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E-file.com Software Contact Phone Number

E-file.com is a Florida based online tax preparation company that is owned and operated by TaxWork LLC, a Florida based company located in Venice, FL. It provides affordable tax preparation software with a simple user interface. The company is relatively new on the tax-preparation scene and has been around since 2014. Besides providing simplified steps of preparing and filing your returns, eFile.com tax software also provides fast professional-based tax help.

For promo codes, assistance on E-file.com services and plans you can contact the E-file.com Toll Free number at 馃摓 +1855-481-5333 E-file.com provides support only paid customer and for each location & state they have separate technical team , hence to see Customer service Number E-file.com you have to login your dashboard and you can view phone number but in case you are looking for refund or having complaints while using E-file.com you can call 馃摓 +1(855) 884-1788 .

Why USE E-file.com

Their website simplifies the online filing process with the help of the use of an online tax calculator and more than 10 free tax tools including the much-needed tax deduction tools that often result in tax savings for taxpayers.

One of the best features of eFile.com is that they will only upgrade filers if they are legally required to add certain schedules or forms. At the same time, only eFile.com downgrades filers to their Free Federal Edition if they don’t require filling schedules or forms that are associated with the Deluxe or Premium versions.

Filers can take a break, do more research, and continue from where they had left with all data restored when they sign back.

Besides its basic Free Federal tax filing version, E-file.com also has Deluxe Plus, and Premium Plus plans. For all paid services, eFile.com costs up to 60% less as compared to other popular products in the market but without nearly the level of customer support and user-friendliness as the other established companies.

Note: E-file.com is not to be confused with the IRS e-file, which is the general process of online filing of federal taxes online. Nor is it to be confused with efile.com, a nearly identically named competitor. (In most communications they remind URL-typers to remember the hyphen.)

E-file.com Cost , Price & Plan Details


Plans Best For Features Benefits / Disadvantage
Free Online 路 Must earn under $100,000, be under 65

路 For simple tax returns

路 Single or Joint filing

路 Free federal return but state return is chargeable


路 Filers with Adjusted gross income of $100,000 or less

路 free for 1040EZ situations

路 Wage- earner (W-2 income only)

路 Accommodates earned income tax credit

路 Without dependents or those who need to fill additional schedules

路 No children

路 No mortgage

Deluxe Plus 路 For single and joint filers

路 Income up to 100K

路 Best for those who have dependents


路 For 1040A situations

路 Itemized deductions

路 Covers mortgage income

路 For retirement income

路 Higher investment earnings

路 Includes all less common deductions and credits.

路 No PDF import or import last year鈥檚 return from another online tax prep provider

路 Includes children and mortgage income


Premium Plus 路 Covers taxable income over $100,000

路 Moderate to complex tax situation

路 Self-employment filing and Small Business Income

路 Investment income

路 Rental property income

路 Farming, K-1, unreported tips

路 Form 1040 and all Schedules

路 Supports for beneficiary income

All credits supported

Supports all deductions

Itemized tax deductions

Covers interest income and charitable contributions

Priority Support through email-based ticketing system

路 Email support

路 In-app chat functionality



E-File.com鈥檚 Approach

Users can start with each Section, for example, 鈥淚ncome鈥 and head to subsection like 鈥淚nvestments鈥 and start a short interview that asks basic questions about their life situation. Based on your answers to each batch of questions, the software will show a list of suggested forms and schedules. If you鈥檙e confident about knowing which forms and schedules to fill out then you can skip answering these questions about your tax situation, and jump straight to the forms which can be a significant time-saver, but as long as you know how to fill out the forms.

Reasons to Select E-File.com

Taxesfaction Guarantee – The E-file.com Tax App Guarantees

  • 100% Tax Calculation Accuracy
  • Fastest, Biggest Tax Refund guaranteed – Eelse refunds service fee + $100 Tax Refund Pledge Fee
  • Audit Assistance – Optional audit assistance add-on at no additional charge.
  • Audit Defense – If the IRS subsequently audits your return, E-file.com handles all communication on your behalf and provides regular status updates
  • Use over 10 Free Tax Calculator & Tax Estimator Tools to optimize return
  • Use the TaxStimator and get a good idea of taxes and refund before filing
  • Premium Taxpert Support via Personal Tax Support page 鈥 Discuss any question and get help if you receive an IRS notice
  • Unlimited state returns – e-File as many income state tax returns for one low price, not a price per state, Plus it has the lowest state return price as compared to other software
  • Auto tax service downgrade and fare price adjustment – Be assured to either get the Free version even if you started with Deluxe or Premium – or the lowest-priced version based on your tax questions. The software will adjust the price down regardless of where you started.
  • E-file 4868 – Another advantage is that you can e-file extension form 4868 on the site.
  • Pay With Your Refund 鈥 Pay tax preparation fees with your tax refund and avoid upfront payment.
    For Pay with Your Refund a service fee may apply.


  • State filing not free although its prices are low
  • Lack of human support (only email-based support)
  • The knowledge base isn鈥檛 as comprehensive
  • No importing capabilities (can’t import a 1099 form from your brokerage)

Some alternatives of E-file.com are below

E-file.com Customer Service Phone, Email Contact

Head Office : 830-13 A1A N #484 Ponte Vedra, FL 32082
Office Address : 3900 Jermantown Rd. Fairfax, VA 22030
Customer Service Phone : 馃摓 (855) 884-1788
Email Support : support@e-file.com

Type of Entity: Corporation

Alternate Business Name: TaxWork LLC

Mailing addresses: TaxWork LLC, PO BOX 11431, Blacksburg, VA 24062-1431

Business Started: 11/14/2011

Business Incorporated: 11/14/2011

Accredited Since: 1/16/2014

Customer Care Service Hour

Monday 09:00 AM 06:00 PM
Tuesday 09:00 AM 06:00 PM
Wednesday 09:00 AM 06:00 PM
Thursday 09:00 AM 06:00 PM
Friday 09:00 AM 06:00 PM
Saturday 09:00 AM 06:00 PM
Sunday Closed
User Review
5 (1 vote)

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  1. Michael Keitt says:

    The irs they change my information it was wrong I am not getting a refund what did you do wrong

  2. Alberta Hitechew says:

    I was filing my taes for this year and was almost done unill they wnted to knoe my AGI for last year. How can I get that iformation I filed with efilel last year

  3. Jeffery Garnaas says:

    Good luck getting a response from efile if you use the free filing they provide.Im very dismayed by this after sending emails to their support regarding not being able to login to my account

  4. Nathan says:

    charged me before they even filed my tazes and apparently my accound doesnt exist so cant get a person on the phone

  5. Michael Lundy says:

    E-File has been holding my refund since 10/20/2021 according to the IRS. Why? E-File fees were deducted from my checking account on 9/21/2021 ($49.03). E-File has no right to hold my refund, and I am demanding the refund be electronically sent to my checking at once. I can be reached at 832-440-2295.

  6. Michael smith says:

    E-file.com was paid June 11th for submitting my tax return on ny Bank statement and no refund has come yet
    E-file.com has no customer support line for basic edition filers and the email is unaccessable.
    Where is my refund of 5 months ago?

  7. Rajan Mundanad says:

    E-filing portal, I am not able to add “Any Other Income” under Income from Other Sources. Once I click Add more details , it shows message like ” File not found” and then not able to come out, logout etc.

  8. Cynthia A Soto says:

    Good afternoon,

    I’m writing to let you know that you over charged for services used to file my income tax return through e-file.com.

    You deducted $39 from my refund amount which was deposited on August 19, 2021, And $20.78 was paid out to you on June 29,2021 as well. I am requesting a refund back from you all for all the confusion this has caused. Please
    advise. .

  9. LaDonna Flag says:

    I not using this service anymore, should have known better, due the contact was only email. I can’t log in I forgotten my email and password to my account. I am not getting any help.

  10. April Hawkins says:

    I called on april 27th due to the charges I was charged when I did my taxes I thought efile was free I got charged 112 something .from my income tax check my state was under 5 dol so there shouldn’t of been a charge there anyways the lady I spoke to sent ab email in this matter I have not heard nothing back had I’ve known I would of did my taxes though turbo tax . Please make this right I should if not been charged my tax was 1007 my check was 894.59 .

  11. Ronnie Morton says:

    Please contact IRS and advise them to Update my Debit Card Bank Account Number & My Routing No. and direct deposit my 3rd -2021 American Rescue Plan Economic Impact Stimulus Check onto my WU Netspend Debit Card ASAP “Please”.

  12. Ronnie Morton says:

    I Ronnie O. Morton -D.O.B.04/21/1971 ,last four of my SSN is: 8285 i used E-file.com to electronically file my 1040 IRS Tax form for my Recovery Rebate Credit for me to recieve my IRS Economic impact payment (2) in the amount of $1,800 from the IRS Treasury Department which is still being processed for a Return ,which i am also i dire need of E-file.com additional help regarding my 3rd- 2021-Economic impact Stimulus Payment in the amount of $1,400 which was mailed out to me as a paper check at my old mailing address on March 26,2021 and i did not recieve it due to the USPS returned it back to the IRS Treasury Dept. Economic impact payment department which the IRS “Get my Payment” website portal for the status of my 3rd-IRS American Rescue Plan Economic impact Stimulus payment is now stating the IRS Need additional Information Specifically my Debit Card Bank Account Number & Routing Number to direct deposit my 3rd -2021 IRS Economic impact Stimulus payment onto my Western Union NetSpend Debit Card which when i try to provide my Debit Card Bank Account Number & Routing Number the IRS website system says my information does not match the information on there file regarding my issuing my 3rd -2021 IRS Economic impact Stimulus payment which cannot be due to i provided All of my updated information on my 1040 Tax Form prepared and electronically filed on my behalf by E-file.com in March of 2021 reflects my updated mailing address & my same correct WU NetSpend Debit Card Bank Account Number & Routing Number which i believe IRS Dept. of Treasury has NOT updated my WU NetSpend Debit Card Bank Account No. & my Debit Card Bank Routing Number which clearly Shows on my 1040 Recovery Rebate Credit that was electronically filed by E-File.com which i cannot understand why the IRS Dept of Treasury Economic Impact Stimulus department has NOT Updated my information in there system so i ask in dire need can you send notice to the IRS Dept of Treasury were you electronically filed my 1040 Tax form Recovery Rebate Credit and advise IRS to Update the information from my 1040 Tax form that is currently being processed by the IRS advise IRS to UPdate my current information on my 1040 Tax form and advise IRS that the information that the IRS need reflects directly on my 1040 Tax Form / Recovery Rebate Credit for IRS to obtain from that IRS 1040 Tax form Please notify IRS that they already have my correct direct deposit Debit Card Bank information so IRS can Direct Deposit my 3rd -2021 American Rescue Plan Stimulus Check onto my W.U Netspend debit card ,Please send IRS a notice ASAP advising IRS that my Debit Card Bank Account Number & Routing Number reflects on my 1040 Recovery Rebate Credit Tax Form Please advise IRS of this information so they can update my current Debit Card Bank Account & Routing Number onto there system to direct depisit my 2021-3rd EIP (3) Stimulus Check in amount of $1,400 onto my W.U. Netspend Debit Card Bank Account ASAP “PLEASE”.

  13. Ellen ciuzio says:

    I payed $45 dollars to have my taxes done,but due to covid-19 the irs was not available.Im asking for a refund due to irs was closed.I could not comunicate with them and this is why I keep getting denied.I had to take my taxes for 2 years to be filed with jackson hewitt because of covid.My name is ellen ciuzio,cell is 407-953-3392,460 rawles ave, orlando,fl,32833

    1. Marlyn Granville says:

      You said your tax filing was free but now I am finished filing I am being asked for a 75.00 fee and 49.00 for the State tax. I also have a question of the exemptions that made up my AGI I need to see a breakdown of them. Matlyn Granville 347-XXX-2020. Please call me.

  14. Allison T MacKay says:

    I filed with eFile.com last year. I cannot remember my password, and am really frustrated because I cannot login or open a new account so that I can check on why I haven鈥檛 gotten a second stimulus check, or file my taxes this year. Why can鈥檛 I find a contact number for eFile? I called the number listed and it鈥檚 for quick books. I鈥檓 going to have to use another company if I can鈥檛 find help!

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