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logo $100 to $5000 1-888-818-7110 USA
User Review
2.33 (6 votes)
1-888-818-7110 Only For Unlimited Plan Customer
555 Bryant Street Suite 263 Palo Alto, CA 94301 United States
Region California ,

Call Invoice2go Phone Number and access best Invoicing

Invoice2go is a mobile app for small businesses to bill customers, track jobs and get paid. Best path to customer support is” Invoicing has been that easy. Invoice2go Application has created quite a buzz in the accounting space for not only the services offered but also the cost incurred to avail.Everything you do related to your business entry is backed up with the help of this software to the cloud and synced to your device.

Why Invoice2go for Your business:

  1. Pricing and Quality: If you are paying less to use Invoice2go that doesn’t mean that you will have to compromise in Quality.The company has kept the standards very high that is why Thousands have already opted in for the service with best customer support available to the existing users and company is building on it day in day out.Now the application has more than Quarter of a million small businesses using the app.
  2. Saving of time that too many hours:Application has cut down many hours of your time doing invoices when everything is available on your phone it saves you time to run your business more efficiently.
  3. You will be paid faster: Businesses can send and receive Invoices in no time now company claims that businesses have been paid up to 7 days faster because of the application.
  4. Free trial:There is always an option for you to tryout the software for 14 days which should give you good idea on how the company can change the way you run your business.

How to Cancel Invoice2go Subscription?

Invoice2go is for sure a great product however if you still wish to cancel the subscription you have the right to do that and Invoice2go offers you 30 days money back guarantee if you are not happy with the App you can cancel it within 30 days if you are over that period then you are not eligible for the refund and you will not even get a partial refund.

Cancel Invoice2go on Google play

If you want to cancel your order on Google play you will have to put in your login details of Invoice2go,Provide the date or purchase and reason why you want to cancel your subscription.

Cancel Invoice2go on iTunes App store

  • Visit
  • Click Billing and Subscriptions
  • Click Subscriptions and Purchases
  • Click Request a Refund
  • Choose how you would like to request a refund (request a refund online, or by email)

There are some other players available in the space like waveapps and QuickBooks etc which you may like to check out.You Can reach out to Invoice2go at 1.888.818.7110 .

 Invoice2go US Address

Floor 2 2317, Broadway, Redwood City, CA 94063, United States

You can always reach Invoice2go using this link

Customer Care Service Hour

Monday 12:00 am 12:00 pm
Tuesday 12:00 am 12:00 pm
Wednesday 12:00 am 12:00 pm
Thursday 12:00 am 12:00 pm
Friday 12:00 am 12:00 pm
Saturday 12:00 am 12:00 pm
Sunday 12:00 am 12:00 pm
User Review
2.33 (6 votes)

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  1. ed says:

    Invoice to go don’t have any costumer service support .. the email doesn’t work and the phone they show in this page is for Quick Book company.. what they hidden?????

  2. ERSOY says:

    Really very badddddd poor customer service
    I paid 29 October 2016 for yes and you people drawn money from my account a other £99
    Please put it in right asap

  3. ashley says:

    please call me right away. I am having issues with one of my accounts and if I do not receive assistance right away I will be cancelling all 6 of my accounts. 800-***-****

  4. ionut lucian florian says:

    Dear Sirs, i have made a payment to one of your customers, which didnt claim the payment.
    I have paid him cash and he said i would get a refund from you, he even sent me the email that you sent to him, despite that, and its been a month i have received the money back.

  5. Martin says:

    I cannot make a payment to a tradie who has done work for me and it is impossible to contact anyone from this company (the phone number above is disconnected according to telstra).
    it would be poor service……however there is no service at all.
    i will let my tradie know.

  6. Anthony says:

    Need to talk with a customer service rep. ASAP Can’t even find a contact number for this
    company .

      1. Elange says:

        Allo vous m avez envoyé une facture à payer pourquoi . Je n ai pas de compagnie et je vous connais pas . # 07613.

        Merci de réparer votre erreur .

        Elange Jean Pierre 514 7932974

  7. Saulo Fernandes / Mightyhands Flooring says:

    Inned to talk to anyone in this company i just renew my membership and can not send invoice

  8. Alejandro Chavez says:

    I need to speak to someone in corporate. Somebody open an acount with out my knowledge and i was being charged for it since the year 2015. I talked to the manager Cody G and he says theres nothing he can do to reimburse me for the money that i was charged due to there policy. I would like to get
    reimburse.The only other choice i would have would be to make a police report and get the name of the employee that opened the acc.

  9. mohsin ismail says:

    My name is Mohsin, i trying to contact someone from you company but i can not find you customer service.
    My issue is you company took money from my account with out my permission i already have account with you and it is not expire yet, could some one contact me please?

  10. Michael says:

    Hi, my account has expired, I would like to renew it but definitely you charging to much for the service you provide. I’ve had lots of problems to find invoices I’ve send to my clients, also couple of times I couldn’t log in to my account. This is not what I expected from your service. Also if I don’t continue with you I still would like to log in to my account and see it outstanding invoices and manage to contact my clients. So please contact me asap to sort this problem out together.

  11. Carl Stephens says:

    A client has paid through yourselves and I had a notification to say they have paid but need to set up a stripe account which I have tried to do with no success can you help please.

  12. eden says:

    i cant migrate my details from old app to new please contact me at ed**e**

  13. David Thomson says:

    Absolute Joke! After renewing my subscription, I was informed my plan had run out and that I need to pay £100 pound to renew (after already paying £10 TWICE to renew my plan).
    Daylight robbery.
    Contact me on d********@hotm***.com, otherwise I will take legal action.

  14. Nik lamont says:

    Hi you have charged me for renewal when i didn’t require it and would like a refund please. please contact me

  15. I can’t log into the app because it wants me to pay again I already paid for the biggest package about five months ago so my account is not over due can someone please contact me strait away my buisness is on a stand still because of this app

  16. Becky says:

    The app has been upgraded and I have no calender2go! All of our appointments have disappeared??? This is going to have a serious impact on our business! We can’t see which appointments are booked or make any new, this is discusting!
    Can someone contact me asap!

  17. Del Boxall says:

    Just had the new update at first I couldn’t send my invoice now the app has frozen and I can’t do anything

  18. BMaslov says:

    Since new upgraded version comes out, I cannot login, every time I open app it goes to login, then it asks for password, I ask for new reset password, and never works, what is going onnnnnnn?

    1. Steven Pateman says:

      Same thing is happening to me and it is really messing my business up! I’ve e-mailed them and no reply

  19. Gene says:

    WTF!!! I been trying to reach someone for help and no answer! My invoices duplicating and messing up…. I want old version back! 503-******
    Mountain View Transport, LLC

  20. Paul Williamson says:

    any company can get the odd bad review but never have i seen so many. Your asking Businesses to rely on you for there invoicing an important part of Business and you can’t even reply to let people know there is a problem but were dealing with it. Your an absolute disgrace. i have lost the opportunity to quote for work today because you weren’t there to help as i couldn’t access my account. If your reading this and thinking about joining then don’t it really is worth looking elsewhere

  21. michael maher says:

    Can’t move Items into the right position in invoice anymore. Used to be able to drag them around invoice!! What are you guys doing!!??

  22. Andrew Sandoval says:

    i need to access my past invoices that are now locked on the wrong currency. I live in sweden (sek) and i work in denmark (dkk) I NEED to change this immediately it is effecting my sales and income!!! NOW!!!

  23. Andrew says:

    New Update lost my Maps of all customers Location new Update took away Calendar and worst of all I work in it switched my currency to default currency on all prior invoices totally screwed Update been a customers 4 yrs and if you dont revert Update i want my money back

  24. Danielle says:

    Since I updated to the newer version on my iphone, I have not been able to access Invoice2go on the web. The update changed my invoice and I am not able to make changes on the phone version. It’s been 2 days since I submitted a support request and I have not been able to invoice clients. Absolute worst customer service.

  25. shelby hallman mailloux says:

    extremely frustrating to deal with and use! wish i would never have signed up!
    had to google support number as not on website, was on hold for 2 hours, then disconnected
    have tried to get online support no one has returned my emails
    whole new system to figure out without support
    have wasted a whole afternoon trying to figure it out, losing time and money as business owner

  26. Neil webster says:

    What the hell, I can’t get on, I can’t quote or invoice, it’s asking for password , I have asked for a new password 30 times!! Complete joke. I want my money back!!

  27. Marcelo Ferreira says:

    Bad update. Searching engine only works only with invoice numbers now. It’s critical for my business that searching engine works in the comments field as well.

  28. Steven Pateman says:

    I am unable to change my password since the new update! I have e-mailed several times and no one has replied! I have thousands of pounds on this app and cannot get up existing prices to cross reference, I just paid £150 for another year and I am extremely dissatisfied

  29. Colin says:

    Hi i have a 75% discount ive paid but never got it i cant even get on to my invoices now can you call me please on 0774342****

  30. Don says:

    Where is the place that you can send reminders out for people who is past you and your calendar to go to schedule appointments

  31. Lee wright says:

    I feel left high and dry at the moment.. when you updated the app why not make sure our logos stayed on? I cannot invoice any of my customers until this is sorted and have sent many emails. Maybe time for change?

  32. Lee wright says:

    Poor show guys. You have left all of us in the shit and the only company managing to make money or collect payments is you!!! This leaves a very sour taste. Really. EE’s to help as I have emailed 10 times every day with NO REPLY FROM YOU!!!!!

  33. Lee wright says:

    Always been good always good customer service…., UNTIL NOW!!!
    You really have seemed to have fucked this up. Cmon guys I have emailed 10 times a day every day this week and NO REPLY AT ALL.

  34. Paul says:

    At what point are you going to address my concerns. I have searched and cannot find a phone number but see you have a great view of the harbour bridge, so you are earning a lot of money from us.
    I am at the point I need to find another invoice program so I can continue to run my business.
    Well done, you are so arrogant.

  35. Another pissed customer says:


  36. Peter janackovic says:

    Useless upgrade, seems like i now have separate accounts on ipad and iphone, total fuckin disaster!!!

  37. Nada says:

    I made a mistake and updated the app I don’t know how to
    Use the new one I want to delete it and go back to what I was useing

  38. Andy Redman says:

    Paid £99 in april for full subscription and now saying i have to pay another £150 to invoice new customers. Awful since the update….

  39. Sav says:

    Going to find another company who cares about their customers..
    I will notify all my trade friends via social media about your poor customer services and close my account straight away…
    A.C.E.S Electrics

  40. sandro melo says:

    You fucked up big time!! Nobody replies emails, there is no telephone number and my issues are still not fixed!
    I am calling the police this week

  41. Ben says:

    Please call me on 041064*** between the hours of 8am – 5pm tomorrow, Urgent urgent urgent issue

  42. Julie says:

    PLEASE will somebody contact me ? Why have you made it so difficult for anybody to access your support ??? We have a business to run. Time is money – you have taken our money and are now wasting our time.
    Could you not at least update your video, on utube, so that we could have something to help us ??
    This product does not even warrant a 1 star !!

  43. Carmen K says:

    Great concept, terrible delivery. Now I can’t get into my account on a busy Monday and on hold for customer support. I thought the update to the app was suppose to be an improvement? It’s been nothing but problems since I’ve downloaded it. So, frustrating! Our company needs to look for another invoice program provider. We’ve been with Invoice2go way too long and have wasted so much valuable business time with all of the hiccups and delays…

  44. Tom Rice says:

    Absolute awful update! There was nothing wrong with the old app and i got on really well with it. Multiple problems now and struggling to get invoices to customers.
    Thank you for this

  45. KATHY says:

    Gave the person who called me our new email and the old one and new one doesn’t work….come on!!!
    Tried giving you zero stars but that doesn’t even work…

  46. Rod Hedges says:

    My app has completely frozen/locked up/ locked out.
    Also asking about changing sales tax rates, old platform was much easier..better.
    Need to permanently delete the discount line.
    Call me 740-*******
    Need help…you’re costing me business

  47. Luis A. Gonzalez says:

    i hate the update
    is a disaster!!!!!
    3 years happy and almost a month hate it
    please go back or cancel my subscription

  48. William pages says:

    If you guys have run into a problem that take days to fix you have to communicate to your subscribers, my business is standing still because I trusted you guys, this not good please let us now when things are running again

  49. Rodney pleake says:

    Yes we’ve been using your invoice 2 go service for a few years or longer but since it’s been updated it’s more complicated and difficult to use and now some of our devices won’t connect and work at all. We’d like to continue using the service as it was before the update
    Thank you
    Rodney Pleake
    Pleake Contracting Service

  50. Jocemar says:

    Real rubbish, new version is absolutely a joke! Impossible to contact support, sent five emails with questions and no even one reply. I’m glad my subscription is about to finish, wouldn’t renew even for free with this crap

  51. AMANDA says:


  52. Stephen Bailes says:


  53. SHRINA says:

    I had an effective program and have put several years of invoices into your program and now I cannot even update and it has become so user unfriendly, unlike before.
    Even better, after several emails and no response apart from acknowledgement of my email 24hrs later. I cannot even add in information from previous invoices and now cannot attach the written invoice to the program and NOW YOU ARE ASKING FOR MORE MONEY.

  54. Colvin says:

    Please call me I can not access my account
    Colvin 073******uk
    I’ve paid my subscription and it’s still asking me to renew

  55. Colvin says:

    The service is rubbish and you don’t seem to care just look what your customers are saying about you, you have set up your system like fraudsters all these people are relying on you to run their business you have taken their subscription often before it’s due and they are getting nothing for it, most of these guys are self employed or small business and don’t have the time to keep emailing you, it seems like no one has ever had a reply you just keep banking there money and give no service one star is too much

  56. Jenny cooper says:

    I have been contacting you for over a week now and I still can’t get into my
    account. Discusting Service can not believe I have recommended you to lots of my friends and have 2 x accounts with you to get this treatment . I have invoices that need to be sent , I’m loosing money because of you. All I needed was a link to reset my password . I have now downloaded a different invoice app as I have given up with you now . You can however give me a refund for your bad bad service

  57. Please contact me back ASAP
    I AM A CUSTOMER ! Of invoice to go
    One of my customers paid through pay now section on my invoice I sent out , and the money has come out of their account and has not hit mine apparantly it has gone to some other payment methods which I never authorised or done before and I have never set any other forms of pay pal or any other methods ,
    Iw oils lime it transferred back to them please ! So they can pay me asap

  58. Lewis Richards says:

    I have just payed $74.99 for an upgrade on my invoice 2 go account and it is not recognising the payment but has been taken out of my account ?? I’m in newzealand and there is no help line or anything to contact you guys , very frustrating

  59. Ozzy says:

    This new version is useless! I am yet to get a reply regarding all my questions including how to cancel the auto subs renewal! I’ve told all my contacts about your pathetic excuse of an app.

  60. Gareth says:

    I am disgusted with Invoice2go right now.. They went from great to nowhere with the update..
    Since I paid for my annual renewal and updated the App on the 22nd June..
    Everything has gone.. All my info is gone and I don’t have access to the app.
    My business is going to shit..
    Not one reply to help.. Nothing !!!
    Absolutely no service !!!
    You can’t complain about the service !! CAUSE THERE IS NONE !!!

  61. Trent says:

    Do not leave your business in the hands of these useless & very fraudulent people. They do not and will not contact you when you have been locked out of your account a week after paying $74.99. I’ve sent 5 emails no replies, none of the phone numbers they have work either. They are scam artests. DO NOT SIGN UP TO THIS ITS A SCAM…

  62. Jason Darbyshire says:

    Absolute shite
    The tax adds it on instead of deducting it what a crap app do not purchase this shite no help line whatsoever
    Invoice2go is shit

  63. I recently paid the following invoice, and i still do not have access to the new invoices.
    My account is mark dean healy. Can you please check what the syncing problem is:
    Apple Tax Invoice
    Visa …. 0919
    Mark Healy
    26 Dickmann Street
    RICHMOND, VIC 3121
    03 Jul 2017
    Invoice 2go — Professional Invoices and Quotes, Invoice2go Plan – 12 months Invoice 2go — Professional Invoices and Quotes, Invoice2go Plan – 12 months
    Report a Problem In-App Purchase Mark Healy’s iPad $79.99
    TOTAL $79.99
    If you have any questions about your bill, visit iTunes Support. Apple Pty Ltd. ABN 46 002 510 054. Total Includes GST. Learn how to manage your password preferences for iTunes, iBooks and App Store purchases.
    Apple ID Summary • Terms of Sale • Privacy Policy
    Copyright © 2017 Apple Pty Ltd.
    All rights reserved

  64. Kevin says:


  65. Tracy Shinn says:

    I would like to go back to the old invoice to go. I did not want the upgrade.
    Could someone please contact. I have got a lot of invoices to send.

  66. Lorraine says:

    I cannot do my receipts (expenses) for the rest of June to complete my financial year that ENDED ON JUNE 30. WHEN I bring up the expenses on the menu I’m seeing 2014,2015 then it jumps to 2017 and all months and dates jumbled!! Why on earth cant i go into THE MONTH like the old version and continue ON WITH THE NEXT ENTRIES? This is so ridiculous….again there was no notice you lot were doing this to your customers. Australian end of financial year became a nightmare because of your changing things! I can tell you it is NOT BETTER IT IS HORRIBLE. Nothing is straight forward….even quote numbers dont keep a count….I’m having to change the number of the quote myself….where has the auto counting gone? Honestly …. I sure hope you guys aren’t charging us more for this app when the renewal is due. Ppl will be leaving in their droves

  67. ray oliver says:

    New version is a forced app and is less than useless old version miraculously dissappeared from my phone you have not contacted me in 2 day to deal with complaint other than by automated emails which are a load of bollocks you say you are dealing with it you are not contact phone number not recognised and on top of that extortionate price hike for an app that is absolutely f@&king sh+?e haven’t been able to record invoices for 2 day s and probably same crack tomorrow invoice2go go2hell I’m contacting trading standards tomorrow you should be jailed absolute fraudsters

  68. D barnett says:

    The new app has now frozen on my phone cant do a thing
    what a load of crap
    want a refund
    no contact or numbers you do get no good
    thanks for making things difficult

  69. Josh says:

    Unable to sign in after app update, very unhappy. No user sign in on new app update or email which that is not working.

  70. Joshua Pacheco says:

    Class action lawsuit. You have doubled tripled yearly fees, new app update has locked me out unable to sign in I need to send out invoices today but can’t because of your useless app update. I also need to mark invoices paid for my customers they are very unhappy I’m very unhappy. You are not providing any customer service, I lot years of invoices, I have been asking for reoccurring billing on the app for years and still have not got to it even with the hi fees that we pay this is a disgrace everyone that’s reading this post that been paying the high fees and not been getting any type of customer service or have been locked out of their accounts or has lost any of their information after years of use should sign up or join the class action lawsuit against these guys.

  71. Don M says:

    So according to “Jay” in Tech Support all my issues are because of the glitches that were in the old APP that won’t allow it to sync with the new APP
    What a load of BS !
    I have several problems that may be related to the syncing but I have had and am still having multiple issues with invoices that were created after the update in the new APP. So I’m not sure how that is the fault of the old APP
    Ya the APP that I used for 3 years with out any issues .
    Customer Support Sucks!
    I will definitely be shopping for a new APP after this horrendous experience and to think I use to recommend this APP to other small businesses owners.
    Sorry INVOICE2GO never again!

  72. Michael s says:

    Major problems with both the old and new app..thee most frustrating circumstances ever had to deal with!! Invoice2go has cost me over 200k and I have had absolutely no help from anyone on there lawyers will now be taking over from here!

  73. Michael says:

    Invoice2go has cost me my business
    2016 down the drain
    Absolutele disregard for their customers

  74. John says:

    Forced to use this service by Invoice2go and I’m completely unhappy with this.
    John J. Shields

  75. John says:

    0 Stars, poor support, wrong password reset email received, no phone support, very slow email support. Hate this “service”.

  76. Brian says:

    It’s shit!!!!! Do not buy this product! It was okay until the recent changes. So frustrating to use!!! Very poor customer service!!

  77. Stuart Ahlschlager says:

    I have bee a client of invoice for 2 years now and I am having to renue my subscription at the end of AUGUST. On the renewal page I am having to pay R2899 for the year after only having to pay R899 for the previous 2 years. This is daylight robbery. If I had known 2 years ago I would be paying this price in the future I would never have ventured this way.
    Unfortunately and you all know it, all our customers, invoices, products etc have been built in now and we will loose this info if we do not continue.
    DISGUSTING Service to say the least.
    Then one of your agents has the nerve to tell me a consultant messed up the second year and that is why I got it at the cheaper price. This is generated online.No consultant involved

  78. Dave Jenner says:

    Unable to log in on my phone
    Keeps saying wrong email and password reset it 5 times still the same ..

  79. Thomas Moore says:

    This company is a total rip off !!!
    Keep well clear of them really dodgy
    They Have taken money from my account without my permission, I don’t even know how much they have taken.
    I’m contacting my solicitor to have them changed with theft.

  80. brian kelly says:

    joined today they took my money, couldnt complete my invoice asked for help and recievied none after numerous emails there call back service doesnt exist, trading standards here i come

  81. Robert Perkins says:

    I had an input error on who I send the email to I called customer service they picked up within a minute and another question about sending out another email when I process my invoice they direct me right to the settings and what to do very pleasant guy great customer service in a great product

  82. Andrew Chalmers says:

    Bad company…stay away. See my review on iTunes. I was a long time customer. These folks are thieves.

  83. Paul thompson says:

    I’d say waiting on the phone for twenty minutes listening to a recording saying your call is very important to us isn’t really a lot of use, this coupled with the fact that I cannot gain access to my past years accounts is not really earning you any points either…. being self employed I understand service is everything…. would you be in touch please linc***

  84. Michael says:

    Just wanted to know how to receive pay from client when invoice is payed through invoice2go? I never put in any bank details when I created an account please help!!!

  85. AJ Powell says:

    INVOICE2GO is using a company called Stripe to take payments, it takes weeks to get paid and always seems to have problems with paying me after my client paid the invoice WEEKS PRIOR. Stripe has no customer service phone number and will not reply to emails. Invoice2go is a okay program, just don’t expect to get paid on time. DO NOT USE THE PAYMENT OPTION FROM INVOICE2GO, IT WILL SCREW OVER A SMALL BUSINESS. STRIPE has the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!

  86. Andrew Powell says:

    Invoice2go is okay at best and way overpriced. I started to use the invoice payment option when sending a invoice to customers, however, they use a company called Stripe to receive payments and they are crooks. Stripe takes weeks to pay you when a customer paid that day. I have had nothing but problems trying to get paid from them. Stripe has no customer service phone number and will not reply to emails. It should not take 15 days to get paid every time I send a invoice to a customer. This is killing my small business. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

  87. howard l newton says:

    i been with company for a while this is the second time this has happen now i was charged $399 for something that i DID NOT APPROVE I think no i know i’m shutting them down going back to writing invoices or change companies

  88. howard l newton says:

    tried reach them about the charge of $399 guess what the 1-888-818-7110 NO LONGER IN SERVICE IMAGING THAT

  89. Skypod Electrical Contractors INC says:

    As I am adding second client, but when I am sending the invoice, the previous client names shows as well with new client on the invoice.. how to remove the previous client name not to be shown to another client on the invoice

  90. Ashley Lifgren says:

    Hi, I need to be refunded the $119 you charged on my credit card on October 18, 2020. I am on a “Lite Subscription” for $5.99 a month to be charged on the 28th of each month of which I haven’t even been using due to the pandemic. Please contact me ASAP to rectify this situation and refun my money.

    Thank you,
    Ashley Lifgren

  91. andrew Fernald says:

    My company name is water restoration doctor inc. WE received a payment of $1,200.00 from Stacy Montunez on 11/11/2020 it is now 11/19/2020 and we still have not received payment i n our bank TD Bank Please advise as to what the problem is.o

  92. Estevez Gillespie says:

    Hi. I could not invoice today as the app would only give me the option to create a new plan and would. It go to the Home Screen for me to invoice. It’s essential I invoice my customers ASAP. I’ve deleted the app I’m an attempt to reset it and now the new app will not let me sign in as an existing customer.

  93. Felipe Aleman says:

    I’ve been trying to contact invoice to go and I haven’t been helped. I paid another year subscription and still can’t access the Account I need to get this problem resolved

  94. Barbara vachon says:

    Why is the billing so high priced on this. And is this the same company as Google invoice to go?

  95. katy says:

    sam as James Bullard, I have cancelled within 30 day period and cancelled and no response whatsover. next step is a credit card dispute

  96. Shane Amato says:

    you have a billing me for 5 months that I have not used your service I inquired about this 5 or 6 times you. continue to take my money I want refund for 5 months and take me off your billing list I am reporting you and will leave some nasty reviews. If I’m not refunded

  97. John Martorana says:

    Horrible service still can’t get my money after almost 2 weeks and has been consuming a lot of my time trying

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