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FreeTaxUSA is an online tax preparation website owned by TaxHawk, Inc that also owns It was founded in 2001 by a group of CPAs and some software developers. FreeTaxUSA provides Tax Preparation Services, Accounting & financial services, Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping, & Payroll services. While others will charge filers rather dearly depending upon the complexities of the tax situation, forms, level of support. However, FreeTaxUSA stands true to its name as filing federal tax with FreeTaxUSA is free, howsoever complex your tax situation is, except that state filing has reasonable charges which may slightly vary depending on the time of the year when you are filing.If you are looking for TAX experts for tax planning & preparation dial Phone Number 📞 +1855-481-5333 .

About FreeTaxUSA Tax Software & Company

FreeTaxUSA come at a very reasonable price and covers even the most complicated tax situations. To check how to file for free, add services and compare options, you can call the FreeTaxUSA TaxHawk, Inc. support helpline number at 📞 (801) 812-1040. Their number is toll free and open 24/7.

It is also an original member and an authorized IRS e-file provider of the IRS Free File Alliance. It is one of the fastest growing American tax filing services that employee 150+ employees. So far, over 43 million tax returns have been filed with the help of FreeTaxUSA.

FreeTaxUSA price structure is straightforward without any hidden charges or surprises or extra fees to complete the filing of tax returns.  The software supports most tax forms and the company has rolled out only two versions–Free and Deluxe whereas most competitors typically have four to five.

FreeTaxUSA has been rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

How to Use – FreeTaxUSA Software

Users need to simply follow the step-by-step instructions and the software does the rest. It will guide you through the deductions, credits, and write-offs

What’s included:

Online Tax Extension

Filers can easily apply for a tax extension through step-by-step instructions. Once done, you can e-filing or mailing your extension with a copy of the form filled out for you.

Prior Year Tax Filing

There may be a refund waiting from a previous year and even if not so, filing the tax you owe now makes sense to reduce fines and interest payments to the IRS. FreeTaxUSA has an option for filing your prior year return.

Amended Tax Returns

The forms needed to file an amended return are included at no additional cost. Plus, calculations are guaranteed. Alternative & Competitors In Market

Advantages of FreeTaxUSA

While other companies charge for more advanced filing and potentially complex tax filing like handling self-employment (Schedule C), rental income from real estate (Schedule E), capital gains transactions (Schedule D), and various other types of K-1, HSA contribution, student loan, etc. With FreeTaxUSA all that and more can be handled both by its Free and Deluxe versions.

Covers all major situations like:

  • File jointly
  • Home ownership
  • Itemized deductions
  • Dependents
  • Investments
  • Self-employed
  • Rental property
  • Education

The forms you can access do not vary with the versions. The upgraded version is all about additional support rather than additional forms.

Free Edition Of FreeTaxUSA Software

Like any other free version, the “free” has its limits with FreeTaxUSA as well. Free extends to the following services:

  • Federal Tax Return
  • E-file Service
  • Online Backup of Completed Returns
  • Account Information Roll Over from the previous year
  • Complex Tax Filing
  • Printing of Tax Return
  • Filing for federal Tax Extension

There is no additional charge except for a flat rate charge for state e-filing, so filers can simply multiply the number of states they need to file taxes with.

Other Chargeable Services With The Free Version:

  • Amended Tax Return
  • Priority Customer Support (optional)
  • Professionally Printed Tax Return
  • Printed & Bound Tax Return

The last two may come handy only when you need to present your tax returns for business or borrowing purposes.

Deluxe Edition

Other than per state charge, again here as well, the only additional fees applicable are for the Professionally Printed Tax Return and the Printed & Bound Tax Return.

The Deluxe version comes with few other extra bells and whistles like priority live chat and customer support, filing unlimited amended returns and access to tax specialists and audit support that addresses questions like how to understand an audit notice and respond to it appropriately

FreeTaxUSA Support Options

  • General guidance: Searchable knowledge base and Q & A database
  • Free Tech support: Through phone or email; account message center and Chat option
  • One-On-One Tax Help: On-demand tax help from tax professionals available with Deluxe addition

Pros & Cons

  • Accuracy Guaranteed

FreeTaxUSA like other competitors guarantees the accuracy of their tax calculations else the interest and penalties payment is on them if you’re assessed by the IRS for any calculation error.

  • Audit Assist

The Deluxe version provides Audit Assist through audit specialists and access to the Audit Center database of information to answer your questions should you be subject to an IRS audit process.

However, their Audit Assist tool is much more limited and does not cover state returns, and neither does any representative correspond directly with the IRS. They will only help to craft responses to the IRS, guide through what records to gather, and help you with what steps to take next.

  • Online Backup and Account Rollover

FreeTaxUSA backs-up the completed returns online, even with the free version. This will automatically carry last year’s information over to your current year’s filing. This includes importing tax info from other software services like TurboTax, H& Block, and TaxAct.

They have a newly rolled out feature that allows for a PDF import of your prior year’s tax returns.

  • Interface and Ease of Use

The interface is bare-bones with jargony help docs. Though less fancy, it has some basic features intact like a tracker for your estimated refund. But unlike other software options, it doesn’t allow you to jump the process. Filers need to go in order and once they enter some basic info in one section, then only they can back to make changes.

FreeTaxUSA Disadvantages

FreeTaxUSA doesn’t support the following:

  • Nonresident alien returns (Form 1040NR)
  • Foreign employment income (Form 2555)
  • Preparers living outside the US when they file their taxes
  • Casualty or theft gain or loss for business or income producing property
  • Archer MSAs (Form 8853)
  • At-risk limitations (Form 6198)
  • Donations of high value property over $5,000

Limited Customer Support

Free version support is limited to email support, or get answers in the online forum. Only the Deluxe version has the online chat support. Else you need to purchase priority support.

Pay to Amend

Some of the additional services of FreeTaxUSA’s may cost extra, though the costs are marginal. If you need to correct a mistake or omission on your tax return while using the free version, then you need to pay, and once done, you get an unlimited amendment. However, this option is already included in the Deluxe version,

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Company type: Online tax preparation & e-file service

Parent company: TaxHawk, Inc
Mailing Address: 1366 East 1120 South Provo, UT  84606
Active: Jan 15, 2001
Company size: 51-200 employees
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