Orange España 34 695 91 19 00 Number

logo $100 to $5000 +34 695 91 19 00 USA
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2.33 (3 votes)
+34 695 91 19 00
Pozuelo de Alarcón, Spain
Region Pozuelo de Alarcón ,Spain ,

France Telecom España S.A., more commonly known by its trade name of Orange España, is a mobile network operator in Spain. It was previously known as Amena (pleasant in an amusing way in Spanish) until 2005, when it was bought by France Télécom.
Customer service: 1470 (free)
Orange Customer service in English, French and German:
900 906 121 (free) / 695 911 900
Time: Mon to Sat from 9:00 to 22:00

Orange España Help Desk Number

Orange España Help Desk Phone Number

Orange España customer service number

Orange España customer service phone number

Orange España customer care number

Orange España Helpline Phone Number

Orange España Helpline Phone

Orange España Helpline Number

Orange España Helpline Phone

Orange España Helpline

Orange España Help Desk Phone Number

Customer Care Service Hour

Monday 12:00 am 12:00 pm
Tuesday 12:00 am 12:00 pm
Wednesday 12:00 am 12:00 pm
Thursday 12:00 am 12:00 pm
Friday 12:00 am 12:00 pm
Saturday 12:00 am 12:00 pm
Sunday 12:00 am 12:00 pm
User Review
2.33 (3 votes)

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  1. juanita hutchngs says:

    I have cancelled my account – but orange still deducting money from my account – no staff member replying my emails

  2. Shane says:

    Orange ES,
    They take your money for a non-existent service then when you call customer service they just say you are on PAYG so we do not intend to do anything about it. ( Blatant theft )

  3. Juanita Hutchings says:

    I have been trying to cancel my account since June 2017. I went into store at Velez Malaga, Malaga. Customer Service girl assured me account was closed. I returned to UK June 10th 2017. I have sent 3 emails confirming I want account closed. I have phoned Madrid twice now to resolve issue as Orange is taking Money from my account although I have been in UK since June 2017. They keep assuring account is closed yet still deducting money. This is disgraceful.

  4. Markus Schopferer says:

    Very unfriendly bad German speaking lady. Orange cannot provide a fixed IPv4 address!!! It is not included in the service. May I ask which service????
    The english speaking Sir was very friendly and gave me a telephone number for technical support in Spain. Interestingly this number (902051322) does not work!!!!
    Conclusion: simple request = mission impossible

  5. Mario dias says:

    I want to talk to customer care but no body answer my call from long time I am calling can you give me any other number to call please

  6. MICHAEL D. SCHOEB says:

    tryin to cancel my contract for internet. annouced termination 2 month in advance IN PERSON at the orange shop in ondara. was told to receive mail confirming cancellation in advance. never got anything. went again with the same result . called service nbr. in spanish and english. received some stupid unfriedly answers.ask to pay the last bill thru credit card. not possible ONLY SPANISH CREDIT CARDS. TIRED OF TALKIN TO IDIOTS AND IGNORANT%S. LEFT SPAIN ANYWAY AND CLOSED THE BANK ACCOUNT. WHATEVER THE PÜROBLEM IS: THEY CAN STICK IT UP THEIR ASS!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Hans-Rainer Quaas says:

    Absolut poor service. Not for foreigners – few English speaking staff. No contact possibilities, except by phone. No reactions on request for contract termination. Etc.etc. I am really pissed off!

  8. Carlos salvador says:

    He contratado un servicio con el teléfono 605588886 , con la condición de suspender temporalmente desde el 3 de octubre lo cual Orange lo confirmó con el email del 13 de septiembre pasado enviado desde el email no Me cobraron de mi cuenta el mes de octubre indebidamente. Reclame hoy telefónicamente y me dicen que no figura que yo haya solicitado la suspensión, lo cual lo tengo confirmado por escrito, y que por ello no me van a reintegrar el dinero. Por favor solicito por este medio que atiendan mi reclamo

  9. Eva Nicolaou says:

    How can i pay my orange monthly bill
    I am in london because lockdown.
    My spanish account wont accept money transfer.
    I do not have spanish credit card.
    Please help as i dont want account put on hold.
    I need to pay with my uk bank card

  10. Nikan pothupitiya says:

    Hello Sir/Madam I recharged 10€ Four days before regarding this mobile number +34691746115. And I expected 6Gb+10Gb free plan. I used only 8 Gb usage and then there was no any possibility for using internet. Please investigate this problem and response me soon. Thank you

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