tutorials but nothing has worked is there going to be an update that will fix this problem as i have learned there are loads of people who are having the same problem.

  115. Nick says:

    I am having trouble getting into Pokemon go my goggle account is in but it won’t let me in because when I try to get in the loading screen pops up then puts me back at the home screen on my phone should I just delete the app and then reinstall it hoping that my progress has not been lost or should I not delete it

  116. Anita Barthlolmew says:

    Will not let me log in with my google account i accidentally made a trainer accountband thats the only one it will log into

  117. josh landa says:

    My complaint is with Pokemon Go- as this game was designed for fun of all ages I took it as something my son and I could bond doing. I am sure that a lot of families did or are doing the same. My son and I like to do gym battles when we can however this part of the game is pointless atm. Why do you ask ? Simple there is a few hacks out there that allow players to be at home and capture/fight gyms from home. I saw first hand a player go into his app and capture a pokemon in Europe, We live in wisconsin. Most gyms in my town are lvl 10 valor and held be the same 5 to 7 players all with pokemon at 2500 to 3000+cp . well some can argue that these players play a lot I beg to differ. There pokemon are all pretty rare ones and at ubserdly high cp and multiples of the same ones. I and my sone are lvl 25/26 and neither of us have even one at a high cp of over 2500 nor do we have rare spawn pokemons/ multiples of the same at 2500+ cp. It has been very discouraging for my son because he doesn’t have an opportunity to even take out a gym. I am very sure this is not an something just happening in my town. And I would think this is something known to the community. If you have a business that is designed around gaming than it should also have a prevention for such things occuring and discouraging players. As its a free app we all know we will buy items to help the game along pokey balls bags lures ect. However at this time I refuse to do much with the game due to the enjoyment being ruined on a daily basis due to cheaters. As a parent seeing the discouragement on your kids face cause he doesn’t have a fair chance to enjoy all aspects this game is upsetting. For Niantic, Inc as a business I would hope that this is on the #1 priority to maintain some sort of integrity of the game you make money off of. I would like to see something done about securing your apps program to prevent the constant hacking and degrading of a game that has so much possibilities to bring people together..

  118. Marlea Engebretson says:

    Thank you for viewing and the quick responce to my dituation. I really appreciate your attention to my request so I have a promotional idea for you. Use gaming warehouse rental space for all night gamers.
    Thanks again

  119. Seth Byrd says:

    Hey I am funguy14 on Pokémon go and I just did your you just reacived 2,500 Pokémon coins if you like, share and download 3 apps and play each one for 30 seconds and I did it and now I didn’t even get the coins now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  120. Jamie says:

    My sons phone is showing his app is there but when he goes to open and play ,it flashes on for a second then that’s it… He has deleted,reloaded,etc. it still won’t work.. He’s very upset.. Any ideas why it’s doing this?

  121. Max Erskine III says:

    I love this game, but it is getting very boring.
    I am level 30, and I have run out of things to do.
    We need gen 2 released very soon. If gen 2 does not get released soon,I may just delete the account. I spend $$ in game,and have had a lot of fun with it. Most of my friends have already stopped playing. The holiday events were great, but only temporary enhancements. Plz,release gen 2 and gen 1 legendary.

  122. Max Ghezzi says:

    I lost all my setting in the game. I want to know somehow if I can retrieve them. Please help me out I do not want to have to start all over. Treecko1029. Please help

  123. Sam says:

    I’d there was a issue on my account I wont let that happen again please fix my account thank you cause I done so much work on it.

  124. Sam says:

    How come my account is suspended plz fix it my cousin was playing on my email but I changed the password on pokemon go so please unsuspend my account asap thanks my pokemon go nickname is CliptoGetWreck.

  125. Christiger9 says:

    I had almost 3000 poke coins and it was all disappeared except 150 couns after I made 2 egg incubator purchase.
    It just happened today, December 10, around 4:50 ET
    Am I the only one experiencing this rediculus issue?

  126. David Ford says:

    Hi my name is David Ford. You guys did a great job with pokemon go but the real reason for me writing you is I almost caught a Dragonite his cp was 890. Anway I used all of my great ball and pokeball and was feeding him raspberry to. I didn’t get him. Will you so nice to give me a dragonite my pokemon go Id: Dford125

  127. Shawn cox says:

    Hello idk if this is niantic but I loved your game and was spending a bit off money on it every week and when I first got the game I didn’t read all the rules and I’m sorry for that I was just so excited to go out and catch pokemon I realize now what I may have done wrong and I will not let it happen again Pokémon go got me out of my shell and into the world I’ve been so active and less depressed my social anxeity went away all from a game and then my account was banned and all my issues have come back I don’t even want to go to work half the times me I put so much time and effort into my account and it kills me to not be playing I miss my Pokémon and I miss my friends I just want my account back I’m sorry for any and all rules I broke please give me a chance

  128. Annie says:

    I bought $9.99 poke coins and that was ok. Then I needed more poke coins to make another purchase…my account was charged a second $9.99 but I did not get the coins indicating I already have that item. In short my account was charged 2 times but I only got one 1200 poke coins. Please correct immediately.

  129. yummysauce says:

    I’m a very avid pokemon go player that utilizes items in the game during events. You’re running a double exp event and allowing lucky egg to stack but soft banning people for accumulating to much experience. Banning individuals that are legit and support your business seems like a healthy way to grow your community-base. You have lost my business not only in game but in your stock as well.

  130. Matt says:

    Hi my name is Matt and I am a pokemon go player …. After the resent updates I realized that the updates added pokemon to my seen pokemon list in my pokedex pokemon in witch I’ve never seen if there’s anything you can do please do it … I am a die hard pokemon fan and would be really disappointed if this doesn’t get fixed …. Thank you for your patience

  131. Sam says:

    Will there ever be a chance to request poke stops and gyms again ??!
    Where I live the closest poke stop is a 8 minute walk away, and the closest gym 20 minutes away.. There are several landmarks that would suffice as a poke stop or even gym much closer to where I live. This wasn’t a problem before because I was spending a lot of time in a big town with my girlfriend but but at my place there’s nothing closeby.. Which is really crap.
    There needs to be another chance to request stops and gyms..

  132. Yassie says:

    I’ve been trying to change my password for over a week now, It keeps saying my player ID (which I never had) and date of birth is incorrect (I guess Pokémon go knows my birthday better than I do) and I keep getting the same email every time! I need a real person to help me and not a computer! Love the game but shitty customer service!

  133. tj randles says:

    I was wondering why I walk for at least a mile and no pokemon pop up. Its annoying that I waste time trying to play your game and walk around for hours and only catch one or two pokemon. It’s Bullshit I thought if you were to walk pokemon were to appear. But everytime I seem to go on a fucking walk to try nothing pops up its bullshit and quite upsetting that you offer false hope of catching pokemon when you actually put the time and effort in

  134. Steve Poorman says:

    I made a purchase through the Pokémon go game. The MONEY was taken out of my account, I never recieved my items, I have wrote Niantic several times and have not recieved any response. It has been 6 days now and still nothing. I am contacting Apple and getting a refund!

  135. brodie pinfold says:

    I can’t connect to the servers ever the last time I was on was a week ago I am very disappointed. I also pay good money for poke balls. And something free for the game would be nice

  136. Purpleking24 says:

    Can you please change my team to mystic because my friends are being rude to me because i am team instinct so that’s why i want to change my team to mystic

  137. Derek says:

    Hi I had a Lapras, Snorlax, Gyarados, Dragonite, Charizard, Psyduck, Poliwhrath, Arcanine and Nidoking but now their gone and it only shows that I saw them in my pokedex…they were by far my top 9 Pokemon.
    What happened?

    1. Derek says:

      Hi I had a Lapras, Snorlax, Gyarados, Dragonite, Charizard, Psyduck, Poliwhrath, Arcanine and Nidoking but now their gone and it only shows that I saw them in my pokedex…they were by far my top 9 Pokemon.
      What happened?
      I would give this 1 star but to be honest I dont know how

  138. Jakari says:

    Hi niantic! I have called before saying that i caught a dragonite but i didnt appear with my other pokemon , you guys put some good pokemon in return on my pokedex,but i want them for real! As i said when i called i will get a group of people to satart a strike on pokemon go! Please take this into matter by giving me those pokemon you put in my pokedex with cp 1500 or higher…
    Username: jakari800

  139. Ian Shovlin says:

    Can u help me I got hacked and I’m just getting random Pokemon in the pokedex but I don’t know if they can see where i am so please help me. My username is ishovlin18

  140. Jeffrey A. Quintrell says:

    How come you keep blocking the map that let us know exactly where to find the monsters. Please that’s half the fun!!!!!

  141. Pipe says:

    Hi my name is James an I just bought a new phone an I’m trying to get pokemon go an it say my phone does not support it I have a galaxy s5 an I had it before what can I do to get the game
    hi i made a pokemon go account under this email can i switch my account progress to another email?
    Since pokemon update I can no longer use pokemon go and I have bought in app purchases can someone help please

  142. D nelson says:

    I love this game but unfortunately have to give it a poor rating because 1 my phone has all the specs to run the game but I can’t even download it. I have money invested in the game and I can’t play because it says my device doesn’t support it. But every other device like mine can download and play it. Not to mention I have reached out numerous and not one time has anyone responded to anything so the makers of this game can go fly a kite because I am pissed off that they can’t take the time to reach out to their players/ customers to help resolve issues they are probably to busy catching pokemon and don’t give a crap

  143. Gordon says:

    Hello, I was wondering why the customer service phone number does not work.
    Will you ever be able to switch teams in Pokemon Go?
    My username is: VitaminC9

  144. Monika says:

    Hi I have some fairly well Pokemon but need more like balls and since i can’t get wifi on my tablet I can’t go anywhere. I bought a Google play card of 25$ to see if then I may add money to GT et some pokeballs but I still can’t please help me my email is dogomudda13@gmail.com #BestGameEver

  145. Ashley jacobs says:

    I love this game and have had many problems with not getting my coins after paying over $100 for them. This is the first time I have contact anyone about this because I am so busy helping other people out that are in need and whom are homeless .i travel all around the world every week for my business and have been soft banned from my traveling. I think that is crazy but it always lets me play again after the time out is removed. I travel every week and I should be punished for that. I have filled my pokedex and have spent over $200 and hundreds of hours playing as I got to a level 28 since July 16. I am not asking for anything because I know you have your hands full but it would be nice to get something special from you guys to show to me you do care.
    My account is nicoleaj12

  146. Joshua Owen says:

    I started playing Pokemon go and I got to the level I am and than by accident my little brother choose the wrong team to be would u be able to change me from Blue to Yellow team please it will mean a lot of you can
    my Pokemon go account is Panchowen12

  147. Lewis says:

    I was hacked and given a level 3 account and I was level 20 and I can’t get back on my old account can you help me

  148. TERRI says:

    Ummmmm hellooooo pokemon go!!!!! Customer service please!!!! I lost all my rare and good pokemon and I want them back or I want ALL MY MONEY BACK!!! Won’t continue playing this game unless something is done and it’s restored! Help!!! skye2012

  149. TERRI says:

    All my main and rare pokemon just completely vanished from my collection! You can see where we have caught them in the pokedex but they are gone from my collection! After 2 months of playing and money invested and ALOT of time I’m not to happy! Was hoping yall could put my pokemon back please! Otherwise it seems pointless at this point in the game to move forward! Who wants to play when you have no good pokemon or anything to battle with! This is ridiculous! You have millions of people who love this game! Show us some love back by helping with the glitches or whatever! PLEASE HELP!!! skye2012

  150. Bobby says:

    I was playing Pokemon go and every day I play I get soft banned which is when you get banned for 4 hours and also I lost a 1582 gyarados

  151. Calvin says:

    My account after all most a week have been inactive can’t login or play I was a level 23 pokemon player playing the truthful way when my account was just interrupted by an error message allowing me not to login again. My email is h***09@yahoo.com. it shows my account is still active but can’t login can you help please.

  152. Francis Ogboru says:

    On Wednesday someone logged onto my account, changed my name to Wasteman6466 and got rid of all my Pokemon. I had a Charmander,
    Nidorina ,
    Nidoran(M) ,
    Omanyte and Dratini. Plz fix this problem and change my nickname back to PokeMasutaSan. My email is fcogboru@gmail.com. Plz fix both of these problems

  153. edward kinmoto says:

    Unable to authentic. Come on fix this problem. People traveling and jumping to the mainland no problem but guys that play legit have all the problems

    1. Reese says:

      I have the same problem. Keeps saying unable to authenticate when I try to log in. Pls fix this I do t know what I did

  154. Ryan says:

    Was able to log in a few days ago. Put money time and effort into this account and now it’s unable to authenticate. What is going on Niantic. I wish you would pay attention to the fans that need it the most. I loved the game up until this point. No services. No responses. I guess I’ll uninstall until I hear back from you guys

  155. TyrDyon says:

    How do I fix my account? It will let me ign in on a different one but I want mine back. It says server unavailable.

  156. omar says:

    Hi all, I’ve emailed pokemon go in regards to not being able to log into my account. Ive spent countless hours as well as $$. For someone who doesnt like bots, Pokemon go sure likes to reply to our emails with a bot I don’t think they read them. Is there a way to contact them directly and get to a person? or are we just emailing a ghost? Is there a way that google can help me get back into my account?

  157. Francis Ogboru says:

    Yesterday someone went on phone and changed my name from PokeMasutaSan to Wasteman6466. Then this morning all my Pokemon were gone. I had a Charmander, Squirtle, Caterpie, Metapod, Weedle, Kakuna, Beedrill, Pidgey, Pidgeotto, Pidgeot, Rattata, Raticate, Spearow, Fearow, Nidoran(both male and female), Nidorina, Nidorino, Vulpix, Jigglypuff, Zubat, Golbat, Oddish, Paras, Venonat, Venomoth, Meowth, Psyduck, Golduck, Mankey, Poliwag, Poliwhirl, Abra, Kadabra, Bellsprout, Weepinbell, Tentacool, Tentacruel, Geodude, Slowpoke, Magnemite, Seel, Grimer, Shellder, Cloyster, Gastly, Haunter, Gengar, Onix, Drowzee, Hypno, Krabby, Kingler, Voltorb, Koffing, Horsea, Seadra, Staryu, Jynx, Eletabuzz, Magikarp, Eevee, Porygon, Omanyte and Dratini

  158. David jimenez says:

    I’ve been playing the game ever since it came out. I spent a little over $20 in the beginning on items that I didn’t get full use of because of the servers being down so I requested a refund. I never heard back after 2 emails I sent. I let it slide because I liked the game so much. So I continued playing. Recently I made a $100 purchase and now I am locked out of my account I can’t get past the loading screen. I wrote over 15 emails asking for help or refund and no response. Mind you uts been over a month and I still have gotten no response from the first 2 emails. You have the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. I wrote to google. Hopefully they can help me.

  159. Jose says:

    I spent 20 dollars on poke coins to get 2500 then I go to purchase the 25 incense witch is 1250 poke coins and press and approved onece but charged me for 2 so their went my 20 bucks glitched ass game

  160. Vishnu says:

    Release the game or loss is for you as long as you delay your company make … this is a warning and alert for u

  161. Vishnu says:

    Still delay in launch … launch in few days or the game will be forgotten in india … now lots of people are not identifying the game …

  162. James Williamson says:

    I have been logged out of my account for a second time now and the first time I was level 13 and I had to create a new account and start again but now I’m not starting again. I don’t know my password and I wasn’t aware I had a screen name and player ID so I don’t know how to get back in but I don’t want to start a 3rd account, please help me log in, my username is hertzjames51 and I’m level 18

  163. DaSean Scott says:

    I love your game but I I submitted a request to many times and you guys haven’t got back to you I’ve been requesting to change team but it seems like you don’t want to respond which is starting to make me unsatisfied

  164. Scarlet says:

    I am trying to log in but it says I need to verify my email but I am not receiving one, I’m already at level 16 and I do not wish to restart all over again m, this to me is absolutely ridiculous if you could help I would appreciate it.

  165. Mitchell strohl says:

    I just caught a charmeleon cp level 456 and now it’s not on my roster my email is s***lmi***hell@gmail.com, please give it back!

  166. Maj says:

    Spent at least a 100$ on a game without adding all the gaz , the time , ive wasted on this game to endup not being able to logg in anymore …
    I really hope you guys will do something for that big amount of angry players or else you will lose a good part of ur credibility.
    Playername: Masterwindu1

  167. Jon Moore says:

    I was playing Pokemon go and the game glitched in the middle and chose to purchase a 100$ dollar package that I didn’t authorize I just want my money back because the game should have never glitched to that point almost like it was set up to happen then when I try to contact people I get jerked around on who I have to call. I work far too hard for that money for it just to be taken without authorization

  168. Not giving you my name says:

    Why would you take away third party tracking and steps. Now it is impossible to play the game in a city because there is no possible way of knowing what direction you are going in or if you are going in the right direction. Well congratulations cause you just a lost a user and I guarantee you will lose many more.

  169. Clinton Wood says:

    I have lost my account and 100 dollars! I expect someone to contact me at cli**************rn@y**o.com. The entire game restarted and took me back to level 1! Along with my money! I’ve tried everything to restore it. I only had one gmail account and that one is not bringing my game back. I expect some customer service! Thank you.

    1. Craigrobbinssss says:

      Hi I’ve lost my account in the new update after getting back from a wedding in America, gps was everywhere and wouldn’t work or load, maybe this look bad to the server I don’t know? Email is l***8**1@gmail.com, I also some old accounts I started off with but chose wrong team etc and don’t use them now

  170. Erin says:

    I lost my account with the new upgrade and it won’t let me log into my google account when I open the app. My google account works everywhere else but this app… It also tells me that my cookies are disabled and this has
    never happened before. Pleeeese help me figure this out because it’s really frustrating.

  171. Max says:

    I’m really pissed off right now. I bought a 25 dollar iTunes gift card today and spent it on Pokemon go. I bought the 20 dollar thing. And then I tried to buy the 5 dollar one and I couldn’t buy it. It said I had only three dollars left when I should have 5. You should not be taking my money. I am pissed

  172. Mitch Mitch says:

    Hello, I was wondering why the customer service phone number does not work.
    Will one ever be able to switch teams in Pokemon Go?I can’t play Pokemon Go. I normally log on threw Pokemon trainer club but it say I need to activate a code. So I click the button to activate code at my email but no email. This is preventing me from playing. Can you please send me the activation code so I can play Pokemon Go. Thank you

  173. Mitch says:

    My girlfriend got angry at me and change my Pokemon go name to something inappropriate biggayloser2488. I was hoping you guys could help me get my name switched back to what it originally was mex2488. I play this game a lot and do a lot of gyms around churches and Community areas and really don’t think it’s an appropriate name to have with younger kids playing the game at the same places. I would just start over but I am really far into the game in my Pokedex is nearly complete and I just don’t want to waste all that time and money I have invested. Please help me guys I’ve been trying to get this resolved for the last 4 days.

  174. Josh Olveda says:

    My account was at level 21 and I’ve put in $50 please fix it or at least give me a refund! And I wanna see y’all for my mental break down.
    Account was j.****88m@g***il.com

  175. Frances says:

    Lost my account after the upgrade. Tried everything posted online to get my account back with no luck. Only allows me to create a new account. Need some customer service pleassssseeeee!!!!!!

  176. Julian80631 says:

    this morning the pokemon go account was logged off, so i put my info to log on and its not letting me.
    please fix ur problem
    user name: Julian80631

  177. Help says:

    I updated the app and right after I sign in and it won’t let me get on my account. I’ve spent money on this account and if I don’t get my account back we will have some serious issues… Account is Tsoccer

  178. Q says:

    Shit game can’t even fucking sign in. It wants me to start over. I mean is this game just to fuck people over or what

  179. Gia pitino says:

    It logged me out after the update restarted my whole account I don’t understand and no one answers the customer service number help asap

  180. Josh Kirchen says:

    My account ” Joshkirchen ” was just reset at level 21/22 ive put some money into this game and ALOT of time…..can you tell me how to fix?

  181. Nigerian Swallower says:

    So I’m trying to log in to Pokemon go right? Anyway it keeps telling me about all these cookies and shiz, so I enabled them and all that like you tell me to. Only for it totals me back to the ‘log in’ menu and then once I log in it takes me straight back to that screen. JUST LET ME PLAY POKÈMON

  182. Roch says:

    You better fix this fucking problem I updated and my account wants to start off by scratch. You better recover these accounts or your sales are going to fucking plummet

  183. Nobuki Stobaeus says:

    I love the game, but my entire account has been deleted. I logged off so my brother could log onto his account, but when he logged out and I tried to get onto mine, all of my progress was gone. Please recover my account. My game ID is DrBuki and my email is nst****@gmail.com.

  184. Jimminystarfish says:

    Love this game but I logged out of my lvl 18 account and logged back on and my account got reset or something, don’t know if I used a different email but I’m pretty disappointed that I lost all that progress

  185. nick says:

    I woke up this morning only to find out that my Pokemon go account was logged out and then I had to restart I am very mad someone please help????

  186. Tom says:

    My account got deleted after updating the app my account is called
    Tomparkes2000 and I am level 16 please HELP!!

  187. Lucas Mossa says:

    today i downloaded the update for pokemon go, i then started the app, i was a level 12. it then made me sign in using my google account then after i signed in it brought me to a google support screen, i was signed in to my account then i hit done and was given a half a second long loading screen then made me sign in again. which i did and i even did all of the ways it can help “fix” the problem but the loading screen happened again and this time i was given a blank white page on my phone, i dont know what the fuck is going on with this app but i need a way to get signed back into my account and into the main game

  188. Jonathan Lamprecht says:

    your game sucks my account got deleted from the update and I was getting really far into it. This is redicilous because everyone is having this problem and you need to fix it asap

  189. Jonathan says:

    I lost my account with the new update as well. I just got to level 19 yesterday and I only have the one email account. Please help me get it back.

  190. Olivia says:

    I am actually mad for today I went to play some Pokemon go only to find a term of agreement I read through it and agreed just to find out my account has been lost. It still exsist it’s just I don’t know what my google plus account is I was wondering if there was a way I could get into my account? I was level 10 and had a snorlax, so I’m not impressed right now.
    From ,

    1. Cole wardle says:

      My name is Cole and my account name was Laxwardle and I was level 13 and on team instinct and my account is gone and made me start from day one when I logged in please help

    1. Justyn lemon says:

      The same thing has happened to me and idk what to do about it to get my account back I was level 16

  191. Bailey says:

    I like the app but it’s ridiculous that you put poke stops in a courtyard I mean there’s even a gym there! That’s so rude you NEED to fix that!!

  192. Matt says:

    I had a Pokemon go account and I was a level 13 and my account name was csgomatt and after the update my account has been deleted and I started from day one

  193. jessica Robertson says:

    Hi I am trying to get my account back. my account is BlueFrosty. i am trying to figure out my email for that account. when i got in the game i am a level 10 but when i opened my phone up for pokemon go. it wanted me to make a new account. witch makes no sence. can you help me. i worked so hard for the pokemon i have evoled alot of my pokemon. and a level 10. i have several eails and its not saying the email i have is right. can u help me.

  194. Joseph merino says:

    I was all the way up to level 14 when Pokémon go signed me out! It’s so frustrating and I didn’t have a legit email I mean I think I know what email I used but I forgot the password and don’t think I have any back up info to even get the password if I wanted to please let me know if your able to help somehow maybe

  195. ronnie says:

    my girlfriend account was deleted for no reason can yous recover her pokemon she spent money on this shit so tell me how she can get her stuff backk

  196. Meadow Rhynes says:

    I was praying a lot and got to level 11 and then I got the new update and it made me log out and go to my old account which is a level eight and I think I will quit because it’s making me really mad and Pokémon goes my life I’m crying

  197. Brandon knize says:

    I updated yalls Pokemon go app and it deleted my account I’m guessing and now it’s trying to make me start all over. I’m not having that, I’ve sank at least $200 and a lot of time into my original account (Sandmaan1). I’m sure hoping y’all can restore my old account cause this is a bit ridiculous to me

    1. Nick says:

      I had to get a replacement phone and so anyways long story short I tried to use my same Gmail reactivating the phone it said it was invalid. Well so I redownloaded the game and it started me over. I got up to level 25 username theSchroeder team instinct. Pleasee help me. That’s such a loss if I can’t get that account back up

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