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Authentic MetroPCS Phone Number to deal Issues Instantly

MetroPCS is a prepaid wireless service in the United States that is part of T-Mobile US, Inc. MetroPCS provides nationwide talk, text, and data depending on the plan services using T-Mobile US’ GSM, HSPA, HSPA+ and 4G LTE networks. MetroPCS previously operated the sixth largest mobile telecommunications network in the United States using code division multiple access (CDMA) technology.

The legacy MetroPCS CDMA network has been decommissioned on June 21 of 2015. MetroPCS was established in 1994 as General Wireless, Inc., by Roger D. Linquist and Malcolm Lorang, both of whom were previously executives with wireless provider PageMart Wireless.

Mobile phones have become an integral part of everyone’s life. It has made feel incomplete without it. The increasing use of mobile among people has evolved the increase of service providers and there is high competition in the market. As a result of which the service cast had reduced drastically. In this vicious cycle of service provider, cost and the customers, there is one key service provider who stands out among the crowd.

And this is none other than the Metro PCS Inc. They have a wide range of schemes and plans to opt from and they provide a quality service that has made them top the list. With a swelling number of customers that is more than 8 million in number, they are always on the run to provide the best and all round services.

Interestingly, though Metro PCS offers the wireless services through the CDMA technology, which means there is no SIM card in use and thus changing mobile sets is limited, still it is in high demand. And to ease the restriction on this point, there are many mobile companies that are manufacturing mobiles that Helplines both the technologies i.e. the CDMA and the GSM. With this, the choice of handsets has now expanded widely.

And further, to facilitate the customers to keep their handsets safely, even while traveling, there are a variety of Metro PCS Cases. These cases are available in different models, patterns, texture and sizes. Metro PCS Cases come in all varieties and in different colors. They are durable and highly attractive and elegant. They are made to endure the shocks and bumps that occur while traveling. These are available at many of the online stores and you can easily see through the huge number of designs and patterns that are available. And you can find cases that would fit for all brands of mobile sets that are using the Metro PCS CDMA plan.

There might be circumstances when you encounter certain errors or may have queries regarding the MetroPCS phones. In such scenario it is always advisable to reach the customer care Helpline. The toll free number is always active and promptly handles the customer’s issues and queries. The various mode are as follows:

MetroPCS Payments

If you to make a payment to MetroPCS it is a cake walk you simply go to the website and there two ways you can make the MetroPCS payment one is directly paying by adding your phone number and make payment through your debit or Credit card.

Second is if you already have a login with them you can sign in and pay your bills.

How to Cancel MetroPCS?

There are easy few steps cancellation process for MetroPCS:

  1. Call the Customer Service number for Cancellation 1888-863-8768 from your Metro Sim card.
  2. You will be asked for your information to make sure it is you.
  3. You will asked for the reason of Cancellation.
  4. And you are good to go.

MetroPCS Refund Policy

If you are with in the warranty period of refund with MetroPCs you can get the refund.There are no returns, refunds, or credits for fees other than monthly service charges.For More Information on refund policy Please refer to this page.



MetroPCS Phone Directory

• Phone Helpline: Call to the toll free 1888-863-8768 phone number for Helpline assistance.
• FAQs: You can visit the Knowledge base or FAQ page and find out the information or solution to your problem.
• Store Helpline: Find a MetroPCS store near to you and visit it for Helpline services.
• Mail Helpline: You can mail to: MetroPCS Wireless, Inc. PO Box 5119, Carol Stream, IL 60197-5119.

Sometimes reaching out the official MetroPCS Phone Number might get a bit delayed as they have queries coming from around globe. Get in connection with a genuine MetroPCS Phone Number and end all your router issues within the minimum time possible. These services offer Helpline at your comfort. There are other players in this space like T-Mobile or Boost Mobile.All you need to do is to call on their toll free number and tell the technicians your problem. At situations you can choose reliable source like customer care directory. This website provides the authentic contact details of all the big companies. It is one of the most reliable sources of contact details.

They provide round the clock services for MetroPCS phone issues. They have a team of experts and certified professionals providing dedicated Helpline on all issues. This agency provides 24×7 Helpline services from expert technicians with maximum first call resolution rate. This means that your problem will be heard and resolved in your first call only.

MetroPCS Mobile Phones

You get variety of phones with the plans the company is offering from the latest iPhone and Android phone available at unbelievable prices.

Customer Care Service Hour

Monday 9:00 AM 5:00 PM
Tuesday 9:00 AM 5:00 PM
Wednesday 9:00 AM 5:00 PM
Thursday 9:00 AM 5:00 PM
Friday 9:00 AM 5:00 PM
Saturday 9:00 AM 5:00 PM
Sunday 9:00 AM 5:00 PM
User Review
3.5 (2 votes)

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  1. Lisa Imperial says:


  2. Kerri Lehman says:

    I have been trying to contact a love person to help me … I need a network unlock code. no matter what I do, I CANNOT GET TO A REP! SHAME ON YOU, METRO PCS. THIS IS A SHADY WAY OF ATTEMPTING TO KEEP CUSTOMERS…

  3. Nisa boozer says:

    Okayyy I love metro pcs but I will be calling corporate I go to one of your stores to buy a BRAND NEW IPHONE IN THE BOX I pay ahead of time and everything today I went in picked up my phone and they are trying to SCAM ME first I have NEVER bought a new phone that i don’t get to see them open so I’m already upset not only did they give me a USED. Phone after I paid 600 dollars for a new one they are trying to tell me it’s new but it did not come in an original box there is pink nail polish on the back and the screen is alll scratched up !!! I work hard for my money so with that being said my lawyer will be contacting you guys you can thank your scamming employees for that #lawsuit #yourgettingserved #unhappycustomer

  4. Debra Tanner says:

    Worst phone service I’ve ever had!!!
    They couldn’t care less if you change companies and I don’t have any service for hours every day!@@

  5. Noah says:

    Worse service provider alive. My phone witch i run my business on was turned off. i order 1 more gig and there system wouldn take my card even though there was more then 5 dollers in there.EASY! i couldnt get anyone on the phone to help and had to wait till they open the next morning. this has happened several times. I would rather tie a note to a pigeon and wait for a reply then trust metro with hard worked for money and time.

  6. Theresa lester says:

    My phone fell in the trash can yesterday morning and the trash can had water in it from the rain. So i let ot set in rice all day yesterday til this morning it turn on but it shut right back off. I am trying to get my contcat out of my phone

  7. Robert says:

    My girlfriend took the phone she bought me and changed the number and I don’t have the 9 digit PIN or the answer for the secret question

  8. Lakesia Crite says:

    I call Monday to get Extinction on my phone bill till Friday and I was lied to by your customer service rep they are disconnecting my phone tomorrow and she said I got the Extinction til Friday

  9. Jason Russell says:

    Absolutely disgusted with your service. Could go across street loss signal. Not to mention the horrible customer service I received at your store here in Crestview Florida. All I asked was if i could just buy outer protective part of phone case and was talked to like a child. So now trying to get unlock code and your customer service kicks me off never get to a live person. You shouldn’t be in business period.

  10. Joan Matlock says:

    I cannot call Metro’s customer service number or 611 from my phone?@ WHY is that? I NEED TO SPEAK TO SOMEONE IN CUSTOMER SERVICE, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

  11. Mika hunt says:

    I need my money back from where I paid my phone bill but that number is on a phone that I broke wo now I cant get I to that number so I was wanting to know to get my money back.since on not goin to be using it anyways

  12. Laurie wheelock says:

    On 8/5/20 a flip phone was purchased in turlock 209 990 7259 flip phones don’t aow u to retrieve text while talking which made it impossible to get my payment date corrected in your system as ur c/s dept requires a code text to me even though the customer service agent admitted thier error of shutting off my service on August 30th.n Sept 30th nov30tb on dec 3 I went to the store cuz I could not call cs to have my service transfered to another phone as the flip phone had got broken although my payments as not due yet I informed the. Clerk if the phone did. Not work I would just get a free phone with a new line number again my payment was not due yet I was unable to correct.that I paid 53 bucks the new phone was locked I was charged 20 bucks bucks plus tax 4 the clark to insert my sim card and tell me.the phone won’t work the clerk never put the sim card back in the original phone which was disposed of which was not discovered until I returned to the store with a working phone n was informed by a different pleasant clerk the other girl should have checked if the phone was locked n I shouldn’t have been. Charged 20 bucks the. She Informed me 21 for a new sim card that was missing and 20 to transfer service still leaving me with a in orirection payment date I do not want to with a company thsty sells product that don’t meet thier customer service requiremntd at my expense I am 63 disabled senior terminally ill from lupus suffering from siezurres no immune system under doctors orders to stay home bound due to covd ,19 I want every penny I have spent taxes on the flip fone and 90 days payment refunded as ur company has no compassion or respect regarding the safety of senior citizens I have disobeyed doctors orders nelpstdy my life 3 x with negative results trying to resolve the matter in person as c,/s sYzy they can’t help me unless I give them the code they text me I sauc I’ll h g up get the code n call back but every call requires a new code I feel I should retain a attorney in this matter I still do not have a eiry phone so why is it u can’t. Correct my psyy date so I get a full months service I pxuf for without a text.cide.but ur clerk in the store can rip me off fir ,75 bucks leavi v a terminly I’ll senior without phone service without me havi g a special code if even aski g to c my I’d I can be reached on my neighbor phone at 925 306 2973

  13. Anetta Booker says:

    Good morning. My bill should be $140.00 for December and why is it why is it $160 please somebody call me at 904-586-6053 I would like to discuss my bill and I would also want to ask is auto-pay on for that amount because I don’t remember putting it on that amount please call me and let her Booker thank you

  14. Anetta Booker says:

    Good morning. My bill should be $140.00 for December and why is it why is it $160 please somebody call me at 904-586-6053 I would like to discuss my bill and I would also want to ask is auto-pay on for that amount because I don’t remember putting it on that amount please call me and let her Booker thank you

  15. Anetta Booker says:

    I like talking to a customer service representative. Dont like emailing nor texting my information without a person on line about my bill.

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