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+1-844-966-2173 New Booking
+1-800-900-1431 Customer Service
+1(877) 956-8253 Refund , Cancellation
FlightHub ,3333 boulevard Côte-Vertu, suite 600, Montréal, QC H4R 2N1

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Hurry Up Call FlightHub One Travel For Best Services
FlightHub offers their passengers one of the topmost services where customers will definitely get satisfied from these service, it determined the best flight options with a variety of choices quickly and consistently. Once you have booked with us you will immediately get an e-ticket in your email within minutes.

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Flight Hub Review
Overall what we see on the internet where in genuine reviews about the brand is good as it is in consumer facing industry and that too dealing with customer during the testing times or Covid19 wherein cancellation are on the rise the customer service team is well equipped to handle all the queries with some lag which is understandable as lack of staff can effect that adversely.

Flight Hub is generous with cancellation and the policy around cancellation is not that complex. The don’t charge exorbitant price for cancellation/refund from the customers.

Pricing plays a very important role in your decision while you are selecting your flight you can be rest assured that the website offers competitive pricing as they must be having bulk deals from the airlines.

User interface of the website is easy to understand even a 8 year old can book a flight from the website.


Why To Choose FlightHub?

  • Cheapest flights
  • Maximum discount
  • Free gifts
  • Feedback
  • All kind of flights

Customer Service FlightHub.Com

Address : FlightHub ,3333 boulevard Côte-Vertu, suite 600, Montréal, QC H4R 2N1 ‬
Toll Free Number : 📞 1-800-711-1755
Direct Help Line : 📞 1-902-918-5538
Refund / Cancellation : 📞1 (877) 956-8253
General Inquiry : 📞 1-800-900-1431
Customer Support Email : https://www.flighthub.com/service/support

Flighthub Cancellation Policy,Refund and Reschedule

Flight Hub gives you right to cancel your flights there are flights which you can cancel between 24hrs of your booking.If you have booked a non refundable flight there are different rules applied.You can ask for a refund also if in case you have cancelled the flight and can get in touch with team.
Steps to Cancel your Flighthub Flights:

  1. You will have to Login to your My booking page where you can manage your booking.
  2. In the Drop down you will have to look for “Cancel Flight”.
  3. After that follow the instruction mentioned on the page and wait for confirmation email for cancellation.

Steps for Flighthub Refund

You will have to follow the same instruction as cancellation post that you just have to see whether your flight is refundable or Non-Refundable.You may be eligible for partial refund in some cases.

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Customer Care Service Hour

Monday 8:00 am 4:00 pm
Tuesday 8:00 am 4:00 pm
Wednesday 8:00 am 4:00 pm
Thursday 8:00 am 4:00 pm
Friday 8:00 am 4:00 pm
Saturday 8:00 am 4:00 pm
Sunday 8:00 am 4:00 pm
User Review
2 (5 votes)

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  1. Mervene Scott says:

    Where is my refund for tickets that I purchased at $547.20 on April 24th. It is 10 days and my money isn’t back in my account. I need my money now or my bank will be allowed to file a dispute against Flighthub through the Federal reserve. I have bills to pay and my refund will help to pay couple bills

  2. Jamel Choukir says:

    J ai ànnule un billet au nom d Omar choukir acheté le 19 juillet annulé le même jour jusqu’à date le remboursement n à pas été effectué ni de réponse à ma requête je trouve cela aberrant ni sérieux de la part du service à la clientèle ainsi que de la société

  3. STOP!!!! Anyone that is trying to book on FlightHub… Don’t do it!
    Worst experience ever!!
    I have spent the past 6 weeks dealing with this unprofessional, unhelpful, completely unqualified flight travel app.
    They cost my daughter, which is a starving student, over $700 in cost & fees due to their negligence not ours! Now expect her to pay for their HUGE error.
    It took them 6 days to book her ticket, to use a credit with company, only after 6 very Long phone calls & being put on hold too many times to mention I had to figure out how They could book her ticket. I took the information & went straight to Air Canada, which stepped me through the process, while feeling terrible for me as their hands were tied. Then they, in order to help me out sent FH an email telling them what error they had made & how to book my daughter’s ticket!
    Within 1 hr FH called with ticket but by that time…6 days later the cist had doubled!
    Not once did I speak with one person I could completely understand & most knew less than I did about travel!
    The most frustrating experience ever & I hope to stop other travellers from having to deal with such a horrible experience!!!
    I have been trying to reach a higher supervisor than at the help desk with no luck after numerous emails.
    I will also be taking this complaint to better business bureau & any other forum for travel.
    Go straight to the airline, for the extra amount you pay it’s well worth it to not have to deal with such horrible customer service!

  4. Susan hulbert says:

    This is absolutely the worst customer service I have ever encountered. Do not deal with flight hub. They are indiscriminate and are not interested in helping their customers, they are only interested in getting as much money as they can out of you. I will never deal with them again. Most unhelpful and stupid

  5. ANDRE CARR says:

    Flight hub staff and supervisors are nothing but crooks. Purchased 5 tickets and upgrade with them. They promised with the upgrade 2 free checked baggage per person paid for the upgrade, then was told it was an error. I still need to pay the airline for baggage. Even though i took a screen shot as evidence and sent it in to them and showed them how they changed their website 2 weeks later, they still said it was my fault. Tried cancelling my ticket within 24 hours they told me there is a $75 per ticket charge.. THEY ARE CROOKS

  6. Eva says:

    Absolutely worst customer service experience. Was hung up on twice, had an operator who kept speaking over me and i had to tell her to listen to me first before cutting me off so she could hear everything I need help with. I personally will never use this service as I was trying to help my friend. I will also make sure to let everyone I know to never use FH.

  7. Adam says:

    Flight hub is the worst customer service ever. I am calling them every single day. Sometimes once or twice a day. All I get same answer. Same lie. Same bullshit. All I want Is changing my ticket to later date and I accepted to pay the fare difference but no. Keep telling me no flights available. I asked for superviser. They said. Oh not available. I asked to cancel and refund. They oh not available. So seems Like nothing available. They are pointless and helpless. I am really tried of this. I lookEd for the head office phone number. Still not available. I don’t know where to go to submit my complaint. I will never book with them again

  8. Eduart Lila says:

    We booked a direct flight that was supposed to go from Vancouver to Frankfurt. Departure was August 8th. Yesterday we received an email from Air Canada saying that the flight was changed and will be stopping over to Montreal. We called Air Canada to talk to them about the booking and they said yes your flight was changed and you will be stopping over into Montreal but you should contact flighthub to assist you with the reservation.

    We contacted Flighthub yesterday evening August 7th, and we spoke to Arya . We explained to her that we needed a direct flight to Frankfurt because my in-laws were flying on that plane alone, and that they are older and they don’t speak any English. She said that she found a direct flight that would leave on Sunday August 9th in the afternoon. We said yes please book that and then she went ahead and booked it .She said that we were confirmed to leave for August 9th and that it may take up to 24 hrs to receive an email confirmation.

    Saturday August 8th in the morning we woke up, and did not see any email confirmation . So we called Flight Hub. They said that they were going to look into it. They put us on hold for 1 hour without checking in on us and saying anything. They just put us on hold and never said anything to us so we hung up the phone because we had already waited 1hour. We called back again a second time that day and the woman said I am sorry mam your reservation was never changed.The flight departs today and there is nothing we can do and she hung up the phone( or maybe the line got cut not to sure.)

    We called again for the 3 time and We asked to speak to someone in charge, and they said that a supervisor would call us back, and they did . The supervisor said to us that unfortunately there is nothing we can do to help you at this time because you have not shown up for your flights.

    We have paid $1,802.30 for those place tickets and have lost that money. My inlaws need to go back home. We refuse to pay for new plane tickets because of an error from the customer service representative at Flight hub.

  9. Val Cleveland says:

    Flight hub is the worst! Do not book with them! Customer service is horrible and they are crooks! They never cancelled our flight with airlines and now we are out of almost 2k!!!! Beware!!!!

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