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FlightHub offers their passengers one of the topmost services where customers will definitely get satisfied from these service, it determined the best flight options with a variety of choices quickly and consistently. Once you have booked with us you will immediately get an e-ticket in your email within minutes.
For immediate & instant booking Dial FlightHub airlines reservation Phone Number 📞 +1-844-955-1714 United States / Canada . If you have post booking inquiry customer can dial FlightHub.com Customer Service Toll Free Number 📞 (800) 711-1755 Or 📞 (800) 900-1431 United States residents or if you are from Canada ring to FlightHub Canada telephone Number 📞 (800) 741-3295 . If number are busy you can dial alternate customer support FlightHub on (800) 711-1755 Or (877) 956-8253 . Corporate Inquiry FlightHub Canada, Direct number +1 647 689 2956

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Flight Hub Review
Overall what we see on the internet where in genuine reviews about the brand is good as it is in consumer facing industry and that too dealing with customer during the testing times or Covid19 wherein cancellation are on the rise the customer service team is well equipped to handle all the queries with some lag which is understandable as lack of staff can effect that adversely.

Flight Hub is generous with cancellation and the policy around cancellation is not that complex. The don’t charge exorbitant price for cancellation/refund from the customers.

Pricing plays a very important role in your decision while you are selecting your flight you can be rest assured that the website offers competitive pricing as they must be having bulk deals from the airlines.

User interface of the website is easy to understand even a 8 year old can book a flight from the website.


Why To Choose Flight Hub?

  • Cheapest flights
  • Maximum discount
  • Free gifts
  • Feedback
  • All kind of flights

How to Change Flight with Flighthub?

FlightHub has provided easy steps to cancel or change your flights and during the time of corona virus there are so many flight getting cancelled or rescheduled however Flight hub will only able be able to help to an extent depending on the policies of the airlines.You can change it online or by calling the customer service number.

Customer Service FlightHub.Com

Flighthub Head Office Address: FlightHub ,3333 boulevard Côte-Vertu, suite 600, Montréal, QC H4R 2N1
Flights Ticket Reservation : 📞 +1-844-955-1714
Toll Free Number : 📞 1-800-711-1755
Direct Help Line : 📞 1-902-918-5538
Refund / Cancellation : 📞1 (877) 956-8253
General Inquiry : 📞 1-800-900-1431
Customer Support Email : https://www.flighthub.com/service/support

Flighthub Cancellation Policy,Refund and Reschedule

Flight Hub gives you right to cancel your flights there are flights which you can cancel between 24hrs of your booking.If you have booked a non refundable flight there are different rules applied.You can ask for a refund also if in case you have cancelled the flight and can get in touch with team.
Steps to Cancel your Flighthub Flights:

  1. You will have to Login to your My booking page where you can manage your booking.
  2. In the Drop down you will have to look for “Cancel Flight”.
  3. After that follow the instruction mentioned on the page and wait for confirmation email for cancellation.

Steps for FlightHub Refund

You will have to follow the same instruction as cancellation post that you just have to see whether your flight is refundable or Non-Refundable.You may be eligible for partial refund in some cases.

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Customer Care Service Hour

Monday 8:00 am 4:00 pm
Tuesday 8:00 am 4:00 pm
Wednesday 8:00 am 4:00 pm
Thursday 8:00 am 4:00 pm
Friday 8:00 am 4:00 pm
Saturday 8:00 am 4:00 pm
Sunday 8:00 am 4:00 pm
User Review
2.62 (146 votes)

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  1. Raj says:

    Need to rebook my tickets and use the travel credit from Flight hub towards new booking. 4 hours of waiting everyday and no one picks. The automated message is a lie as there is no form to submit on customer support page. Please email me before we take further action.

  2. Rajiv says:

    I need to rebook my tickets and use my travel credit towards new reservations but every day 4 hours of waiting. Not sure if this number is legitimate. Flight hub seems like a scam.

  3. Marie Claire Senga Kiansambu says:

    My name is Marie Claire Senga Kiansambu 202844031, I could not travel due to the result of Covid19 which I have already submitted to you, I just wanted to reschedule to July 25/ 7/ 2022 to 24/ 8/2022 You keep sending me back and forth to Air France they say the change has to be done by FlightHub where we purchased the ticket. Please I would like to solve this issue so I can go even see my fathers grave since I could not travel due to the Covid19 results


    I need to cancell my partical used flight ticket under booking # 167-168-321. From past 19 days daily I have been calling but literally 3/4 hours of holding no answer. Even under our booking there is no option to cancel,
    it is frustrating not able to reach out, please please call me & refund my money


    I need to rebook a cancelled flight from 2020. The website won’t let me rebook and says I need to contact the 800 number but literally hours calling no one answers. I may need to take some legal action, I think there is an ongoing lawsuit.

  6. zhiyi zhou says:

    hello my booking number 183277862 ,we have new date from Los Angeles to Sydney round trip,from 18 nov 2022 come back 7 dec 2022 .please call me 6265887278 for anytime.i try call you company nobody answer .please

  7. timothy stjohn says:

    Charged my card, got to the airport and Delta said that was a bogus confirmation number. Had to buy a flight. Called multiple times and can’t get a refund. Also, emailed to info@flighthub.com. NO RESPONSE. About to file fraud charges!! Check-In with Delta / Airline confirmation: GTPMY2

  8. Simran says:

    Very bad service they pic call for new booking but not for existing one frustrating 3/4 hours on hold still no aswer never booking with them again

  9. Nolibelle says:

    I wanted to book a flight using my flight credits but its not available in flighthib site and needed to call. I’ve been waiting for 5hrs but no luck in talking to a customer service. Very frustrating..

  10. Emmanuel says:

    Weather flight 1534 from Calgary to Houston, delayed. We missed our flight to Dubai and we are rented helpless by West jet in Houston. This is one of a worst experience ever I witnessed.

  11. Steve says:

    On hold with the Customer support phone number now for over 2 hours. They keep saying fill out the form on our customer support site, but there is no form. Horrible.
    Won’t ever use them again after we get our flights rebooked that were canceled because of COVID.

  12. Kathryn Frederick says:

    I would like to check on the status of a flight cancellation refund request to Flight Hub re a Sunwing cancelled flight to Mexico Puerto Vallarta March 4 to 11/22. Booking no. Is 201_685_641

  13. Lancy Lasrado says:

    Flighthub is worst in customer service, i have spend hours to contact them but have remained in hold for hours. And when the answer they give unformal reply and transferred my call which ended in disconnecting. Hope we have other recourse for refund of our money for flight cancellation. Today again i am on hold for over 1 hour and yet to be answered.

  14. Priyanka Sritharan says:


    I would like to cancel my ticket I have send an emails and called couple of times. Booking number 200-208-502.

  15. David Vera says:

    Have change my flight to January 15th, 2022. Please look into, Booking number 196-783-612, David Vera.
    Please I need to solve this as soon as possible, I have called you several times without not answer from you.

  16. Oswald Heywood says:

    have changed my flight to April 8th to 22nd of April Booking number 198247582 please look into this I want a result as soon as possible okay confirmation 117013283.

  17. Asuncion Silla says:

    I would like to cancel my flight and here is my booking reference: 202-388-221. I would like to know if I can get my refund because I called the West Jet but they told me to call where I book my flight.
    Thank you.

  18. Nereysis Mesa says:

    Yo compré un ticket para el 4 de febrero y ellos me mandaron un ticket con una fecha diferente . Imposible comunicarse con ellos

  19. Bart James says:

    Hello I change my flight last Friday I supposed to go out on the third but I changed it for August 7 return on the 28th she said she would send my itinerary itineraryIn a couple of hours this is Sunday I haven’t received nothing no email

  20. Russell Johnson says:

    I would like to put my flight on hold until further notice due to COVID-19 outbreak. Please confirm by phone (414) 339-0977 or email. Thank you.

  21. Maurice and Bonnie Regimbal says:

    We have been dealing with FLIGHTHUB over the past several months and each time it takes a 4 hour wait on hold until you get someone to speak with and then It is a very scripted conversation and you get absolutely no where!! They have given us a bogus confirmation number that when we go to the airline says NO PASSENGERS FOUND! We even called the airline and they say they can see our reservation but FLIGHTHUB will not apply our 4500.00 flight credits to it and book it. They want more money and then don’t even contact and book with our airline so we are out money, have no tickets either!!! WARNING THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM, FRAUDULENT….DO NOT USE FLIGHTHUB!!! We don’t know how they get away with these tactics with so many people, millions of dollars lost!! We’ve read hundreds of reviews and they are all bad how are they in business????

    IF THEY WILL NOT LET US USE OUR FLIGHT CREDITS PLEASE LET US HAVE OUR MONEY BACK!! Feeling totally powerless, frustrated … can’t get anywhere with them – no email address either!!! If anyone has a suggestion or success please share !!!

  22. Hugo Moreira says:

    I have not received my refund from FLIGHTHUB yet. Eastern Airlines has already sent you the money with the confirmation FPVMED, and my policy is # 21349W0384. The flight booking # is 202-650-901. My wife’s name is Mabel Sanchez Aparicio. She as supposed to flight from MVD Uruguay on Monday the 20th to Miami on flight 155. I talked to the Eastern Airline people. What’s the problem? I would appreciate a honest response ASAP. Prof.

  23. Yeti says:

    Hello, I got email from you on May 17,2021, about my trip has Ben canceled. And it’s said they will give my money back in 12 to 18 weeks. Until now fir 7 months already I didn’t get my money back. And I got email from air Canada, the money is refunded already to Flighthub.

  24. Edrice Izidor says:

    I purchased two tickets to travel to France through flight hub and the airline didn’t travel due to Covid 19. I contacted the agent many times for a refund, they told me it will take up to six week since August until today I don’t receive any refund. I try to contact flight hub, no answer.this is a scam. Please be careful with this website.

  25. Joe says:

    Hi i book flight from bombay to Toronto. I have tourist visa for Canada but my connection fligjt coming by Newark i call airline because flight hub have no option to talk yo agent airline said you cannot use this flight because you don’t have visa for usa. My flight is 11 dec 2021.

  26. Gagandeep Kaur says:

    You changed my ticket I am not comfortable about my changed flight… I want to change my flight

  27. Maria Lector says:

    Flight Hub does not make efforts to confirm change request of flights due to sudden airline cancellation. They would only tell tou to wait for their email. Its been months now but no email received. Rigjt now, their toll free number prompts that it’s incorrect. Is this a scum? So.much has been waisted. Money, effort, time, and emotion.

    1. Derrick Clarke says:

      This is really disgusting, you spend your money and cannot get people to talk with, not to do anything

  28. Rabeya sultana says:

    I Rabeya Sultana, booking the number was 200533891. The travel date was November 24 to January 11 Atlanta to Dhaka. November 17th I change my travel date because my daughter was sick. They search for me new date but ain’t give me any reservation number or anything and 4 days later I found my date wasn’t issued. Than I chose another date still I’m not getting any confirmation number or any reservation number. I tried to call Turkish Airlines they said travel agency is responsible for that and also Turkish airline couldn’t find on my name any reservation. So my question is who will confirm my flight. Even I paid processing fee and the difference. I should be fly on Dec 15th. My father is sick.
    I do not have any new tickets number or reservation number that I booked. And also if it’s happen again who will pay for that? Who will be responsible for that? Flighthub giving me hard time. I have never been facing that kind of problem before. This is the very first time I’m facing that because by mistakenly I bought a ticket form flight hub and I’m having mentally depressing, I have never seen after changes the flight they don’t give any information even payment receipt. Please, try to contact me and solve my problem. I’m looking forward to your reply

  29. Marie Aurelie Ammais says:

    I have called flighthub multiple times to make a change to my flight. I have been charged twice and never received my new eticket no information.

  30. Navdeep K Langeri says:

    Flight hub doesn’t take responsibility of booking wrong flight and no phone number to contact them.

  31. MAJOR S BRAR says:

    I book my trip from EDMONTON (YEG) —to –DEHLI INDIA (DEL) TODAY Nov 23,2021 2 tickets with your booking # 201-779 222 but i ask from JAPAN AIRLINE WE CAN NOT TRANSFER FROM ONE RAIRPORT TO OTHER (NRT— HND) so canccel my booking and refund the money i paid (cnd $ 2113.32)

  32. Portia Simulumbu says:

    Flight booking number: 198-811-632
    I got an email telling me that my flight got canceled, when I followed the steps there was no option for the refund. I been calling trying about the month it’s not easy to get through you . I called Air Canada , they said you should give my moneyed full because you cancelled ,

  33. Marufa says:

    Flight hub customer care number never takes you to talk to any agent whichever options I choose.
    I need to talk to someone regarding my bookings and now I am not able to do it because of the pathetic IVR system you have in place! Never booking again with Flighthub

  34. daryl johnston says:

    i have not received my refund for a cancelled flight.all information was sent and accepted in june 2021.i was told i would receive refund.still , please view my comment below

  35. Inderpreet says:

    I need to change my ticket. From last 10 days I tried to contact you but nothing . You don’t have any customer service.

  36. Ganda says:

    We’ve been calling them for days now and they never answered. They cancelled one of our flight and gave us travel credits, we wanted to rebook using the credits but their website won’t allow us. It is so frustrating!!

  37. jimmie batchelor says:

    My flight to Punta Cana DM was canceled by American Airlines and I was not aware it until the day of departure. Was told by Flight Hub that I would be issued a full refund, but I still have not received one??

  38. Yagoub Moghimi says:

    I have not received my refund yet which Air Canada already emailed me that I am eligible.
    I keep talking with some idiot and no one knows which is which
    Any one can help

  39. Manish verma says:

    I have a return flight with booking reference J43DUP.I am travelling from delhi to london and london to toronto ,but british airways said that i cant travel from delhi to london with indian passport,i have to book direct flight or you have ti takk with your booking company,so please tell me what will i do or contact me as soon as possible

  40. darshpreet says:

    they have canceled one of connecting flight try to call them 100 times no body ans cant even change it. i have flight on 31 oct they c

  41. Sylvie Larose says:

    Bonjour. J’ai réservé/acheté deux billets aller/retour Orlando, YUL. Mon # de confirmation est le 800-900-1431 PE. Je n’ai plus accès à l’adresse courriel que je vous ai fournie. Pouvez-vous m’envoyer ma confirmation à l’adresse suivante: sylvielaroseslds@hotmail.com.
    Merci. Sylvie Larose.

  42. DAWIT MAHARI says:

    Hi flighthub i am realy need your help i chaged my flight from fraunkfert to halifax but still now i did not het any confirmation email so pls i need one the managers to contact me

  43. Katarzyna Dixon says:

    I am looking for refund on my flight to Tampa on April 25 2020, my cancelation # is 181833541.I still did not received my refund. Could someone from Flight Hub contact me.

  44. Krish Vecham says:

    YYZ-BLR; The ticket was cancelled when the second leg flight got cancelled. I was eligible for full refund. They said they will deduct $35 CAD for processing fee and refund the rest. BOOKING DATE 29 Jan 2020; Cancelled date 17 May 2020; Amount paid $1,247.01 CAD
    Still awaiting the refund

  45. Norm says:

    Flight made on Sept 3rd – confirmed and then it was not actually made. Terrible customer service! They don’t seem to care at all!!!

  46. Gregorio says:

    You screwed up my flight today. I was at the Airport to check in with my flight but my flight from Hongkong to Cebu was negative in the system when the airport personnels tried to issue me a boarding pass going to my last destination. All my plans was spoiled because of your incompetencies. My family was waiting to see me backhome. Until this time I didn’t hear anything from you. You don’t even update me about this flight for me to plan ahead.

  47. Anthony says:

    Flighthub is becoming the biggest fraudulent company. It is extremely difficult to reach them once you have any issue with your booking. I made a reservation, and they/the airline cancelled part of my reservation, and I have been unable to resolve the matter even as we speak.
    Avoid at all costs. It is not worth the heartache.

  48. Tui Toilalo says:

    I request a refund thru Hawaiian Airlines. They said the card was on file it was a Travel Agency. I tried to call different phone numbers of Flighthub and still I don’t get a hold a any travel agent. Could you please reply back because I need to talk to someone who can refund my money back.

  49. Sabrina says:

    Every week , I am promised a refund and no refund as been done. I am now at 3 escalation and 2 agents where supposed to call me and no one called me.

  50. Sylvester Martins says:

    I have written a letter to Flight Hub and have not received a refund nor a response to my letter

  51. Jimoh Oladiti Abbas says:

    My name is jimoh abbas I had applied for re-found over one year and I do not seen any money on my card.
    my FlightHub Booking Number: 182-692-421
    Airline confirmation: NE5YBO

  52. Janet Hotston says:

    horrible customer service. unable to speak with anyone personally which is horrible. please have someone call me right away at

  53. Ogaziri John Okereke says:

    please kindly rebook and comfirm a new flight schedule to enable meet meet up some family emergencies.possibly book a new date of January 02,2022 to come back march 29,2022.thanks and have a blessed day.

  54. Jonny says:

    They do not receive phone calls. I tried calling all their three numbers and nobody answered. My wait line was 3 hours and nobody picked up.

  55. Osman Elmi says:

    Can I get my refund flight from Calgary to Toronto, for COVID 19 Cancelation on 10 April 2020.

  56. gurpreet dhiman says:

    This gurpreet dhiman, I have requested to cancel my flight of august 1st through the phone call, i requested to cancel it, but it did not, I tried to reach the customer service, but there was no answer. Please contact me as soon as possible, its cost me a lot, i trusted that flight hub website, i hope you can help me out to change the date or refund my money of august 1 flight. Otherwise, I have to take legal action. you can reach me on my phone 6043XXXX36.

    Thank you

  57. Allen Parfitt says:

    I got notified not long after I booked a flight to Halifax NS from Edmonton Ab. I have hit the cancel reservation , plus asked for call back to confirm my cancelation , and still haven’t heard back from flighhub regarding my WestJet flight which WestJet has changed my original direct flight to Halifax with a layover

  58. Taraneh Rasouli says:

    I have been trying to talk to an actual human. I just booked sa ticket five mins ago and need to make changes and there re is noone to assist me.

  59. Yohannes Regassa says:

    I was charged additional money for my bag that was included on my ticket.
    This is not acceptable if you have said it’s included with my flight. Addition amount I paid $130.00
    Frontier change me and explain that you don’t pay them.

  60. Ethel Wentzell says:

    The ticket I just booked for my son to come from Vancouver is backwards and it looks like he flies from Halifax so it is all not set up right. Please contact me right away 902-543-8280 The booking number is 197–0 77–642

  61. Edwin Mesa says:

    I have reservation number 196-948-062 that until now is not confirmed with the airlines air canada from toronto to Cancun August 14, 2021 and sunwing airline from Cancún to toronto August 20, 2021 Please fixed this one thank you

  62. Albina says:

    call me imedlity at (904)866-5986 need to rebook my flight for tomorrow at the latest, my mother is dying and your company is making me sick to lose my mind for not answering after staying on the phone for 4 hours!

  63. Adneer says:

    Estoy tratando de comunicarme con ustedes pues no he recibido un email con los detalles de vuelos el vuelo es mañana

  64. Ada Maria P Benson says:


  65. Ana Ristovic says:

    There is no call back request available anymore … and I was on hold for 3.5 hours before giving up and hanging up. This is absolutely ridiculous. If no one calls me back within the next few days I will be reporting your organization to every board or authority I need to. This is insane!!!!!!!!

  66. Hinda Osman says:

    1-FlightHub Booking Number: 196-023-412
    Booked: July 3, 2021 9:07 AM
    2-FlightHub Booking Number: 196-023-412 I was refused to board due to wrong COVID test and was on hold on the 24 hours no one called me was flying as urgent and lost money on reservations. I purchased second flight and now was refused to board due an error made on the name by your agent . I am out of money and credit cards and two thickets . Your customer service is awful no reflect no human no accountability. Your online service is terrible you should have highlights to put the name as reflects on the airport.

  67. Mina Peshavaria says:

    My reference # is 193-981-022. My flight from LHR to PHL on 22 July, 2021 was cancelled with no reason given. It was American Airlines flight operated by British Airways. I call American Airlines and BA to rebook and both parties say that since I bought my ticket from Flighthub, Flighthub is responsible. I need to rebook my ticket. Please help

  68. Susan Morano says:

    I booked a flight last June 5,2021 at 12:25PM from Toronto going to Clark, Angeles, Pampanga, Philippines together with Travel Insurance. On the same day I cancelled the Travel Insurance because I learned that my Company’s Benefits included travel insurance. My request for cancellation was approved and transferred the refund in my account. Yesterday, June 30, 2021 at 3 AM I received an email on Itinerary Changes on my flight. When I opened the said email I found out that the Travel Insurance that I cancelled was included again. I called Flighthub Customer Service after I finished work at 8PM…I tried several times and even waited for more than an hour on hold for the next Customer Service Agent but nobody answered… I called again today, July 1 for several times some lasted more than 30 minutes but nobody answered. Can anybody help me settle this matter please. I was charged more than $400 for the Travel Insurance which I didn’t request.

  69. Maninder Hayer says:

    I have waited almost 4 hours on your call waiting that means no one is on the other end.
    No site to send email.
    Bull shit customer will never recommend or use your site ever again.
    Need urgent help
    Call 9055983416

  70. Siti Nandiroh says:

    Hello there,
    I don’t know where else to call. Every day this week I’ve tried to call or schedule a callback, but there’s no response from FlightHub. Once someone picked up my call, the agent impolitely hung up on me. Even though I politely asked why there was no confirmation email from the Flighthub regarding my flight cancellation.

    My scheduled flight from Toronto to Surabaya is July 2nd. However, because one of the airlines, Cathay Pacific, canceled my flight and also Air Canada offered a refund, on June 1, one of the agents and I agreed that my flight was canceled and I would get a full refund.
    But until now I have never received a confirmation email regarding the cancellation or refund. Even in my Flighthub account, there is no change, my flight is still scheduled for July 2 with transit in New Delhi India. And today I just got an email from Air Canada letting me know that my family and I should get ready to fly on that date. How can we make a flight when there is no next flight after we arrived in New Delhi with Air Canada, and also the COVID-19 situation in India is still deteriorating. I’ve tried to call Air Canada also no response. What should I do? This site charges me over $4000.
    Thanks so much in advance for your kind response.

  71. Mohamed Mohamed says:

    My flight from San Francisco to Omaha Nebraska is canceled from your office I don’t know why and even my flight from Omaha to Chicago and Chicago to Sudan for some reason United Airlines they can’t see it on their system so I am lost please help me

  72. Kwamena aidoo says:

    Please, I did not take the manulife policy that I am being charged for. I need to talk to someone about this.

  73. Isha says:

    What you guys are doing. You are keep putting on me on hold and not answering my questions. Please refund my ticket. I have been keep contacting you since last year. Enough is enough. Don’t ever book your ticket from flighthub

  74. Marinus Logtenberg says:

    Marinus and Leonore have return flights tickets to fly from Vancouver to Castlegar Wed. July 28th with Central Mountain Air , recieved email fromCentral Mountain Air July 14th cancelling this flight. When can we expect refund , since we can not make connections from Toronto to Vancouver now?

  75. Ebun Nash Adeniji says:

    I have tried canceling my flight since last year as soon as Covid-19 started. I went on line to cancel, no results from flighthub. Tried million times to Speak to a life adviser no success. O need my money back.

  76. Perveen Ali says:

    I got a email from Qatar air ways tht my flight is called so I called to customer service and the person cancelled my whole flight and put me on hold for more than an hour and now no one is answering
    My booking number is 192974232

  77. Mojgan Gheisari says:

    i believe this site is not a good one. i booked a flight on January 2020 . that flight was canceled because of COVID 19 . but after 17 months we did not received any money. i do not suggest this site to anybody any more. and even i will have negative advice.

  78. Manhal Asha says:

    I have an exciting reservation and I need to change my email address. Thanks

    Manhal Asha

  79. Rollin J Tuttle says:

    I booked a flight with you on line and it said your flight has been successfully booked, but no confirmation or itinerary was sent to my email. I called, but you won’t answer the phone. I have called my credit card company to cancel the transaction. The charge is still pending. As soon as it shows up as a charge my credit card company will send me an email and I will call them and dispute the charge. Your service is piss poor.

  80. Shamiram soro says:

    Who may concern
    I’m not satisfy with flying hub because I book a flight from my husband’s cousin she wanted to purchase your ticket what Expedia but I told her no don’t I always buy my ticket flighthub it’s the best but now They change her flight four times and the problem is she’s flying to Beirut from Toronto Ontario the problem is coming back she has layover 33 hours wish it’s not fair U have to fix this problem or u have to put them in hotel and flighthub is responsible for that or can u please call me at 226-678-4225

  81. Amelia Ng says:

    FlightHub Booking Number: 169-676-901
    Air Transat Confirmation Number: M5TY70

    I have been submit the cancellation a few months ago and no answer from FlightHub. I resubmit again and again but still no answer. My friends all get their refund already so i cannot rebook my tip.

  82. Caroline Borquaye says:

    I bought a ticket to Toronto on the 18th of May and i was charged twice. $151.33 extra. I have file a complaint with my bank. I want my money refunded

  83. Naomi Sirleaf says:

    I am still waiting for my refunds or travel vouchers for April 24-26 2020 flights from Philadelphia, PA to Charlotte, North Carolina . My Reservation # 180981621

  84. Stephane Mette Touato says:

    pour l annulation de ma reservation en juillet 2020 due a la covid 19
    je vous demande mon remboursement
    numero de reservation

  85. Stephane Mette Touato says:

    J attends mon remboursement pour mon voyage d annulation de juillet ,2020
    numero de reservation

  86. clement fogue says:

    I am still waiting for my refund for my cancellation trip from last november.
    Please can send me this refund?
    My réservation numver is 186889532.
    Thank you

  87. Ernestine Mevie says:

    I’m waiting for my reservation confirmation that you were supposed to send to me today regarding my flight that I rescheduled for June 2nd 2021.i want it please. Because it is late for me to file my Documents at the embassy at the time that my passport expired. I need other document for travelling.

  88. Alejandra Orozco says:

    Good morning, I need to speak with a representative and if it is in Spanish better, I need to see if I can add a flight to others that are already in existence

  89. Murray Cass says:

    I would like to speak with someone about getting a refund for Air Canada tickets. Your website has a link to speak with a cust serv. rep but it does not take you to a place where you can connect with one. This should not be difficult.

  90. K Liu says:

    Hi, there
    My booking is 180-xxx-791, and eligible for refund of air Canada tickets. i asked for the refund two weeks ago, no confirmation email sent to me yet. Dont know how long that will take?

  91. Violet Manzini says:

    Good day
    my Mom Pricillar could not travel because her Covid test had expired.She was booked on AIRLINK FOR THE 04/05/2021 .E ticket number 749-3882172634.The person who helped my mom at the Airport that day failed to cancel ticket intime since my mom was there 1hour 15 min prior to departure.The AIRLINE said we could get refund for taxes not used.The Airline is unable to to refund us the money at this point since you guys havent paid them yet.Can you please assist with that.I need to buy airticket for my mom URGENTLY please.

  92. Ryan Cepeda says:

    You charged me twice for what reason I made one flight and that’s it and I never got a refund

  93. Mercy Chinaka says:

    Hi please can someone rectify this unjustly treatment to me and my family. This one month now we have been tossed and played on. Is it a crime booking a ticket with with flighthub?
    Can someone please explain to us

  94. Liz says:

    I booked my flight last year on Nov. 2020 to come back to Canada for April but due to Covid, I had to cancel my flight to return on March 31st back to Canada. I have a refund coming to me for $121.80 US $. I am frustrated it’s been 3 weeks I tried to reach someone to get my refund back but it’s pathetic, all automated, I am a senior lady & I need that refund back asap as I am short of cash. I am depressed, frustrated with all of this garbage going on. I need this refund asap & need to talk to someone NOW. I HAD ENOUGH OF ALL OF THIS INCONPETENCE.

  95. Roger Ondoua says:

    I had purchased a plane ticket from Brussels Airline via FlightHub. The airline cancelled the trip and asked customers to contact FlightHub. For over a year, I have been trying to rebook a flight with FlightHub. FlightHub employees use dilatory tactics and schemes to prevent rebooking. I was sent emails to confirm my new quotes (which they increase exponentially each failed calls, while online quotes are cheaper). I did confirm each tie the new quote but never received an itinerary, which would prompt me to call back and wait hours on stand by. Then employees would proposes a new quote with 100% increase in additional fees; then they will promise to call me, and never do.

  96. Shawna Hurdle says:

    I booked a flight online as soon as I realized I had booked the wrong date I immediately called. I was supposed to get a call back but didn’t. I struggled with ur agents trying to get a flight only to have the phone hung up on my face

  97. Rosa says:

    Im in the airport stock just now trying to tallk with somebody to help me for a resevation problem that you guys cause………trying to see my family specially my mon very sick …i really feel impotent

  98. Raghav says:

    It’s being two months but I haven’t received any refund of my ticket and I am not getting any response from Flighthub

  99. julya hill says:

    I cancelled flight booked before pandemic for travel Aug 2020, I cancelled as was midst of pandemic, was issued voucher to be used by Sept 2021, so 1 year credit voucher, it is with Westjet who is offering 2 years to use but flight hub only giving me 1 year. There is no way I will be flying before September, I have emailed and tried calling which is useless, no response, and they charged me $70 when I cancelled. Brutal these folks are crooks.

  100. Andre Estevao dos Santos says:

    System got stucked wen I tried to change the flight, and now even if I am paying for the cancellation, I got no email confirming that flight will be cancelled and called them twice, but nothing has changed (Reference Number: 190-764-722)
    I am deeply frustrated, this is the worst experience of my life 🙁

  101. Adetayo Awosanya says:

    Hello my Name is Adetayo Awosanya
    I have been trying to talk to someone about a booked flight since last year March, that I was not able to use due to COVID-19 and trying now to use the ticket for a new flight but has since been very difficult to talk to someone about this. I have been on your lines several times for over an hour and no one is picking the call. The reservation number for the ticket is 182285961 the booking is with Lufthansa (KEPQ9Q).
    Please could someone get in touch with me on this my phone number is +12405434317.

  102. Pavol Kuba says:

    Re: Passenger Pavol Kuba
    On the 16 February 2020 we made a booking with you, Our booking code is 17607423
    Outbound Departure: Kingsford Smith Sydney 10/7/2020 14:35H
    Return Departure: Queenstown New Zealand 12/7/2020 17.50H
    Flying: Jetstar

    We Paid by Visa Card AUD $708.66

    This is the second email we send you, we have not received a reply.
    As you are fully aware because of Covid we had to cancel our trip.

    I am just informing you that seeing you did not answer our previous email we will be contacting VISA and asking them to return the money that we paid you.


    Pavol Kuba

    1. Cherrie Rose Piedad says:

      Please Flight Hub call me as soon as possible because I have cancelled my flight yet I haven’t received any amount back. Flight number is 190-193-662 under the name of Soledad Namayan. I tried to call all your contact number but only machines that tou have.

  103. Desalegne Mekonnen Ali says:

    My name is Desalegne Mekonnen Ali DOB:Aug 23, 1943. I don’t know if this is the right contact but I am just writing this out of desperation because I could not contact flighthub with their 8007111755 number. There is no human but just machines which doesn’t take you anywhere. To get to the point, Last July 14, 2020 i and my wife (Abrehet Tiku Nigusse DOB: Sep 27, 1940) purchased an air ticket booking # 184-318-692 from Addis, Ethiopia to Vancouver Canada, unfortunately the flight at that time Lufthansa was not functioning due to the COVID-19 issue I guess and there was no flight. We were even exposed to an extra hotel and lodging expenses due to the cancellation. I tried to contact Lufthansa office and tried to re-schedule it but even though they tried with no success. Then we had no other option and we’re forced to cancel the ticket. Then I contacted Lufthansa to cancel and refund the money though they were okay with the refund, but they told me to contact the original agent (Flighthub) where I purchased the ticket and ask them to cancel and request a refund. I contacted Flighthub to cancel and refund the ticket there was a bit of argument in between but at the end they agreed, and they told they will process and contact me about it. Since then there is neither phone call nor email from them. Now when I called them I couldn’t find a real person to talk to but machines. The money I paid is not an easy one $4730.74.
    As I mentioned earlier I am not sure if this is the right contact and I know you said you are not affiliated to Flighthub but I would appreciate if you could be able to help us at least by directing to the real people responsible to this matter.
    Thank you so much

  104. cuc says:

    I am having only one (1) booking with you ,# 191-157-562, you took my money double from credit card but there no way for me to contact you to take back my money . Why ? It’s your terrible mistake. do REFUND asap and say sorry . This causes my interest for that amount .

  105. Omar White says:

    I requested my booking to be cancelled with a refund but they have rejected my request. Due to these rediculous circumstances (Covid-19) I DO NOT WANT TO TRAVEL & then when I come back to Canada I will have to quarentine at a hotel. No no are you guys going to be paying for my hotel fees? I believe not, so I don’t see why you can’t be understanding of the situation & just give back my refund. I see other comments as well & looks like i’m not the only angry customer that will NEVER book with flighthub ever again & I will be sure to let family & friends know to never book through you guys as well. There a travel restrictions, the GOV DOESN’T want us to travel & pretty much you guys are giving your customers no choice but to travel which is insane, YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS HORRIBLE!!!!!!!

  106. M.Peter says:

    THEY STOLE ME 2335.49$………………….SAY NO MORE

  107. Rochelle Kitchen says:

    I am highly disappointed that you do not allow an option to speak with an agent regarding bookings that were cancelled due to Covid, which was out of my control. I booked a flight with you prior to April 2020. It was booked October of 2019. The booking # is:166-362-041. I spoke with Air Canada. they told me I need to ask YOU to submit a request for a travel voucher for Air Canada to them. This is a request that has to be done by the booking party, which is Flight Hub ( you!!) Yet, your website is not set up to handle customer requests to initiate. Much less an option to speak with an agent??!! Your lack of an updated website due to the complications that came to be due to Covid is highly unprofessional. I would like a customer service agent to email me back regarding this complaint to more forward in initiating the request that Air Canada needs in order to rectify the problem that was out of my control. Otherwise I will never use your services again and will make sure I let other people know as well.

  108. Parmal Singh says:

    Hello, my name is Parmal Singh. My booking reference number is 180161212. I applied for refund but my refund was rejected. I want to know the reason for that.

  109. Nanleoespy Albizu says:

    I am waiting for my refund from flighthub you must have the wrong email from me can someone please contact me ASAP I NEED ANSWERS.

  110. Judy Daniels says:

    My flight was cancelled by the airline last April. To date i have not been able to reach anyone at flighthub to initiate a refund as per instructions from the airline ( AirTransat) REALLY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE

  111. Karen Neil says:

    Still waiting for a refund from June 2020 of a flight that was booked one year ago today!!! They send me an email Aug 17,2020 stating it would be 6-8 weeks for my refund and here we are Feb 2021 and still NO REFUND!!

  112. Karen Koth says:

    DON’T book with these people EVER. Can’t get a hold of a live person. It’s been almost 9 months and still waiting to talk to someone. This is ridiculous! Will a real human call please!!!!

  113. farshid razaghi says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I had a reservation for a flight from Montreal to Fort Lauderdale, FL, (FLL) on 18 of December 2020 with return on 27 of December to go on a cruise( FlightHub Booking Number: 184-054-682).
    Due to COVID 19 the cruise was canceled and accordingly I canceled the flight and DID NOT ask for a refund or voucher.
    I claimed the fee for the flight from the Manulife insurance (I had bought insurance for the flight) and I submitted the documents they requested, however they need more information as follows:

    We have reviewed your submission and found that we do not have sufficient information to adjudicate your claim. To continue assessment of your claim, please submit the following items to ACM: •
    Cancellation Invoice/Confirmation from your Travel Supplier, Flight Hub on the items below: ➢

    1-Name of passengers who cancelled ➢
    2-Date of cancellation ➢
    3-Amount refunded (if any and whom the refund was made to) ➢
    4-Future credit on file (if any offered) and expiration date •
    5-The cancellation invoice from Flight Hub showing any refunds/and or credits

    When I go on your website, Flighthub.com and enter the flighthub booking number, 184-054-682, it does not give me the above-mentioned information requested by Manulife insurance.

    Could you please email me all the information that the insurance requested as soon as possible?

    Needles to say that claiming a refund from insurance companies, in general, is always a hassle, however having the above-mentioned information, requested from Mnaulife, leave no room for any excuse from the insurance company.

    I really appreciate your help and attention in this regards,

    Farshid Razaghi

  114. Melanie J Collins says:

    BUYER BE WARE!!! For the unexpected I want to make you aware of the business practices of we have experienced form FlightHub and TAP (Air Portugal). FlightHub was our agent in purchasing tickets for a trip to Europe in 2020, with TAP being the selected airline. As with anything 2020 Covid, cancelled many plans inclusive of ours. We did not cancel our flight, like so many travelers our trip was canceled by either TAP or the destination country, which was not allowing travel from the United States. We initially contacted FlightHub, as they acted as our agent to utilize TAP. Initially, they communicated but eventually said not our problem contact TAP. Therefore, we contacted TAP, who stated we need more information, which took forever to extract from FlightHub. We eventually, received a reply from TAP, which said not our problem contact FlightHub. Therefore, after nearly a year we are out of pocket nearly $1,300 (US). We are now back at the beginning once again and yet to receive a reply from FlightHub. In my opinion, FlightHub and TAP are not only have extremely poor customer service they are not to be trusted. They both indicate a refund is possible; just follow the process on their website. However, that is apparently a waste of time as you are put in a continuous loop. You have choices when you travel and I strongly recommend you do not ever consider use of FlightHub or TAP as they keep your money for a service they never provided. BUYER BE WARE!!!

  115. Abdel Elcharbawi says:

    Booking# 177978272. I had reservation on apr 22/2020 from jfk to Jeddah then to Alexandria Egypt but it canceld because of coved19. Please can u reschedul me feb 14 2021

  116. Joshua says:

    For the life of me, FlightHub has not given me the proper information like booking number or ticket number so i can verify the changes air canada has made to my flight.
    Im getting the run around and its impossible to speak to a live agent. This is the worst experience ive had then 3rd party agency. I would never recommend FlightHub as they have no way to get a hold of customer service for if / when things get modified.

  117. Martha Rivero says:

    I can’t get a human. They lie because you make the selection but no one answer you, only the machine.
    Bad, bad.

  118. Shan says:

    Do not book with flight hub… they will steal your money… and all their reps are overseas its hard to communicate with them…

  119. Johnny says:

    I purchased my ticket for dec 2 2020 and canceled the flight and you never refunded my money or gave me flight credit I want something done ASAP this is bullshit worst experience I ever had with this company flight hud is a joke

  120. Jasim Salahudin says:

    Worst worst worst.. I dont want to type in bad words. But they are the fing worst. Never gonna make this mistake again. It has been 8 months and I am still waiting for my refund. I understand the situation Covid19 is bad, but 8 months is way too long and I have no proper way of contacting them. I spoke to the airlines and they have sent the money. Waste of time

  121. Salvador Bobadilla says:

    I reserve five round trip flights to fly this past September and my flights where canceled. I have been waiting for my refund for all five tickets for over four months and I have not received my funds. I tried multiple times to contact flight hub customer support and I get no support. Please call me as soon as possible regarding my refund. Or I will have to take it to legal matters.
    Thank you,

    Salvador Bobadilla

  122. Mike Williams says:

    Flight hub may be the worst way to spend your money. If they cancel your flight do not expect any type of assistance whatsoever. They will tell you to contact the airline directly, the airline will tell you to contact flight hub. I’m pretty sure they take money for flights and when a flight is “cancelled” you pull your hair out trying to get ahold of a customer service rep. No matter what buttons you push on their automated line it just directs you around and around. You work hard for your money, don’t give it to these thieves!

  123. Tom Peric says:


    My cancellation request for a flight Toronto-Belgrade-Toronto on June 23, 2020 (booking number: 184150452), has been accepted. However, I have not received a refund yet. I would be thankful if you looked into this and help resolve the issue.


    Tom Peric

  124. janusz says:

    It’s scam company
    Bought ticket -no flight no return money no answer nothing
    You can’t even talk to agent -scam!!!!!
    Worst travel agency ever!!!!!!!!
    Don’t ever use them!!!!!!!!!!!

  125. Grace says:

    I have been trying to contact flighthub for almost a month now but unable to reach them. I feel frustrated and dissappointed, my flight credit will expire this month and I dint know what’s gonna happen.It takes an hour of waiting to be able to speak to someone but they will just forward to another number and then will just dissappear.

  126. Irina Serpukhova says:

    6 months we can not get our refund for the tickets cancelled by TAP Portugal airlines and FlightHub doesn’t have any phone numbers to reach the agent.
    Who will return our money paid to Flighthub.
    BN 169-116-401

    1. Karen Neil says:

      My flight with Tap was cancelled as well on June 20,2020. Flighthub is useless!!! No refund no flight voucher nothing!! USELESS

  127. Haiyun Xu says:

    Your reservation has been cancelled as of 2020-10-09. Charges against your credit card have been reversed according to the fare rules agreed upon at purchase. Depending on your bank, please allow 2 to 10 business days before seeing a credit on your statement.
    We’ll be here for you when you’re ready to book a new trip.


    FlightHub Booking Number: 187-726-782

    The above is the email from Flighthub about the cancellation of my flight tickets. I tried to reply to this email but it did reach. Therefore I am leaving the following message.


    I checked the expenditure statement of my credit card and did not find the refund from your company. I have been waited for six weeks rather than 2 to 10 business days as you mentioned. I am very angry for the delay. Please you refund me 765.61 dollars ($823.03-$57.42) as soon as you can. You have to completely refund me what I have paid to you. No charge is acceptable and legal as the cancellation was made within 24 hours after the purchase. All travel agents follow the rule of free cancellation within 24 hrs.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Haiyun Xu

  128. Tina Sacratini says:

    I want to find out what is happening with my flight ?? I have been bounced back and forth between Air Canada and yourself !
    KK # 188684262
    Ticket # 22014791
    I request an immediate call back ASAP!!

  129. Eder Brambilla says:



    I LOSE $ 1798.00 DOLLARS

    – I bought a premium package to solve eventual problems. Doesn’t work.
    – The credits to use in future flights – Doesn´t work. You never will see your money again.
    – They never attend the phone – NEVER EVER
    – The website is the worst in the world, give wrong information about the reservation.
    – On the phone, you keep in an ethernal loop, and it’s impossible to find someone to help you. I pass incredible 6 hours calling all numbers possible, even when I try to buy a new ticket nobody answer. You listen to music and that´s it. It seems more radio than a travel agency.
    – I paid $ 1798, the airline cancels the flight and they offer credit for future flights which is impossible to use.



  130. Hassan mohamed says:

    I need to reschedule my flight via Toronto am traveling to Nairobi i can’t find appointment to do covid testing booking #188546472 please call at 7804054744

  131. Raffaele tomarchio says:

    You have send me a confirmation that I will receive my refund from my filght as approved by the airline.After more than 18 weeks I called you and one of your people told me that the refund in on hold because i have not paid an handlying fee of $300 per person on my flight. This is robbery.First of all why dont you say something in your email that you need to pay a fee? second whay do not contact your customer with that information,You are scum.

  132. Sandeep kaur says:

    Flight hub is worst, i booked flight with them in august and they changed date of flight without telling me, i booked this ticket for my father and it under his name, they are not authorizing me to speak on behalf of him as he don’t speak English and i got hangup couple times and its November now and never received my refund yet its about $650. They never return call back and their service is worst. Need my refund ASAP.

  133. Huong says:

    If you cancel your flight due to CoViD you still have to pay the airline penalty which is $130 plus $200 cancellation fee to flughthub which is ridiculous. I always booked my tickets with flighthub but will never again after this cancellation.

  134. Stephanie Pearlman says:

    Very rude!! Unpleasant to talk to, I didn’t feel like he was listening to what I was wanting/needed from him and then the guy just hung up on me in mid sentence. So I know he wasn’t hearing my issue nor did he care about my issues! Will never use flight hub again!!!

  135. Ghulam Yahya Sarwary says:

    I’m still waiting for my refund from Flighthub which KLM refunded back in April. 7 months later still NO refund in my account. I keep calling but get absolutely NO HELP. This is beyond frustration and disappoint.

  136. Muhammad Imran says:

    Flight hub is a scam please please don’t use this service. I regret my day when I book a flight with them.

  137. Michael Jewell says:

    I booked a flight yesterday but haven’t received a confirmation yet…I need this information asap as I want to call the airline to give them m TSA number. I can’t get through to customer service. No one is helping me????
    PLS call me at 631-379-2707

  138. Irina Serpukhova says:

    My husband and I purchased the tickets through Flighthub.com.
    On the 7th of June we requested refund for our tickets because TAP Portugal Airlines cancelled our trip.
    Since then more than 5 months passed and we have received neither the credit nor the refund from Flighthub. There is no chance to reach any of the agents, but answering machine. What are we supposed to do else in order to get our money back?

  139. Michael Eisner says:

    service, on a 1 to 10 you get -1.
    No one to talk to, no record of (actual) cancelation/credit. There are several phone numbers that lead me to the same recorded message and no way to find out how to search for my records and no LIVE person to talk to. The online phone number that indicates “Flighthub” actually takes you to GOOGLE flights and no one knows what I am talking about and, twice hung up the phone on me. Great way to conduct a business!

  140. Tuga Yousif says:

    You blocked my number so I couldn’t call you and change my flight ???? You are discussing…. I will never book with you again I will make sure your customers know how bad the will be treated

  141. Nayeeim Muhammed says:


  142. Robert Lawrence says:

    Will not refund for flight cancellation for my way back home from Orlando because my trip to Orlando wasn’t canceled

  143. Rajwinder kaur says:

    I’m looking to book my ticket with my credits but having troubles.cutomer service is very poor

  144. Pradip says:

    I bought 2 tickets to Nepal and return back to Edmonton. My return flight got cancelled and I am trying to teach the customer service but I haven’t get a chance to talk to them. Could you please call me or email me back with the details

  145. Val Cleveland says:

    Flight hub is the worst! Do not book with them! Customer service is horrible and they are crooks! They never cancelled our flight with airlines and now we are out of almost 2k!!!! Beware!!!!

  146. Eduart Lila says:

    We booked a direct flight that was supposed to go from Vancouver to Frankfurt. Departure was August 8th. Yesterday we received an email from Air Canada saying that the flight was changed and will be stopping over to Montreal. We called Air Canada to talk to them about the booking and they said yes your flight was changed and you will be stopping over into Montreal but you should contact flighthub to assist you with the reservation.

    We contacted Flighthub yesterday evening August 7th, and we spoke to Arya . We explained to her that we needed a direct flight to Frankfurt because my in-laws were flying on that plane alone, and that they are older and they don’t speak any English. She said that she found a direct flight that would leave on Sunday August 9th in the afternoon. We said yes please book that and then she went ahead and booked it .She said that we were confirmed to leave for August 9th and that it may take up to 24 hrs to receive an email confirmation.

    Saturday August 8th in the morning we woke up, and did not see any email confirmation . So we called Flight Hub. They said that they were going to look into it. They put us on hold for 1 hour without checking in on us and saying anything. They just put us on hold and never said anything to us so we hung up the phone because we had already waited 1hour. We called back again a second time that day and the woman said I am sorry mam your reservation was never changed.The flight departs today and there is nothing we can do and she hung up the phone( or maybe the line got cut not to sure.)

    We called again for the 3 time and We asked to speak to someone in charge, and they said that a supervisor would call us back, and they did . The supervisor said to us that unfortunately there is nothing we can do to help you at this time because you have not shown up for your flights.

    We have paid $1,802.30 for those place tickets and have lost that money. My inlaws need to go back home. We refuse to pay for new plane tickets because of an error from the customer service representative at Flight hub.

  147. Adam says:

    Flight hub is the worst customer service ever. I am calling them every single day. Sometimes once or twice a day. All I get same answer. Same lie. Same bullshit. All I want Is changing my ticket to later date and I accepted to pay the fare difference but no. Keep telling me no flights available. I asked for superviser. They said. Oh not available. I asked to cancel and refund. They oh not available. So seems Like nothing available. They are pointless and helpless. I am really tried of this. I lookEd for the head office phone number. Still not available. I don’t know where to go to submit my complaint. I will never book with them again

  148. Eva says:

    Absolutely worst customer service experience. Was hung up on twice, had an operator who kept speaking over me and i had to tell her to listen to me first before cutting me off so she could hear everything I need help with. I personally will never use this service as I was trying to help my friend. I will also make sure to let everyone I know to never use FH.

  149. ANDRE CARR says:

    Flight hub staff and supervisors are nothing but crooks. Purchased 5 tickets and upgrade with them. They promised with the upgrade 2 free checked baggage per person paid for the upgrade, then was told it was an error. I still need to pay the airline for baggage. Even though i took a screen shot as evidence and sent it in to them and showed them how they changed their website 2 weeks later, they still said it was my fault. Tried cancelling my ticket within 24 hours they told me there is a $75 per ticket charge.. THEY ARE CROOKS

  150. Susan hulbert says:

    This is absolutely the worst customer service I have ever encountered. Do not deal with flight hub. They are indiscriminate and are not interested in helping their customers, they are only interested in getting as much money as they can out of you. I will never deal with them again. Most unhelpful and stupid

  151. Christine Wouters says:

    STOP!!!! Anyone that is trying to book on FlightHub… Don’t do it!
    Worst experience ever!!
    I have spent the past 6 weeks dealing with this unprofessional, unhelpful, completely unqualified flight travel app.
    They cost my daughter, which is a starving student, over $700 in cost & fees due to their negligence not ours! Now expect her to pay for their HUGE error.
    It took them 6 days to book her ticket, to use a credit with company, only after 6 very Long phone calls & being put on hold too many times to mention I had to figure out how They could book her ticket. I took the information & went straight to Air Canada, which stepped me through the process, while feeling terrible for me as their hands were tied. Then they, in order to help me out sent FH an email telling them what error they had made & how to book my daughter’s ticket!
    Within 1 hr FH called with ticket but by that time…6 days later the cist had doubled!
    Not once did I speak with one person I could completely understand & most knew less than I did about travel!
    The most frustrating experience ever & I hope to stop other travellers from having to deal with such a horrible experience!!!
    I have been trying to reach a higher supervisor than at the help desk with no luck after numerous emails.
    I will also be taking this complaint to better business bureau & any other forum for travel.
    Go straight to the airline, for the extra amount you pay it’s well worth it to not have to deal with such horrible customer service!

  152. Jamel Choukir says:

    J ai ànnule un billet au nom d Omar choukir acheté le 19 juillet annulé le même jour jusqu’à date le remboursement n à pas été effectué ni de réponse à ma requête je trouve cela aberrant ni sérieux de la part du service à la clientèle ainsi que de la société

  153. Mervene Scott says:

    Where is my refund for tickets that I purchased at $547.20 on April 24th. It is 10 days and my money isn’t back in my account. I need my money now or my bank will be allowed to file a dispute against Flighthub through the Federal reserve. I have bills to pay and my refund will help to pay couple bills

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