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Google Pay [GPay] Contact Phone Number

Either you are merchant or your are normal user or even going to use GPay first time , you may encountered issues and problem , hence you need to contact Customer Care team of Google Pay . IsOpenToday gives you complete details and information how can you reach at Google Pay Customer support to resolve issue . Whatever you’r location where are you live you can call Toll Free Number of Google Pay 📞 1-800-419-0157 to discuss you’r issue and get solution . Also having issue with sending or receiving payments you should have to update Google Wallet APP before dialing GPay Customer service phone number 📞 1-855-492-5538 . For the merchant looking to start business payments with Gpay or want to Cancel P2P Payment Call GPC telephone number 📞 1-888-986-7944 . Also user can use Google Pay Self Help Support to know the answer of your problem . Also you can send email if you’r issue not listed here .

Note IsOpenToday want to urge the Gpay user , don’t call any mobile number or landline number unless you recognize or find on trusted resources . Also Don’t respond to any phone telling you Got money but stuck , you have to verify Gpay , You got refund , or you win money from Gpay. Its advisable go to direct support of any country here

About Google Pay

Google Pay is a free versatile mobile application accessible in the Google Play Store. Customers/users don’t pay any additional transaction expenses when they use Google Pay to make buys or pay bills. Google Pay (Stylized as G Pay) is a computerized wallet stage and online payment system which is created by Google to power in-application and tap-to-pay buys on cell phones, empowering customers to make payments easy with Android telephones, tablets, or watches. Your full card subtleties are never put away on your telephone or imparted to traders when you use Google Pay. Transactions utilizing Google Pay are secure as Google keeps all payment data on secure workers. Traders are just given your virtual account number.

Google Pay Benefits – Fast and Easy way to send and receive money, You get cashback and rewards benefits, Pay Utility bills, use this app for online shopping, mobile recharges, electricity bills, travel tickets bookings, and many more options updates. No extra expense of usage. It makes Encryption and different layers of security by Google to make sure about transactions.

How To Download And Install Google Pay APP?

To install Google pay on your phone (Android/iPhone), go with the below steps:

  • First of all, Download the Google Pay application from Google Play or the iTunes App Store (for iPhone users)
  • After the application installation, then open it and sign in with your personal Google account (Where you get all notifications)
  • Now, you have to open the Google Pay application and proceed forward with setup guidelines
  • When you’re approached, add a card. You might be approached to set up a screen lock on your device
  • Google Pay works with Pattern lock, Pin code, fingerprint, password, or retinae scan screen locks. It doesn’t work with screen locks ( likewise Smart Unlock or Knock to Unlock).
  • To make buys in stores, make Google Pay the default payment application in your phone’s settings.

How To Add Payments , Bank Account, Debit Card Google Pay APP

To add payment methods, read the below instructions

You have the choice to add various payment methods to the application as yours according. Using your credit and debit cards through the application is equivalent to utilizing the actual card. You get rewards on certain cards to take benefits on them, you’ll actually get them if utilizing the card through the application all things considered.

To add debit or credit cards:

  • From the bottom of the application, click on “Add”, then credit or debit card
  • Now, you need to use your phone’s camera to catch your card data or enter it physically. Mastercards can’t be utilized to send money on iOS devices
  • Pick an option to confirm your payment method if mentioned
  • Then, enter your verification code and done with this process.

To add a bank account:

  • From the bottom, hit the click on the “Send,” button, then choose or write the amount you need to send and who to send it to
  • Then click on the “Send” button once more
  • Close to the payment method you need to prefer
  • After that, click on the “Change,” choose the “Add Bank Account”
  • Now, you need to enter your Account bank information, then click on the “Save” button
  • You can in a split second check your account by marking into your Bank Account, or you can affirm the measure of a small amount deposit, which will take a few days

How To Start Using GPay Sending & Accept Payments

How to use it and its working?

You can use the application to make payments at these stores:

  • Ensure about NFC is turned on in your telephone’s settings.
  • Hold the back of your cell phone near the screen for a couple of moments.
  • Whenever provoked, enter the PIN for the payment account you are utilizing

Google Pay can be a valuable method to send cash to companions or relatives or to demand that they send you cash. To do as such:

  • Hit the first click on the “Send” button from the bottom corner
  • Then, choose the “Send” or “Request”
  • Now, choose that specific contact
  • Then, enter the sum
  • Hit the next click on the “Send” button
  • Affirm or change your payment methods

Google Pay restricts how much money can be sent at any one time or inside explicit time spans. The limits are updated timely.

Links from play store, amazon, and more

You can download Google Pay directly from this link

How to connect with them?

  • First of all, get the Google Pay application
  • Then Download Google Pay on the phone. But, make sure running on Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher (For Android users only)
  • Enter your phone number (Make sure linked with your Bank Accounts)
  • Then, sign in with your Google account
  • Agree with on-screen guidelines to make sure about your Google Pay application and add a bank account.

Customer Care Contact Details Google Pay

Support Email : [email protected]
Online Support :
Complaints Phone Number : 📞 1-888-986-7944
Customer Service Number : 📞 1-800-419-0157
Toll Free Number : 📞 1-855-492-5538
Head Office Address : Google India Digital Services Private Limited Unit 207, 2nd Floor Signature Tower-II Tower A, Sector 15 Part II Silokhera, Gurgaon, Haryana, India, 122001
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau USA : 📞 1-855-411-2372
Google Payments Head Quater : 1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy , Mountain View, CA

FAQ- Google Pay Payments , Credit Card , Recharge , Bank Account

What happens if my money stucks in Google Pay while transferring?

You can check the transaction status, sometime transactions take a little time. If the pending status view on your screen then you received your money in 3 business days or click on “Report” to the process to view the payment to check the Bank statements.

What to do if my transaction failed in Google Pay?

If you have not received any mail confirmation and the payment has failed, the amount will be refunded within 3 to 7 business days from the transaction date.

What to do if Google Pay recharge failed but money debited?

If Google Pay recharge failed yet the amount got deducted from the bank account. Banks ordinarily take up to 3 business days to add cashback to your account.

What to do if Google Pay shows pending payment?

While transferring money, If a payment shows ‘Pending’ status on your screen, it implies that you can’t cancel it or make any further move on it. If money is deducted, it will automatically be refunded to you (usually within hours).

How do I check transaction history on Google Pay?

Open your Google Pay. From the bottom of the screen, click on the “Show Transaction History” and all transactions will appear on your screen. Then, click on each transaction to view more details.

How can I delete the history of the transaction on Google pay?

The answer is No, there is no way to delete any transaction history in Google Pay settings.

How can I use a Google Pay business account?

You can easily use Google Pay for your Business to get customer payments more rapidly, and high-tight security to track business transactions safely. With a Universal Payment Identification Code (UPIC), anybody can utilize Google Pay to pay you for services and goods.

How Google Pay differs from Tez and Google Pay business?

Apart from Tez or customers, Google introduces a new application for different Businesses known as “Google Pay for Business”. It permits vendors to make sales effectively by accepting payments from customers on Tez.

How Google Pay differs from Tez and Google Pay business?

Apart from Tez or customers, Google introduces a new application for different Businesses known as “Google Pay for Business”. It permits vendors to make sales effectively by accepting payments from customers on Tez.

Is it possible to cancel the payment in Google Pay?

No, you can’t cancel the payment in Google Pay during the transaction processing. As it is as of now all the while, and to make any moves on it, you should contact straightforwardly to the customer care service concerning the issues you are confronting.

How can I add a Credit Card to Google Pay?

The answer is Yes, you’re likely contemplating whether Google Wallet is alright for your Debit Card details. It gives you the alternative to make sure about your private data at whatever point you’re paying for an item on the web.

Customer Care Service Hour

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Tuesday 24/7 Hour
Wednesday 24/7 Hour
Thursday 24/7 Hour
Friday 24/7 Hour
Saturday 24/7 Hour
Sunday 24/7 Hour
User Review
2.8 (5 votes)

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