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Whenever you talk about the flexibility in air travel, then many policies get involved in it related to booking, change, cancellation and refund. You have to be well versed with them to be able to derive the maximum benefit out of them. Caribbean Airlines also have all these policies and here we will be discussing the policy and procedure related to refund.

Caribbean Airlines Refund Policy

  • When you discuss the refund policy you will always find that it depends on the type of ticket purchased and fare chosen while booking the flight. Some government regulations also decide the refund amount and the fees and penalties applicable.
  • If you cancel Caribbean Airlines ticket within the 24 hours of purchasing the ticket but it should also be done before the 7 days of the scheduled departure. In cancellation full refund is issued to the original source of payment and in case of a change in flight certain additional charges may apply depending upon various conditions.
  • If the ticket is lost then you have to follow lost ticket procedure and submit the copy on a lost ticket and the new ticket purchased. You also have to incur $100 in processing fees. Refunds in such cases take around 90 days to be processed.
  • If you are seeking cancellation and requesting for a refund on the ground of illness or death of a family member then you also need to submit the supporting certificate from the doctor is also required.

Request Ticket Refund Caribbean Airlines

  • The procedure of requesting for refund is very easy with Caribbean Airlines and can be done according to the method used for booking the ticket.
  • If you have booked the ticket by going online on the website of Caribbean Airlines then you can send the refund request by writing an email to the Refunds Department.
  • If the ticket has been purchased by calling the customer services department or through the ticket office at the airport then you need to contact them directly to cancel the ticket and request for refund. Also Caribbean Airlines Phone Number accenting request from customer 24×7 .
  • If you have purchased the ticket through some travel agency or any online booking agent then you need to get in touch with them and they will prepare the refund request on your behalf and coordinate with the Refunds department.
  • It takes 7 to 20 days to process your refund request if the documents received by the Refund department are complete.
  • Refunds will be made to the original source of payment if the payment has been made by the credit card or from an account. If the payment has been done in cash then a cheque will be issued.

Call Caribbean Airlines for refund

If you are facing issues while requesting refund from the Caribbean Airlines or the refund received by you is not correct then we have an amazing team of experts that can deal with such issues and get them resolved quickly. Call us on our Toll-Free Number 📞 +1844-969-2790 to reach our Refunds Desk for Caribbean Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy .

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  1. Roxan LaRose says:

    I applied approximately 3 months ago for a refund on a ticket I purchsse during tge year 2019 and wax expected to used same during the month July, 2020. Due to the pandemic I was unable to do so and requested a refund. Todate no refund and the travrl agent cannot give any clear response as to the way forward.

  2. Jodi jade Allen says:

    RBC refuse to change my check because I don’t have an account with them plus I am not a national citizen. What should I do to get back my refund

  3. Rohan c Welsh says:

    Hi, good day five months ago I was stuck in Jamaica , book my flight with Caribbean air line
    One week before my departure Caribbean had cancelled my flight with everything paid in full
    I would like to get my money back!!

  4. Rohan Welsh says:

    Hi ,good day five months ago I was stuck in the country of Jamaica, I booked a flight on Caribbean air line paid in full one week before my departure to new York my flight was cancelled I need my money back.

  5. Ricardo C Saroza says:

    I want my refund back, a year waiting to get the shaky and now they want to give me an extension to use the tickets canceled by Covid19.

  6. Lisa Lewis says:

    I bought tickets for my mom to travel in April 2020 and had to cancel because of the pandemic inSeptember 2020. Caribbean airlines said I will get my refund in 90 business days and this is now May 2021 and still can’t get my refund. What bother me is how they were quick to grab your money and it has become a problem to get it back. Keep calling and nobody can give you a real reason why I can’t get my refund. I need my money

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